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Iraqi govt feels US, allies not doing enough to fight ISIS
​Iraq believes the United States and its allies are not doing enough to help the country beat back Islamic State militants that have taken control of large chunks of territory.

15.01.2015 01:54

US military suicide rate stable high for 5 years
The number of suicides in the US military has remained constant after reaching record levels in 2009. In 2014 there were 288 suicides among active-duty personnel, less than 1 percent up from the 286 in 2013, preliminary Pentagon data shows.

14.01.2015 08:59

​ISIS releases video of boy brutally executing 2 hostages
An Islamic State affiliated media center has released a video of a young boy shooting point blank at two kneeling men who have purportedly been accused of being “Russian spies” by the militants.

13.01.2015 19:06

Publish ‘Iraq war’ report before election, MPs demand
A cross-party group of MPs are pushing for the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war to be published before May’s UK general election.

13.01.2015 09:38

‘Corpses all over the place’: Baghdad blamed for inaction as Yazidis retake villages from ISIS
As Iraq announced that it may need three years to rebuild its army to battle the Islamic State, RT visited Yazidi villages, whose resistance alongside Kurdish forces not only broke the siege of Mount Sinjar but now stand as a barrier against IS advance.

13.01.2015 02:21

Sweden may send troops to Iraq to counter ISIS threat
Swedish Foreign Minister Margo Wallstrom said that Stockholm may send military personnel to Iraq. The troops would train soldiers to help Baghdad in its fight against Islamic State forces. The minister ruled out sending combat troops.

12.01.2015 15:56

‘Leave Muslims alone’: Paris hostage taker’s attempt to justify attacks ‘taped’ by media
An argument between the slain gunman Amedy Coulibaly and hostages at the Paris kosher store was unwittingly recorded by French radio station RTL. The media released what it says was Coulibaly speaking on the West’s “attack on Muslims.”

11.01.2015 04:38

After ISIS: Residents return to Mt. Sinjar despite mines, devastation – RT exclusive
After Kurdish forces pushed Islamic State militants back from the embattled Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, they returned home only to find devastation. RT traveled to the region to see how people are coping with the scars that war has left behind.

07.01.2015 21:09

ISIS loyalists hack local media, spark FBI investigation
The FBI is investigating a group dubbed the 'Cyber Caliphate' after it allegedly hacked websites and social media accounts belonging to a local Maryland television station and a New Mexico newspaper.

07.01.2015 15:10

4 in 10 Americans erroneously believe US found active WMDs in Iraq – survey
A new survey has found that 42 percent of respondents believe that US forces found active weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the 2003 invasion, when, in fact, no such WMDs – the major rationale in the push for war – were recovered.

07.01.2015 17:42

Global conflicts prompted record numbers of refugees in first half of 2014
The UN helped a record number of refugees in the first half of 2014 – almost one in four of whom were Syrian. The country has become the nation with the most displaced people, surpassing Afghanistan for the first time.

07.01.2015 13:38

‘Blair may face war crimes charges’ – Liberal Democrat peer
Tony Blair may face war crimes charges arising from the findings of a public inquiry into the role Britain played in the 2003 Iraq war, the House of Lords has been informed.

07.01.2015 11:57