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Gunboat diplomacy: Indian navy ready to set sail to South China Sea
India will deploy warships to the South China Sea if the country’s regional interests are compromised, the Indian Navy commander said. As China bolsters its military, the region has witnessed rising tensions over unresolved territorial disputes.

04.12.2012 09:39

Tehran claims capture of US spy drone in Iranian airspace
Tehran has claimed it captured an American spy drone after the aircraft entered its airspace, Iran’s Press TV reports. The US Navy and the White House denied the claim, saying that none of Washington's drones in the Gulf region were lost.

04.12.2012 07:36

Top Gun meets Terminator: Autonomous US stealth drone completes 1st test launch (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The US Navy has executed the first launch of a stealth drone set to be the first robot aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence. The “killer robot” might be the next step in the development of machines with the power to decide who lives or dies.

30.11.2012 16:48

China flexes naval might with new aircraft carrier's first jet landing (VIDEO)
China has successfully landed a warplane on its first aircraft carrier. The new J-15 jet fighter touched down on the Liaoning as part of the ship’s operational tests.

25.11.2012 08:38

DARPA building drone submarines to patrol the sea
Surveillance drones in US airspace is soon to be inevitable, but what about unmanned vehicles patrolling the seas? The Pentagon is working hard at perfecting a stealth underwater drone for maritime monitoring.

23.11.2012 21:57

US Navy orders Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group to head to Israeli shores
Right as the sailors and Marines aboard three of the US Navy’s assault ships were on their way home for Thanksgiving, they received an order to turn the ship around and set sail for Israel.

20.11.2012 19:58

Not so Astute: Britain’s new submarine flawed
The jewel of the Royal British navy, with a price tag of 10 billion pounds, is showing signs it maybe badly flawed, raising concerns about crew safety, performance and the defense of the nation.

17.11.2012 03:03

Loose lips sink SEALS: Elite Navy troops punished for spilling secrets in videogame
Seven members of the US Navy’s SEAL Team Six were disciplined for revealing military secrets while working as consultants for videogame ‘Medal of Honour: Warfighter.’ The unit is famous for secret operations like the bin Laden assassination.

09.11.2012 10:41

Russian nuclear sub given shelter near Florida during Sandy
Defense officials say that a nuclear-powered Russian attack submarine sailed to within 200 miles of the United States last week and was granted safe harbor as Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast.

06.11.2012 18:52

Keen to make an impression: Japan-US military drills begin amid Asian island row
Japan has launched naval drills with the US in spite of heightened tensions with China over a territorial dispute. The exercise was initially planned to simulate an island re-occupation, but was scrapped for naval operations to avoid agitating China.

05.11.2012 12:21

Drunken sailors: US frigate commander fired over crew's Russian bender
The commanding officer of San Diego-based frigate USS Vandegrift has been relieved from duty after his crew’s misconduct, aggravated by alcohol, during a visit to Russia’s port of Vladivostok in late September.

04.11.2012 12:33

Facebook censors Navy SEALs for claiming Obama denied them help
Social media giant Facebook has removed a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS), which shed negative light on US President Obama for denying a request for military support in Benghazi before the deadly attack on the consulate.

31.10.2012 20:13

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