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Professor resigns after falsified AIDS vaccine study wins $19mn grant
An Iowa State University professor has resigned after admitting that he falsified AIDS research. The academic claimed he had discovered that rabbit blood could be used as a vaccine for the virus.

27.12.2013 22:32

Uruguayan president signs bill legalizing marijuana trade
Uruguayan President Jose Mujica has signed a bill legalizing the sale and production of the drug despite global criticism. The UN has condemned the bill as a violation of international law, while Mujica claims it will undercut the illegal drugs trade.

25.12.2013 10:29

Most Americans confused by Obamacare even on the last day of enrollment
Americans looking to secure health insurance coverage that kicks in on January 1 must be enrolled in the program by December 24, a deadline that’s been extended by the White House for another day.

23.12.2013 16:29

World's 1st self-regulating artificial heart transplanted in France
Hundreds of thousands of people could soon get off the transplant waiting list as French doctors are celebrating the installation of a revolutionary artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient, paving the way for long-lasting robotic substitutes.

23.12.2013 08:55

​Spain pushes for harsh law on abortions, sparking outrage
The Spanish government has approved restrictions on abortions, allowing the procedure only in case of rape or serious risk to mother’s health. Outraged opposition and women rights activists say the law will take women’s rights back to the 1980s.

21.12.2013 14:53

‘The curious case of Benjamin Mouse’: Aging reversal coming soon?
Mice have become the first creatures to experience the ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ for real, as Australian and American scientists have managed to literally reverse their ageing process. And they say humans could be next in line.

20.12.2013 07:47

Successful HIV treatment may be on the way – German researchers
Biomedicine researchers at Dresden's Technical University have made several successful attempts to treat HIV virus with a new method which uses so-called ‘‘molecular scissors’’ to cut the virus from the DNA of infected cells.

19.12.2013 12:11

Multivitamins have no health benefits and could be harmful, researchers claim
Three out of three new doctor studies agree: Multivitamin and mineral supplements are a waste of money.

17.12.2013 17:47

Syrian government 'excluded region' from Polio vaccine drive
A remote Syrian region was excluded from a WHO polio inoculation campaign in 2012 with the result that 17 children are now infected with the incurable disease, a new journalistic investigation claims.

17.12.2013 16:14

Scientists discover secret code hidden within human DNA
Scientists have discovered a secret second code hiding within DNA which instructs cells on how genes are controlled. The amazing discovery is expected to open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, according to a new study.

13.12.2013 19:52

Uruguay faces UN backlash for legalizing pot
Uruguay is facing criticism, as the UN’s drug body, supporting the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), lashed out at the country for allegedly breaking international law, after it legalized the consumption and growing of the plant on Tuesday.

12.12.2013 06:10

3 million Greeks unable to afford health insurance
Over 25 per cent of Greeks can’t afford health care, putting children and pregnant women in danger, Doctors of the World medical aid group said.

10.12.2013 12:44

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