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‘The stolen materials in Iraq could be used for a dirty bomb’
It is possible that jihadists will put radioactive material into conventional weapon such as artillery shells and fire it off and radiate an area, which will be uninhabitable for years, former US Defense Department worker Michael Maloof told RT.

11.07.2014 10:20

​‘Appetites of ISIS extend far beyond Iraq & Syria’
Recent events in the Middle East have become a tipping point not only for the region, but the entire world.

11.07.2014 08:56

​1,000-strong Syrian rebel brigade defects to Islamic State - report
An entire 1,000-strong rebel brigade based in Syria’s Idlib province has reportedly defected to the Islamic State group, raising new questions as to whether other factions will rally behind the militant force that has swept through Iraq’s west.

11.07.2014 03:02

Sunni militants break into military base near Baghdad – report
Sunni insurgents entered an army base northeast of Baghdad following fighting with government forces on Thursday, Reuters reported, citing a security source and local official.

11.07.2014 01:33

Next target - Lebanon? Minister fears wave of ISIS-inspired bombings
Torn apart by a political crisis and surrounded by armed conflicts, Lebanon will become the next target for ISIS and other terrorists, said Foreign Minister Nohad Machnouk. Earlier this week, 28 were charged with planning suicide attacks.

10.07.2014 18:27

​Sunni insurgents seizing nuclear materials is 'a very serious development'
It’s not just about the material possibly taken by some radical group, it’s about what it could be used for, and a dirty bomb is a potential outcome, Walid Phares, an advisor to the Anti-Terrorism Caucus in the US House of Representatives, told RT.

10.07.2014 10:33

Plan to arm Syrian rebels is ineffective and harmful – Ron Paul
Former Congressman Ron Paul has labeled suggestions to arm rebel forces in Syria ineffective and harmful, reiterating previous calls for the United States to disengage from the Middle East entirely.

10.07.2014 01:53

Sunni insurgents take over nuclear materials in northern Iraq
Iraq says “terrorist groups” have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country's north. Iraq's UN envoy has appealed for help to "stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad."

July 10, 2014 15:28

Shocking: ISIS militants smash Iraq tombstones with sledgehammers (VIDEO)
ISIS militants in Iraq have been filmed ruthlessly smashing centuries-old graves to pieces in the city of Mosul. The shocking video footage was posted online this week.

09.07.2014 17:31

Iraqi forces find bodies of 53 executed men south of Baghdad
The bodies of 53 men, who had been bound and executed, were discovered by security forces in Iraq’s mixed-faith province of Babil south of Baghdad.

09.07.2014 08:30

Iraq loses control of chemical weapons depot to ISIS militants
The Iraqi government has informed the United Nations that it has lost control of a former chemical weapons depot to Islamist insurgents affiliated with ISIS, or IS, and cannot carry out its obligations to destroy what’s stored in the compound.

09.07.2014 02:46

Viral: Anti-ISIS Syria rebel commander delivers speech with 'Hello Kitty' notebook
A video of a jihadist commander in Syria drawing inspiration for an impassioned speech to his fellow militants from a little girls’ favorite Hello Kitty note pad has gone viral on the internet.

08.07.2014 16:51

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