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ISIS launches suicide attacks at Iraqi base housing US Marines
The Islamic State carried out a coordinated suicide bomber attack against the air base in western Iraq housing 320 US Marines. The Pentagon confirmed the extremist group has taken control of al-Baghdadi, which is just eight kilometers away from the base.

13.02.2015 20:58

‘We’d be terrorists’: US could destroy ISIS only by turning Iraq, Syria into ‘molten glass’ – Congressman
There is no morally acceptable way for America to battle Islamic State militants and the US should be wary of becoming like the terrorists it’s fighting, said Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) to RT as the group seized major parts of an Iraqi town Thursday.

13.02.2015 04:17

Norwegians take command in ISIS, pose threat to Norway – security official
Some Islamist fighters from Norway are believed to have taken leading positions within Islamic States, according to the Norwegian Intelligence Service chief. A hundred and fifty Norwegians are thought to be fighting along terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

12.02.2015 14:28

‘US hasn’t learnt to fight unconventional warfare with unconventional means’
The US keeps trying to resolve crises by sending arms, which is an insane counter-terrorism policy as often the result of that is extremist groups get hold of equipment worth millions of dollars, Michael Maloof, former Pentagon official, told RT.

12.02.2015 13:14

‘US is arms factory for oppressive regimes, revolutionary movements’
The US provides weapons to organizations bent on continuing wars thus it’s not surprising that this leads to escalation of conflicts instead of resolving them, Matthew Hoh, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, told RT.

12.02.2015 12:10

I’m confused, can anyone help me? – Part 4
I’m confused. The first thing I’m confused about is the suspension of NBC news anchor Brian Williams. Williams said he’d been in a helicopter which had come under fire in the Iraq war when he hadn’t been.

12.02.2015 08:27

Obama asks for ‘3yrs, no territorial limits’ formal war authority to target ISIS
US President Barack Obama has asked the Republican-led Congress for formal authorization for use of military force against jihadist group Islamic State and associated forces in order to "show the world we are united in our resolve to counter the threat."

11.02.2015 15:31

Obama to seek 3yr war authority against ISIS with limited ground troops
President Barack Obama will submit a proposal to Congress on Wednesday seeking a new, three-year Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State that allows for the limited use of ground troops, according to Reuters.

11.02.2015 02:33

NBC’s Brian Williams suspended 6 months for fake Iraq War story
NBC News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended for six months without pay after retracting an Iraq War story that he continued to exaggerate after first reporting it in 2003.

11.02.2015 01:59

Iraqi archbishop calls for UK military intervention to save Christians
Christians in Iraq “do not have much time left” without Western military intervention on the ground, the Archbishop of Erbil has warned.

10.02.2015 09:16

Iraq War foreign secretary could be peer before Chilcot report published
Tony Blair’s foreign secretary, who held office during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, is being lined up for a seat in the House of Lords. He could be granted the accolade before the results of the Chilcot Inquiry into the legality of the war are published.

09.02.2015 15:02

​National Security Strategy: ‘US cannot define own enemy’
The US National security strategy document has no real priorities and top issues which the government should be focused on, Larry Johnson, former CIA and State Department official, told RT. The US can’t define its greatest threat, he added.

09.02.2015 14:05