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Russia and China strengthen trade ties with $85 billion oil deal
The world’s fastest-growing energy market China and world’s biggest oil producer Russia have strengthened their business ties on Tuesday after signing 21 trade agreements, including a new 100 million ton oil supply deal with China’s Sinopec.

22.10.2013 07:39

Medvedev opposes ethnic enclaves in Russian cities
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has told the congress of the United Russia party that state officials must oppose ethnic enclaves in Russian cities to prevent both the growing crime rate and the surge of xenophobia.

07.10.2013 07:24

Russian economy slows from EU-US pressure - PM
As Russia’s economy loses steam, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has made an official excuse for the slowdown, saying the contracting EU and US are largely to blame. He says Russia should now build an "intelligent" state focusing on value in the workforce.

27.09.2013 08:55

Medvedev: Russia's top priority in S.Ossetia war was to defend our citizens, interests (RT EXCLUSIVE)
After the Georgian army launched a full-scale attack on the capital of South Ossetia in August 2008, then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered Russian troops to intervene, the hardest decision of both his political career and life.

03.08.2013 22:49

PM Medvedev reaches 1 million ‘likes’ on Facebook
The Facebook page of the premier of the Russian government has reached the landmark of 1 million ‘likes.' Dmitry Medvedev said the result is due to Russians' genuine interest in the work of their government.

08.06.2013 06:03

Russia has to react as NATO moves closer to its borders - Medvedev
Russia cannot see NATO expansion towards its borders as positive, as under certain circumstances the possibility of military confrontation remains, the Russian PM has said at the Euro-Arctic Council’s forum.

04.06.2013 09:51

PM Medvedev: Endless government dismissal rumors don't bother me
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he was “unconcerned” by persistent rumors that his government will be dismissed amid slowing economic growth and a failure to implement Vladimir Putin’s pre-election promises.

26.05.2013 17:38

Duma speaker on speculation about govt dismissal: ‘Read between the lines’
State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin, commenting on gossip about the possible dissolution of the government, has noted that the issue was not considered in April, when the Cabinet delivered its annual performance report to the lower house.

23.05.2013 14:54

Former finance minister Kudrin blames United Russia for economic stagnation
Aleksey Kudrin, addressing the State Duma, stated that the development of Russia’s political system is "lagging behind the challenges of the time and doesn’t provide the mechanisms to build up the country's modernization."

20.05.2013 15:37

Fly me to the Kremlin: Putin to commute to work by chopper
A helipad has been built in Moscow’s Kremlin for President Vladimir Putin to commute to his office by air. The move comes amid growing public criticism of the presidential motorcade disrupting the capital’s already notoriously heavy traffic.

16.05.2013 12:21

23 Russians among world’s 500 most powerful people - report
23 Russian citizens have made it into the Foreign Policy magazine’s list of the world’s 500 most powerful people. Dominated by leaders in politics and business, there’s also one military official and one mafia boss in the rankings.

05.05.2013 18:33

‘Minister’s job no popularity contest’ – Medvedev
In a keynote speech before the parliament, Prime Minister Medvedev has admitted problems with Russian education, but refused agree to opposition demands and sack Minister Livanov.

17.04.2013 13:33