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Ebola outbreak in W.Africa ‘totally out of control’ – MSF
West Africa is going through the second wave of Ebola outbreak and the deadly virus is now “totally out of control,” a senior official at Médecins Sans Frontières said.

20.06.2014 19:27

60 cases of female genital mutilation discovered in Swedish school
Up to 60 cases of genital mutilation among elementary school girls have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March, local media reported. Among the cases, 28 girls were subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation.

20.06.2014 15:00

No power, water and food shortages: E. Ukrainian city survives amid army shelling
The humanitarian crisis in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk is worsening by day by day, amid disruption of water supplies and electricity, while emergency medical aid is unavailable due to gas shortages as fighting continues in some areas.

19.06.2014 08:14

Teenager heads home after 16-mo custody battle between parents and state
Justina Pelletier, the Connecticut teenager kept from her family by the Massachusetts government for 16 months as a custody battle raged over her medical care, is finally back at home.

19.06.2014 00:12

California's deadly whooping cough epidemic blamed on anti-vaccine campaign
A new outbreak of pertussis - better known as whooping cough - in California has reached epidemic levels. And, as with the recent resurgence in the number of measles cases, an anti-vaccine campaign is being blamed.

17.06.2014 20:31

US production of cell-based flu vaccines approved for the first time
For the first time, Food and Drug Administration has officially authorized a facility in North Carolina to begin producing a new, antibiotic-free influenza vaccine within the United States.

17.06.2014 18:58

Russia revises Ukraine humanitarian draft resolution
Russia has offered a “quite extensively” revised draft of a UN Security Council resolution on Ukraine, “combining components” of the two previously failed resolutions and taking into account the criticism that the drafts received from Western states.

17.06.2014 01:39

‘Enlightened approach’: Jamaica relaxes ban on marijuana possession
Jamaica’s government has approved legislation to ease a ban on the possession of small amounts of weed. Hailed as a more “enlightened approach,” the bill will also decriminalize the use of the drug for religious, medical and scientific ends.

13.06.2014 09:05

​Scientists recreate extinct Spanish flu virus that killed over 50 million
The extinct influenza virus that caused over 50 million deaths a century ago has been replicated from avian flu present in wild ducks. Scientists are seeking to study how such a virus could lead to a new pandemic.

13.06.2014 01:47

Free pot for a year: Canadian website launches ‘get happy’ contest
A Canadian website is offering a year’s supply of medical marijuana as part of an awareness campaign. The ‘Get Happy Canada’ contest is open to all Canadians with a valid marijuana prescription and will provide the winner with up to a gram a day.

11.06.2014 08:03

Genetically modified mosquitos could be used to fight malaria
Scientists have discovered a way to genetically modify mosquitos so their population will be reduced. The move is aimed at making a contribution towards eradicating malaria, though critics warn of the dangers of a changing ecosystem.

10.06.2014 19:46

Teen kept from family for over 1 year asks Mass. govt to let her go home (VIDEO)
Justina Pelletier, a teenager from Connecticut, has been kept from her family by the Massachusetts government for 16 months as a battle raged over care for the ill girl. Now she may finally be able to go home.

09.06.2014 20:16

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