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Patient with Ebola-like symptoms alarms Canada as UK develops new vaccine
A vaccine against the Ebola virus has been developed by a British pharmaceutical company and is planned to be available by 2015, the WHO said. A patient with Ebola-like symptoms, who earlier sparked concern in Canada, has tested negative for the virus.

10.08.2014 02:00

FDA eases restrictions on experimental Ebola drug as CDC warns of 'inevitable' spread to US
While Ebola, the deadly disease spreading through parts of West Africa, has no cure, specific treatment or vaccine, there are several experimental drugs being tested in US labs. Now the FDA has lifted its hold on one of those drugs.

08.08.2014 18:32

Advanced cancer drug remains 'unaffordable' for NHS, producer blamed
One of the world’s biggest drugs companies has come under fire for refusing to lower the price of medication that could significantly extend the life of over 1,000 breast cancer patients.

08.08.2014 16:22

‘Gaza is on the edge’: Emergency aid appeal launched
British aid agencies have launched an emergency appeal to help the thousands of Palestinians caught up in “a humanitarian emergency affecting virtually every man, woman and child in Gaza.”

07.08.2014 08:34

Liberia declares state of emergency as Ebola death toll rises to 932
Liberia's president declared a state of emergency on Wednesday to combat the ongoing outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, as the country began implementing quarantine checkpoints.

06.08.2014 22:53

Sierra Leone 'unable to contain' Ebola outbreak
As health officials scramble to respond to the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, one emergency coordinator is claiming that Sierra Leone is incapable of handling the situation.

06.08.2014 03:30

Bitter pills: Study finds British doctors doling out too many antibiotics
Patients in the UK might be being prescribed too many antibiotics, public health officials have warned, adding that some GPs are fuelling a “worrying dependency” on such medicine.

05.08.2014 09:35

‘Secret serum’: Experimental Ebola drug used to treat 2 US aid workers
Two US aid workers have been getting an experimental anti-Ebola drug and their condition has dramatically improved. However, it’s not clear yet if the recovery is due to the treatment that’s never been tested on humans and appeared only earlier this year.

05.08.2014 08:17

Man tested for Ebola in NYC, 50 US experts head to West Africa to contain outbreak
A man in New York City was tested for Ebola after traveling to West Africa. The news comes shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it will send 50 staffers to the region over the next month to combat the deadly outbreak.

04.08.2014 19:27

‘Terrifying’: Ebola panic after passenger on Sierra Leone flight to London dies
A passenger from Sierra Leone died at London Gatwick airport, intensifying fears West Africa’s Ebola outbreak may reach Britain.

04.08.2014 09:51

​Ebola scare: S. Korea cancels Nigerian students’ visit
A university in South Korea has “politely withdrawn” invitations for three Nigerian students to attend a conference. Also canceled were trips by medical volunteers to West Africa, stricken by the Ebola virus, which has claimed over 700 lives since March.

04.08.2014 04:44

​Ebola-infected US aid worker arrives in ‘special isolation unit’ in Atlanta
One of the two infected US aid workers who contracted Ebola while working in Liberia has arrived at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The country officials say there is no threat to the public as the patient will be treated in a special isolated unit.

03.08.2014 05:07