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‘95% genetically male’ mother gives birth to miracle twins
​In the rarest case ever recorded in medical history, a 32-year-old Indian woman who was diagnosed to have 95 percent male chromosomes has given birth to healthy twins following three years of fertility treatment.

10.02.2015 00:40

More than 1,000 people dying needlessly in NHS care - health secretary
There are more than 1,000 avoidable deaths every year in the NHS, UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt has said, pledging to improve the safety record of healthcare in British hospitals.

08.02.2015 19:27

Drink some wine to boost your liver and lose weight - study
Drinking grape juice or red red wine in moderation, or eating red grapes could help overweight people burn fat more easily and improve their health, while helping them to manage metabolic disorders such as fatty liver, new research claims.

07.02.2015 18:00

Russian startup 3D prints custom splints and plasters
A new Russian startup has come up with way of making splints and casts for broken bones using 3D printing.

06.02.2015 11:44

Canada top court ruling allows doctor-assisted suicide
The Supreme Court of Canada has overturned a previous ban from 1993 and has unanimously decided to grant patients with severe and incurable medical conditions the right to die.

06.02.2015 20:29

Shock therapy: Electric drug treatment can fight cocaine addiction in mice
Electric currents passed through the brains of cocaine-addicted mice changes their behavior and can reduce their dependency on the drug, a new report found.

06.02.2015 04:05

New smartphone dongle diagnoses HIV in just 15 minutes
A cheap new device that can be attached to a smartphone can reportedly diagnose cases of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis – and, amazingly enough, the test only takes 15 minutes to complete.

06.02.2015 01:30

No more vaccination waivers - California lawmakers
New legislation proposed in the California Senate would outlaw waivers that allow parents to exempt their children from receiving basic vaccinations for religious or personal reasons. The bill is a response to the latest measles outbreak in the state.

05.02.2015 17:51

​Woman with learning disabilities ‘can be forcibly sterilized’ – UK judge
A judge has ruled a mother-of-six with learning disabilities can be forcibly sterilized in a decision he described as “exceptional.”

04.02.2015 15:17

50% of Brits will get cancer, new research finds
One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, a research body forecasts.

04.02.2015 09:08

Viral debate: Is measles-vaccination America’s new political issue?
The measles outbreak in the US is being blamed on anti-vaccination sentiment, and now the debate has entered the political arena. Major officials have begun to weigh in on vaccine policy and how to balance individual choice with public health concerns.

03.02.2015 16:44

MPs approve ​draft ‘3 parent baby’ law
MPs voted to allow fertility treatments for women with mitochondrial diseases, permitting the creation of babies with DNA from three different people.

03.02.2015 09:06