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Russian MPs suggest funding orphanages with luxury tax revenue
After approving a ban on US adoptions the Russian Lower House started to ponder measures to improve the life of orphans in Russia, such as using money from the future luxury tax.

25.12.2012 08:31

Russia calls on US to end the ‘battle of the blacklists’
The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister has called on the US to end the tit-for-tat travel bans and sanctions being imposed by the two countries.

24.12.2012 13:07

Ban on US adoptions is ‘adequate reaction’ - Putin
In response to the first question at his annual international press conference in Moscow, Vladimir Putin said he was in favor of banning the adoption of Russian children by US citizens.

20.12.2012 07:58

Russia to ban US adoptions in retaliation to Magnitsky Act
The State Duma’s legislative committee has approved an amendment banning any US involvement in the adoption of Russian children. On Wednesday the Lower House will consider the second reading of the bill.

17.12.2012 12:21

Russian response to US Magnitsky Act passes 1st reading in parliament
The Russian Duma has passed the first reading of a bill "On Measures of Influence on Persons Involved in Violations of Russian Citizens' Rights".

14.12.2012 14:11

Putin on Magnitsky Act: Why do those behind Guantanamo lecture us on human rights?
Vladimir Putin has lashed out at the US’s Magnitsky Act dubbing it “a purely political, unfriendly move.”

13.12.2012 13:56

Russia’s Lower House to consider US citizens’ blacklist
Russian State Duma is due to approve the draft law targeting US citizens involved in Human Rights violations, which is seen as a response to the so called ‘Magnitsky Bill’ approved by the Senate last week.

10.12.2012 10:54

Russian foreign policy guru expects no chill with US after Magnitsky Bill
Former Russian PM and intelligence chief Yevgeniy Primakov suggests that the adoption of the Magnitsky Bill by the United States will have no serious effect on Russia-US relations.

07.12.2012 14:57

Duma weighs response to Magnitsky Act, noting 'selective' US human rights policy
In response to the Magnitsky Act Russia will take similar, reciprocative actions, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. And according to the head of the Duma's International Affairs Committee, lawmakers have already discussed such options.

07.12.2012 04:05

US Senate approves 'Magnitsky Act', ties it to Cold War era trade law's repeal
The US Senate has passed a new bill normalizing trading relations with the Russian Federation, while at the same time critisizing its former adversary's human rights record.

06.12.2012 17:36

Russia’s retaliation to ‘Magnitsky List’ will not target businessmen - official
While drafting retaliatory measures to the so called ‘Magnitsky List’, a top Russian government official has promised it will remain political and not infringe on business interests.

04.12.2012 09:42

'Key witness' in Magnitsky case suddenly dies in UK - report
An exiled Russian businessman who allegedly leaked records on a massive fraud scheme related to the Magnitsky case has been found dead on his private estate, UK media reports. Comments from Russian officials sow doubt on the man’s link to the scandal.

28.11.2012 23:38