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Marina Dzhashi

First hostage of the 'Potash War': Urakali CEO arrested in Belarus
The CEO of Russia's Uralkali, the world’s largest potash producer, has been detained and charged in Belarus for at least two months, and could face up to 10 years in prison for cutting out its Belarusian fertilizer partner.

26.08.2013 12:49

Stepped-up US drone strikes in Yemen spark massive protests
Thousands have taken to the streets of Yemen to protest deadly US drone strikes which killed dozens of people over the last two weeks, Iranian media reported. Critics say Washington’s secretive policy is only pushing Yemenis to favor radical groups.

19.08.2013 12:43

30,000 evacuated as floodwaters continue to swamp Russia’s Far East
As the floodwaters continue to swamp Russia’s Far East, 30,000 people have already been displaced. An RT team travelled to the devastated area to find out why some people are refusing to leave their homes.

19.08.2013 13:31

Russia’s Far East hit by biggest floods in 120 years
Up to 100,000 people may be evacuated from flood-hit regions in Russia’s Far East. Water levels at local reservoirs have already reached historic highs, and officials say the floods raging in the area are expected to continue rising even further.

18.08.2013 12:04

Military fire shots, tear gas at Cairo mosque filled with Islamist protesters
Security forces fired bullets and tear gas at the scene of the Al-Fath mosque in Cairo after an exchange of heavy gunfire outside spilled into the building on Saturday. Hundreds of pro-Morsi protesters had barricaded themselves inside overnight.

17.08.2013 13:36

Mosque under siege: Hundreds of Cairo protesters barricade themselves inside following deadly clashes
The‘March of Anger’ has resulted in almost 100 deaths and numerous injuries. Hundreds have taken refuge in mosques overnight to avoid confrontations with Egyptian police. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for week-long action amid the crackdown.

16.08.2013 11:55

Anniversary of 2011 UK riots: Repeat of violence is ‘inevitable’
With one in five British young people currently unemployed, the situation in the UK is even worse than it was five years ago - and "more trouble" is likely on the way, as RT correspondent Sara Firth discovered.

06.08.2013 14:32

Dash in the pan? Privacy ban mooted after Russian dashcam videos storm web
Dashboard cameras in Russian cars catch everything from driving offences to meteors, racking up numerous hits on YouTube. RT sums up what the world will miss if the country’s MPs succeed in banning dashcam videos from being posted on the internet.

06.08.2013 12:38

Israeli cabinet approves bill to put any peace treaty with Palestinians to referendum
The Israeli cabinet has backed a bill that requires any peace deal with the Palestinians to be put to a referendum.

28.07.2013 10:46

1,025 years of Christianity: Ukraine hosts Orthodox celebrations while questioning its future
The Orthodox Church is celebrating the 1025th anniversary of introduction of Christianity into medieval Russia. Clerical delegations and the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are joining the festivities in Ukraine's capital, Kiev.

27.07.2013 07:34

Over 80 dead, hundreds injured in Egypt clashes - Health Ministry (PHOTOS)
In Cairo, at least 72 people are dead and 748 injured after security forces attacked supporters of ousted President Morsi, Egypt's Health Ministry says. Fuhrer 9 people have been killed in clashes in Egypt's second-largest city Alexandria.

27.07.2013 04:17

Snowden asylum still under review, stays in airport for now
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will have to stay at a Moscow airport for a little longer as his asylum plea is still being reviewed by Russian immigration authorities, according to his lawyer.

24.07.2013 11:40