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Marina Dzhashi

Blood trail leads to mountains: Special Forces’ anti-terror strike
Russian Special Forces are stepping up the hunt for a gang of militants hiding out in a mountainous area in Russia's southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

24.02.2011 09:58

Egypt: jubilation gives way to skepticism over new regime
With Libya in the throes of violence, anti-government unrest in the Middle East and North Africa is showing little sign of dying down. And in Egypt, the question remains if those fighting for reforms will get the change they crave.

24.02.2011 07:00

US leaves space for Russia
By the end of this year, NASA will no longer be able to send humans into space.

24.02.2011 05:19

Medvedev says strength is condition for peace on main military holiday
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated the military forces and the Russian people on Fatherland Defenders’ Day.

23.02.2011 10:04

Global recovery might be stopped in its tracks as oil prices rise
Libya is the world's 12th-largest exporter of oil, and investors fear the anti-government uprising will disrupt global supplies.

23.02.2011 09:42

Ukrainian HIV patients suffer from government bungling
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people living with HIV are fighting for their lives, as the government stands accused of delaying the supply of vital drugs.

23.02.2011 06:43

Europeans argue over money to aid democracy in Arab world
Western nations are debating multi-billion dollar aid deals for what is seen as democratic and economic transformation in North Africa and the Middle East. But this is cash that many Europeans feel they do not have to offer.

23.02.2011 06:27

Suspected terrorists caught in Moscow
Four people suspected of planning a terror attack were detained at a Moscow railway station on Tuesday evening.

16.02.2011 07:31

Cold War tales live on
In the information age and the internet era that we live in, for many people around the world Russia remains a mysterious and misunderstood land, often portrayed as an evil totalitarian state where only vodka helps people survive the eternal winter.

16.02.2011 07:08

Lithuanian politician facing trial for questioning official history
A bitter row over freedom of speech has broken out in Lithuania as a local politician faces jail for his views on a massacre in the country's capital 20 years ago.

16.02.2011 04:52