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US Navy to kill, injure ‘thousands’ of whales, dolphins during drills – activists
As the US Navy conducts war games off the coasts of California and Hawaii over the next four years, environmentalists are fighting back with legal action over concerns that hundreds, if not thousands, of marine animals will be injured or killed.

11.11.2014 00:23

Navy SEALs publicly clash over who killed bin Laden
Two former US Navy SEALs that took part in the raid at Osama bin Laden’s compound three years ago have told opposing versions of who ultimately killed the Al-Qaeda founder. The dispute over events is now materializing as both seek the spotlight.

07.11.2014 15:31

US knocks down ballistic, cruise missile targets in complex Aegis system test
The US Navy has successfully tested an Aegis missile defense system, simultaneously destroying two cruise and one ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii, in a demonstration of capabilities “no other nation in the world has.”

07.11.2014 01:28

UK defense cuts will harm next govt’s military capability, forces chiefs warn MPs
Cuts to the defense budget will harm the UK’s military capability, armed forces chiefs have warned. Senior military officials believe the next government in 2015 will not be able to maintain British deployments if current budget cuts are implemented.

06.11.2014 14:27

Navy Seal who shot Bin Laden reveals himself despite Pentagon fury
Against the wishes of the Pentagon, the US Navy SEAL who shot dead Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, has revealed his identity.

06.11.2014 15:02

​Submerged Russian nuclear sub test-fires strategic Sineva missile
The Delta IV-class submarine Tula has successfully test-fired a Sineva strategic SLBM in a latest of a series of tests of Russian nuclear weapons arsenal.

05.11.2014 10:35

Iraq Inquiry to cost taxpayer £10mn
The Inquiry into the invasion of Iraq in 2003 will cost the taxpayer £10mn, peers have been informed. Ongoing since 2009, the Chilcot Inquiry has already cost £9mn and has faced mounting criticism for its late publication.

04.11.2014 16:23

‘Landmark event’: F-35C successfully lands aboard aircraft carrier (VIDEO)
The US Navy’s most expensive plane, the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, has finally made its first ever recorded landing on an aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz in San Diego, the military has announced.

04.11.2014 04:29

North Korea launches upgraded Soviet-era ballistic missile submarine - report
Pyongyang is modernizing once obtained decommissioned Soviet diesel submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles either for active service or as a test bench for constructing a similar sub of its own, South Korean government sources say.

02.11.2014 07:43

​Inside Russian nuclear sub as it fires missile that can level a city (VIDEO)
A TV crew was on board a Borey-class nuclear submarine as it was test-firing a Bulava nuclear missile on Wednesday. A video from the sub shows people entrusted with one of the world's most powerful weapons in action.

30.10.2014 11:53

​‘Russian distress call’ prompting Swedish sub hunt never existed – sigint source
There was no Russian distress call. That’s the opinion of a Swedish signal intelligence (SIGINT) source after a massive $2.8mn military and media sub-hunt consumed the country for a week.

28.10.2014 08:59

New Indonesian leader: maritime promises & possible dynamics with China, US and Australia
While working towards greater cooperation to harness its maritime potential, nationalist “Jokowi” will also not shy away from standing up against external incursions impinging upon Indonesia’s national interests.

27.10.2014 09:05