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Kevin Owen

Intl сhemical disarmament team begins destroying Syria arsenal, machinery
The UN confirms chemical experts in Syria destroyed missile warheads, aerial bombs, and chemical mixing equipment on Sunday as they started eliminating the country’s chemical weapons.

06.10.2013 09:35

Swiss to vote on sweet minimum monthly income: $2,800
Some 120,000 Swiss signatories have put their names to a petition demanding a minimum disposal household income of $2,800 per month for every single member of the working adult population. Enough names have been collected for a government vote.

06.10.2013 05:33

On your marks! Olympic torchbearers set off from Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the start of the Russian leg of the record-breaking Olympic torch relay for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The relay kicked off at Moscow’s Red Square, where the flame arrived on Sunday.

06.10.2013 04:39

Sobyanin declared winner of Moscow mayor elections
With all votes counted, Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has won the mayoral election in the Russian capital with 51.37 percent of the ballot. He beat opposition figure Aleksey Navalny, who is placed second with 27.24 percent.

08.09.2013 11:24

Should the world boycott the Sochi Olympics in defense of gay rights?
British actor Steven Fry has sparked a fierce debate, asking the International Olympic Committee to move the upcoming Winter Games from Sochi to Vancouver. He even compared Russia’s treatment of homosexuals to Nazi Germany. Was he right?

08.08.2013 19:37

Thousands fill German streets to protest Berlin’s NSA spying involvement
Thousands of demonstrators have gathered across Germany in support of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, as German writers published an open letter to Chancellor Merkel demanding explanations over the country’s involvement in the NSA spying program.

27.07.2013 06:59

Moscow-Cuba plane detour sparks Snowden speculation
An Aeroflot plane en route from Moscow to Havana deviated from its course on Thursday, FlightAware live flight tracking indicated. The news sparked online speculation that NSA leaker Edward Snowden may have been aboard the aircraft.

11.07.2013 16:47

‘You have to be a good liar to join NSA’
The NSA surveillance agency is living in a complete bubble, researcher Madiha Tahir told RT. Tahir stirred up quite a storm when she confronted a couple of NSA recruitment agents who showed up at the University of Wisconsin in early July.

10.07.2013 05:42

'Packed with unelected officials': Euroskepticism spiking in crisis-stricken Europe
Europeans are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the institutions at the centre of the bloc as protests continue to sweep the continent. The EU is seen as out-of-touch and democratically unaccountable.

21.06.2013 17:55

Not financially capable? UK Foreign Sec pleads against Scotland independence bid
British Foreign Secretary has entered the referendum debate, saying that Scottish independence “baffles” the global community and warning of dire economic repercussions. But a former SNP adviser argues that Scotland is one of the richest areas in Britain.

20.06.2013 11:58

Brad Pitt’s zombie epic ‘World War Z’ to kick off Moscow film fest
‘World War Z,’ the most expensive zombie movie ever made, is set to open the 35th Moscow International Film Festival. The film’s star and producer – Hollywood leading light Brad Pitt – is also in town to present his horror extravaganza in the flesh.

20.06.2013 11:01

Gitmo-UK? 80 to 90 Afghans held at British base without charges
British troops in Afghanistan are holding 80 to 90 people, some for up to 14 months, without charges. In response to lawyer allegations the facility is a Guantanamo-style prison, the UK has said the prisoners will be returned to Afghan jurisdiction.

29.05.2013 12:03