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‘I had always known I was different’ Chelsea Manning on transitioning as a woman
Private Chelsea Manning faced stern resistance when she wanted to come out as transgender, she said in an exclusive ​interview with Cosmopolitan. She also spoke about her transition to living as woman in a military prison.

09.04.2015 00:08

Cloned antibody shows promise for HIV patients
A potent antibody created in a lab has shown promising results in the first human trial, a team of US and German scientists announced, suppressing HIV in the blood for up to a month without harmful side effects.

08.04.2015 23:44

​Sharp rise in under-11s seeking NHS transgender treatment
The number of children in the UK being referred to the NHS for transgender treatments has increased fourfold over the last five years, new figures indicate.

08.04.2015 14:33

Safer than riding a bike? Scientists promote medicinal use of psychedelic drugs
The therapeutic or experimental use of psychedelic drugs is safer than taking legal substances such as nicotine or alcohol, two leading members of a drug research organization have said.

08.04.2015 13:54

Hungary mummies: 200yo corpses shed light on historic origins of TB
Mummies discovered in a Hungarian church crypt have helped scientists uncover multiple tuberculosis strains that ravaged Europe in the 18th century, suggesting that, unlike now, a person could have more than one strain.

08.04.2015 10:11

VA hit with class action lawsuit from Vietnam vet over disability benefits
A Vietnam veteran, long denied disability benefits, is suing the Veterans Affairs Department to speed up the compensation appeals process. It is a move that could potentially affect the outcomes of thousands of cases stuck in administrative limbo.

08.04.2015 03:33

Scientists discover revolutionary method to regrow heart muscles
Prolonging the life of heart attack victims may become a reality for millions as scientists have successfully tested on mice a way to activate the regrowth of heart muscle. Human trials are expected to follow.

07.04.2015 07:39

Bubonic plague found in Arizona after fleas infect prairie dog burrow
Fleas near a popular hiking trail outside Flagstaff, Arizona have tested positive for the bubonic plague. The insects were found in prairie dog burrows in Picture Canyon. State officials warned visitors and residents to avoid contact with prairie dogs.

06.04.2015 20:52

British govt warns superbug epidemic could wipe out 80,000
A new generation of superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics could eventually kill tens of thousands of people, with many of the deaths related to illnesses as common as the flu or routine surgery, a new government report warns.

06.04.2015 13:14

France to ban sunbed adverts, artificial tanning by minors
The French parliament has approved a draft law that prohibits adverts for sunbeds and artificial tanning salons, also banning minors from using the potentially dangerous equipment.

04.04.2015 09:07

Antibiotic-resistant superbug has spread to majority of US states – CDC
The intestinal bug shigella sonnei has spread via international travelers to 32 states and Puerto Rico, US health officials say. The bacteria has largely resisted the main drugs used to combat it.

03.04.2015 18:17

Patient tests negative for Ebola at Colorado hospital
A patient at a hospital in Loveland, Colorado, has tested negative for Ebola after becoming ill when they returned from an Ebola-affected country, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

02.04.2015 16:13