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Rescue saga: US ship heads to free two trapped icebreakers in Antarctic
American vessel the Polar Star, the US Coast Guard's only active heavy polar icebreaker, is heading to the Antarctic to rescue over 120 crewmembers aboard Russian and Chinese ships trapped in heavy sea ice.

05.01.2014 08:31

Russian navy boosted with new nuclear attack submarine
Russia’s has received a New Year present with the hand-over of a cutting-edge nuclear attack submarine, the Severodvinsk, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

31.12.2013 18:31

Antarctic trap: Stranded ship awaiting Australian rescue after Chinese, French turn away
An Australian rescue vessel trying to reach the Russian ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve, after Chinese and French icebreakers failed to get through heavy sea ice.

29.12.2013 08:46

Navy’s ocean-powered drones to wage underwater war
While American drones patrol the skies in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, the United States is also looking to establish a similar presence in the world’s oceans – by using underwater drones.

26.12.2013 20:03

Australian ship stuck in Antarctic ice over Christmas, 70 on board
Seventy people have been trapped in the ice of Antarctica at Christmas, on a voyage to the remote and frozen continent. The nearest vessel able to come to their rescue is almost 3,000 kilometers away.

25.12.2013 10:20

Russia’s second next-gen nuclear sub enters service
On Monday, the Russian Navy’s second Borey-class nuclear-powered submarine, the Aleksandr Nevsky, has entered service. The sub is part of a next-generation class that will be the backbone of Russia’s sea-based nuclear deterrent for decades to come.

December 23, 2013 12:38

China planning 110,000-ton 'super aircraft carrier' to rival US naval power
Following Washington’s move to increase its military footprint in Asia, China has declared it is building a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of a size to compete with the mightiest in the US naval fleet.

22.12.2013 12:06

China outraged as Japan revamps defense plan
China's Defense Ministry on Friday issued a strongly worded statement criticizing Japan’s plans to increase defense spending, accusing Tokyo of turning up the temperature on regional tensions.

21.12.2013 12:43

US accuses China of acting ‘irresponsible’ in stand-off at sea
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called China’s behavior during recent stand-off with an American warship “irresponsible” at a press conference on Thursday.

20.12.2013 17:10

US, Chinese warships nearly collide in South China Sea
Tensions in East Asia spiked once again when a Chinese naval vessel attempted to stop a US guided missile warship in international waters in early December.

13.12.2013 19:32

'Bulwark against aggression'? US pushes MidEast militarization despite Iran thaw
Despite the historic Geneva Accord with Tehran, which calls for Iran to curb its nuclear activity in return for sanction easing, Washington is ready to boost military sales in the Gulf, as well as maintain its weighty presence.

07.12.2013 09:36

US Navy submarine fires drone from underwater
The US Navy has successfully launched an unmanned aerial system from a fully submerged submarine, marking the successful completion of a nearly six year long program designed to further the Navy’s drone capabilities.

05.12.2013 21:00