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Astronomers get new alien hunting tool
The search for alien life may have received an important boost from scientists who have designed a new tool that can more effectively detect methane on other planets.

18.06.2014 18:40

Astronomers discover sister to Earth’s sun
As part of a search into the origins of our galaxy, astronomers at the University of Texas have identified what they believe to be a sister to the Earth’s sun.

16.06.2014 18:40

NASA ‘smells’ Saturn’s moon Titan, finds it ‘aromatic’
The US space agency has come up with a recipe that captures key flavors of Saturn’s moon Titan – out of a need to understand a previously unidentified chemical composition hidden beyond its orange haze.

14.06.2014 11:24

​NASA’s ‘aquanauts’ to live underwater to test new tech
NASA will test out new space exploration technology – including some used for asteroid landings – by having its teams live on the ocean floor off Florida coast for extended periods of time in two upcoming summer missions.

14.06.2014 07:24

Stunning Hubble time-lapse of stellar explosion (VIDEO)
For the third time this month, the team operating the Hubble Space Telescope is dropping jaws across the world, this time with a time-lapse video of an exploding star that spans four years.

12.06.2014 18:43

NASA scientist designs faster-than-light spacecraft (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A NASA scientist and a renowned graphic artist have teamed up to produce designs for a vessel that may someday allow human beings to travel the universe and beyond in a first-of-its-kind warp drive spacecraft faster than light.

12.06.2014 14:18

Bad news for GPS: Sun releases three powerful flares in two days (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Cameras used by scientists at NASA have captured images of “significant” solar flares emitting from the sun this week.

11.06.2014 18:30

​Telescope captures spectacular hypernova blast – from 12 billion years ago
A Texas observatory has captured a powerful gamma-ray burst – the violent death of a massive star – that happened relatively “soon’” after the Big Bang. Understanding such hard-to-spot events gives us insight into how the early universe developed.

08.06.2014 20:00

What's next for NASA – a Saturn moon submarine? 12 ambitious space concepts blast off
NASA has unveiled 12 futuristic concepts it has selected for study under its NIAC program, which seeks breakthrough technologies that will change space exploration in the future. Among them: a submarine which will explore Saturn’s Moon Titan.

07.06.2014 16:04

‘Hello world!’ NASA beams video from ISS to Earth by laser (VIDEO)
US-based space agency NASA has managed to beam a HD video from the International Space Station to Earth using a new laser communications device. The ‘Hello World’ video was the first ever to “travel” via this technology.

07.06.2014 14:41

Moon formed after Earth collided with another world, study says
For the first time, scientists have discovered evidence backing up the theory that the moon was created when a separate planet crashed into the Earth.

06.06.2014 16:19

​NASA could not deliver humans to Mars, says new strategy report
Landing humans on Mars is unattainable for NASA if the space agency’s current strategy and level of funding are not modified in the near future, according to a new congressionally-mandated report.

05.06.2014 00:14