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Iraq renews attempts to seize Kurdish 'ghost ship' oil tanker in US court
Iraq has refiled in US court in an attempt to control a Kurdish crude oil tanker that has been stationed around 60 miles off Texas since late July. The refiling comes days after the court said it lacked jurisdiction to seize the cargo.

08.09.2014 17:21

State Dept. attempt to fight ISIS online with gruesome videos brings backlash
The US State Department recently released a propaganda video in English to counter gains made by the Internet-savvy militant group Islamic State. Yet the use of the extremist’s own violent footage may have the opposite effect, critics say.

08.09.2014 14:06

​British ISIS women form 'sharia police' force – report
British females fighting with the ‘Islamic State’ militant group are operating a ‘sharia police force’ that punishes activities deemed ‘un-Islamic’, a leading think tank says.

08.09.2014 12:24

Saudi Arabia to build fence on border with Iraq
Saudi Arabia has launched the construction of a high-security five-layered fence on the border with Iraq to protect the country from “infiltrators and smugglers,” according to state media.

08.09.2014 05:38

Obama vows to ‘hunt down’ Islamic State militants
US President Obama plans to address the nation on Wednesday, promising to “hunt down” Islamic State extremists “wherever they are,” he told NBC's Meet the Press. The address will take place one day before the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

07.09.2014 19:56

Boston graduate may be behind Islamic State’s online propaganda campaign
A US citizen and computer wiz raised in a wealthy Boston family is allegedly one of the masterminds behind the Islamic State propaganda being posted on social networks. It is aimed at recruiting new followers and riling up enemies of the militant group.

07.09.2014 15:00

60% of Britons in favor of military action against Islamic State
Almost two thirds of Britons would support military action against the Islamic State in Iraq, according to a poll. The survey also showed the public want tougher laws for terror suspects at home and to prevent British jihadists from returning to the UK.

07.09.2014 11:23

US military launches airstrikes near Iraq's Haditha Dam
The United States military says it’s launched airstrikes around Iraq's Haditha Dam to prevent the area from being captured by Islamic State militants.

07.09.2014 06:40

‘Cameron must cooperate with Putin and Assad to defeat ISIS’ – former defense chief
Lord Richards, a former British defence chief, has advised David Cameron to form an unlikely alliance with Assad’s Syrian regime, Moscow and Iranian authorities to defeat Islamic State (IS) militants.

05.09.2014 12:40

​‘What we’d done in Iraq had been fairly useless’ – ex-Reuters bureau chief in Iraq
Reuters covered the day-to-day bloodshed and killing, but we failed to give the proper context that would allow readers to understand what was going on, said the former head of the Reuters bureau in Iraq, Andrew MacGregor Marshall.

05.09.2014 12:01

‘Forced’ to fight: Disillusioned British jihadists afraid to come home
British jihadists in Syria are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their military pursuits in the region and wish to return to their homeland, it has emerged.

05.09.2014 08:27

​'A fantastic man and father': British hostage's life threatened by ISIS
A hostage from Britain currently under threat of execution by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants was formerly an aid worker who spent years helping to rebuild post-war communities in the Balkans.

04.09.2014 09:17

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