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‘Impossible’ space drive tested by NASA foretells future of deep-space travel
NASA has conducted long-awaited experiments to prove that the fabled space drive, capable of generating its own thrust and breaking a fundamental law of physics, works. If the find survives fresh scrutiny, space ship construction will be revolutionized.

01.08.2014 05:18

NASA looks to produce oxygen on Mars with next rover
The next Mars rover is going to be home to numerous ambitious experiments, including one that will see NASA try to produce oxygen on the Red Planet.

01.08.2014 02:06

First synthetic biological leaf could allow humans to colonize space
In order for humans to live in outer space, they must have a steady supply of oxygen they can depend on. Now, instead of relying on plants that may not survive, they can use an artificial biological leaf designed by a London graduate student.

30.07.2014 23:34

NASA eyeing largest ever telescope to trump Hubble
If there was ever a conclusive key to finding alien life, NASA’s new monster telescope concept could be it. It is said that the new device will rival the famed Hubble 2,000-to-1 in accuracy and provide answers to crucial questions.

26.07.2014 13:26

Water reserves in western US being drained underground – NASA study
As droughts have ravaged the western US for over a decade, much of the water loss has come from underground resources in the Colorado River Basin, a new study has found. The water loss may pose a greater threat to the West than previously thought.

24.07.2014 20:52

‘Welcome to Aerospace’: NASA lacks funds for deep-space rocket
Budget shortfalls rather than technical challenges may prevent NASA from launching its new $12 billion deep-space rocket by the end of 2017 as planned, federal auditors said.

24.07.2014 12:22

200 Moon pits could accommodate future astronauts (VIDEO)
Scientists have found more than 200 pits on the Moon some of which might lead to caves that could potentially shelter astronauts protecting them from harsh temperatures, radiation and dust, according to a new NASA study.

19.07.2014 19:04

NASA wants proposals to look for alien life on one of Jupiter's moons
NASA has set its sights on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, to explore the icy orb for potential life within our galaxy. Now the space agency is seeking proposals for scientific experiments to take place during the mission.

16.07.2014 18:34

NASA: We will find aliens within 20 years
A series of new telescopes – a magnitude more powerful than the ones already in use – will allow humanity to detect alien life within decades, according to top NASA scientists.

16.07.2014 16:38

No need for deodorant in space? NASA sends odor-resistant clothes to ISS
An Antares rocket carrying a Cygnus spacecraft full of supplies was fired toward the International Space Station on Sunday. The rocket contains over 3,000 pounds of cargo, including food, mini satellites, and odor-resistant exercise clothing.

15.07.2014 16:43

NASA Voyager I struck by solar tsunami, now confirmed in interstellar space
NASA’s Voyager I is now in interstellar space, making it the first and farthest human-made space probe. New measurements of solar tsunami waves drew the scientists to formulate the conclusion.

09.07.2014 11:37

‘Swimming pool for bacteria’: There could be life on Mars today - new study
Water, near and on the surface of Mars, melts rapidly enough when combined with salt to allow bacterial life to flourish, despite the freezing temperatures on the planet, a new study from the University of Michigan claims.

08.07.2014 16:14