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NASA's most powerful rocket ever aims for deep space exploration
As NASA continues to plan for future asteroid-capturing missions and excursions to Mars, the space agency has approved the development of what’s being billed as the most powerful rocket ever.

04.07.2014 02:09

​Cosmic fireworks: Colorful pyrotechnics on display in a galaxy near ours
Some 23 million light years away, a nearby spiral galaxy is spinning like a pinwheel in space, putting on a fireworks display of truly galactic proportions.

03.07.2014 13:25

'Bad chute' sours NASA 'flying saucer' test launch (VIDEO)
NASA has tested its saucer-shaped device for a Mars landing. The vehicle soared above the Pacific and splashed down after several hours. A malfunctioning parachute marred the last stages of the largely successful mission.

29.06.2014 08:48

Space football fever: NASA astronauts lose hair in World Cup bet (VIDEO)
Two American astronauts had to be shaved bald right up there in the orbit, after their World Cup team lost to Germany. Yes - the pair placed a wrong bet on the match!

28.06.2014 05:20

World’s largest solar telescope captures HD images of sunspots (VIDEO)
The Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) in California, site of the largest solar telescope on the planet, has issued a mesmerizing video and photos in previously unseen detail of surprisingly active plasma in the sun’s fine structures.

26.06.2014 11:40

Upside-down drive: NASA tests under-ice space rover
A NASA space rover to be sent to Jupiter's moon Europa has had its first run in Alaska. The tiny machine is designed to travel on underwater ice.

24.06.2014 12:33

NASA plans to colonize Mars
NASA may not be planning to put a human on Mars until the 2030s, but the agency’s top scientist said colonizing the planet is a key part of its agenda – as well as its search for extraterrestrial life.

23.06.2014 17:12

NASA considers sending quadcopter drone to look for life on Titan
While one NASA probe whizzes by Saturn’s moon Titan on Thursday to analyze its atmosphere, the American space agency is also considering a plan to send a quadcopter drone capable of searching for life.

19.06.2014 16:09

Astronomers get new alien hunting tool
The search for alien life may have received an important boost from scientists who have designed a new tool that can more effectively detect methane on other planets.

18.06.2014 18:40

Astronomers discover sister to Earth’s sun
As part of a search into the origins of our galaxy, astronomers at the University of Texas have identified what they believe to be a sister to the Earth’s sun.

16.06.2014 18:40

NASA ‘smells’ Saturn’s moon Titan, finds it ‘aromatic’
The US space agency has come up with a recipe that captures key flavors of Saturn’s moon Titan – out of a need to understand a previously unidentified chemical composition hidden beyond its orange haze.

14.06.2014 11:24

​NASA’s ‘aquanauts’ to live underwater to test new tech
NASA will test out new space exploration technology – including some used for asteroid landings – by having its teams live on the ocean floor off Florida coast for extended periods of time in two upcoming summer missions.

14.06.2014 07:24

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