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Libya demands return of Benghazi suspect, slams US raid as attack on sovereignty
Following the capture of the suspected ringleader behind the 2012 attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, the Libyan government has criticized the United States for the raid and demanded the return of the suspect.

18.06.2014 14:35

Russian navy welcomes most-advanced nuclear-powered attack sub
The Russian Navy has officially accepted K-560 Severodvinsk, the most advanced nuclear-powered multipurpose submarine Russia has ever produced.

17.06.2014 10:33

​Second US guided-missile destroyer arrives in Europe
The USS Ross, the second of four US Navy destroyers considered to be the cornerstone of NATO’s European missile defense shield, has arrived at the Spanish naval port of Rota. Russia considers the system to be a direct threat to its security.

17.06.2014 02:34

Japan kills 30 minke whales in ‘research’ campaign following intl court ban
Japan has caught and killed 30 minke whales in the country’s annual northwest Pacific “research” whaling campaign, officials said on Friday. The trip is the first since an international court banned such activities earlier this year.

14.06.2014 16:06

Third Borey-class 'stealth' nuclear sub finishing sea tests
Russia’s new pump-jet propulsion ‘stealth’ Borey-class nuclear sub Vladimir Monomakh is out at sea for trials ahead of joining the Navy later this year. The ultimate test will be sub’s first launch of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile.

12.06.2014 07:14

Russia sends 24 warships, bombers to Baltic drills as NATO stages war games
Russia has deployed 24 Baltic Fleet warships and vessels, along with heavy fighter jets and bombers, as reinforcement for military drills in the westernmost Kaliningrad region while NATO stages its own war games across the border.

12.06.2014 03:26

Russia launches Baltic drills alongside NATO Saber Strike war games
The Baltic Sea and skies are getting crowded as Russia launches military training of its assault forces in the exclave of Kaliningrad in answer to the double war-games being conducted by joint NATO forces on the territory of the three Baltic States.

10.06.2014 04:19

​Huge nuclear sub rescues crew of tiny boat off Russia's NW coast (PHOTOS)
When people on board a small motorboat trapped by a storm in the northern White Sea radioed SOS, they didn't expect that help would come in the form of a 154m-long nuclear submarine.

09.06.2014 08:01

Second US military jet in 24 hours crashes off California coast
A US Navy Super Hornet jet fighter crashed in the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of California late Wednesday night, the US Navy said. This is the second crash of a US marine jet in the area in 24 hours.

05.06.2014 15:11

More jets and warships: US increasing military presence in Black Sea
Following President Obama’s commitment of $1 billion to expand NATO’s role in Eastern Europe, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Thursday that the United States will be bolstering its presence in the Black Sea region.

05.06.2014 14:18

Catastrophe averted: How UK nuke sub crew cheated death
The crew of a UK submarine had a close brush with death when an air-conditioning failure caused temperatures to soar, it has emerged. Catastrophe was averted after the submarine dived down 200 meters into cooler waters.

05.06.2014 06:53

NATO’s merry-go-round electronic surveillance in the Black Sea
A French stealth frigate is reportedly conducting electronic surveillance of Russian coastal infrastructure in the Black Sea. The deepening political turmoil in Ukraine has prompted NATO to maintain warships in the region around the clock.

04.06.2014 07:00

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