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New Ebola vaccine approved for human trials
A new Ebola vaccine that provided "short-term and partial long-term protection” from the virus for lab monkeys has been approved for human trials, starting in early September.

08.09.2014 03:55

Toxic trail: Forgotten vials of ricin and plague discovered at US govt lab
Infectious, deadly diseases and toxins like plague, botulism and ricin have been uncovered at government laboratories in the United States. The discovery also revealed some of the vials had been stored for over 60 years.

06.09.2014 12:52

​Ceasefire: President Poroshenko trick to regroup troops – Spanish volunteer to RT
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced ceasefires before and was always the first to violate them, Spanish volunteer Ramiro Gomez, who fought in eastern Ukraine against the troops of the coup-imposed Kiev government, told RT.

06.09.2014 05:37

Sierra Leone to enter ‘lockdown’ as Ebola death toll tops 2,000
Sierra Leone announced it will implement a four-day “lockdown” across the country in an attempt to contain the spread of Ebola. The Friday move came as the World Health Organization stated that the virus has so far claimed over 2,000 lives in Africa.

06.09.2014 04:08

American doctor infected with Ebola lands in US for treatment
The latest American to be infected with Ebola while working as a missionary doctor in Africa has been flown in to the Nebraska Medical Center in order to receive treatment.

05.09.2014 01:56

​WHO: International organizations ‘underestimated’ Ebola
Margaret Chan, director general of UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), hit out at international bodies for failing to promptly respond to the Ebola epidemic when it first appeared months ago, admitting the disease is now “racing ahead of doctors.”

03.09.2014 04:36

Liberia’s nurses go on strike amid Ebola outbreak
In the midst of an Ebola outbreak Liberia’s nurses from the country’s largest hospital went on strike Monday. Calling for higher salaries, they also demanded equipment to protect them from the Ebola virus that has killed hundreds in Liberia.

02.09.2014 03:07

More chance of dying from work than going to war - Intl Labor Organization
Going to war may seem one of the most hazardous ordeals on the planet, but perhaps not. The International Labor Organization (ILO) says there is more chance of dying from work than fighting for your country on the battlefield.

31.08.2014 13:04

Marijuana compound may halt Alzheimer's disease – study
Extremely low levels of THC compound, a chemical found in marijuana, may slow down or halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease, US neuroscientists have found, thus laying the ground for the development of effective treatment in the future.

30.08.2014 13:59

First Ebola case in Senegal, five more states at risk of outbreak spread
West African state of Senegal has become the region's fifth country to confirm a case of the deadly Ebola virus that has killed more than 1,500 people with the WHO warning that five more states are at risk for spread of the outbreak.

29.08.2014 22:37

​Seek and destroy: New ‘nanorobots’ may revolutionize cancer treatment
Miniscule robots are set to start hunting down cancerous cells in the human body and destroy them with their nanoweapons, new research suggests. The nanorobots to be used have had a tumor-recognition module installed for the purpose.

29.08.2014 23:24

​‘All hands on deck’: US pushes ahead with Ebola vaccine trials on humans
Twenty healthy volunteers will next week enter a 48-week trial for a US-developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus. The trial has been moved forward due to the current outbreak, but the first results are unlikely before the year end.

28.08.2014 22:37

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