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​Mysterious 'X-Files' noises captured 22 miles above Earth's surface
For the first time in 50 years, mysterious 'X-Files' sounds have been recorded from the edge of space. A helium balloon built by a student for a NASA project captured the eerie hisses and whistles 22 miles above the Earth's surface.

05.05.2015 12:08

Volcanoes may cause drastic temperature changes on distant super-Earth
Astronomers have detected dramatic temperature changes on a solid planet far beyond our solar system, likely caused by massive volcanoes on the super-Earth’s surface.

05.05.2015 08:44

Spectacular NASA video shows giant plasma eruption on sun (VIDEO)
An enormous burst of plasma erupting from the sun has had astronomers glued to their telescopes for hours. Two orbital observatories managed to capture the phenomenon on video, published by NASA.

04.05.2015 17:34

First complete 3D view of iconic Pillars of Creation released
The legendary space clouds known as The Pillars of Creation have revealed a whole lot of previously unseen things in a first-ever 3D view. The graceful, finger-like gas wonders can be glimpsed in stunning clarity in the accompanying video.

03.05.2015 10:02

​Spaced out: Cosmic rays could cause brain damage to Mars astronauts
No one assumed traveling to Mars would be a particularly safe task, with space debris and supply shortages weighing on the minds of those brave enough to leave Earth. But another danger has now been revealed – cosmic rays which threaten brain damage.

01.05.2015 19:51

​End of era: NASA's Messenger probe to meet explosive fate as it crashes into Mercury
NASA's Messenger probe has been making discoveries about Mercury since 2011, sharing that knowledge with the world. But its mission will come to an end on Thursday, with the ship expected to crash into the same planet it has so faithfully observed.

30.04.2015 11:11

‘Real breakthrough’: Discovery of nanoflares solves sun’s coronal heat mystery
What has long remained a major question for astronomers – the significant jump in the temperature of the sun’s corona in comparison to its visible surface – may have been solved by NASA scientists. A new theory suggests the heat source may be nanoflares.

29.04.2015 12:31

​Astonishing images of Mercury captured by NASA spacecraft before smashing into planet
As Judgment Day approaches for NASA’s Messenger probe, stunning new pictures have emerged of the planet it is set to crash into on Thursday: Mercury.

28.04.2015 14:26

Hubble Telescope turns 25: Amazing moments of a technical wonder
A quarter of a century may be a short term for mankind, but the Hubble Telescope has managed to offer a plethora of amazing findings over this time, measuring our ever-expanding universe and furthering human knowledge of deep space.

24.04.2015 14:43

​No beer in space: ISS crew opens up to RT about life in orbit (VIDEO)
In a rare video call to the International Space Station on Tuesday, RT asked Roscosmos cosmonaut Mikhail Korniyenko and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly questions from the channel's viewers. The crew opened up about the pros and cons of space life.

21.04.2015 09:47

White dwarf has Napoleon Complex, destroys passing planet
Perhaps the former planet dared give a white dwarf the raspberry. Perhaps the white dwarf was auditioning for the new Star Wars film by doing its best Death Star impression. Either way, the white dwarf obliterated a whole planet that ventured nearby.

17.04.2015 22:26

Crash and burn: Mercury probe to end mission with planetary collision
A probe orbiting the solar system’s innermost planet is set to end its mission with a bang, leaving a mark on the surface of Mercury to be used by follow-up missions. The MESSENGER spacecraft should collide with the planet at the end of April.

16.04.2015 23:04