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3-parent babies against EU law and could ‘affect humanity’ – EU MEP’s
MEP’s have claimed the UK has infringed EU law by allowing three parents babies to be created. Britain has become the first country to allow the procedure, but critics say the country has “violated human dignity,” and could affect the human race.

22.02.2015 10:38

Nano 'drones' could help prevent certain type of heart attack - study
Targeted nanomedicines 1000 times smaller than the tip of a human hair may be able to deliver anti-inflammatory drugs to arterial fat deposits in order to combat atherosclerotic plaque buildup, thus preventing heart attack risk, according to a new study.

19.02.2015 18:14

Sweet young thing: Wrinkle-smoothing chocolate to make a splash
The first wrinkle-removing chocolate is set to hit stores and spa salons in the UK as soon as March. The ‘anti-aging chocolate’ is not only capable of improving skin conditions, but is low calorie and safe for diabetics.

19.02.2015 19:29

Deadly superbug outbreak at UCLA, some 200 exposed
At least two people have died and a further seven exposed to a deadly strain of drug-resistant superbug bacteria at a hospital on the UCLA campus. Authorities are notifying 179 more people that have potentially been exposed.

19.02.2015 06:48

‘More than a tragedy’: Research efforts to cure dementia falter, UK centers renew push
Without a major breakthrough in finding a drug treatment for dementia, the disease will “move from a major health challenge to a global economic crisis,” a report warns.

18.02.2015 11:59

​ISIS ‘organ harvesting’ must be probed by Security Council – Iraqi envoy
The Islamic State is harvesting human organs to finance its blood-driven caliphate, according to Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations, urging its Security Council to investigate the issue.

18.02.2015 04:22

11.4 million Americans sign up for Obamacare at deadline, White House says
Approximately 11.4 million Americans have signed up for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. The number exceeds the White House’s projections but falls short of Congress’ initial expectation.

18.02.2015 01:50

Vermont could be first state to legalize marijuana via legislation
A bill introduced on Tuesday in Vermont could end the prohibition of marijuana by legalizing its possession, use and sale in the state for people aged 21 and over. It would be the first in America to do so by law rather than through the ballot box.

18.02.2015 00:38

​Extra strong ‘skunk’ cannabis linked to 25% of psychosis cases – study
A powerful ‘skunk-like’ form of cannabis is linked to a quarter of new cases of psychosis, according to a study.

16.02.2015 14:51

Drug, alcohol addicts and… obese to have benefits slashed, Cameron pledges
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said people with drug and alcohol problems or people who are obese could have their disability and sickness benefits removed if they refuse treatment. This comes as an election pledge.

14.02.2015 13:56

Job stress ‘behind 120,000 American deaths a year’
Job stress can be fatal and contribute to the deaths 120,000 Americans a year. It can also lead to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and decreased mental health, a new study argues. It also costs tens of billions of dollars in healthcare.

13.02.2015 00:18

Schoolgirl virginity test plan dropped in Indonesia following intl uproar
Lawmakers in Indonesia decided to scrub a “good conduct” regulation that would have required school girls to pass virginity tests in order to graduate from high school. Boys would have been exempt from the exams.

12.02.2015 04:11