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Why the WHO report on congenital anomalies in Iraq is a disgrace
The recently published World Health Organization report on its study of congenital birth anomalies in Iraq is nothing short of a disgrace.

27.09.2013 22:41

'No reason the US would want Syrian chemical weapons process to succeed'
With Syria the United States is going to create a formula for failure, like it did with Libya, changing the rules, playing games to use leverage in the area, Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today Newspaper and a former Vietnam marine told RT.

26.09.2013 13:32

Over 90 killed in Iraq suicide bombings targeting Shiites
A string of bombings has killed at least 96 people in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, Ur district and the northern city of Baiji, adding to the worst year of violence since US troops began leaving the country in 2008.

21.09.2013 16:12

More than 50 dead, 120 wounded as concurrent car-bombs go off across Iraq
At least 58 people have been killed and 120 wounded in terrorist attacks throughout Iraq on Sunday, as the country suffers the deadliest streak of sectarian violence in five years.

15.09.2013 16:14

String of bombings kills nearly 60 people in Baghdad
Nearly 60 people have been killed and dozens injured in a series of car bombings across Baghdad. The blasts, which took place in predominantly Shiite districts, are the latest in a surge of violence in Iraq.

03.09.2013 17:51

‘Baseless rumors’: UK denies soldiers mutilated corpses in Iraq battle
UK army officials have denied claims soldiers mutilated the bodies of insurgents and abused Iraqi detainees in a 2004 battle. Members of the military branded the testimonies of Iraqi witnesses as ‘baseless rumors’ to discredit the US-led Iraq invasion.

03.09.2013 05:02

US gave Saddam blessing to use toxins against Iranians
As Washington ponders over whether to hammer Damascus over unidentified use of toxic agents in Syria, declassified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago the US actually indulged ruthless Saddam Hussein to use chemical warfare gases in war with Iran.

26.08.2013 04:48

Suicide bombing in Baghdad, attacks across Iraq kill 32
A suicide bomber attacked a busy cafe in northern Baghdad, police and medical sources reported. The blast was the biggest attack in a day of violence that killed 32 across the country.

23.08.2013 20:01

DOJ wants Bush, senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial
The United States Department of Justice has requested that former President George W. Bush and the highest figures in his administration receive full exemption from being tried for the Iraq War, which the DoJ says was in line with international law.

22.08.2013 12:50

Iraq’s Kurdistan ‘sets quota’ to stem massive stream of Syrian refugees
The Iraqi Kurdish region has set up an entry quota of 3,000 refugees a day in a move to cope with a huge influx of Syrian Kurds who keep fleeing to Iraq, seeking shelter from escalating violence in their homeland, according to aid agencies.

20.08.2013 12:08

‘Major exodus’: Thousands of Kurds flee Syria, seek shelter from atrocities in Iraq
An unprecedented stream of Syrian Kurds, facing escalating violence in their war-torn homeland, have fled to Iraq's northern Kurdish region. Despite unbearable heat and limited basic services, the refugees continue to seek safety.

19.08.2013 11:47

Iraq would ‘welcome’ US drones to fight Al-Qaeda
Iraq’s foreign minister says that Baghdad is seeking US aid to fight terrorists, which could mean that lethal drones will soon be stationed in the country. It comes less than two years after US troops left Iraq amid unceasing sectarian violence.

17.08.2013 15:51

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