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Opposition leader accused of treachery for supporting Magnistky bill
The ruling United Russia party has accused opposition figure Mikhail Kasyanov of betraying Russia’s interests for his support of the Magnitsky List bill, recently approved by the US Congress.

19.11.2012 10:18

US House approves ‘Magnitsky Act’
The US House of Representatives has with overwhelming majority approved a new bill normalizing trading relations with Moscow while at the same time criticizing Russia’s human rights record.

17.11.2012 02:03

Russian officials involved in Magnitsky case to be banned from entering Europe - EU resolution
A new EU parliament resolution states the European Union must introduce visa sanctions for all Russian officials involved in the death of Hermitage Capital attorney Sergey Magnitsky.

23.10.2012 16:32

London dismisses reports of Magnitsky List approval – Russian diplomat
Russia’s deputy foreign minister has claimed the British Foreign Office has assured Moscow that, contrary to recent press reports, Britain has not introduced any visa restrictions connected with the so-called Magnitsky List.

04.09.2012 09:25

London sends 'Magnitsky list' to Moscow Embassy - report
A list of 60 Russian intelligence officers and high-ranking officials barred from setting foot on British soil for their alleged role in the death of investment lawyer Sergey Magnitsky has been reportedly delivered to the British Embassy in Moscow.

02.09.2012 18:08

‘Obama administration opposes amendments to Magnitsky bill’ - ambassador
The US ambassador to Moscow says that Barack Obama’s administration sees the Sergey Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act as a redundant measure, but added that he could not predict whether or not Congress would eventually approve the bill.

27.07.2012 14:21

Ambassador warns US Congress on Magnitsky bill
While highlighting progress in Russia-US relations, Russia’s ambassador to the United States warned that passage of the so-called Magnitsky bill could wreck everything.

24.07.2012 10:41

Speaker blames US Republicans for Magnitsky bill
Russia’s highest-ranking female politician said Moscow should not exaggerate Washington's so-called Magnitsky bill, even as Russian lawmakers visit the US to discuss the act that seeks to penalize Russian officials over the lawyer’s death.

12.07.2012 11:45

Chief physician at Magnitsky prison to stand trial
A chief medical officer at the prison where Sergey Magnitsky died is to stand trial for causing the lawyer’s death through negligence. State investigators say they have assembled a solid case against the physician.

10.07.2012 04:16

‘Browder had everything to gain from Magnitsky’s death’
Russian businessman Dmitry Klyuev, who has been implicated in the death of Sergey Magnitsky, says he has no ties whatsoever to the late lawyer. He claims the whole story was a massive PR campaign launched by Magnitsky’s boss William Browder.

09.07.2012 10:43

UK refuses Browder-Magnitsky tax evasion case co-op
Russian police say their British colleagues are refusing to collaborate in the tax evasion probe into Hermitage Capital Management – the employer of the late lawyer Sergey Magnitsky.

02.07.2012 11:12

'Barbaric' Magnitsky bill will harm the whole world – Russia
The head of Russia’s Federation Council has said that the so called Magnitsky Bill would cause a rift in the Russia-US relations that could damage the whole world.

28.06.2012 09:18