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Underfunding behind Spanish hospital failure to isolate Ebola vicitim
Spanish nurse Teresa Ramos was reportedly separated only by curtains from other patients at a Madrid hospital where she was tested for the Ebola virus. The country’s underfunded health service is under fire for its “inadequate” response.

08.10.2014 05:48

NASA tests hibernation tech for future Mars mission
To dramatically cut the cost of its future manned missions to Mars, NASA is testing a sci-fi sounding technique of placing the crew in stasis. The deep sleep conditions would also reduce psychological challenges for the astronauts during the 180-day trip.

08.10.2014 00:18

Connecticut declares preemptive Ebola health emergency, allows quarantines
Connecticut’s governor declared a public health emergency in the Nutmeg State. The precautionary order, signed by Gov. Dannel Malloy, allows public health officials to coordinate a targeted quarantine in case Ebola arrives in the state.

08.10.2014 00:25

​112 trucks carrying German humanitarian aid enter Ukraine (VIDEO)
Over 100 trucks with humanitarian aid from Germany have successfully passed customs clearance in Poland and entered Ukraine. The aid is to be delivered for Donetsk and Lugansk regions, where essentials are needed badly.

07.10.2014 16:57

Young Oregonian to end life under death-with-dignity law, calls for more end-of-life rights
At age 29, Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with aggressive terminal brain cancer and given only six months to live. She has since moved to Oregon, which has a death-with-dignity law, and is advocating for more assisted-death legislation in the US.

07.10.2014 16:23

Dallas Ebola victim's stepdaughter cleared to return to nurse assistant job
The stepdaughter of Thomas Duncan, the Texas Ebola victim in critical condition, has been cleared to return to her job as a nursing assistant. On Sept. 28, she called 911 and rode with her stepfather in an ambulance to a Dallas hospital.

07.10.2014 14:16

Ebola spread 'unavoidable' in Europe due to extensive travel - WHO
The spread of Ebola in Europe is "unavoidable", the World Health Organization said shortly after the contraction of four new cases was announced in Spain.

07.10.2014 13:53

25 killed, over 700 hospitalized: Cheap ‘Spice’ designer drug causes severe poisoning across Russia
A new dementia-causing designer drug in several Russian regions has caused an epidemic that has poisoned hundreds of young addicts, at times causing fatal respiratory failure. The country’s authorities are worried about the rapid spread of the narcotic.

07.10.2014 04:36

Ebola in Spain: 4 people including nurse hospitalized in Madrid
Health officials in Madrid say three more people are in the hospital on suspicion of contracting Ebola. The news comes a day after a nurse who treated two Ebola patients at a city hospital became infected with the disease. One has tested negative.

07.10.2014 10:36

Spanish nurse tests positive for Ebola after treating victim in Madrid
A nurse who treated two Ebola patients at a Madrid hospital has become infected with the disease herself, health officials said.

06.10.2014 17:16

US approves experimental drug for emergency Ebola treatment
​Regulators in the United States have approved an experimental drug for treating patients suffering from the Ebola virus one week after health officials in Dallas, Texas diagnosed a Liberian national with the deadly disease.

06.10.2014 14:13

​UN to investigate UK ‘grave violations’ of disability rights
Britain may face a United Nations investigation into ‘grave’ and ‘systemic’ violations against the rights of disabled people – the first country to face such a high level inquiry in the organization’s history.

06.10.2014 08:47

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