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‘US wants to catch up with Russia in the Arctic’
The US wants to play a leading role in exploring the Arctic but doesn’t have enough facilities or resources, and basically lags behind Russia, Edward Struzik, leading researcher of the Arctic region, told RT.

11.03.2014 11:32

Saudi chameleon: What next, jihad in Crimea?
​The House of Saud may be up to something in Crimea. Let’s pivot back to the desert to see how that could possibly be accomplished.

11.03.2014 07:40

Crimea creates own military by swearing in self-defense units
Volunteers from self-defense units are taking an oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea as the autonomous republic puts together its own military in order to respond to possible provocations from the coup-imposed government in Kiev.

10.03.2014 18:52

Libyan govt launches military operation against oil trafficking rebels
Libya is poised for conflict as the government has ordered a military operation against rebel militias who have loaded $38 million worth of oil onto a foreign tanker in Es Sider. Rebels earlier said they would treat any attack as “a declaration of war.”

10.03.2014 17:42

Edinburgh accuses UK of hushing up British nuclear leak on Scottish territory
The British government has “disrespected” Scotland by keeping quiet about a nuclear leak at a Scottish-based reactor for two years, believes nationalist minister, Alex Salmond, all at a time of high tensions ahead of a referendum on independence.

10.03.2014 05:42

US warship in Black Sea as Ukraine’s Crimea readies for referendum
US Navy destroyer, the USS Truxtun, has crossed Turkey's Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. With the Crimea Peninsula getting ready to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine in a week, the US is ramping up its military presence in the region.

08.03.2014 05:36

Navy puts electronic attack jets on ‘unfunded’ list
Hoping to nudge Congress into providing some extra cash in its 2015 budget, the US Navy is looking to put 22 Boeing electronic attack jets onto a list of “unfunded priorities” and send it to lawmakers.

07.03.2014 17:40

Navy destroyer USS Truxtun crosses Dardanelles en route to Black Sea (VIDEO)
The US Navy guided missile destroyer, the USS Truxton, crossed the Dardanelles on its way to the Black Sea amidst the turmoil in Ukraine.

07.03.2014 13:55

US navy confirms missile destroyer USS Truxtun approaching the Black Sea
The US Navy has confirmed that a guided missile destroyer, the USS Truxtun, is heading to the Black Sea, for what the US military said is a “routine” deployment, decided long before the crisis in Ukraine, which has divided world powers.

06.03.2014 16:21

Russian Defense Ministry dismisses Ukraine ultimatum reports as ‘total nonsense’
Media reports about an alleged Russian ultimatum made to the Ukrainian armed forces in Crimea are “total nonsense,” a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said.

03.03.2014 17:00

Russia's Navy in Crimea not interfering in Ukrainian events - Foreign Ministry
The Russian Black Sea Fleet units based in Crimea aren’t interfering in the internal politics of Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

03.03.2014 15:44

Crimea forms its own fleet as Ukraine Navy chief sides with region
Rear admiral Denis Berezovsky, appointed as head of Ukraine's Navy forces just two days ago, has sworn allegiance to the people of Crimea. Taking his oath, regional Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov announced creating Crimea's Navy.

02.03.2014 18:12