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​'Distant pass': Icarus asteroid to sail past Earth in closest approach for 75yrs
The asteroid Icarus will breeze past Earth on Tuesday at a “distant pass” of five million miles. It will be the asteroid's last fly-by until the year 2090.

16.06.2015 15:24

Scientists emerge from 8 months of simulated life on Mars
Six scientists, who took part in the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation project by living in secluded space modules on a Hawaii volcano for eight months, have finally emerged from their isolation.

14.06.2015 12:24

One giant leap for Porn: Smut baron raising funds for first sex movie in space
World-famous porn website Pornhub wants to take sex to space, and it needs your help! The site has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $3.4 million for the world’ first gravity-defying skin flick.

12.06.2015 08:04

Impact glass found on Mars may be key to discovering life, scientists say
By using NASA’s Mars satellite data, researchers found impact glass deposits on the Red Planet that could have preserved signatures of life.

09.06.2015 14:55

NASA's Mars landing system fails for a second time
NASA's test run of a Mars landing system came to a quick end on Monday when the saucer-shaped vehicle's parachute failed to open high over the Pacific Ocean, a NASA TV broadcast showed.

08.06.2015 22:50

NASA finally launches flying saucer-like prototype to edge of space
​NASA has launched the “Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator” (LDSD), known simply as a ‘flying saucer’ as part of its step towards a manned mission to Mars.

08.06.2015 17:31

Cosmic chaos: Pluto's moons drunkenly dance around dwarf planet, study says
Pluto's outer moons love to dance, but they don't have much rhythm. Instead, they chaotically tumble around the dwarf planet and its largest moon, Charon, according to data from NASA's Hubble telescope.

04.06.2015 10:51

NASA and Verizon to monitor US drone traffic with phone towers - report
​NASA and Verizon are investing in new technology that would use already existing cell phone tower networks to monitor civilian and commercial drones.

04.06.2015 00:56

Sticky situation: NASA to reduce bug splatter on planes with ‘lotus-leaf’ coating
They might seem like a tiny obstacle for a 500-ton plane, but insects crushed by a flying aircraft reduce speed and increase fuel costs. NASA’s ‘bug team’ has been looking for a solution for years, and has homed in on the perfect insect repellent coating.

03.06.2015 21:01

NASA to send 'flying saucer' to edge of space
NASA is trying to make progress toward a manned mission to Mars and, to that end, they are testing a cutting-edge spacecraft breaking system called the Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (SIAD).

02.06.2015 22:27

Supersonic entry: NASA’s ‘flying saucer’ to get second test drive
NASA is expecting to get closer to landing the first humans on Mars on Tuesday by launching the second test flight of its peculiar “Low Density Supersonic Decelerator” (LDSD) technology, known simply as a ‘flying saucer.’

02.06.2015 01:28

NASA releases mesmerizing VIDEO of Soyuz docking ISS
NASA has released stunning footage documenting the Russian Soyuz capsule as it docked with the International Space Station (ISS) with three astronauts in tow.

28.05.2015 14:51