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‘Gitmo inmates won’t eat until they see cleared people leave’
The hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp will continue until inmates see those cleared for release leave, Cori Crider, a lawyer working on several Guantanamo cases told RT. All of her clients, she says, object to being force-fed.

20.06.2013 23:21

Over 700 US doctors suspected of harmful excessive prescription practices – report
Questionable and potentially harmful prescriptions, costing the US government some $352 million, were prescribed for elderly and disabled patients by 736 general care physicians under the national insurance program Medicare, a new report revealed.

20.06.2013 08:19

‘Force-feeding Gitmo prisoners contradicts medical ethics’
Force-feeding people during a voluntary hunger strike is considered an abuse of the Hippocratic Oath, and medical personnel at Gitmo should not follow orders that violate their ethical principles, psychiatrist Terry Kupers told RT.

20.06.2013 02:50

Americans fatter than ever, obesity officially called a 'disease'
US obesity rates have reached a record high, and physicians have officially classified it as a “disease”, which will likely change the way doctors and health insurance providers treat the 28.9 percent of American adults who are severely overweight.

19.06.2013 18:42

US warns of cyberattacks targeting medical devices
The FDA is warning that implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators, are often connected to networks that are vulnerable to cyber attacks that could shut down or manipulate the machinery.

14.06.2013 17:32

‘Medical ethics-free zone’: US doctors call to stop force feeding in Gitmo
Doctors at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp should refuse participation in the force-feeding of hunger strikers since such an activity is a political statement, not a medical condition argues three senior medical professors.

13.06.2013 08:41

Almost 100 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in suspected gas attack
Some 97 girls from two schools in northern Afghanistan have reportedly been hospitalized after falling sick as a result of suspected gas poisoning.

02.06.2013 18:10

Syria claims sarin seizure at rebel hideout as Russia blocks UN's Qusair resolution
The Syrian Army has seized two containers with poisonous sarin agent in a rebel hideout, SANA said citing sources. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly blocked the UNSC resolution set to slam Damascus’ offensive on the town of Qusair held by opposition forces.

02.06.2013 07:31

Second strike: Several tornados sweep Oklahoma, 1 repeating fatal EF5 Moore twister route (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Multiple twisters have ripped through Oklahoma City and metropolitan area during rush hour on Friday evening, killing ten people, including 2 children. One tornado repeated the route of the Moore twister which killed 23 just 12 days ago.

01.06.2013 04:47

‘Shocking’: Brussels sees highest perinatal mortality rate in Europe
Brussels, home to major EU political institutions, appears to have the highest perinatal mortality rate in Europe, according to a recent survey. A newborn’s life in the capital of Belgium is at higher risk than in countries like Romania or Slovenia.

30.05.2013 06:33

Diet soda as bad for teeth as meth, dentists prove
Diet soda addicts, beware: heavy consumption of the highly acidic drinks can cause tooth damage that resembles the effects of methamphetamine or crack cocaine.

29.05.2013 18:20

Medical first: Doctors save boy by 3-D printing airway tube
US doctors are celebrating a scientific breakthrough that may have saved the life of a baby boy.

23.05.2013 15:41

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