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Solar storm strikes Earth following monster flare (VIDEO)
A large coronal mass ejection has reached Earth – days after the Sun sent a massive burst of solar wind and electromagnetic radiation towards our planet. While causing no major geomagnetic storm, it has produced spectacular auroras in northern Europe.

10.01.2014 14:30

NASA warns of 'potentially hazardous' asteroid
A new, “potentially hazardous” asteroid has been discovered by one of NASA’s recently reactivated spacecraft – and it’s headed in Earth’s direction.

10.01.2014 17:12

​Still in space: Life of ISS prolonged until 2024
The International Space Station is set to function for an additional four years, up to 2024, and will be operated by a rotating crew of six astronauts from the US, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan.

09.01.2014 10:52

Sun ‘flips upside down’ while reversing magnetic poles
The sun has undergone a “complete field reversal,” with its north and south poles changing places as it marks the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24.

30.12.2013 17:35

Russian cosmonauts perform record-breaking spacewalk (VIDEO)
Cosmonauts, Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazansky, spent 8 hours and 5 minutes in open space in Russian-made Orlan-MK space suits, setting a record for the longest Russian spacewalk.

28.12.2013 12:09

NASA’s twitchy bouncy roboball may explore Titan one day (VIDEO)
A tangle of poles and ropes that looks like an evilly twitching tent may be the precursor of a future robotic explorer, which would be dropped from a height of 100 km onto Saturn’s moon, Titan, without a parachute.

28.12.2013 12:16

NASA tests space suits for manned asteroid missions (VIDEO)
NASA engineers are conducting underwater tests of a new space suit, as the agency prepares for ambitious manned missions to the Moon, Mars, and an asteroid. The suit was redesigned from the “pumpkin” outfit used in shuttle missions.

16.12.2013 19:48

Jupiter’s moon sprays water vapors 200km into air
We just got closer to finding intelligent life – not light years away, but in our own Solar System. The revelation comes after Jupiter’s moon Europa was seen by the Hubble Space Telescope to be spurting water vapors as high as 200km into the air.

13.12.2013 07:09

NASA unveils 6-foot-tall humanoid robot (VIDEO)
NASA scientists have been secretly at work for a year on a walking, humanoid-like robot meant to evoke awe in anyone who comes across it — and it looks like they’ve accomplished their mission.

11.12.2013 16:59

Hubble spots water on 5 Jupiter-sized distant worlds
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has found water on five giant alien worlds, according to new studies. The discovery marks the first time scientists have been able to compare water signatures across several planets at once.

04.12.2013 05:45

‘Crazy, dynamic, unpredictable’ comet ISON still glowing, but is it still alive?
The unpredictable behavior of the ancient ISON comet has scientists scratching their heads, as the world’s space agencies had to quickly backtrack from their earlier claim that it had been destroyed in its encounter with the sun.

29.11.2013 07:48

Moon gardens: NASA to sow 1st seeds of future habitat
NASA is bravely venturing into new scientific territory with a plan to start growing plants on the moon no later than 2015. The experiment is designed to yield important knowledge about life’s long-term chances in space – including for us.

28.11.2013 06:11