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US Navy wants robots to train Marines
The US Navy is extremely interested in improving training for Marines and ensuring they're prepared for missions – and it’s looking into the possibility of using robots to achieve those goals.

30.01.2015 00:38

​Total madness? Green Party to cut British Army, replace with ‘home defense force’
A Green Party victory in the general election in May would see the British Army replaced with a “home defense force,” party leader Natalie Bennett has said.

26.01.2015 09:14

Sweden suspects up to 4 subs violated its waters – report
The Swedish military now believes that not one, but up to four foreign submarines were operating in the Stockholm Archipelago in mid-October last year, a source within the country’s armed forces said.

25.01.2015 16:50

Russia develops heavy drone, promises S500 missile system by 2017
The Russian military is putting the finishing touches to its very own heavy military UAV. The drone is part of a wider modernization effort, with the cutting-edge flagship S500 missile system coming in 2017.

25.01.2015 08:03

Guantanamo Naval base commander relieved and under investigation
An investigation into the death of a civilian specialist at Guantanamo Naval station has exposed the base commander, who had an affair with the wife of the deceased. The Navy captain has nothing to do with the Gitmo detention center.

22.01.2015 05:38

Russian spy ship in Havana ahead of US delegation’s historic visit
The Russian Navy’s intelligence collection ship, the Viktor Leonov, has docked in Havana just a day before the arrival of an American delegation. The Russian warship is moored in open view of a pier usually used for cruise ships.

21.01.2015 06:06

Ban the bomb! Anti-nuclear MPs debate Trident, call renewal ‘waste of money’
The future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent was debated in Parliament on Tuesday, hours after a Scottish opinion poll found nearly half of Scots oppose renewing the Trident program.

20.01.2015 12:29

Hollywood split on 'American Sniper' despite record-breaking weekend
‘American Sniper’ shattered box-office records over the weekend, earning at least $90.2 million between Friday and Sunday. However, in Hollywood, not everyone is hailing the biographical war drama based on real life events.

19.01.2015 17:02

France sends Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier for anti-ISIS op in Iraq
French President Francois Hollande has announced that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier is ready for use in military operations against Islamic State in Iraq. The warship is to work in cooperation with coalition forces combatting the militants.

14.01.2015 15:27

Japan approves largest military budget since WWII
Japan’s government has approved its largest military budget in 70 years, in contravention of the country’s pacifist constitution, in a display of force to its highly militarized neighbors. The extra military spending comes amid a stalling economy.

14.01.2015 06:11

Russia to boost military capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic
In 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to focus on boosting military capabilities in Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, and the Arctic, while carrying out other planned modernizations of the armed forces and drafting a new long-term defense plan.

14.01.2015 01:02

N. Korea's proposal to suspend nuclear tests ‘meaningful and significant’
Pyongyang is ready to suspend nuclear tests if the US cancels annual military drills with South Korea, according to North Korea's deputy ambassador to the UN, who once again reiterated the North’s offer.

13.01.2015 22:07