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Flipper on a mission: Ukraine resuming dolphin combat training
A Soviet program of dolphin military training is reportedly being revived in Ukraine. The unit's tactical objective will be search operations and patrolling the waters near the Russian and Ukrainian Naval base in Sevastopol.

14.10.2012 09:04

Japan displays naval muscle amid islands strife (VIDEO)
A graceful yet compellingly powerful Japanese armada has embellished the country’s Sagami Bay, showcasing the latest firepower of seabound warfare.

12.10.2012 03:06

Arctic legend: Saving North Pole conqueror (PHOTOS)
A campaign to save the legendary nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika, the first surface ship to reach the North Pole, has started in Russia. Activists call for the decommissioned vessel to be made into a museum ship.

09.10.2012 07:18

China blowback: Chinese co. sues Obama over 'state security' wind farm ban
Chinese-owned Ralls Corporation is suing US President Barack Obama for shutting down their wind farm project near a naval air base in Oregon. Obama cited national security concerns, but the company claims the order was unconstitutional.

03.10.2012 11:01

Drug kingpin in Mexico's Zeta Cartel arrested
One of Mexico’s most wanted drug lords, Velazquez Caballero, was arrested on Thursday. Known as ‘Z-50’ and ‘El-Taliban,’ Caballero, a senior member of one of Mexico’s largest and most violent cartels, had a $2.3 million bounty on his head.

27.09.2012 10:06

Treasure islands? Japan-China dispute sparks fears of war as US, Taiwan weigh in
Taiwan recently entered a mounting dispute over islands in the East China Sea by sending dozens of fishing boats to the region. Analysts fear these tiny, uninhabited islands could become the flashpoint for a full-fledged international conflict.

25.09.2012 12:22

'No to Beijing terrorists': Japanese stage anti-China march over islands reference (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Hundreds of Japanese nationalists have marched through the streets of Tokyo in protest against Chinese foreign policy, as the diplomatic row between the two countries over an archipelago in the East China Sea threatens to spiral out of control.

22.09.2012 20:11

Iran Navy announces plans to expand to South Pole
The country’s Navy Commander has pledged the country has the capability to hoist its flags anywhere from the North to South Poles and intends to extend its presence in the international waters in Antarctica.

22.09.2012 09:59

Growing gulf: Iran deploys Russian made sub as tensions rise
Days after the US and 30 other nations began naval exercises in the Persian Gulf; Tehran has announced it is sending a Russian submarine to bolster its forces in the area.

18.09.2012 17:38

US to flex naval might in Persian Gulf war games
The US Navy is leading its largest-ever war games in the Persian Gulf, with warships from 25 countries being deployed in the region. Tehran, in return, is preparing for its biggest air defense war game in the history of Islamic Republic next month.

16.09.2012 13:16

Chinese ships breach Japan’s naval border
Six Chinese ships entered Japanese waters near a group of disputed islets claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo early on Friday, ignoring the Japanese coast guard's orders to vacate its territorial waters.

14.09.2012 00:47

Russia’s biggest assault landing ship to be auctioned - report
The Russian Navy is reportedly set to sell one of its biggest landing crafts as scrap metal, as modernizing the vessel would be too costly. The massive seaborne assaults it was built for never came to fruition.

11.09.2012 12:57

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