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300 trillion suns: NASA finds brightest galaxy to date… shining from 12.5bn years ago
NASA astronomers have discovered the most luminous galaxy in space so far which shines with the light of more than 300 trillion suns. It is also believed to have a behemoth black hole in its center, responsible for the brightness.

22.05.2015 10:47

Space 'Nasty': NASA’s Hubble telescope catches cannibal star digesting companion
Astronomers at NASA have used the Hubble Space Telescope to capture a very rare event: A star, dubbed 'Nasty 1,' cannibalizing another star nearby, and producing a giant, pancake-shaped gas disk in the process.

22.05.2015 08:27

Drone shuttle: Air Force’s X-37 goes up on a (semi-) secret mission
For the first time ever, the US Air Force’s X-37 unmanned space plane has gone into orbit on a mission not entirely classified. The USAF provided details on several civilian experiments aboard the drone shuttle, though much of the mission remains secret.

20.05.2015 16:14

6,000 miles of solitude: Woman to attempt solo row from Japan to California
She has already beaten back a devastating car injury and rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with others, but brave traveler Sonya Baumstein from Florida is now taking on her biggest challenge yet: rowing from Japan to California alone.

19.05.2015 03:20

First views of Pluto’s tiniest moons emerge (PHOTO)
As NASA’s Pluto probe nears the planet, it managed to grab some spectacular photos of its small moons for the first time. The New Horizons spacecraft is now in position to view the entire Pluto family.

16.05.2015 10:46

SpaceX Falcon 9 certified for NASA’s ‘medium-risk’ science missions
After years of delay, NASA has finally certified SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, designating it suitable for Category 2 space mission launches which carry “medium-risk” such as satellites and some of the less costly space probes.

16.05.2015 04:14

​Anti-matter mystery solved? Scientists say spiral magnetic fields to thank for our existence
Why does matter exist in the universe? It's not a simple question, but NASA's Fermi space telescope may be on its way to an answer. The instrument has detected gamma rays which could provide scientists with clues surrounding the mystery of matter.

15.05.2015 13:43

10,000yo Antarctic ice shelf will disintegrate in just ‘few years’ – NASA study
One of Antarctica’s ice shelves, or rather its remaining section, is showing unprecedented levels of meltdown and will inescapably collapse in just a few years, further impacting the ocean levels on the planet, a new NASA study has warned.

15.05.2015 04:11

Narrow miss: Kilometer-wide asteroid to brush close to Earth
An asteroid up to 1.3 kilometers across will come very close to Earth on May 14, according to NASA’s Near Earth Object watch. While a space rock of this size could be devastating if it hits our planet, this one is expected to hurtle safely by.

12.05.2015 14:10

Billions on wars & only $29K to make Mars mission possible? - ‘Insane!’
The US spends billions a week on invading countries and losing wars but all it can offer for breakthrough ideas on protecting astronauts from possible space radiation on their way to Mars is $29,000, political cartoonist Ted Rall told RT.

12.05.2015 13:56

ISS crew tells RT station well stocked despite Progress re-supply failure
Despite the Progress spacecraft failing to dock at the International Space Station, those aboard are still in good spirits saying they have “plenty of supplies,” while they are also looking forward to meeting a new space tourist, they told RT.

06.05.2015 15:21

Drone, helicopter or plane? NASA tests 10-engine electric aircraft (VIDEO)
US researchers have successfully tested a brand-new, battery-powered, ten-engine, remotely piloted aircraft that is able to take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane.

04.05.2015 14:16