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The Navy’s newest combat ship could be hacked at any moment
The United States Navy is spending $37 billion on a fleet of high-tech coastal warships, but a new report warns that those vessels are far from invulnerable when it comes to sophisticated cyberattacks.

24.04.2013 16:03

Congress won't allow Pentagon to save money
Although Congress has ordered the Pentagon to cut $487 billion in spending, lawmakers are also forcing the department to keep unaffordable and unnecessary programs and equipment running, making it impossible to save money.

23.04.2013 20:26

'Scrap Trident': British police arrest 47 protesters at Faslane nuclear base
Forty-seven people were arrested in a protest at the UK's Faslane Naval Base in Scotland. 'Scrap Trident' anti-nuclear activists blocked the base’s entrances, lying on the ground in a human chain tied together with metal and plastic tubes.

15.04.2013 11:59

‘US does not want a war - they want regime change in North Korea’
The Obama administration has adopted a policy of provocation and escalation when it comes to North Korea, Brian Becker, the director of the anti-war coalition ANSWER told RT, the ultimate goal of the approach is not war but regime change.

11.04.2013 02:31

US to deploy new laser weapon to Persian Gulf
Though drones may be getting most of the attention these days, the US Navy is getting set to deploy its first solid-state laser weapon aboard the USS Ponce in what it calls an “at-sea demonstration,” a technology that could revolutionize global warfare.

08.04.2013 23:53

'North Korea not a suicidal regime'
North Korea has reportedly moved its mid-range missiles within range of US bases in the Pacific. With US now starting a military buildup in the region, many fear the worst. But some experts believe the threat of war is avoidable.

04.04.2013 22:10

UK PM pushes nuclear ‘deterrent’ in face of N. Korea threat
Prime Minister David Cameron has said it would be ‘foolish’ for Britain to renounce its nuclear program in the face of threats from North Korea and Iran. His call to arms comes despite harsh criticism that Trident is too costly and unnecessary.

04.04.2013 06:47

Russia stages massive surprise war games on Black Sea (VIDEO)
The Russian Navy in the Black Sea was ordered to conduct unscheduled drills early this morning. The naval training put in motion dozens of warships, military aircraft and armored vehicles, and thousands of marines.

28.03.2013 14:38

Falklands ‘mistake’: Thatcher files reveal split over war with Argentina
The British government was divided over military involvement in the Falklands, new documents from former Prime Minister Thatcher’s archives have revealed. The papers show strong opposition in Thatcher’s own party to going to war with Argentina.

22.03.2013 04:55

Russian Navy to send permanent fleet to Mediterranean
Russia will dispatch a permanent group of five to six combat ships to the Mediterranean Sea, Russian Navy chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said. Frigates and cruisers will make up the core of the fleet.

17.03.2013 12:31

Three feared dead as military jet crashes in eastern Washington
A military plane has crashed after setting off from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington state, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed. All three people on board are believed dead.

11.03.2013 18:17

Russia, Vietnam agree on submarine fleet deal
Vietnam will get its own submarine fleet as soon as this year, said Russia’s defense minister while on a visit to Hanoi.

06.03.2013 10:38