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H1N1 virus reaches epidemic levels in the US
Six weeks into the flu season, the H1N1 virus is still killing young adults and middle-aged Americans at epidemic levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

19.02.2014 15:40

15 terrifying images which show that Kiev is a real warzone
Corpses on the streets, burning police trucks and military-clad rioters beating law enforcement officers to death with clubs. Out of control, armed to the teeth, they are literally turning Kiev into a warzone.

19.02.2014 06:39

Children exposed to more brain-damaging chemicals than scientists thought
A troubling new study has found that the number of chemicals capable of impairing child development worldwide is more than double what was previously believed, according to a new story by Time Magazine.

18.02.2014 18:33

Obamacare insurers in Louisiana to cut off thousands from HIV/AIDS assistance
​Low-income HIV patients in Louisiana are finding themselves left in the dark after all three insurance companies that handle coverage under the Affordable Care Act across the state said they’d start rejecting certain federal assistance.

18.02.2014 18:25

Doctors unsure what's behind dramatic increase in birth defects in rural Washington
As state and federal officials document the alarming rise of deadly birth defects in rural Washington, health experts are at a loss when it comes to pinpointing the source of the problem.

17.02.2014 17:21

Minnesota hospital wants to deport comatose patient to Pakistan
After suffering severe injuries in a car accident and falling into a comatose state, a Pakistani exchange student is about to be effectively deported by a Minnesota hospital.

12.02.2014 17:46

Nanomotors in vivo: Tiny motors set to motion in live human cells
For the first time tiny rocket-shaped synthetic motors have been placed inside live human cells. What has been a staple of science fiction is now a promising method to treat cancer, US scientists say.

11.02.2014 18:59

North Carolina doctors may have exposed 18 patients to deadly, incurable brain disease
Doctors in North Carolina are being forced to admit that 18 patients recently treated at an area medical facility may have been exposed to a rare, degenerative and incurable brain disease.

11.02.2014 15:27

Size does matter: Scientists discover gene linking gray matter to intelligence
Scientists have found a gene that links thickness of the brain’s gray matter and intelligence. The find could open the door to understanding why some people have learning problems – and even give an insight into psychiatric disorders.

11.02.2014 10:05

Big Pharma presses US to quash cheap drug production in India
Powerful global pharmaceutical firms are leaning on the United States government to discourage India from allowing the production and sale of affordable generic drugs still on-patent, according to inside sources close to the matter.

07.02.2014 00:34

​Nerve implants make bionic hand feel almost real
A man who lost his hand a decade ago can now feel it again, thanks to complex surgery which implanted electrodes into nerves in his upper arms. The implants give feedback from pressure sensors in the prosthetic hand, which his brain processed naturally.

06.02.2014 06:58

Florida says mom must prove her dying son can't take standardized test
Standardized testing has become something of an obsession in the United States, but Florida’s mandate is under heavy fire while the state attempts to force a disabled, dying boy to complete an exam he is simply incapable of doing.

05.02.2014 18:07

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