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Russian strategic bombers ‘spotted’ near Guam amid US defense cuts threats
Two Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers were intercepted near the key US Pacific military base in Guam, the Washington Free Beacon website claimed. The news comes ahead of the possible sequestration of the US military budget.

16.02.2013 13:33

Man who shot Bin Laden insurance limbo sparks media clash
Esquire magazine's story about the US Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden has become a battle of publications. The military newspaper Stars and Stripes disputes his hardships during transition into civilian life described in the article.

13.02.2013 14:14

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden left in poverty with no pension, healthcare or protection
The US Navy SEAL who personally shot to death former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden says he has been neglected by the US government. The poverty-stricken ex-commando is now struggling to feed his family and pay for healthcare.

11.02.2013 17:38

Chinese frigate targets Japanese guard ship near disputed islands
A Chinese frigate has locked weapon-targeting radar on a Japanese guard vessel in the area of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, said Japan’s Defense Ministry. The islands are the subject of a territorial row between Beijing and Tokyo.

05.02.2013 15:41

N. Korea planning simultaneous nuclear tests – Seoul
North Korea plans to conduct two nuclear tests at once, or in quick succession, South Korea said. The prediction is based on satellite data that allegedly uncovered an uptick in activity at two tunnels at the North's Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

04.02.2013 14:56

India parades brand-new intercontinental ballistic missile (PHOTOS)
India used its annual Republic Day parade to display its first-ever intercontinental ballistic missile, just hours after the country’s president made loaded comments about its relationship with long-time antagonist Pakistan.

26.01.2013 21:47

US Navy fined for 'illegal entry' at Philippines coral reef
The Philippines government has fined the US Navy for unlawfully entering and damaging a World-Heritage listed coral reef aboard the USS Guardian, even after receiving radio warnings by park rangers to avoid the reef.

22.01.2013 18:38

Philippines takes China to intl court over S. China sea
The Philippines will sue China over its claim on disputed territory in the South China Sea. This is the first legal case over land to be launched against the Asian powerhouse, despite a number of current territorial rows with neighbors.

22.01.2013 08:25

Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat
The Navy is sending one if its newest combat ships overseas, even though the Pentagon knows the ship's guns don’t properly function and is unsure whether the ship can even survive combat.

16.01.2013 21:49

US Military suicides continue to climb, reaching record in 2012
The US Military’s suicide rate grew a startling 15 percent in 2012. The Pentagon, which has put great effort into lowering military suicide rates, has acknowledged that battle casualties are no longer the primary reason for soldiers’ deaths.

15.01.2013 10:10

Iran stages ‘modern warfare’ drill in Strait of Hormuz
Iran claims its capability to defend itself is growing and the Islamic republic is “prepared for any threat”. The statement follows tests of “modern warfare” capabilities and exercises to hone battle tactics in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

13.01.2013 18:59

Britain preparing for new Falklands War?
A series of military options are being considered by UK defense chiefs as tension mounts between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands, a report by the Sunday Telegraph claims.

13.01.2013 18:01