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Secret Service investigating photo of Islamic State flag outside of White House
A recent social media posting believed to be a message supporting the Islamic State militant group sent from outside of the White House has attracted the attention of the United States Secret Service.

15.08.2014 14:59

'ISIS a pretext for US-sponsored regime change in Iraq'
The ousting of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is part of a broader US plan for Iraq and the Middle East as a whole.

15.08.2014 09:58

UK 'prepared' to supply arms to Kurdish forces
Britain is ramping up support for Kurdish forces fighting IS militants in Northern Iraq by considering supplying them with arms. The move follows a steady increase in UK involvement, including sending SAS soldiers and surveillance craft to the region.

15.08.2014 08:25

Iraq’s PM Maliki gives up his post, supports his successor Abadi
Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki has announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister of the embattled state in a speech on state television. He said that he supported his nominated replacement in the post, Haider al-Abadi.

14.08.2014 19:53

​UK boosts financial support for 12,000 stricken Yazidis
Britain will boost its support for thousands of Yazidi refugees who have escaped from Mount Sinjar and made it to a refugee camp across the Syrian border, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced.

14.08.2014 12:17

ISIS controls 40% of Iraq’s wheat, selling it back to govt on black market – report
The Islamic State, the jihadist group formerly known as ISIS, has seized around 40 percent of Iraq’s wheat as its look to tighten its economic grip on the country. They are also looting government grain silos to sell crops on the black market.

14.08.2014 11:00

British forces sent to Iraq, but Mt. Sinjar evacuation mission 'unlikely'
British SAS soldiers have been deployed to northern Iraq to "gather intelligence" ahead of any potential rescue operation, led by the US, to airlift thousands of Yazidi refugees from Mount Sinjar.

14.08.2014 08:16

Obama may decide on deployment of ground troops in Iraq within days
A senior White House advisor announced on Wednesday that United States President Barack Obama may soon send ground troops to Iraq in order to try to rescue tens of thousands of displaced Yezidis trapped on a mountain there.

13.08.2014 17:10

Hillary Clinton says she didn't attack Obama after calling his foreign policy a 'failure'
Hillary Clinton said she was not attempting to attack President Barack Obama’s foreign policy moves in Syria and Iraq when she cited in a recent interview his administration’s “failure” to contain Islamic extremists in the region.

13.08.2014 15:56

‘US used ISIS as an instrument to reinvigorate its influence in Iraq’
After withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, American power there was waning, and the advance of ISIS, or the Islamic State, became a tool for the US to restore its influence in Iraq, Middle East expert Zayd Alisa told RT.

13.08.2014 09:57

Islamic State supporters leaflet Central London, declaring ‘dawn of a new era’
Supporters of the extreme militant group, Islamic State (formerly ISIS), handed out leaflets in central London calling on Muslims to pledge religious allegiance to their cause, witnesses say.

13.08.2014 08:38

Iraq crisis: UK steps up role with move to support Kurds, Yazidis against ISIS
Britain is to transport military supplies from other states to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State (IS) jihadist militants in northern Iraq and will strengthen its aid mission there, the government announced.

13.08.2014 08:10

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