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Uruguay faces UN backlash for legalizing pot
Uruguay is facing criticism, as the UN’s drug body, supporting the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), lashed out at the country for allegedly breaking international law, after it legalized the consumption and growing of the plant on Tuesday.

12.12.2013 06:10

3 million Greeks unable to afford health insurance
Over 25 per cent of Greeks can’t afford health care, putting children and pregnant women in danger, Doctors of the World medical aid group said.

10.12.2013 12:44

70 percent of California doctors plan to boycott Obamacare exchanges
About 70 percent of California’s 104,000 doctors are reportedly planning to stay out of the state’s health insurance exchange, a move that could have significant impact on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

09.12.2013 18:51

Mexico police block hospital as radioactive load hijackers are admitted
Mexican police have blocked a hospital in the city of Pachuca where two people have been admitted for radiation poisoning, which could’ve come from the stolen shipment of cobalt-60.

06.12.2013 19:29

US charges 49 Russian diplomats with Medicaid fraud worth $1.5mn
US prosecutors have filed charges against 49 Russian diplomats, including some of the most senior figures in the New York mission. They and their families are accused of feigning poverty, while spending “tens of thousands” on luxury clothes and holidays.

05.12.2013 19:51

Iconic anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela dies at 95
South African anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela has died aged 95 at his Johannesburg home, family and friends had gathered to pay their last respects to the iconic figure that inspired millions around the world.

28.03.2013 09:32

‘European social safety net eroded’: IFRC shocked by accumulated poverty data
The European Red Cross and Red Crescent societies are seeing a worrying poverty trend across the continent, in some areas reaching WWII proportions, Anitta Underlin, European director of the Red Cross told RT.

05.12.2013 01:52

Obamacare site still needs to fix 200 bugs
The Obama administration declared on Sunday that the troubled website is now functioning smoothly for most users, but problems persist even two months after its initial launch.

02.12.2013 17:06

Ratted out: Scientific journal bows to Monsanto over anti-GMO study
Rigid criteria exist for a serious scientific journal to accept a peer-reviewed paper and to publish it. As well there exist strict criteria by which such an article can be withdrawn after publication.

02.12.2013 11:29

Powerful painkiller without abuse protections approved using controversial trial method
Despite recommendations by its own advisers, the US Food and Drug Administration approved last month a powerful new opioid painkiller without abuse-deterrent ingredients and tested through favorable methods.

26.11.2013 22:49

Suicide of elderly couple reignites euthanasia debate in France
The suicide of an 86-year-old couple has fueled and fanned the flames of the euthanasia debate in France. Earlier President Francois Hollande had promised to submit a bill on the issue in parliament by the end of 2013.

26.11.2013 13:55

Bioengineers promise to 3D-print human hearts in a decade
Scientists in Kentucky predict that they’ll be able to use 3D printer technology to create a bioficial human heart in only ten years’ time.

22.11.2013 20:37

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