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Dope hope: Marijuana may combat cancer spread, study shows
Cannabis could be used to prevent cancer spreading, according to groundbreaking research conducted by British scientists.

15.07.2014 12:55

iPads and other electronic devices could trigger allergic reactions, rashes
Seasonal allergies can already be uncomfortable enough for some people, but a new medical report suggests that iPads and other electronic devices that contain nickel could cause rashes and require the use of antibiotics.

14.07.2014 23:04

Deadly dose: US labs close after mishandling highly infectious pathogens
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention have closed two labs after it was found they had made dangerous mistakes when transporting pathogens like anthrax. The CDC’s director has called the errors “unacceptable” and potentially deadly.

13.07.2014 05:43

Indiana stored babies’ DNA, blood for research without parental consent
The Indiana State Department of Health has been collecting babies’ blood and DNA without their parents’ permission since 1991, according to an investigation by a local news station. Now the state wants to know what to do with the blood samples.

12.07.2014 01:24

NHS weight-loss surgery urged for 800,000 diabetics
Weight-loss surgery could be offered on the NHS to 800,000 Britains with type 2 diabetes under new draft guidance published.

11.07.2014 13:45

First time ever: Paralyzed man moves hand with thoughts using bionic tech (VIDEO)
A US man’s brave decision and hard work have given hope to thousands of paralyzed people worldwide. Being paralyzed himself, Ian Burkhart took part in a breakthrough test and became the first person in the world to move his limb by using his thoughts.

10.07.2014 17:16

​NHS cancer care may be privatized in biggest ever outsource plan
Cancer care in Britain may be privatized as swathes of the National Health Service are due to be outsourced. In Britain’s increasingly financialized climate, fears have emerged the NHS is effectively up for sale.

03.07.2014 22:24

​Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare – study
There is no evidence that immunizing vaccinations cause autism while any complications arising from their administration to children are extremely rare, new analysis comprised of 67 research studies has discovered.

02.07.2014 17:49

​GM blood cells to protect tomorrow’s soldiers from bioweapons?
Blood transfusions containing genetically engineered cells could be the future of countering germ warfare, according to new research sponsored by DARPA, which hopes modified blood cells could help neutralize biological toxins deployed against soldiers.

02.07.2014 02:05

Ebola outbreak deaths surge to 467 - WHO
​The outbreak of deadly Ebola virus is scything through West Africa with the number of deaths rising sharply over the past week to 467 people, the World Health Organisation said in its latest report on the uncontrollable epidemic.

01.07.2014 23:34

‘Supercool’ organs preserved 3 times longer for transplants
A new "supercooling" system found to preserve rat livers for up to four days – three times longer than before – could revolutionize the system of organ donation and save hundreds of lives each year.

30.06.2014 07:41

US vows not to replenish its 3mn anti-personnel landmine stock
Washington has announced it won’t make or buy any more anti-personnel landmines (APL), but declined to destroy the 3 million units of existing stock. Washington still expects to join the international agreement banning such weapons at some point.

28.06.2014 05:26

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