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Maria Finoshina

Humanitarian deal reached on war-hit Homs, people return to embattled Aleppo
As the Syrian government and opposition in Geneva have taken a step towards resolving the humanitarian crisis in besieged Homs, RT visited another major battleground, Aleppo, to see people returning to devastated homes in areas liberated by the army.

27.01.2014 04:36

Lavrov says ‘no talks with Islamist militants in Syria’
Amid the Geneva 2 peace conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that no talks will take place with terrorists in Syria. Meanwhile, UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi hopes aid will enter the besieged city of Homs on Monday.

26.01.2014 17:28

Fed up with euro, France flirts with coupon money
Whether buying bread, filling a pharmacy prescription, getting a haircut or going to the doctor, some residents of Montreuil, France, are rejecting the euro in favor of ‘La Peche’, a local community currency.

10.01.2014 11:18

From Bethlehem to Russia: Millions get together to celebrate Orthodox Christmas
Millions of Orthodox Christians across the globe are celebrating Christmas on Tuesday with one of the most revered Christian relics: the Gifts of the Wise Men, brought to Moscow after leaving Greece for the first time in more than 500 years.

07.01.2014 08:51

Ruling coalition candidate Margvelashvili wins Georgia's presidential election
Georgian Dream party's Georgy Margvelashvili from ruling coalition won the presidential election in Georgia with 62.11 percent of the vote, the central election commission announced on Monday with 100 percent of the vote counted.

27.10.2013 16:04

Saakashvili era ends as Georgia elects new president
After a decade of controversial rule, Mikhail Saakashvili is set to step down after Georgians elect their new president Sunday. Once a popular and powerful head of state, he steps down from a post that has been largely reduced to ceremonial functions.

27.10.2013 10:55

‘Liars, all of them’: Syrian rebels slam US, Gulf states following intl peace efforts
The Free Syrian Army soldiers admit they won’t be able to claim capital Damascus without foreign support, but their aren’t counting on it anymore as the US and the Gulf states are “liars,” RT’s Maria Finoshina reports from rebel-held area in Syria.

19.10.2013 16:05

Besieged on their own land: RT goes to rebel-held Syrian town of Yabroud
The locals in the Syrian town of Yabroud are paying a high price for antagonistic opposition groups controlling their land. They live in fear and payhigh taxes to provide the Islamists with food and arms, RT’s Maria Finoshina reports from the scene.

18.10.2013 13:41

Tales from village-turned-battlefield: Maaloula siege survivors talk
Maaloula residents, forced to flee their homes when the Christian village was taken over by jihadists, have found refuge in Damascus. Many live in fear having not overcome the shock of what had happened. RT managed to speak to some.

20.09.2013 04:51

Russia: UN inspectors ignored evidence on Syria chemical attacks
UN inspectors ignored evidence on chemical weapons use in Syria secretly passed to them by Damascus, said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister in an exclusive interview to RT. That is why the UN report is biased and needs reinvestigation, he said.

19.09.2013 05:46

UN had evidence of chem attack from Damascus, but did not pay ‘due attention’ to it
Russia says it is disappointed that the UN did not pay “due attention” to additional evidence regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which Damascus presented to UN investigators.

18.09.2013 00:37

'Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria may have significant amounts of sarin'
The US military have reportedly proved that sarin gas production is going on among some Sunni salafists in Iraq, and via Turkey, can reach Syrian rebels, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT, citing classified sources.

17.09.2013 14:59

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