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Lindsey Graham to join presidential race: Consummate war hawk’s controversial statements
Three-term US Senator Lindsey Graham, a top cheerleader for the so-called ‘War on Terror’ and just about every other US military incursion around the world, has indicated he will run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

18.05.2015 15:56

Iraq Diary, Day 1: Fighting incursions by fanatics tooth and nail
I arrived on Sunday in Baghdad - just miles from where Islamic State has seized control in a major nearby city - the first leg of a trip that will take me across embattled Iraq as part of a special report for RT.

18.05.2015 13:21

ISIS claims full control of Ramadi after Iraqi troops abandon positions (VIDEO)
Iraqi forces have retreated from a compound they used as a command center in Ramadi, losing control of Anbar’s provincial capital to Islamic State militants, despite substantial US airstrike support helping Iraqi troops and loyal militia hold the city.

17.05.2015 23:21

ISIS captures capital of Iraqi Anbar, raises black flag over Ramadi govt HQ
ISIS militants have captured and raised black flag over main government compound in the strategic capital of Iraq’s Anbar province. Some 70 civilians have reportedly been executed in the city of Anbar which mostly fallen into the hands of jihadists.

16.05.2015 01:03

​Nevermind: Jeb Bush walks back comment about authorizing Iraq invasion
A few days after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq even if he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, the potential 2016 presidential candidate reversed his position.

15.05.2015 02:55

Ancient Palmyra ‘under threat’, ISIS militants approach UNESCO site
Islamic State militants clashed with Syrian troops within two kilometers of ancient Palmyra, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Thursday. There’s a risk they will run rampant over the landmark UNESCO site.

14.05.2015 12:59

​‘Black spider’ letters: ‘Supreme lobbyist’ Prince Charles tried to influence elected officials
After a decade of establishment resistance, 16 judges and legal fees of £400,000 shouldered by the taxpayer, the secret correspondences of the heir to the throne intended to influence politicians have been made public.

14.05.2015 08:29

​British jihadist brides on run from ISIS, trying to return to UK
Twin schoolgirls who fled Britain to become jihadist brides in Syria could be trying to escape from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and return home, reports claim.

14.05.2015 09:45

​Newly elected Tory hawks hint at backbench rebellion over defense cuts
As pro-defense MP’s enter parliament and assume roles in David Cameron’s new administration, backbench Tories are already urging a sharp increase in military spending and voicing their opposition to defense cuts.

12.05.2015 14:21

Gay Muslim men joining ISIS risk execution – reports
Shunned in British Muslim communities due to intolerance, gay Muslim men could be driven to join ISIS, reports suggest. As homosexuality is considered a sin by the militants, these men could face execution if their sexuality is revealed.

12.05.2015 08:33

Brotherly love: Jeb Bush says he would've invaded Iraq too
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said that he would have authorized the 2003 invasion of Iraq even if he knew then what he knows now, the potential presidential contender said in an interview with Fox News.

12.05.2015 02:54

Revealed: Extent of British anti-ISIS airstrikes
The UK has dropped more than 200 bombs on Islamic State targets using fighter jets and drones since airstrikes began in September 2014, analysis for the Guardian newspaper has revealed.

11.05.2015 12:47