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18 bodies killed execution-style found in Iraq
Iraqi police have found the bodies of 18 people grouped together and shot in the head and chest. The victims were previously abducted from their homes.

29.11.2013 11:25

Double bombing in Baghdad kills at least 17, wounds 37 – reports
Two bombs exploded in eastern neighborhood of Baghdad on Monday killing at least 17 people and wounding 37 others, Reuters reports quoting police and medical sources.

25.11.2013 17:16

Military hand-me-downs: US police getting leftover armored trucks from Iraq
The US military is handing over leftover equipment from the Iraq conflict to police under a military surplus program. Civil liberties groups have criticized the initiative as unnecessary and a move toward the militarization of American law enforcement.

25.11.2013 05:40

‘Incoherence, inconsistency, opacity’: Report reveals UK blunders in Iraq and Afghanistan
A new report by one of the world’s most authoritative think tanks shows the foolhardiness and indecision that plagued UK civilian and military leaders, as they plunged the country into the Afghanistan conflict, and most disastrously entered Iraq.

21.11.2013 22:33

Car bomb kills 48 at food market near Baghdad (PHOTOS)
A car bomb explosion in a packed market near Baghdad has killed at least 48 people and injured nearly 50, local medics and officials said.  

21.11.2013 12:28

'Attacks against Shia in Iraq directly linked to situation Syria'
The only way to stop increasing Middle East violence requires the United States to force Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to stop funding and arming Sunni fundamentalists, John Wight, a journalist who has been extensively covering the issue, told RT.

20.11.2013 14:37

Baghdad bombing wave kills at least 47, wounds 132
The Iraqi capital was hit by a series of attacks, mostly by car bombs, in predominantly Shiite and commercial areas. At least 24 people have been killed and 87 wounded, Iraqi officials said, although media sources put the death toll much higher.

20.11.2013 09:40

‘Suspicious things going on’: UK, US aiming to block Iraq war inquiry
The US and Britain are trying to block the inquiry into the UK’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq, anti-war activist Lindsey German told RT. Conversations between former British PM Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush remain unattainable.

16.11.2013 03:58

44 killed across Iraq as attack targets Shia religious festival
At least 44 people were killed and dozens were injured across Iraq on Thursday in a series of attacks against Shia pilgrims, including the suicide bombing at a religious precession in the east of the country.

15.11.2013 04:51

Washington stalls UK's Iraq war inquiry? London claims 'no US veto' over Blair-Bush notes
Reports that the US will veto the disclosure of conversations between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush have been denied by the UK Cabinet Office, which stated that the US does not have a veto.

14.11.2013 20:44

At least 21 killed in Iraq on religious holiday
Attacks against Shiites in Iraq killed at least 21 people ahead of a religious festival on Wednesday. Three bombs ripped through a crowd preparing to mark the death of a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. A separate car bomb attack killed 10 others.

13.11.2013 18:14

Conspiracy theories? No one does it better than West’s elite
For a long time elite establishment gatekeepers in the West have scoffed at that those who claim Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned. As to those who claimed he was poisoned by Israel - well-of course they're crazy conspiracy theorists!

13.11.2013 07:43

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