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Big Bang: Biggest meteorite explosion rocks the moon
NASA scientists have recorded the biggest observed meteorite impact on the moon, with an explosion equal to 5 tons of TNT. The event is part of ‘lunar meteor showers’ observed by astronauts of the moon exploration program.

17.05.2013 15:18

Historic Kepler Telescope crippled by malfunction
The spacecraft that has located more planets than any other in history has endured technical failure serious enough to put its current mission of finding another so-called Super-Earth, in jeopardy, experts announced Wednesday.

16.05.2013 00:50

Space Oddity: Russia’s Soyuz returns from ISS to David Bowie tune
Three ISS crew members have returned to Earth aboard the Russian Soyuz TMA-07M spacecraft after a five-month stint. During the mission commander Chris Hatfield took the internet by storm with his cosmic rendition of David Bowie’s song Space Oddity.

14.05.2013 03:07

ISS crew fixes coolant leak during spacewalk
The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) has taken an unscheduled spacewalk to inspect and fix a coolant leak in its power system. During a nearly six-hour-long spacewalk they have installed a new cooling system pump.

May 11, 2013 11:51

‘Ultimate destination’: NASA sets Mars walk as top priority
After NASA’s manned moon landing in 1969 the US space agency is now focusing its resources on sending humans to Mars by 2030, outsourcing near-Earth missions to private contractors, NASA’s chief announced Monday.

06.05.2013 21:54

Crowded orbit: Space junk nearly brings down NASA telescope
The Fermi Space Telescope’s fate was hanging by a hair, NASA has revealed, as it met an old inactive Soviet satellite last year.

03.05.2013 13:57

Pentagon leaning on Chinese satellite for Africa Command communications
On the heels of a new presidential resolution for US government agencies to avoid Chinese IT hardware over security concerns, the Pentagon has sparked outcry by disclosing its lease of bandwidth from a Chinese satellite.

30.04.2013 23:29

Monster hurricane on Saturn captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft
NASA released spectacular new images of a hurricane swirling at Saturn’s north pole captured by Cassini spacecraft. The storm 20 times the size of Hurricane Sandy has puzzled scientists, and may give an insight into how terrestrial hurricanes are formed.

30.04.2013 12:26

Russians to simulate Mars colonization in US desert
Team Russia is arriving in the US on Tuesday to join an international simulated Mars colonization project. Starting on April 20, a Russian crew of six will spend two weeks in conditions similar to those they can expect to experience on the Red Planet.

15.04.2013 13:54

Saturn’s rings ‘showering’ on its atmosphere
Saturn's magnetic field is causing ‘rain’ of ionized water particles to shower from the planet’s rings into its atmosphere causing their destruction, a study shows.

April 12, 2013 21:18

April Fools’ fly-by: Four asteroids flash past Earth in one day
Earth is experiencing an unusual cosmic bombardment as four large asteroids pass it in just one day. Fortunately astronomers don’t seem to joking when saying none are expected to pose danger.

31.03.2013 19:38

‘Comet of the Century’: NASA captures new photo of icy wanderer ISON
NASA spacecraft Swift has captured a photo of Comet ISON, potentially the brightest one the Earth will see in over half of century. The icy wanderer is expected to attract stargazers worldwide when it swings close to the sun later this year.

31.03.2013 15:46

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