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Blitzkrieg tactics? UK defense bosses push for higher road speed limits for tanks
Raising the speed limit for tanks, troop carriers and self-propelled guns to 40mph (64kph) will cut traffic jams, improve safety and better prepare troops for armored warfare, according to UK defense chiefs.

16.03.2015 13:32

​'Palestinians couldn’t stand him': Tony Blair may quit as MidEast peace envoy
As rumors of him stepping down as Middle East peace envoy build, insiders claim Tony Blair has “no credibility” and is considered a “standing joke” at whom all sides “just rolled their eyes.”

16.03.2015 09:26

‘You’ll squeal like a pig’: Former ISIS hostage describes being tortured by Jihadi John
Spanish journalist Javier Espinosa, who was held hostage by the Islamic State for more than six months, has given a detailed account of his time in captivity, including torture and mock executions at the hands of British-raised jihadists.

15.03.2015 13:09

Vatican endorses military force against ISIS ‘genocide’
The Vatican’s line on ISIS has taken a new turn, as its ambassador in Geneva suggested that if a political settlement is impossible, military force should be used against the jihadists. He also said the form of intervention should be defined by the UN.

15.03.2015 06:26

Iraqi Kurds: 'Desperate' ISIS using suicide bombers laden with chemical weapons
The Kurdish Regional Government says its peshmerga fighters came under attack from an Islamic State (formerly ISIS) suicide bomber driving a truck filled with toxic chlorine gas, in the latest chemical weapons accusation against the jihadist group.

14.03.2015 21:00

Ancient statues destroyed by ISIS fake, real ones safe – report
The ancient statues that Islamic State militants smashed in Mosul on camera last month have been proved to be exact replicas of precious artifacts of Iraqi heritage. The real masterpieces of antiquity are said to be in Baghdad.

14.03.2015 17:27

Iraqi govt urged to probe killing of 22 soldiers, US-led airstrikes blamed
Iraqi authorities are being urged to investigate the killing of 22 Iraqi soldiers in the western province of Anbar in what they claim was a US-led airstrike. The government coalition party, which urges the probe, says the findings should be made public.

13.03.2015 12:16

Partners in jihad: ISIS welcomes Boko Haram’s allegiance
The self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State has accepted a pledge of allegiance from Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to a radio message released on Thursday.

12.03.2015 22:56

Home is best? Switzerland charges anti-ISIS fighter
A Swiss man has returned home after battling the Islamic State – only to face prosecution for joining a foreign army without official permission. It comes as Western nations attempt to prevent would-be jihadists from heading to the Middle East.

12.03.2015 20:26

​‘Hubris, cowardice, delusion’: MP blasts generals & politicians in defense debate
The record of Britain’s political and military leadership is lamentable, with “delusion” and “cowardice” continuing to color debate on defense and the military, a firebrand MP told a Commons debate.

12.03.2015 15:26

'US policy in the Middle East is sclerotic swinging back and forth'
The US seeks to weaken the influence of the Iranian government all over the region the same as it did with Iraq, Libya and Syria, fearing any nation becoming too independent, Eugene Puryer from Answer Coalition told RT.

12.03.2015 13:04

​Kerry, Carter, Dempsey want war with ISIS, Senate isn’t convinced
Three officials at the top of the Obama administration urged members of Congress this week to approve a bill that would authorize the United States to take greater military action against the Islamic State.

11.03.2015 13:25