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UK, Argentina summon each other’s ambassadors as Falklands/Malvinas row worsens
Tensions over the Falklands/Malvinas were ratcheted up last night when Argentina and Britain summoned each other’s ambassadors. Argentina said it would sue UK oil firms, while Britain is boosting its defenses on the contested islands.

10.04.2015 08:36

​Labour would trade away Britain’s Trident nukes for SNP support, Tories claim
Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has warned that a Labour government would give up Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons program to secure power with the Scottish National Party (SNP).

09.04.2015 08:14

China reportedly completes 3 advanced nuclear attack subs
Chinese shipbuilders have completed three advanced nuclear-propelled submarines that can fire the latest vertically launched anti-ship missiles, local media reported.

06.04.2015 07:08

British nuclear sub suffers £500k damage tracking Russian vessels - report
British nuclear submarine HMS Talent suffered a huge gash to her conning tower after hitting ice floes while tracking Russian vessels and will be out of action for several months for repairs, according to Royal Navy sources.

05.04.2015 13:31

​US Navy guided-missile destroyer enters Black Sea – reports
American destroyer USS Jason Dunham has crossed the Bosporus and entered the Black Sea, according to Russian military and diplomatic sources. The US Fleet previously announced it would support Operation Atlantic Resolve.

03.04.2015 20:17

Scotland’s biggest public sector pension scheme has £83mn stake in arms trade
Scotland’s most substantial local authority pension scheme has been sharply criticized for investing £83 million in 11 of the world’s biggest arms firms.

02.04.2015 16:27

DARPA to test 'submarine' drone that takes off from the ocean
This year, the Pentagon’s advanced research projects department will start testing their new “submarine” drone, which can lie in wait on the ocean floor for years before ever being launched into the skies.

01.04.2015 03:04

Collective self-defense law to open door for closer Japan, US military ties
Tokyo’s push to lift restrictions on the use of force oversees will contribute to closer cooperation between American and Japanese forces in Asia, the US Seventh Fleet commander said.

31.03.2015 19:55

China building a ‘great wall of sand’ in South China Sea– US Navy
The US has accused Beijing of "unprecedented land reclamation," claiming China is "creating a great wall of sand" over four square kilometers, in the disputed area in the South China Sea. The move has caused concerns over China’s territorial intentions.

31.03.2015 18:49

100 Russian military units created in Crimea – defense minister
The Russian military has put together nearly 100 units and organizations in the Crimea last year as part of the program of deploying a self-sufficient group of forces at the peninsula, Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s Defense minister, said.

30.03.2015 14:59

​U-drones: Britain to spend £17mn on unmanned underwater vehicles
The UK Ministry of Defense will spend £17 million on a fleet of sea drones after signing a contract with French arms giant Thales.

30.03.2015 10:21

MoD splashes out on ​£500k-a-year boss despite military spending cuts
Amid chaos over defense cuts and strategy, the Ministry of Defense’s newest boss will be paid up to £535,000 (US$800,000) a year to lead the department’s multi-billion pound equipment program.

27.03.2015 09:53