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'US-trained ISIS militants used to reorganize Middle East'
ISIS militants trained by US Special Forces have been used as a lever to create disorder and organize a Sharia state along the lines of an Islamic caliphate to the advantage of the US military, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

05.10.2014 19:52

Inside Baharka refugee camp: RT talks to Iraqi survivors of ISIS attacks
Hundreds of families have been separated from one another, forced to leave their loved ones behind and move to refugee camps due to Islamic State attacks. RT visited a camp which is now home to 725 families, and spoke to survivors of the attacks.

05.10.2014 19:12

Pakistani Taliban pledges support to ISIS as coordinated West-hatred gains momentum
The threat of a formidable Islamic State grows, as the Pakistani Taliban pledged support to the fearsome terrorist group and urged other Middle Eastern extremists to be part of the effort to repel the alleged Western campaign against Islam.

05.10.2014 08:45

Biden apologizes to Turkish president for ISIS remarks
US Vice President Joe Biden has apologized to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after alleging that the leader allowed foreign fighters allied with the Islamic State to cross into Syria. Erdogan was outraged over the remark.

04.10.2014 20:03

ISIS beheads British hostage Henning, releases video
A new video has surfaced showing Islamic State militants allegedly beheading UK aid worker Alan Henning, the Associated Press reports.

03.10.2014 20:08

Marine becomes first US military casualty in operation against ISIS
The US military has called off its search for a missing Marine, who is now presumed dead. The aircrew member would be the first American casualty in the bombing campaign against the Islamic State.

03.10.2014 18:13

Panetta accuses Obama of rushing retreat from Iraq at all costs
​Former Pentagon head Leon Panetta is using a new memoir to bash President Barack Obama and top White House aides for failing to sufficiently lead in talks with the Iraqi government over a deal that would have kept US troops in Iraq past 2011.

03.10.2014 14:05

​‘Australia is target for IS as a Western state’
As a Western country Australia is automatically a target of terrorism and the fact that it is sending troops and committing to the war in Iraq doesn’t make much of a difference, Shahram Akbarzadeh, Research Professor, Deakin University told RT.

03.10.2014 13:42

Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS
US Vice-President Joe Biden has accused America’s key allies in the Middle East of allowing the rise of the Islamic State (IS), saying they supported extremists with money and weapons in their eagerness to oust the Assad regime in Syria.

03.10.2014 10:42

​‘IS –useful US foreign policy tool’
Islamic State has been a key foreign policy instrument for the US and a number of its allies and become one of the main drivers of the rebellion in Syria, Charles Shoebridge, security analyst and former British army officer, told RT.

03.10.2014 10:24

Australians return to Iraq to confront IS militants on ground
Canberra has authorized deployment of special forces to Iraq to join operation against militants of the Islamic State. From now on, the Australian Air Force craft present in the region will also take part in combat missions against terrorists.

03.10.2014 04:50

‘Terrifying’ UN report details ISIS war crimes in Iraq
Islamic State (IS) insurgents and associated armed groups in Iraq have committed a “staggering array” of systematic human rights abuses – including mass executions, abducting women, and using girls as sex slaves, according to a UN report.

02.10.2014 19:51

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