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US child homelessness at all-time high
In the United States, one child in every 30 - or 2.5 million children - was homeless in 2013, marking an all-time high, according to a new comprehensive report that blames the country’s high poverty rate and lack of affordable housing, among other causes.

17.11.2014 15:11

Robot doctor: Handheld device diagnoses 100s of conditions from single blood drop
US scientists have created a home device that replicates hundreds of complex and expensive lab tests by analyzing just one drop of blood. The constant monitoring offered by the device – which needs little training to use – could save millions of lives.

16.11.2014 17:46

​Dutch ban poultry transport over ‘highly pathogenic’ bird flu strain
The Netherlands has discovered a “highly pathogenic” bird flu virus that can be transmitted to humans. The authorities have banned poultry transport throughout the country.

16.11.2014 12:00

Perfecting the mind: ‘Smart pill’ unlocks childlike state of learning in adults
Scientists from Stanford University say they have discovered a way to unlock a part of the brain that is responsible for assisting humans in learning new skills with the ease and wonderment that is identifiable in children.

14.11.2014 14:15

Mass privacy breaches plague National Health Trusts – report
The NHS breaches patient confidentially nearly 2,500 times a year, according to figures released by a privacy campaign group.

14.11.2014 09:58

NHS must cut £10bn of ‘waste’ every year – UK health sec
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt claims the NHS must cut £10 billion each year by reducing mistakes and curbing wasteful spending. In a speech to the King’s Fund think-tank, Hunt told NHS bosses they must distribute resources more efficiently to improve care.

13.11.2014 15:17

Ebola health workers go on strike in Sierra Leone
More than 400 health workers in only Ebola treatment clinic in southern Sierra Leone have gone on strike over unpaid risk allowances promised by the government.

12.11.2014 17:28

​Cure for migraines and epilepsy? Humans control genes in mice with power of thought
Scientists have constructed a device which enables human brainwaves to turn genes in mice on and off, suggesting potential ways of treating epilepsy, migraines, and pain management according to new research.

12.11.2014 12:42

20,000 NHS dental patients recalled in HIV, hepatitis scare
Some 20,000 NHS dental patients in Nottinghamshire are being recalled for blood tests after concerns they may have been infected with blood-borne viruses, including HIV, as a result of poor hygiene at a local dentist.

12.11.2014 11:39

Doctors use HIV to cure Utah man's leukemia
A Utah man’s leukemia is in remission, thanks to an experimental therapy. Doctors injected him with HIV-infused white blood cells, which were programmed to recognize, target and kill the cancer.

11.11.2014 21:40

US spends most on this drug… and no one knows how it works
Americans spent over $7.5 billion on one drug over a one-year period ‒ more than any other medication. And yet no one knows how the powerful pill works. But that doesn’t keep Big Pharma from marketing it for a multitude of disorders.

11.11.2014 19:05

Sex & reproduction to separate 100% by 2050, says pill inventor
In some 35 years people will have sex just for fun, without worrying about contraception. Babies will be conceived from frozen eggs and sperm, the father of the birth control pill says. He predicts people with no fertility problems will turn to IVF.

11.11.2014 13:12