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US to decimate the largest embassy in the world
After the US military left Iraq, the US State Department has announced that it plans to reduce the largest embassy in the world in half.

08.02.2012 22:23

Anonymous reveals Haditha massacre emails
Anonymous have unveiled their second major release for this week’s installment of FuckFBIFriday. Their target this time around is Frank Wuterich, the US Marine that admitted to killing Iraqi civilians — and received no jail time for his crime.

03.02.2012 17:57

Who is Syrian opposition? West has no idea
The West should drop the Libyan scenario when dealing with Syria. The country’s opposition is neither homogenous, nor ideologically transparent, and the West cannot be completely sure who it is supporting, political editor Mehdi Hasan told RT.

02.02.2012 10:58

Libyan shadow over UNSC
The way some UN Security Council members used the body’s resolutions on Libya to justify their backing for rebel forces in the country has created an obstacle to dealing with the civil conflict in Syria, India’s Ambassador to the UN has told RT.

01.02.2012 06:26

Pentagon lost $100 million in Saddam's palace
But did they check under the cushions of the palatial sofa?

30.01.2012 22:32

Iraqis terrified of US drones
America’s War in Iraq has finally ended, but the same can’t be said about the United States’ presence overseas. Iraqis are now outraged that the US is operating a fleet of surveillance drone aircraft planes over the country.

30.01.2012 19:10

"Cold-blooded baby-killer" will get no jail time for Iraqi massacre
After agreeing to a plea bargain on Monday, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich expected a sentence of 90 days in jail for slaughtering civilians during a 2005 massacre in Iraq. On Tuesday that term was nixed, and now the confessed killer will only be demoted.

25.01.2012 17:50

Marine gets three months in jail for massacring two dozen civilians
More than six years after Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich led a squad of Marines into two Haditha, Iraq homes and massacred two dozen civilians, the American serviceman in charge has reached a plea deal.

23.01.2012 23:01

‘Iran’s threats aimed at politicians, not generals’
Reports from Iran suggest a fierce reaction to the EU’s move to impose an embargo on Iran’s crude exports. But analyst Richard Heydarian wonders if the Iranian Defense Ministry will be able to back up threats to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

23.01.2012 15:45

Gaining the ass: Iraq wants Hussein’s bronze bum back
Iraq is demanding that a former British SAS soldier return a bronze chunk of late leader Saddam Hussein’s statue – a buttock, more specifically – that he was allowed to take home back in 2003.

18.01.2012 02:50

Iraq detains US contractors
What is the end result of a nearly-nine year war between Iraq and America? Over 100,000 violent deaths, the execution of Saddam Hussein and now the detainment of an undisclosed number of US contractors.

16.01.2012 21:29

Series of deadly blasts hit Iraqi city (PHOTOS)
Six people died and more than a dozen were injured when a volley of explosions hit the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday.

15.01.2012 14:01

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