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America’s most popular prescription sleep medication linked to mass shootings
A new report describing the bizarre and dangerous side effects of the sleep aid Ambien has once again raised questions about one of the United States’ most popular prescription drugs.

20.01.2014 20:43

Hospital admissions over W. Virginia chem spill double even after water declared safe
Despite recent declarations that the water in West Virginia is now safe to use, hospital admissions related to the Kanawha Valley chemical spill have doubled over the last week.

20.01.2014 17:15

Safe from shutdown: Obama signs trillion-dollar budget
President Barack Obama has signed a $1.1 trillion spending package that will fund the US federal government until September. In contrast to during October’s shutdown, the bill received unprecedented bipartisan support in both houses of Congress.

18.01.2014 06:47

Google glucose-monitoring contact lens project unveiled
Google has revealed the project of a contact lens that measures glucose levels in tears, giving 382 million diabetics all over the globe the smallest glucose sensor – and an alternative to pricking their fingers and drawing blood up to 10 times daily.

17.01.2014 05:55

‘A night of a thousand vaginas!’ fights Texas abortion restrictions
Hollywood is no stranger to fundraising, but this time some of the country’s biggest comedians are putting on a show in support of Texas women who are facing down the state’s new abortion restrictions.

15.01.2014 18:27

​Italian city of Turin votes in favor of legalizing cannabis
The city council of Italian city of Turin has approved a motion in favor of legalizing cannabis on Tuesday, becoming the first major city in the country to make the proposal to allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical reasons.

15.01.2014 05:41

Third of Mississippians to have diabetes by 2030, doctors claim
As Mississippi continues to struggle in the fight against obesity, a leading state physician estimates that one third of the local population could have diabetes by 2030.

14.01.2014 17:50

NFL might legalize medical marijuana for players
As more US states move to consider marijuana legalization, the country’s most popular sports league is indicating it may one day allow its players to light up.

13.01.2014 20:06

France says ‘oui’ to marijuana-based medicine
France’s ministry of health announced Thursday that it has approved a cannabis-based mouth spray known as Sativex, a move that brings Paris into line with 17 other European countries, which allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical reasons.

09.01.2014 19:18

First deadly case of avian flu confirmed in North America
Canadian health officials confirmed the first deadly case of H5N1 avian flu in North America, following the death of a person in western Canada after a trip to China in December.

08.01.2014 21:40

British MPs raise alarm over drug trials, say only half data published
British MPs have voiced concern that doctors and researchers are being denied access to around half the results from all clinical trials. An influential parliamentary committee has condemned the selectiveness as damaging medicine as a whole.

05.01.2014 13:13

Peru calls for debate on the legalization of marijuana
Peru should consider legalizing marijuana, the former head of the country’s National Drug Control Commission has said. Uruguay recently became Latin America’s first nation to legalize the marijuana industry, encouraging its neighbors to follow suit.

04.01.2014 04:53

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