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'Profits over public health': Secret TPP Healthcare Annex published by WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks published more secret documents from the controversial TPP agreement on Wednesday. The leaked drafts concerning healthcare in the US have activists worried the agreement might play into the hands of big pharmaceutical companies.

10.06.2015 19:26

Britons taking more MDMA than any other country
Partying Brits take more MDMA than any other country, a new survey has revealed, while the nation’s use of laughing gas comes in second worldwide.

09.06.2015 09:44

‘Diabolical mad scientist’: Ex-Army doctor probed over training practices
A former US Army doctor who has trained hundreds of combat medics is facing a medical board probe over claims of animal abuse, shocking experiments on students, and even sexual improprieties during his company’s training seminars.

08.06.2015 23:13

World’s 1st 'feeling' prosthetic leg unveiled in Austria
Researchers in Vienna have pioneered the first artificial leg capable of transmitting feelings to the brain like a real limb. It also stops phantom pain, a condition that many amputees suffer from.

08.06.2015 13:53

Florida hospital under federal probe after 9 babies die in cardiac surgery
Florida’s St. Mary’s Medical Center is under federal investigation for the death of nine children in its pediatric cardiac surgery program, according to CNN. It follows a report finding the program’s mortality rate nearly 10 times the national average.

06.06.2015 00:04

​Doctors perform world's first skull & scalp transplant in 15-hr operation
US doctors have successfully performed the world's first skull and scalp transplant. The recipient, a former cancer patient, also received a new kidney and pancreas during an operation that lasted more than half a day.

05.06.2015 18:16

​Single drop of blood can determine every virus you've ever had, scientists say
While the body's ability to fight off viruses is impressive, its record-keeping also deserves applause. A human's blood keeps track of every virus a person has ever been infected with – and now you can find out your own history with just a single drop.

05.06.2015 11:24

Russian anti-drug association to launch dedicated internet TV for addicts
The developers of the “Rehabilitation” web TV channel say their main aim is to show people with drug problems that they are not alone and help them to return to a drug-free life.

05.06.2015 10:24

California Senate passes bill approving physician-assisted suicide
The California Senate approved a physician-assisted suicide bill that would allow some terminally ill patients to obtain medication to end their lives. Opponents of the bill say it is dangerous.

05.06.2015 02:07

World's first biolimb: Scientists create living, functioning rat leg
Scientists have created the world's first lab-grown biolimb – a rat leg that circulates blood and responds to stimuli. The breakthrough could lead to amputees one day growing their own replacement limbs.

04.06.2015 15:26

Number of teens hospitalized with eating disorders doubles – NHS
Hospital admissions of teenagers with eating disorders have nearly doubled in the past three years, new NHS figures reveal.

03.06.2015 13:34

Fully clothed body of 17th-century noblewoman found in France – with her husband’s heart
A fully dressed and well-preserved corpse of a noblewoman who died in the 17th century has been discovered by French archeologists. The woman’s body was in a lead coffin, along with the heart of her husband.

03.06.2015 07:28