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Marina Dzhashi

Brexit Prize: UK contest seeks no strings attached EU affair
Britain’s departure from the EU is “quite plausible”, so formulating an exit plan ensuring free trade links with Europe remain intact while business suffocating “red tape” falls by the wayside will be vital, economist Richard Wellings argues.

18.07.2013 06:22

‘We will catch you’: IDF issues wanted posters for Palestinian kids
Asaf Hikmat, a West Bank Palestinian teen, can hardly concentrate on his upcoming exams, as he has been on the lookout for Israeli soldiers ever since he found his face on an IDF wanted poster.

17.07.2013 09:15

Jobs or rallies: Youth unemployment major worry for EU summit
Record high youth unemployment in the EU, where a quarter of under-25s are out of work, has prompted yet another Brussels summit. Analysts warn the 6-billion-euro budget injection isn’t a safe bet and jobless youngsters could be headed for mass protests.

27.06.2013 05:42

The Terminal: Snowden stuck in Moscow transit zone, missed latest flight to Havana
Edward Snowden hasn’t been seen on Thursday’s flight from Moscow to Cuba and has no ticket booked out of Russia over the next three days. With no valid passport, the NSA whistleblower might be stuck in airport limbo indefinitely.

June 27, 2013 08:45

US Gulf allies crack down on Internet freedoms
Gulf Arab allies of the US have come under fire for introducing a series of draconian measures that limit Internet freedoms. The measures restrict content on social media sites, making “offending” posts punishable by extensive jail sentences.

10.06.2013 04:02

‘Erdogan should quit while he’s ahead’
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s hardline stance towards the ongoing anti-government protests will only serve to further damage his reputation and the Turkish model of a modern and functional Muslim state, foreign policy expert Barbara Slavin argues.

07.06.2013 19:03

Fair share: Russian torrent users may be punished for uploading pirated content
In a move to fight online piracy flourishing in Russia, the Culture Ministry has threatened to fine not only internet providers and owners of websites, but also users of torrent web sites who upload content in violation of copyright.

01.06.2013 12:42

Frankfurt riot police charge into marching Blockupy activists, scuffle with protesters
Activists of the anti-globalist Blockupy movement scuffled with dozens of riot police who charged into a marching crowd to disperse protesters, reports RT’s Peter Oliver. The march has been reportedly stopped.

01.06.2013 11:07

UK divided: Islam used as scapegoat in extremist attacks?
Social rifts have been widening in the UK after the Woolwich murder and the discovery of an Oxford sex-grooming ring. In the midst of growing anti-Muslim protests, it has been suggested religion is merely a scapegoat in an already-divided society.

30.05.2013 05:29

‘We don’t need US military secrets’: Beijing slams White House theft claim
China has dismissed US claims hackers procured blueprints for America’s most advanced weaponry. Beijing stated the allegations underestimate the Chinese people’s intellect and that China is perfectly capable of producing its own weapons.

30.05.2013 08:36

Ecuador accuses UK of ‘violating Assange’s human rights’
Ecuador has accused the UK of violating Julian Assange’s human rights by refusing to allow the WikiLeaks founder to take shelter in South America, which granted him political asylum nearly a year ago.

29.05.2013 08:30

UK govt lining up with Islamist radicals in Syria
UK and France’s compulsion to lift the EU arms embargo will only lead to further bloodshed, and any weapons exports may fall into the hands of extremists, British journalist Neil Clark tells RT.

29.05.2013 03:47