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Facebook censors Navy SEALs for claiming Obama denied them help
Social media giant Facebook has removed a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS), which shed negative light on US President Obama for denying a request for military support in Benghazi before the deadly attack on the consulate.

31.10.2012 20:13

Scottish independence could end UK's nuclear deterrent
A unilateral nuclear disarmament could be forced on Britain if Scotland becomes independent in 2014, a government report says. Along with Scotland, the UK would lose the only naval base capable of hosting Trident nuclear-carrying submarines.

25.10.2012 02:06

'Star Wars' at sea: US Navy could deploy laser weapon in two years
The US Navy’s research office expects that ship-based laser weapons will be ready for deployment in two years, which is two years ahead of previous estimates. But this futuristic weaponry may face setbacks in the form of looming budget cuts.

23.10.2012 10:22

Israeli navy boards activist ship en route to Gaza
Israel’s defense forces have boarded a ship attempting to break through the Gaza blockade in “a peaceful operation.” The vessel was carrying Palestinian activists, parliamentarians and humanitarian cargo, said a mission spokesperson.

20.10.2012 12:48

China ‘sharpens response’, starts military exercises near disputed islands
The Chinese navy is set to begin joint military exercises on Friday in the East China Sea. The exercises will take place on the doorstep of the islands at the heart of the recent tensions between Japan and the mainland.

19.10.2012 08:24

Six Russian sailors kept hostage by Nigerian pirates
Nigerian pirates have attacked a cargo vessel, kidnapping six Russians and one Estonian. Another nine crew members were left on Liberty 249, which has safely docked at the Nigerian port of Onne, its final destination.

17.10.2012 19:44

Cruiser collides with nuclear submarine during US Navy drills
A US Navy cruiser collided with a nuclear-powered submarine as both took part in exercises off the US East Coast. The cruiser's sonar dome was damaged in the crash, but the incident resulted in no injuries.

14.10.2012 09:21

Flipper on a mission: Ukraine resuming dolphin combat training
A Soviet program of dolphin military training is reportedly being revived in Ukraine. The unit's tactical objective will be search operations and patrolling the waters near the Russian and Ukrainian Naval base in Sevastopol.

14.10.2012 09:04

Japan displays naval muscle amid islands strife (VIDEO)
A graceful yet compellingly powerful Japanese armada has embellished the country’s Sagami Bay, showcasing the latest firepower of seabound warfare.

12.10.2012 03:06

Arctic legend: Saving North Pole conqueror (PHOTOS)
A campaign to save the legendary nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika, the first surface ship to reach the North Pole, has started in Russia. Activists call for the decommissioned vessel to be made into a museum ship.

09.10.2012 07:18

China blowback: Chinese co. sues Obama over 'state security' wind farm ban
Chinese-owned Ralls Corporation is suing US President Barack Obama for shutting down their wind farm project near a naval air base in Oregon. Obama cited national security concerns, but the company claims the order was unconstitutional.

03.10.2012 11:01

Drug kingpin in Mexico's Zeta Cartel arrested
One of Mexico’s most wanted drug lords, Velazquez Caballero, was arrested on Thursday. Known as ‘Z-50’ and ‘El-Taliban,’ Caballero, a senior member of one of Mexico’s largest and most violent cartels, had a $2.3 million bounty on his head.

27.09.2012 10:06

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