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Weed express: Marijuana app offers on-demand home delivery
A new San Francisco smartphone app promises to promptly deliver cannabis right to your door. It's the latest in a new crop of apps aimed at making access to pot easier.

17.10.2014 02:59

WikiLeaks: US pushes to extend drug monopolies in secret proposed trade deal
Excerpts from a proposed international trade agreement leaked to the web this week suggest that the United States is pushing for changes that would make it more difficult to get life-saving drugs overseas.

16.10.2014 18:37

Ebola epidemic might trigger major food crisis - UN
The United Nations and non-governmental organizations believe an Ebola crisis that continues to strengthen in the coming months will cause food shortages that could devastate regions in West Africa hit hardest by the virus.

16.10.2014 14:07

Obama: I ‘hugged and kissed’ Ebola nurses
President Barack Obama insisted Wednesday that the US response to the Ebola outbreak is effective and that the chances of the deadly virus taking hold in the United States are “extremely low.”

16.10.2014 14:09

‘No Ebola containment till all transportation is stopped’
The Ebola spread can’t be stopped till transportation from endemic areas is banned, Lee Hieb from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons told RT. She added that people have to understand that help will come, but they need to stay put.

16.10.2014 10:51

MRI reveals ancient Siberian ‘princess’ had breast cancer
Brand new MRI scans have revealed that a 2,500-year-old ancient Pazyryk 'princess' died from the same disease that over a million women are fighting today: breast cancer. Scientists believe the young woman could have used cannabis to ease the pain.

16.10.2014 02:13

Ebola diagnosis in 10 minutes: researchers working on tool to curb global epidemic
Researchers in the United States are using millions of dollars in government funding to perfect a rapid diagnostic test that should be able to positively identify the presence of the deadly Ebola disease in patients in only ten minutes’ time.

15.10.2014 14:20

‘Good public health system - solution for Ebola containment’
It is extremely important to take preventive measures, ensure good hygiene is in place, and undertake important steps towards changing behavior, Sheldon Yett, UNICEF representative in Liberia, told RT.

15.10.2014 09:06

​Choose your epidemic: More UK soldiers fighting Ebola than terrorism
More British soldiers will be sent to curb the Ebola crisis than to fight terrorist groups, including the Taliban and the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL), as the UN warns the deadly disease is “winning the race.”

15.10.2014 08:25

US establishing ‘Ebola response teams’ to contain epidemic
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that “Ebola response teams” are being assembled that will be able to deploy “within hours” to any hospital in the United States.

14.10.2014 20:20

IAEA to aid West Africa's fight against Ebola
The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency has announced that it will be participating in the fight against Ebola in West Africa, providing specialized diagnostic equipment to quell the spread of the disease which has killed more than 4,400 people.

14.10.2014 15:43

Ebola-infected American journalist tweets his recovery experience while doctors fight for second Dallas patient
While doctors are fighting for the life of the Dallas nurse who contracted the Ebola virus from an ill patient, a US journalist who was infected in Africa is showing signs of recovery and has promised to live tweet his experience.

14.10.2014 14:06

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