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Astronomers discover infernal earth-like planet that ‘shouldn’t be’
The space scientists are baffled after finding the first ever Earth-sized planet, which has the same density as our home world, and violates all known planetary formation theories by its existence.

31.10.2013 14:11

Ocean used to wash Martian shores – Russian scientists
There used to be an ocean on Mars about 3 billion years ago and its remains can still be observed, Russian scientists say.

28.10.2013 16:47

Another hazardous asteroid to dart close to Earth in 2065
Russian astronomers have discovered another potentially dangerous asteroid that is estimated to dart past Earth in 2065 at a distance of only 7,000km.

24.10.2013 22:04

NASA hails new era of laser-fast interplanetary internet
NASA has just set a new record for communication speeds in space by firing lasers at the moon and achieving download speeds five times faster than via the radio signals we currently employ for the task.

24.10.2013 07:30

410-meter asteroid ‘may collide’ with Earth in 2032
A potentially catastrophic asteroid has been discovered by astronomers, who say there’s a slim chance that the 410-meter-wide minor planet will crash into Earth in 2032, creating a blast 50 times greater than the biggest nuclear bomb.

17.10.2013 14:09

AMAZE: Europe’s ambitious aim to 3D print a single-piece satellite
The European Space Agency (ESA) launched its AMAZE project on Tuesday to take 3D printing into the metal age by building parts for spacecraft, jet engines and fusion projects.

15.10.2013 14:57

Shutdown fallout: Will NASA launch Mars probe on time?
With NASA staff sent home and the Curiosity rover dozing off on Mars, former astronaut Tom Jones tells RT how the US government shutdown will affect the space agency’s projects and deadlines.

02.10.2013 12:07

NASA's Cassini finds ‘plastic’ on a Saturn moon
The NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made a remarkable discovery when it found a plastic ingredient –propylene - on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. This marks the first time the material has been detected on another world.

01.10.2013 18:19

NASA rover Curiosity finds water in Mars soil - report
The rover Curiosity has discovered water in fine-grained soil on the surface of Mars, NASA confirmed Thursday in a series of papers published in the journal Science.

26.09.2013 20:50

Flat-out working: NASA to pay 18 grand for 70-day sleep study
Ever dreamed of helping take one giant step for man from the comfort of your bed? You could be in luck, as NASA is willing to shell out five grand a month to allow a few fortunate loafers to live out their dream… all for the sake of science.

19.09.2013 09:09

Syria says it's ready for attack 'at any moment'
The Syrian government says it's expecting a military attack and is "ready to retaliate at any moment," according to a security official who wished to remain anonymous. The US holds Syria accountable for using banned chemical weapons and threatens payback.

31.08.2013 10:45

Cut-price space? NASA successfully tests 3D-printed rocket engine injector
NASA has published a video of a rocket engine partly manufactured using 3D printing technology. The US space agency looks forward to bringing the price of some expensive parts of rocket engines down by 70 percent in the near term.

28.08.2013 10:42