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​Huge asteroid to fly by Earth at 37,000 kph on Friday
A 1,000 meter-wide asteroid is heading towards Earth this week – and its course will reach its closest point to our planet on Friday, according to NASA.

25.03.2015 18:26

Curiosity finds life-forming nitrogen on Mars
Mars has given us new clues about the possibilities of past life on the planet after NASA’s Curiosity rover found nitrates embedded in its rock. The elements are known on Earth as one of the key precursors to life.

24.03.2015 10:44

Jupiter destroyed solar system’s young planets, scientists say
Jupiter’s large orbital journey across the early solar system may have cleared the way for the oddball arrangement of our planetary system, scientists say – even to the point of destroying burgeoning young planets.

24.03.2015 02:57

NASA orbiter records new crater on the Moon (VIDEO)
NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has revealed images of the lunar surface before and after the largest recorded explosion detected on the surface. The luminous flash was recorded by researchers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.

18.03.2015 07:51

‘Fireworks’ from 100yo star blast captured in NASA photo
A recently released NASA picture shows a space explosion looks impressive even more than a century after it occurred.

17.03.2015 10:58

Only 1 year of water left in California, NASA scientist suggests rationing
NASA’s top water scientist says California only has about one year’s worth of water left in storage, and its groundwater – often used as a backup for reservoirs and other reserves – is rapidly depleting. He suggests immediately rationing water.

14.03.2015 01:46

From meme to reality: Joe Biden turns into Motivational Biden
Vice President Joe Biden is known for being the punchline of jokes, thanks to his propensity for gaffes. But now the man who spawned a meme genre has embraced his alter ego ‒ Motivational Biden ‒ in a workout video promoting a fitness challenge.

13.03.2015 23:40

Giant exoplanet 129 light yrs away has water, carbon monoxide in atmosphere – study
Water, methane and carbon monoxide have been detected in the atmosphere of exoplanet HR 8799 b, the structure of which surprised scientists when it was discovered a few years ago, as its parameters contradicted all previous theories.

13.03.2015 21:17

Jupiter moon Ganymede could have ocean with more water than Earth – NASA
New data suggests Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, the largest in the solar system, has an underground ocean which contains more water than all of Earth's surface water combined, according to NASA.

13.03.2015 02:50

Soyuz carrying Russian-US crew from ISS lands in Kazakhstan (PHOTOS)
The Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft carrying Russian cosmonauts Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova (Roscosmos) and US astronaut Barry Wilmore (NASA) successfully landed in Kazakhstan after departing from the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday.

12.03.2015 02:53

To Mars...someday: NASA successfully tests megarocket booster for deep-space system (VIDEO)
NASA has conducted a landmark test of a booster for its Space Launch System, the first heavy-lift rocket since the Apollo program ended in the 1970s. Working with Orbital ATK, NASA believes the booster will eventually help land a manned aircraft on Mars.

11.03.2015 16:59

Dry ice on Mars may help colonize red planet, research says
A new way of generating energy could potentially power human colonies on Mars, a new study claims. This is thanks to nothing more than dry ice, which is abundant on the red planet, according to recent research.

08.03.2015 13:29