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Marina Dzhashi

‘Observed in general’: France, Germany, Kiev & rebels agree truce holding
A ceasefire that came into force midnight in eastern Ukraine is being observed in general, France and Germany declared in a joint statement. Donetsk officials say they will withdraw heavy weapons in accord with the timeline set by the Minsk deal.

15.02.2015 06:11

Danish police kill suspect in two Copenhagen shootings
Danish police said they killed a man likely responsible for two Copenhagen shootings – at a synagogue and at a café hosting a free speech debate.

15.02.2015 00:07

Nazi hipsters? ‘Nipster’ movement spreading across Germany
The neo-Nazi movement has collided with the hipster subculture in Germany to form a group of youths wearing beards, trendy tote bags, and bandanas stitched with Nazi slogans. Media has dubbed the fiery mix of Nazi-hipsters “nipsters.”

26.06.2014 15:52

​Oil price rises on Iraq conflict, China data
The price of oil rose on Monday, with Brent approaching a nine-month high at $114/bbl, after Islamic militants captured more territory in Iraq. Solid manufacturing data from China also sparked concernes global oil demand could soon jump.

23.06.2014 11:23

​'Snowden should not be afraid that nothing has changed' - WikiLeaks
We see a rapidly changing world with massive leaks, though it will take time to make the general public realize how serious the situation is, Kristinn Hrafnsson, investigative journalist and spokesperson for WikiLeaks, told RT.

05.06.2014 13:41

8 killed in admin HQ blast as fighter jets deployed to Lugansk, Ukraine (VIDEO)
Eight people have been reported killed after an explosion in Lugansk’s regional administration building as Kiev deployed fighter jets to the city in eastern Ukraine. The jets overhead and heavy gunfire on the ground caused panic among civilians.

02.06.2014 12:14

Confirmed: Italian journalist killed in Eastern Ukraine
An Italian journalist has been killed near the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk during a mortar attack, the Italian Foreign Ministry has confirmed. The journalist was covering the ongoing conflict in the east of Ukraine ahead of the presidential elections.

25.05.2014 09:30

Russian anti-GMO activists raise funds for ‘first-ever’ independent intl research
As Russian MPs ponder over a draft bill that could see GMOs outlawed, the country’s chief genetic safety activist tells RT she is skeptical about the legislative initiative and urges ‘long-overdue’ independent international research.

17.05.2014 05:00

​UN-marked strike helicopter ‘used by Kiev against militia’ sparks scandal
The UN has voiced concerns over the apparent use of UN-marked helicopters by Kiev troops in their military operation against Donetsk regional militia. A video of a white-painted Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter with UN logo has emerged.

14.05.2014 07:28

Treaty to accept Crimea, Sevastopol to Russian Federation signed
Russia and Crimea have signed treaty of accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol in the Russian Federation following President Putin’s address to the Parliament.

18.03.2014 11:50

Lavrov: Right Sector radicals call the tune in Ukraine
Ukraine’s new government is under the influence of the radical nationalists, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister, who believes his foreign counterparts are well aware of the fact, but are unwilling to acknowledge it.

08.03.2014 09:24

First day of Sochi Paralympics is GO: Russia grabs 12 medals
The Winter Paralympic Games have kicked off in Sochi, with 12 sets of medals at stake. The Russian team is currently topping the medal count, with 12 medals, 4 of them gold.

08.03.2014 09:46