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'No tissue charring': New Russian laser could revolutionize medicine, smartphones
Scientists at a Russian university have developed a unique metal-vapor laser, which can cut through bones, tissue or glass without burning or damaging them. They say the technology could be used in a wide range of fields – from medicine to smartphones.

14.05.2015 09:58

Medical marijuana falls short of easing symptoms of dementia – study
Medical marijuana pills do not help relieve dementia symptoms any better than placebo treatment, researchers in the Netherlands have found, refusing however to draw any conclusions on the drug’s effectiveness until higher doses are tested.

14.05.2015 02:56

One step closer to artificial intelligence: Scientists create cells replicating human brain processes
Australian scientists have for the first time developed an electronic long-term memory cell that mimics the work of a human brain. Researchers say the discovery is a step towards creating a bionic brain.

12.05.2015 19:43

​Britain’s economic future
British voters have pragmatically repudiated delusional ‘Mili-marxism’. Now economic upheaval truly begins.

12.05.2015 13:22

Drug-resistant typhoid tracked worldwide, public health threat 'critical' - study
A deadly typhoid ‘superbug’ is spreading across Africa and Asia, creating a “previously under-appreciated and ongoing epidemic,” a groundbreaking international study warns. H58, driven by a single family of the bacteria, is resistant to most antibiotics.

12.05.2015 05:45

Revolutionary transplant machine keeps lung working for 24 hours outside body
A new technique is enabling a patient’s lung to keep breathing for up to a day outside their body. Doctors are hailing it as a success that could see the number of transplants in a year double and allow them to save hundreds more lives.

10.05.2015 09:12

Freeze-thaw cycles on Earth triggered life, new study claims
British scientists have discovered that a series of rapid frosts and thaws could have been a “vital spark” for life to originate on Earth. They now believe that living cells naturally evolved from a biochemical soup at the early days of our planet.

08.05.2015 13:11

Ebola discovered in patient’s eye months after being cleared
An American doctor who returned to the US infected with Ebola found that, despite being declared free of the disease, he was still carrying the virus in his eye months later.

08.05.2015 03:19

​Glass of red wine a day is good for people with diabetes - study
Finishing each dinner with a glass of red wine might to be a good idea for people with diabetes, Israeli researchers claim. The drink appears to boost levels of “good cholesterol,” thus helping to contain the disease.

07.05.2015 12:45

​‘Cosmic barbeque’: Dying stars could give birth to DNA, study claims
American scientists have discovered that cosmic hotspots near dying stars are prime locations for forming molecular precursors to DNA. They claim life originated not just in space but also near the incredibly hot dying stars.

07.05.2015 15:15

New stem cell may eventually generate human organs in animals, save millions of lives
Scientists have discovered a novel kind of stem cell that could one day generate cells and tissues for any kind of organ in the human body – a development that may potentially help the 30 Americans who die every day due to a shortage of organ donors.

06.05.2015 23:47

Can chocolate & cakes steal your memory? High blood sugar increases risk of Alzheimer's, new study claims
Got a sweet tooth? Think twice before eating too much cake or chocolate. A new study shows that high levels of blood sugar may be the cause of the killer Alzheimer's disease.

06.05.2015 15:42