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​Boys of war: ISIS recruit, kidnap children as young as 10 yo
Sunni ISIS jihadists are recruiting children as young as 10 years old to fight for an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. While there are boys who voluntarily join the ISIS, there are many more who are being forced to fight for jihad.

02.07.2014 19:58

'There is no force that could stop ripping Iraq to shreds'
​It would be totally disastrous and catastrophic if ISIS creates an Islamist jihadist political space in Iraq and Syria, with Iraq being on the verge of falling apart, author, blogger and journalist Matt Carr told RT.

02.07.2014 14:59

​American ‘democracy on the march’ not in its favor
The results of America’s intervention in Iraq to date have been decidedly not in Washington’s favor. The country is imploding, and its Shia-controlled regions are falling further into Iran’s orbit.

02.07.2014 11:04

‘Trolling’ among tactics used by US State Dept against ISIS
The US State Department has adopted some unconventional tactics to combat ISIS, the Islamic group making headlines recently for its onslaught against Iraq’s government forces. Among the unlikely strategies adopted by the US appears to be online trolling.

02.07.2014 03:04

ISIS leader's call to Muslims: Go to Iraq and Syria 'to help build Islamic state'
The leader of ISIS has called for Muslims to come to the newly-declared Islamic state, vowing revenge for “wrongs” committed against fellow Muslims. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s statement came two days after the group rebranded itself Islamic State (IS).

01.07.2014 16:31

Hellfire in Iraq opportunity for Kurdish oil players
Iraq’s crumbling authority could be a golden opportunity for smaller oil companies that operate in the Kurdish north. Britain’s Genel Energy, a key operator in the region, stands to gain as other companies are driven out.

01.07.2014 10:30

‘Independent Kurdistan can hasten spread of jihad’
The formation of an official Kurdistan could accelerate the fragmenting of the regional order, including the breakup of Iraq and Syria, and the spread of Islamic jihad into Jordan and potentially Saudi Arabia, independent journalist Larry Everest told RT.

01.07.2014 13:04

Amid Iraq’s carnage, preserving its ancient World Heritage sites may offer a glimmer of hope
And so the latest in the surrealist horror show that the nightly news on Iraq has become, offers a rich narrative mine, at least for a writer working on a political travelogue of ancient sites. Once again, the Mongol hordes are at the gates.

01.07.2014 09:42

More than 2,400 killed in Iraq in June, highest monthly toll since 2007
At least 2,417 people have been killed in Iraq in June 2014, the majority of them civilians, according to figures released by the United Nations. The death toll in the violence-plagued country is the highest since May 2007.

01.07.2014 04:55

White House announces an additional 300 troops to Iraq
Less than a week after announcing the deployment of additional US personnel to Iraq, the White House has said that up to 300 more troops are being sent to the country to bolster security at key facilities amid an organized push by ISIS militants.

30.06.2014 23:51

‘We had to get out’: RT talks to Iraqi refugees from ISIS-occupied regions
The ISIS offensive against Christian villages in northern Iraq forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. Exhausted and terrified, refugees found safe haven in Kurdish-held territory. They left everything behind and are now uncertain about the future.

30.06.2014 15:06

Islamic bogeyman in Syria strikes fear in Washington
High-ranking US officials, while offering little in way of evidence to support their claims, are sounding the alarm on the possibility of foreigners in Syria initiating an attack on the US, sparking fears over airport security.

30.06.2014 12:36