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New stem cell may eventually generate human organs in animals, save millions of lives
Scientists have discovered a novel kind of stem cell that could one day generate cells and tissues for any kind of organ in the human body – a development that may potentially help the 30 Americans who die every day due to a shortage of organ donors.

06.05.2015 23:47

Can chocolate & cakes steal your memory? High blood sugar increases risk of Alzheimer's, new study claims
Got a sweet tooth? Think twice before eating too much cake or chocolate. A new study shows that high levels of blood sugar may be the cause of the killer Alzheimer's disease.

06.05.2015 15:42

Please don’t forget Nepal
Stark photos, CCTV footage, harrowing headlines; the media brought attention to the earthquake that hit Nepal in April. Initially, journalists and aid began pouring in, but now when the locals need help the most, news coverage and aid has dwindled.

06.05.2015 12:50

Global cancer spending tops $100bn in 2014 – report
The global market for oncology drugs increased 10.3 percent last year and may reach $147 billion by 2018, according to IMS Health. Spending is rising due to better treatments and higher survival rates.

05.05.2015 15:06

Puerto Rico moves to legalize marijuana for medical uses
The governor of Puerto Rico has signed an executive order to allow marijuana to be permitted for medical uses. Alejandro Garcia Padilla endorsed the move, which will come into immediate effect, following a lengthy public debate on the US territory.

04.05.2015 08:35

​Early diagnosis: Revolutionary study says most cancers can now be predicted years in advance
Following a 13-year study, US scientists have identified a specific pattern of change in the length of a biomarker present in cells, which occurs many years before a patient begins suffering symptoms of cancer.

03.05.2015 19:26

Farage defends HIV ‘health tourist’ comments
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has defended his comments that immigrants with HIV move to the UK as ‘health tourists’ as a means of claiming free treatment by displaying a letter from a patient who shares his views.

01.05.2015 10:57

Wave of future: 3D printing industry to quadruple by 2020
3D printing can produce almost everything from human stem cells to a car,and is at its most popular in the industry's 29–year history. It has grown by 35.2 percent in 2014 and is expected to become a $20.2 billion global industry by the end of the decade.

28.04.2015 12:40

Supreme Court to rule on lethal injection drugs after Oklahoma botched executions
The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on lethal injections for the first time in nearly a decade, following a botched execution in Oklahoma and amid a nationwide shortage of the drugs used in the procedure.

29.04.2015 16:49

​Ban on gay men donating blood 'may be justified' in certain cases – European Court of Justice
The European Court of Justice has ruled that EU governments may ban gay men from donating blood under strict circumstances – that is, if there are no alternative ways to protect blood recipients from potential infectious diseases.

29.04.2015 15:17

Western diet causes colon cancer risk to skyrocket – new study
A new study has revealed that eating a western diet, rich in animal proteins and fats, greatly increases the risk of colon cancer, but the issue can be resolved by switching to a high-fiber African diet.

29.04.2015 13:03

​Cancer treatment firing ‘radioactive glass balls’ at tumors undergoes UK trials
Twenty patients stricken with bowel cancer metastasizing to their liver will undergo a new treatment which involves tiny radioactive glass balls being fired directly into their deadly tumors.

29.04.2015 10:45