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​Killer taboo: Swedish mental health groups lobby for creation of ‘suicide agency’
Swedish mental health charities want the government to create an official agency to reduce the high number of suicides in the country. Experts argue the issue has been swept under the carpet at the expense of human suffering.

21.07.2014 05:26

‘Drug resistant’ bacteria found in British river
Scientists have found drug resistant super bugs downstream of a sewage treatment plant in the River Sowe near Coventry, media said.

20.07.2014 17:21

Puerto Rico announces epidemic of mosquito-borne virus chikungunya
Puerto Rican health officials declared Thursday an epidemic of chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that has shown up in more than 200 confirmed cases across the island as of late last month.

18.07.2014 16:30

Exotic mosquito-borne virus makes US premiere, infects 2 in Florida
A disease transmitted by mosquitos has appeared in the US from the Caribbean, with health officials expressing frustration over their inability to control the spread of such pathogens.

18.07.2014 08:00

Army will reportedly begin gender treatment for Chelsea Manning
The Pentagon will reportedly begin providing rudimentary level gender treatment to Army Private Chelsea Manning following a decision by the Bureau of Prisons on Thursday to reject a plea to have the soldier transferred to a non-military facility.

17.07.2014 20:20

AIDS epidemic may be over by 2030 – UN
The AIDS epidemic may have ended by 2030 "in every region, in every country", says a new UN report, adding that new HIV infections and AIDS-related diseases are now decreasing worldwide.

17.07.2014 04:46

Alcohol-resistant worms may hold key for human sobriety
If drinking as much alcohol as you want without getting drunk sounds like a dream, listen up: Scientists have created earthworms capable of doing just that.

17.07.2014 03:26

Dope hope: Marijuana may combat cancer spread, study shows
Cannabis could be used to prevent cancer spreading, according to groundbreaking research conducted by British scientists.

15.07.2014 12:55

iPads and other electronic devices could trigger allergic reactions, rashes
Seasonal allergies can already be uncomfortable enough for some people, but a new medical report suggests that iPads and other electronic devices that contain nickel could cause rashes and require the use of antibiotics.

14.07.2014 23:04

Deadly dose: US labs close after mishandling highly infectious pathogens
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention have closed two labs after it was found they had made dangerous mistakes when transporting pathogens like anthrax. The CDC’s director has called the errors “unacceptable” and potentially deadly.

13.07.2014 05:43

Indiana stored babies’ DNA, blood for research without parental consent
The Indiana State Department of Health has been collecting babies’ blood and DNA without their parents’ permission since 1991, according to an investigation by a local news station. Now the state wants to know what to do with the blood samples.

12.07.2014 01:24

NHS weight-loss surgery urged for 800,000 diabetics
Weight-loss surgery could be offered on the NHS to 800,000 Britains with type 2 diabetes under new draft guidance published.

11.07.2014 13:45

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