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British troops to return to Iraq next month to fight ISIS
UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq next month to train local Kurdish and Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State.

13.12.2014 19:25

ISIS downs Iraqi military chopper killing two pilots
Islamic State militants have shot down an Iraqi helicopter near Samaara, about 110 kilometers north of Baghdad. Both pilots were killed.

13.12.2014 13:46

‘Not fair on relatives’: Publish Iraq War report immediately says Deputy PM Clegg
Britain’s deputy prime minister has called for the publication of the 2003 Iraq war inquiry to be brought forward, amid fears that more setbacks will mean the report will be delayed until after the May 2015 general election.

12.12.2014 11:48

ISIS leader says US prisons in Iraq led to creation of terrorist organization
A leading member of the Islamic State has revealed the group could never have been formed without the help of the US. American prison camps in Iraq gave the Islamists the perfect opportunity to meet and plan their eventual rise to power.

12.12.2014 11:05

Germany wants to send more troops to help Kurds fight ISIS
The German government wants to send over 100 troops to train Kurds fighting against the Islamic State in northern Iraq. Should the plan be approved by the parliament, it would require changes in the supreme law to reverse the strict military policy.

12.12.2014 06:16

New evidence Bush misled Americans into Iraq war – senator
The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has released new information claiming the Bush administration misled the American people in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

12.12.2014 04:32

ISIS releases horrifying sex slave pamphlet, justifies child rape
The Islamic State militant group has released a guide to the capture, punishment and rape of female non-believers. It outlines how to use them as their sex slaves and also justifies child rape.

11.12.2014 16:32

British ex-soldiers fighting ISIS head home, held at border as terror suspects
A pair of British former soldiers, previously accused of being mercenaries after leaving the UK to help Kurdish troops fight the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), were detained at Heathrow Airport as terror suspects after flying home for Christmas.

11.12.2014 11:15

‘We love Jesus’: British vicar claims ISIS beheaded children for refusing to convert to Islam
The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) has allegedly beheaded four Christian children after they refused to convert to Islam, according to reports from a British vicar based in Iraq.

10.12.2014 09:22

Kerry to Congress: Don’t limit ISIS war or block ground troops
Secretary of State John Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that any congressional authorization of military force against Islamic State militants should not prohibit the use of ground troops or limit the battles in Iraq and Syria.

10.12.2014 02:53

US funding may ‘open the floodgates’ of arms to undesirable Iraqi & Syrian groups - Amnesty
Amnesty says if the US Congress votes to increase military spending on the operation against the Islamic State, a deluge of weapons could be supplied to forces and armed groups “with terrible human rights records” in Iraq and Syria.

09.12.2014 06:54

‘Torn apart’: British-born family exiled after daughter joins ISIS
Home Secretary Theresa May has exiled a British man and three of his sons following accusations they were linked to Al-Qaida. It is the first time a family has seen its citizenship collectively revoked since May became home secretary in 2010.

08.12.2014 14:09