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​Italian nurse arrested over killing 38 patients who irritated her
Italian police have arrested a nurse suspected of killing at least 38 of her patients because they, or their relatives, were irritating her. The officials also found a selfie, with the nurse giving a thumbs-up in front of a recently deceased patient.

14.10.2014 06:03

CDC says US needs to ‘rethink’ Ebola containment efforts
Following the identification of the United States’ second confirmed case of Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the need to “rethink” the way it is handling efforts to contain the virus.

13.10.2014 23:50

Ebola vaccine research stalled by budget cuts - NIH director
The United States would have had an Ebola vaccine ready by the time the virus had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa if not for budget cuts that prevented scientific research, according to a top US health official.

13.10.2014 14:03

70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months
In two months, Russia is planning to send a new experimental vaccine against Ebola to Africa, according to the country’s health minister. The efficiency of the drug, which is to be tested on the ground, is about 70-90 percent.

13.10.2014 12:37

Ebola outbreak to get ‘a lot worse’ – UK Health Secretary
The UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned the UK should prepare for Ebola to get “a lot worse,” while London Mayor Boris Johnson said there is “little doubt” a case of Ebola will be found in the UK, most likely in London.

13.10.2014 08:26

Blame game begins in US after nurse infected with Ebola
A leading US health official sparked controversy after saying it is “deeply disturbing” that a Dallas nurse became infected with Ebola while caring for a patient, arguing that many US hospitals are ill-prepared to handle the virus.

13.10.2014 05:50

Israel, Palestine draft joint Ebola response plan
To draft a joint action plan to prevent Ebola, Israeli and Palestinian officials held a meeting over weekend, while Tel Aviv is introducing hospital drills and setting tighter border controls to curb the threat of the deadly virus.

12.10.2014 20:04

‘Ebola protocol in place’: Suspected case transferred to Boston hospital
A hospital in Boston area’s Braintree, Massachusetts has been briefly quarantined after a patient who recently travelled to Liberia was suspected of having Ebola. The patient showing some symptoms of the disease was transferred to another facility.

12.10.2014 20:52

First to contract Ebola in US: CDC confirms Texas health care worker's diagnosis
A Texas health care worker who treated the first state’s Ebola patient, has been tested positive for the virus, officials said blaming a breach in of treatment protocols for the new case.

12.10.2014 09:53

British taxpayers fund 81yo grandpa’s sex-change operation
James Rose claims that from the age of nine he knew he was trapped inside the wrong body. Critics, however, say the NHS should not have paid for the oldest person in Britain to have a sex-change operation.

12.10.2014 05:56

Putin orders Russian troops’ withdrawal from drills near Ukraine border
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a return of 17,600 troops involved in several military drills in the Rostov region, which borders Ukraine. The order came after a Security Council meeting, which assessed various threats to Russia.

12.10.2014 06:33

US steps up Ebola screening at New York’s JFK airport
US has enhanced special screenings for the deadly Ebola virus at the New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Squads armed with thermal guns and carrying questionnaires will test everyone arriving from the worst affected countries in West Africa.

11.10.2014 07:31

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