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Kevin Owen

“Situation in Japan might be creeping towards disaster” – nuclear consultant
The unfolding situation in Japan might turn into a radiological disaster, independent nuclear consultant John Large told RT.

14.03.2011 20:37

Gaddafi wins more territory back as G8 meets over no-fly zone
Colonel Gaddafi’s forces are pushing the opposition back, reclaiming more and more cities in the rebel-stronghold of the country. Meanwhile, the G8 is assembling in Paris to discuss the imposing of no-fly zone in the revolution-torn country.

14.03.2011 10:45

No radiation from Japan detected in Russia
Russian Emergency Ministry confirms that radiation levels in the Russia’s Far East remain normal, but the ongoing change in the weather might turn the situation to the worse.

14.03.2011 07:33

There is no military solution to Afghan problem – anti-war activist
Afghan President Hamid Karzai says NATO and the US should stop their operations in the war-torn country. This comes just days after Karzai's cousin and nine children were killed while collecting firewood in two separate US attacks.

12.03.2011 20:15

Russia to provide extra energy help for its neighbor in trouble
Russian officials have announced they are increasing energy supplies to Japan following a request from Tokyo.

12.03.2011 17:01

European leaders call on Gaddafi to step down
Colonel Gaddafi must surrender power, the leaders of the EU’s 27 member countries have said in a unanimous declaration after an emergency summit in Brussels, and added they would examine “all necessary options” to protect Libya’s civilian population.

11.03.2011 22:05

UN puts notorious Chechen warlord on wanted list
The man behind a string of deadly attacks across Russia, Docu Umarov, has been listed alongside the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

11.03.2011 19:05

Gaddafi gaining ground in battle, losing on information front
After a week of heavy combat, Muammar Gaddafi’s forces have been able to advance their positions greatly. Sunday, Libyan television reported the loyalists have gained control of the oil town of Brega, following successes in Zawiyah and Ras Lanuf.

11.03.2011 06:15

NATO and EU negotiate in Brussels over Libya
NATO defense officials and EU foreign ministers have held negotiations in Brussels over possible measures that might be taken in Libya as violence continues in the country.

10.03.2011 06:20

Hillary Clinton declares international information war
The US is losing the global information war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared while appearing before a congressional committee to ask for extra funds to spread US propaganda through new media.

02.03.2011 23:23

All four planes carrying Russians return from Libya
All planes carrying Russians evacuated from turbulent Libya have landed in Moscow on Wednesday.

23.02.2011 15:53

The bloodshed in Libya is unacceptable - Hillary Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met the press and gave her reaction to unrest gripping North African Libya, where the situation remains critical with more than 200 people killed.

22.02.2011 23:45