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Marina Dzhashi

Taxes for the poor, benefits for the rich – NY discusses
The situation in the Middle East has prompted others around the world to speak out against their governments' policies. And the US is no exception – with thousands in the state of Wisconsin protesting against benefit cuts.

26.02.2011 09:06

Libya descending into chaos
The bloodshed in North Africa continues as the Libyan army is once again reported to have fired live rounds at protesters in Tripoli. Forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi are said to have lost control over most of the country's territory.

26.02.2011 07:00

Assange extradition reveals political bias of British justice
Julian Assange is preparing to appeal a London court's ruling that he be extradited to Sweden over rape allegations. The WikiLeaks founder says the charges are baseless and if extradited, he believes he will not face a fair trial.

26.02.2011 04:05

Arab world unrest strikes pockets of consumers across the globe
Amid the ongoing unrest in the region, there have been reports from Libya that rioters are now controlling some of the key oil terminals.

25.02.2011 11:11

Russia’s military spending soars
Russia has revealed details of its ambitious plan to upgrade its army over the next ten years, planning to spend US$650 billion on the project.

25.02.2011 09:49

NATO: an assault to the peace it pledged to keep
Once the Soviet Union collapsed 20 years ago, the members of the Warsaw Pact agreed to end their alliance. Originally formed at the height of the Cold War as a deterrent to NATO, it was no longer necessary.

25.02.2011 08:42

Egypt on the edge: democracy last hope to fight poverty
There is fresh hope of a brighter future under democracy in Egypt. However, fighting poverty and other deep-rooted problems may be just as important.

25.02.2011 08:10

West must allow self-determination for Libya - Putin
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Western countries against attempts of meddling in the Arab world to try to impose democracy.

25.02.2011 05:30

Ukrainian economy emerges from ashes
Opinion remains divided on the success of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich, who has been in office for one year and whose biggest gain thus far is probably the starting economic revival of the country.

25.02.2011 05:03

Blood trail leads to mountains: Special Forces’ anti-terror strike
Russian Special Forces are stepping up the hunt for a gang of militants hiding out in a mountainous area in Russia's southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

24.02.2011 09:58

Egypt: jubilation gives way to skepticism over new regime
With Libya in the throes of violence, anti-government unrest in the Middle East and North Africa is showing little sign of dying down. And in Egypt, the question remains if those fighting for reforms will get the change they crave.

24.02.2011 07:00

US leaves space for Russia
By the end of this year, NASA will no longer be able to send humans into space.

24.02.2011 05:19