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Hawaii to imitate Mars for NASA space parachute test
NASA is ready to test a saucer-shaped vehicle which the agency believes will play a vital role in Mars exploration by making it possible to land heavier spacecraft – and eventually humans – on the Red Planet.

01.06.2014 19:50

NASA captures close-up details of solar storm for first time (VIDEO)
NASA’s revolutionary solar observatory has captured rare footage of super-hot bubbles on the sun's surface, known as coronal mass ejections.

01.06.2014 17:23

Milky Way, Andromeda galaxies set to collide in giant game of space bumper cars
A short time ago, in a galaxy very, very close by, a NASA satellite thought it detected a gamma ray burst in Andromeda. It was a false alarm, but astronomers used the opportunity as a reminder that our galaxy and Andromeda are set for a head-on collision.

30.05.2014 16:57

SpaceX founder unveils his 'future of space travel' capsule
Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) presented its new space capsule, expected to carry up to seven astronauts into space and bring them back to Earth, with the capacity to land anywhere 'with the accuracy of a helicopter.'

30.05.2014 12:34

Elon Musk to present manned DragonV2 spacecraft on May 29
SpaceX is on the verge of revealing the next generation version of its Dragon spacecraft, one which the company hopes will allow the United States to once again send its own astronauts into space by 2017.

28.05.2014 16:30

CNN retracts story that giant asteroid will destroy Earth on March 35, 2041
This is CNN… issuing a correction over a viral, user-posted report that a giant asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, and would wipe out life on the planet on March 35, 2041. Now “the most trusted name in news” has space egg on its face.

28.05.2014 14:26

ISS crew hug, take selfie to say ‘No' to politics and Ukraine tension in space
Political tension may be running high, but let's get real – friends will be friends, especially if they have a common cause for the whole of humanity. This was the message of a Russian-US-German crew of astronauts in the run-up to a joint trip to space.

27.05.2014 17:28

Moon gets Wi-Fi: NASA and MIT demonstrate how wireless broadband connection works in space
Checking your Facebook status or sending an Instagram photo from space could become reality, as a group of researchers from MIT and NASA believe they have come up with a way of establishing a decent wireless connection between Earth and the Moon.

27.05.2014 15:02

Disco-era satellite staying alive with new mission for ‘citizen scientists’
Disco may be dead, but a decommissioned NASA space probe from that era is staying alive, thanks to a group of ‘citizen scientists’ tasked with giving the satellite a reason to survive.

24.05.2014 02:36

​Never-before-seen meteor shower could light up entire North America over weekend
North America is in for a natural light show overhead, as a meteor shower expected over the weekend could turn into a full-on sky storm, affecting countries’ entire skylines. Its intensity could even outdo the Perseid meteor shower.

23.05.2014 10:35

NASA creates Earth's 'Global Selfie' zoom-in mosaic from 32,000 pictures
NASA released a mosaic image of our planet on Tuesday, made up of 36,000 individual photographs that were taken on Earth Day and posted on social media with the #GlobalSelfie hashtag.

22.05.2014 19:42

Top US astronomers: Alien life to be discovered within 20 years
Two of the United States’ top astronomers appeared before Congress this week, telling lawmakers that the chance of discovering life on other planets is nearly inevitable, and that it may happen within two decades.

22.05.2014 17:32