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Kurdistan flows gets aid, elsewhere in Iraq 180,000 refugees are in dire need
Over 180,000 Iraqis displaced by the ISIS offensive are in urgent need of aid in the city of Kirkuk, where they live in obscurity with little to no foreign help, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) warned.

06.12.2014 01:00

Y smoke? Tobacco addiction makes male chromosome quit
A warning to men: A new study claims smokers are more likely to lose their Y chromosomes in blood cells - and the heavier the addiction, the fewer male chromosomes there’s left.

05.12.2014 20:40

Botched cataract surgery leaves over dozen elderly people blinded in India
A doctor and a charity owner have been arrested after 16 people were blinded from severe eye infections after undergoing cataract surgery at a charity run medical camp in Amritsar, in the Punjab region of India.

05.12.2014 19:33

​Dying to donate: China will end controversial prisoner organ transplants by year’s end
Chinese authorities have announced that starting January 1 executed prisoners will no longer be used as a source of organ transplants.

04.12.2014 15:12

It’s a no-brainer: Texas 100 missing brains mystery solved
The University of Texas at Austin has been missing 100 brains stored in glass jars for scientific research since the 1990s, but now the mystery has been solved after they turned up just down the road - at the The University of Texas at San Antonio.

03.12.2014 19:47

Blind Pakistani protesters 'beaten by police' on International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Police reportedly baton charged and struck blind protesters with poles in the eastern city of Lahore Wednesday, during a demonstration about the government’s failure to implement an official quota for people with disabilities.

03.12.2014 19:05

British males drawn away from ‘macho’ professions, don’t ‘feel man enough’ – study
British men are increasingly drawn away from certain career paths because they do not feel “man enough” to pursue them, according to a new study.

03.12.2014 16:55

UK govt: Half of pregnant women should use midwives, not hospitals
New NHS guidelines have urged UK pregnant women to use midwives to give birth, saying that about 45 percent of babies can be safely delivered out of hospital wards.

03.12.2014 13:27

Obama says Ebola fight not over, requests $6bn to combat virus
President Barack Obama praised efforts to combat Ebola in the United States and West Africa, but said the world cannot defeat the deadly virus without more action. He called on Congress to authorize an additional $6.18 billion to battle the disease.

03.12.2014 00:06

Bicycle pumps, reused needles & gloves: Hideous Indian sterilization ops revealed
A probe into the deaths of 13 Indian women as a result of sterilization has revealed that doctors reused the same needles and gloves for all patients. A separate report claimed that medics usually use a bicycle pump for the procedure.

02.12.2014 12:44

Banned DNA test kits hit UK stores
A highly controversial DNA testing kit has gone on sale in the UK. The service, which allows users to diagnose the personal risk of developing life-threatening diseases by analyzing their DNA, was banned in the US in 2013.

02.12.2014 13:00

'Watered-down' HIV becoming milder, taking longer to cause AIDS – scientists
Scientists at the University of Oxford have discovered that HIV is evolving into a less-threatening, “watered-down” version of the virus, which affects 35 million people worldwide.

02.12.2014 09:22