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​2-week inactivity may leave kids with pensioner’s muscle strength – study
Parents who allow their kids to ditch football practice for video games may want to re-think their strategy. A new study says it only takes two weeks for children to lose one-third of their muscle strength, putting them on par with someone 50 years older.

29.06.2015 13:21

​Alzheimer's symptoms could appear 18yrs before diagnosis – study
Alzheimer's disease is usually recognized in old age, but early symptoms could appear up to 18 years before it is officially diagnosed. A new study suggests that mistakes made during memory and thinking tests could be warning signs of the disease.

29.06.2015 10:48

Israel intercepts & escorts Gaza flotilla flagship, RT columnist aboard
Contact has been lost with the Swedish boat Marianne, which had been leading the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, after other boats turned back. The IDF announced that they intercepted and searched the vessel which had tried to "breach the maritime blockade."

29.06.2015 02:10

S. Korea MERS outbreak kills 32nd victim
The death toll from the Middle East Respiratory Disease outbreak in South Korea has risen to 32 people, with latest 55-year-old victim being one of few patients who dies from MERS without having any additional health conditions.

28.06.2015 03:09

​‘Abortion drone’ delivers pregnancy-terminating pills to Polish women (VIDEO)
An ‘abortion drone’ has dropped pregnancy-terminating pills in Poland, resulting in criminal charges for campaigners. The mission was aimed at highlighting the nation's strict abortion laws, which result in about 50,000 underground terminations each year.

27.06.2015 18:34

Florida man dies from ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria contracted in Mississippi
A deadly bacteria from Gulf of Mexico salt waters, one labeled a “flesh-eating virus,” has claimed its fourth victim: a Florida man who contracted the illness while swimming in Mississippi.

26.06.2015 00:23

UK population hits record high amid fears of aging demographic
Britain’s population has hit a record breaking 64.6 million after an increase of nearly half a million people during the past year, prompting fears the ever aging population will cause a skills vacuum.

25.06.2015 10:54

​'Abortion drone' to drop pregnancy-terminating pills on Polish town
An ‘abortion drone’ is set to fly to Poland this week to deliver pills that will allow women to safely terminate their pregnancies. Around 50,000 underground abortions are believed to take place in Poland each year due to the nation's strict restrictions.

22.06.2015 17:36

As MERS virus spreads, is WHO doing enough?
Thailand has become the fourth Asian country to confirm a case of the deadly MERS virus, which has killed 24 people in South Korea and over 450 people total since it was first identified in humans in 2012.

19.06.2015 13:57

DDT exposure in utero raises breast cancer risk 3.7x – study
Blood samples taken from pregnant mothers showed that exposure to high levels of the pesticide DDT resulted in daughters with nearly four times the rate of breast cancer, according to a new study.

19.06.2015 03:28

Drones vs blood-suckers: Microsoft building better mosquito trap to aid early disease detection
Microsoft scientists are creating a better mosquito trap and hitching it to a drone in order to catch the pesky insects and study them for early signs of potentially harmful diseases.

16.06.2015 22:31

Legalization has no effect on teen pot use – study
Despite fears that legalizing marijuana would lead to more use among teens, new data on 1 million teenagers shows that pot use has not increased in US states where the drug is now permitted.

16.06.2015 02:16