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US ramps up Iraq troop-training mission to counter growing ISIS threat
Washington says the Pentagon is speeding up its efforts to train Iraqi forces in the fight against the Islamic State. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel also mentioned that US troops already in Iraq would be used.

17.11.2014 12:11

‘IS to coerce people into joining them out of fear and a sense of helplessness’
The beheadings committed by IS will continue unless extraction teams are sent to Syria or Iraq to free the hostages, which is highly unlikely as it means Western engagement in talks with terrorists, Middle East expert Catherine Shakdam told RT.

17.11.2014 10:36

‘ISIS smuggles $1mn of oil daily in water-tanks, fire-trucks’- refinery worker to RT
Dozens of vehicles carrying oil leave Syria’s petroleum capital, Raqqa, currently under IS control, every hour, earning the extremist group a million dollars daily, according to an oil refinery employee in the occupied city, who has spoken to RT.

17.11.2014 09:32

‘Goal of hostage beheadings by IS – to draw the US into Mideast’
Beheadings of hostages are designed as a big provocation, aimed at pushing the US to come into the region and not at warning it to keep out of Syria and Iraq, Jeremy Salt, professor of Middle Eastern history and politics, told RT.

17.11.2014 08:45

ISIS has 200,000-strong force, says Kurdish leader
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants have an army of about 200,000 fighters, over six times larger than previous CIA estimates, a senior Iraqi Kurdish leader has claimed.

16.11.2014 08:20

'US’s no-boots-on-the-ground mantra – sign public doesn’t want more wars'
Washington is trying to convince Americans, who are completely opposed to foreign military adventures, that US isn’t really engaged in wars in Iraq and Syria by sending forces under the guise of advisers, Eugene Puryear from the Answer Coalition told RT.

14.11.2014 13:57

‘Sending troops back to Iraq is insanity’
There’s a conflict within the US leadership over the anti-IS strategy and they don’t know which way to turn, while the American public is weary of endless wars and sponsoring senseless military operations, antiwar activist Tighe Barry told RT.

14.11.2014 09:26

Boots on the ground: Pentagon ‘certainly considering’ new role for US troops in ISIS fight
​America’s top defense officials updated Congress on the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State group on Thursday and said that putting boots on the ground in Iraq or Syria remains a possibility.

13.11.2014 17:53

ISIS chief alleged audio calls for 'jihad volcano' after reports of his death
An audio calling for “volcanoes of jihad” has been posted on the internet, allegedly belonging to Islamic State (formerly ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi amid recent reports of him being critically wounded or even dead.

13.11.2014 16:30

​Obama’s Syria strategy review focuses on ISIS, Assad govt – report
Unhappy with the results of the fight against Islamic State militants, President Barack Obama has reportedly ordered a review of America’s strategy – one that could include the removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

13.11.2014 04:00

Police blunder: Terror suspect on bail flees to Syria with family
A British citizen arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism skipped bail and fled to Syria amid a string of police blunders. The whereabouts of Siddhartha Dhar, a close associate of radical Islamist Anjem Choudary, is currently unknown.

12.11.2014 14:25

Massachusetts school installs ‘Shooter Detection System’
A Shooter Detection System (SDS) - created with the help of the military and the first of its kind in the US – has been installed in an undisclosed Massachusetts school. The sensor can detect the sound of a gunshot, immediately alerting authorities.

12.11.2014 04:25