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War on NHS: A&E crisis ‘worse than Iraq war’ – senior nurse
Accident & Emergency (A&E) staff in Wales are under more pressure than “nurses working on the front line at the second Iraq war,” according to one frustrated senior nurse.

14.01.2015 14:23

Unemployed UK youths isolated, ‘feel like giving up’
Unemployment has left young people in the UK feeling “stressed and depressed,” according to the Prince's Trust Macquarie Youth Index report.

14.01.2015 10:57

‘Significant decline’ in UK life expectancy, health officials warned
Public Health England confirms there has been a fall in life expectancy, particularly among older women. Critics blame unhealthy lifestyles, government cuts to social care budgets and worsening GP and hospital care.

13.01.2015 12:18

CDC: Heroin-linked deaths jumped by 39 percent in one year
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that 2,000 more people died from heroin-related deaths in 2013 than in 2012, as prescription painkillers became harder to obtain and led to a rise in cheaper, illicit street drugs.

13.01.2015 03:18

Controversial study links circumcision to autism in boys under 10
Circumcised boys have a much higher chance of developing attention-deficit disorder and autism by age 10, the hotly debated research from Denmark says. But not all experts are comfortable with the “extremely speculative findings.”

09.01.2015 14:17

​£50m cut from child mental health services since 2010, govt admits
The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has been criticized after it was revealed £50 million was cut from the children’s mental health budget – more than 6 percent in real terms – since 2010 when the Conservative-led coalition came to power.

09.01.2015 16:04

NHS to cut ‘poorly thought through’ cancer drug fund
Cancer experts have backed a cost-cutting plan that looks likely to end the use of highly priced cancer medicines in the NHS.

09.01.2015 14:34

Paypal co-founder becomes first multi-million-dollar marijuana investor
Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel is investing millions of dollars in a Seattle-based company that owns a popular marijuana venture. Under America’s federal laws, however, marijuana is still considered illegal throughout most of the country.

09.01.2015 03:44

New antibiotic found in ‘grassy field’ proves effective against drug-resistant bacteria
Researchers may have found a new antibiotic that bacteria will not become resistant to for decades, according to a new study. The discovery came not in a lab, but in soil from Maine, using a little-known device that’s “generating excitement.”

08.01.2015 21:48

German nurse suspected of multiple deaths admits to 30 more murders
A German nurse has confessed to killing 30 patients at his hospital in order to practice his skills at reviving the dead. The man was already on trial for three murders and two attempted ones, but has now confessed to tens of others.

08.01.2015 14:50

RT trails Ebola’s path of devastation in Liberia
Behind the stark headlines of the Ebola outbreak, which has killed thousands of people in Western Africa, are endless tales of hope and courage as average people do what they can to help others.

08.01.2015 08:56

Measles outbreak tied to Disneyland, California health officials say
Nine people are confirmed to have contracted measles when they visited Disneyland in California in mid-December. Another three cases are suspected, according to state health officials who are investigating the outbreak.

08.01.2015 01:26