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Activating single gene could extend human lifespan by 30% - scientists
In an experiment on fruit flies, UCLA biologists activated just one gene, AMPK, which extended their lifespan by nearly a third, by helping them to get rid of “cellular garbage” causing old age diseases such as Parkinson’s. Humans have the same gene.

10.09.2014 17:35

​Alzheimer's now costs the UK £26bn every year – charity
Dementia sufferers and their families are being forced to pay as much as £21,000 on average every year for adequate care, despite the state paying for other long-term conditions, a health charity has said.

10.09.2014 13:11

15 more countries at risk of Ebola contamination – Oxford University
The deadly Ebola virus could spread to 15 new countries, according to calculations made by Oxford University. This is because there are species of fruit bat that are suspected of carrying the disease without displaying symptoms.

10.09.2014 11:56

Ebola threatens Liberia's existence - minister
The Ebola epidemic, which has killed at least 1,200 people in the war-torn African state of Liberia, is “spreading like wildfire and devouring everything in its path,” the country’s defense minister told the UN Security Council.

10.09.2014 08:57

Philadelphia set to decriminalize marijuana possession
The Mayor of Philadelphia has agreed to endorse legislation that decriminalizes the possession and public consumption of marijuana, making it one of the largest American cities to turn back punitive drug laws.

10.09.2014 01:04

Fourth American with Ebola treated in Atlanta
A fourth American aid worker stricken with the Ebola virus arrived early Tuesday in Atlanta for treatment at Emory University Hospital. Two Americans were successfully treated for Ebola at Emory last month.

09.09.2014 15:24

Ebola scare as US air marshal attacked with syringe in Lagos Airport
A US air marshal has been forcefully injected with a syringe at Nigeria’s Lagos Airport and has been taken to hospital amid fears he might have contracted Ebola.

09.09.2014 08:33

‘Many thousands’ of new Ebola cases expected in Liberia – WHO
Thousands of new Ebola cases are expected this month in Liberia, where the deadly disease is spreading exponentially and has already killed over 1,000 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

08.09.2014 18:08

‘Decriminalize all drugs’ say Liberal Democrats
Personal possession of all drugs should be decriminalized in the UK, the Liberal Democrats announced in their ‘pre-manifesto’ released on Monday. The party has urged treatment instead of prosecution for those caught in possession.

08.09.2014 11:39

Obama: US military will aid fight against Ebola in Africa
US President Barack Obama says the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa “could be a serious danger to the United States.” He pledged the US military will get involved, helping to set up isolation units and provide security for health workers.

08.09.2014 10:21

New Ebola vaccine approved for human trials
A new Ebola vaccine that provided "short-term and partial long-term protection” from the virus for lab monkeys has been approved for human trials, starting in early September.

08.09.2014 03:55

Toxic trail: Forgotten vials of ricin and plague discovered at US govt lab
Infectious, deadly diseases and toxins like plague, botulism and ricin have been uncovered at government laboratories in the United States. The discovery also revealed some of the vials had been stored for over 60 years.

06.09.2014 12:52

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