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Flying high: Next ISS crew set to reach station in record time
The next crew to set off for the International Space Station may reach it in a record six hours, far outstripping the current time of two days. The quicker trip is now possible thanks to a launch trajectory, which is currently undergoing tests.

07.03.2013 16:16

NASA probe detects third radiation belt around Earth
Scientists assumed that there were only two radiation rings around the Earth, but a recently-launched NASA probe has detected a new “temporary” belt. As radiation rings pose serious hazards, the finding have implications for future manned flights.

01.03.2013 14:00

Supermassive breakthrough: Scientists now know how fast a black hole spins
For the first time ever, scientists have been able to measure the precise spin rate of a 'supermassive black hole'. The findings will provide some clue as to how some of the most mysterious objects in our universe began to form.

28.02.2013 18:43

NASA alert: Middle East loses freshwater reserves size of Dead Sea in 7 years
The Middle East is headed towards a water shortage crisis, as NASA satellites show that reserves the size of the Dead Sea have been depleted in just seven years, largely due to well-drilling.

13.02.2013 20:10

NASA tests laser communications by sending Mona Lisa to space
A new experiment by NASA proving the effectiveness of laser communications has raised the prospect that beam technology could one day replace radio. That’s after NASA scientists successfully beamed an image of the Mona Lisa to the moon.

18.01.2013 21:51

Extra space: Largest known spiral galaxy identified by accident
The largest known spiral galaxy in the universe has been accidently discovered by a team of astronomers from the US. Measuring a whopping 522,000 light-years across, it’s over five times bigger than our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

11.01.2013 17:12

Biggest in the universe: Scientists discover black holes weighing 40 billion suns
It turns out that the largest black holes may be even bigger than scientists previously thought. New research from NASA shows there are some real monsters out there, weighing the equivalent masses of 10 to 40 billion suns.

26.12.2012 19:50

Reaching for the stars or false dawn? Russia says next-gen spacecraft design ready
Russia’s halting attempts to build a next generation spacecraft have received a boost after a leading constructor announced that it has completed the design of a new prototype. But seasoned space watchers await specifics before popping their corks.

26.12.2012 19:24

Soyuz spaceship makes harmonious docking with ISS
A Soyuz spaceship carrying three astronauts has successfully docked with International Space Station. The Russian, American and Canadian astronauts are to spend five months working together in orbit – and might even form a space musical trio.

21.12.2012 21:50

Giant leap for spiders: ‘Nefertiti’ dies on Earth after 100 days on ISS
Nefertiti the jumping spider traveled into space and returned to Earth after 100 days in orbit. The first such arachnid to do so, she seemingly couldn’t handle the fame, dying after just four days on display at Washington, DC’s Smithsonian museum.

05.12.2012 11:42

Life on Mercury? Scientists claim discovery of water on 'the Swift Planet'
Scientists have confirmed for the first time that the planet Mercury holds “at least 100 billion tons of water ice” and also has “organic material” in the permanently-shadowed craters at its north pole.

30.11.2012 12:37

Confirmed: US planned to nuke the moon
In a secret project recently discovered, the United States planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb in the 1950s as a display of the country’s strength during the Cold War space race.

26.11.2012 17:13

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