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Wrongful death suits have cost Veterans Affairs over $200 million since 9/11 - report
The US Department of Veteran Affairs has paid out more than $200 million in wrongful death payments to military families who needlessly lost their loved ones in the years since 9/11, according to a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

03.04.2014 23:08

Teacher has to resign after taking sick student to the hospital and paying her bill
A former Red Bank, Tennessee teacher claims she was forced to resign from her position – all for taking a sick student to the doctor and paying the bill.

03.04.2014 18:11

Doctors share horrors of West African Ebola virus outbreak as death toll climbs 80 (PHOTOS)
Blood-chilling accounts of suffering and death have emerged from Guinea, where an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has claimed at least 80 lives. Although not yet the biggest outbreak in history, it has alarmed the world as the virus still has no cure.

02.04.2014 17:43

Afghan H-bomb: Record opium harvest, billions burn in 'war on drugs'
Finding a solution to the thriving heroin production in Afghanistan has been on the back burner ever since the Americans occupied the country. The new Afghan president who will be elected next weekend will have to battle record opium harvests.

02.04.2014 05:15

Senegal seals borders as Guinea Ebola epidemic kills dozens
The Senegalese Interior Ministry has blocked the border with Guinea “until further notice” over the terrible outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has already killed 70 people during the last two months.

30.03.2014 08:34

Massachusetts declares public health emergency over heroin overdoses and opioids addiction
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick declared a public health emergency in the state concerning the rising numbers of heroin overdoses and opioid addiction – even moving to ban a controversial new painkiller.

28.03.2014 15:15

Deadly Ebola now ‘a regional threat’, as virus spreads to Guinea capital
The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus said to have already claimed 63 lives in rural Guinea has now spread to the West African nation’s capital, Conakry, with the Health Ministry ringing the alarm and officials calling it a “threat to regional security.”

28.03.2014 05:13

Abortion law that forced 16 Texas clinics to be shut down upheld
A US federal appeals court has upheld imposing new restrictions on Texas abortion doctors that, once enacted, will likely force many of the women’s health clinics in the second-most populated state in the US to shut down.

28.03.2014 00:46

First-of-its-kind medical marijuana law signed in Utah
​The Republican governor of Utah has signed a bill that will allow children suffering from severe epileptic seizures to be legally prescribed a marijuana extract for medicinal purposes.

26.03.2014 14:33

Ohio lets warden decide how to execute inmates
Oklahoma’s Department of Corrections has expanded its new execution protocol to include five different lethal injection procedures, and has also made the choice the sole discretion of the state’s warden.

25.03.2014 17:29

From Africa to Canada: Deadly Ebola virus outbreak gets mobile
The deadly Ebola virus has made its way towards Canada, as a local came from Africa with suspicious symptoms. It comes after the ‘molecular shark’, as the virus is branded, killed 59 in West Africa.

25.03.2014 05:09

Ebola outbreak confirmed in Guinea, death toll reaches 59
The deadly epidemic, which has killed at least 59 people, in Guinea, West Africa, and could have spread to neighboring Sierra Leone, has been confirmed to be Ebola, according to government officials.

23.03.2014 05:56

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