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​£5bn black hole in UK defense budget poses ‘real risks,’ say MPs
Britain’s defense budget could end up £5 billion short after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) underestimated the bill for its 10-year equipment plan, MPs have warned.

20.03.2015 09:29

Arctic pacification & terrorist elimination: Russia’s military drills continue (VIDEO)
Unprecedented mock warfare in Russia is gaining momentum, with fleets hunting enemy submarines, strategic bombers testing national air defenses and special forces training to eliminate terrorist groups attempting to infiltrate the country.

19.03.2015 11:29

‘Russian spy ships’ loitering off UK coast, claims ex-Navy chief
As NATO conducts a major military exercise in the Black Sea, a former top naval officer has claimed Russian spy ships disguised as trawlers are fishing for secrets off Britain's coast.

18.03.2015 13:11

Royal Navy base ‘sacrifices Bahraini human rights at the altar of trade, military deals’ – activist
A prominent Bahraini human rights activist is set to file a lawsuit against the British government for its failure to take rights violations into account when closing a deal for the construction of a new Royal Navy base in the island kingdom.

18.03.2015 12:18

Hornets’ nest: Massive drills across Russia, 20 ships in Baltic Sea (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Russia is getting ready to counteract and repel land-sea-air military aggression on its western, northern, southern and eastern borders simultaneously, as massive drills of all military branches are underway across Russia.

18.03.2015 06:22

Russian military exercises ‘logical response’ to NATO troops on its border
As NATO increases its activity by putting troops on the Russian borders, it is hardly surprising that Russia responds in a similar way, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

18.03.2015 11:42

​Latvia reports 2 Russian ‘black hole’ subs & research ship on edge of territorial waters
The Latvian armed forces claim they have detected two Russian Kilo-class submarines and a research vessel 27 and 30 nautical miles outside the country’s territorial waters, three days after a sighting of a Russian destroyer was reported off its coast.

16.03.2015 20:29

Iran launches mass production of long-range anti-ship cruise missile
Iran has announced the mass production of Ghadir, a long-range anti-warship cruise missile. The homegrown missile reportedly features great precision, high destructive power and the ability to fly at low altitudes.

14.03.2015 19:45

Swedish military wants $700mn to hunt subs after autumn ‘chase’
Sweden’s defense minister says the country’s navy wants a fleet upgrade to boost its ability to hunt foreign submarines. It follows last autumn's massive search for alleged foreign subs in Swedish waters.

12.03.2015 20:51

Poland seeks to acquire submarine-based Tomahawk missiles
Poland’s minister of defense has announced plans to buy Tomahawk cruise missiles for future submarines. With the conflict in neighboring Ukraine as a pretext, Warsaw is actively modernizing its armed forces with a focus on purchasing first-strike weapons.

12.03.2015 10:44

US wants Vietnam to stop Russian aircraft refueling at navy base – report
Washington has asked Vietnam to prevent Russia from using the Cam Ranh Bay naval base in the South China Sea to refuel its military aircraft, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed State Department official.

12.03.2015 00:39

‘Double standards – name of the international human rights game’
On the one hand, Australia has a certain pride in its human rights record, on the other - it allows the indefinite detention of asylum seekers and refugees who are considered security threats, Binoy Kampmark, lecturer at RMIT University, told RT.

11.03.2015 13:51