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Navy creates ship fuel from seawater
Researchers working for the United States Navy say they are around a decade away from mastering a procedure that will make high-powered fuel for the military’s fleet of ships out of run-of-the-mill seawater.

08.04.2014 14:26

Young Brits say nuke arsenal upgrade not a priority
While the Royal Navy is feverishly trying to raise money for the proposed 100-billion-pound modernization of vintage US-made seaborne Trident missiles, a recent survey suggests young Britons do not regard nuclear combat readiness as a priority for the UK.

08.04.2014 05:42

Navy to fly drone helicopters from tablet app
The Pentagon is pushing the envelope yet again with a new $100 million, five-year program that aims to turn assorted military helicopters into a fleet of autonomous unmanned choppers.

07.04.2014 16:43

'Pulsing signals': Rescuers converge in Indian Ocean after possible MH370 sighting
Rescuers are rushing to two sites where Chinese and Australian ships picked up acoustic signals possibly coming from the black box of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. But so far neither of the ‘pings’ detected under the Indian Ocean has been identified.

06.04.2014 04:20

Russian Duma denounces Black Sea Fleet deal with Ukraine
Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, the State Duma, has voted to denounce the Russian-Ukrainian agreements on the Black Sea Fleet. The MPs voted to halt the rent payments to Kiev for Sevastopol naval base and to cease writing off Ukraine’s debt.

31.03.2014 14:39

Hunt for Malaysian airliner shifts following new leads
An international search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was redirected 1,100km (680 miles) to the northeast on Friday, after new analysis suggests the aircraft had run out of fuel earlier than previously estimated.

28.03.2014 10:24

Diver defense: Crimean military dolphins now train with Russian Navy
The combat dolphins of Crimea will now serve the Russian Black Sea Fleet. They will assist divers in searching for sunken ships and lost underwater equipment, Russian naval forces said.

27.03.2014 10:04

Navy to test hundreds of homes in California for radiation
An island community in the San Francisco Bay in California will be tested for radiation by the United States Navy, officials said this week, after an object containing radium was found there following the closure of a long-active military base.

26.03.2014 19:49

Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight search: 122 'potential objects' spotted by satellite
​New satellite images show more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be pieces of wreckage from a Malaysian airliner that disappeared from radar on March 8 with 239 people on board, Malaysia's acting transport minister said.

26.03.2014 10:10

​Software problems will set back F-35 joint strike fighter another year – report
Delivery of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will be more than a year behind schedule due to ongoing software problems, according to a US government report. The delay marks the latest snag in the ongoing saga of the world’s most expensive aircraft.

26.03.2014 00:13

​Israel, Turkey may sign compensation deal over Gaza flotilla deaths after March election
Israel and Turkey may sign a compensation deal for families of the Turkish victims of the Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla in 2010. The agreement will finally put an end to the bitter diplomatic crisis caused by the assault.

25.03.2014 18:04

Hunt begins to find black boxes for doomed Flight MH370
Now that satellite data has confirmed that the missing Malaysian airliner crashed into the Indian Ocean, the race is on to find the crucial voice and data recorders, the so-called black boxes, before a battery-powered homing device runs out.

25.03.2014 14:46