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Feds might allow researchers to study PTSD treatment with medical marijuana
After three years of trying, the University of Arizona is only one step away from obtaining permission from the US government to research the effectiveness of marijuana as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among military veterans.

18.03.2014 17:57

Michigan ‘rape insurance’ law goes into effect
A controversial new abortion law went into effect in Michigan on Thursday, requiring any woman who may want to seek help paying for the procedure to purchase a separate insurance policy.

14.03.2014 19:32

4,200 NY hospital patients face possible hepatitis, HIV exposure
A New York hospital warned 4,247 people of potential exposure to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV after authorities discovered a risk of potential blood contamination.

13.03.2014 11:30

3D printing tech used to reconstruct man’s face in groundbreaking surgery
For what appears to be the first time in history doctors were able to use 3D printing technology during a facial reconstruction surgery to help a British man who survived a motorcycle accident but walked away traumatized and disfigured.

13.03.2014 03:25

Bowing to public outrage, pharma company to give dying boy experimental drug
A North Carolina pharmaceutical company has reversed its stance and announced it will provide a cancer-stricken 7-year-old with an experimental drug after public outrage condemned a policy that forbid them to give him the potentially life-saving drug.

11.03.2014 17:31

Holder admits heroin is now 'urgent public health crises'
As deaths related to heroin and prescription drug overdose continue to rise, US Attorney General Eric Holder called the spike an “urgent public health crises” on Monday and pledged to expand the Justice Department’s effort to combat the problem.

10.03.2014 15:51

Second baby born with HIV cured, five additional remission cases may exist
Doctors appear to have cured a nine-month-old baby that was born with the HIV virus, marking the second time that medical professionals may have sent HIV into remission by starting treatment just hours after the child’s birth.

06.03.2014 03:46

Pro-vaccination campaigns have opposite effect, study claims
Parents who prefer not have their children vaccinated are posing a major health problem, researchers now say, but show little sign of changing ways.

04.03.2014 21:14

Doctors warn new FDA-approved painkiller is deadly dangerous
A new painkiller set to hit the market in March is coming under heavy fire from doctors and lawmakers warning of its powerful ability to kill.

28.02.2014 19:12

Medical marijuana workers start unionizing with government help
Marijuana may still be illegal at the federal level, but the US labor board believes pot workers still have the same rights as any other American employee.

27.02.2014 16:54

‘We have to sell more weed!’: Colorado county issues first-ever marijuana tax figures
A recreational marijuana store located in southern Colorado became the first business of its kind in the state to announce the tax totals from the new industry that pot advocates say will be a boon for state education and struggling local economies.

26.02.2014 02:55

Popular painkiller increases risk of ADHD in children, study finds
Over-the-counter pain relievers made with acetaminophen are among the most widely-sold in the United States, but concerns raised by a new study could possibly change all of that.

25.02.2014 19:06

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