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New Zealand

Kim Dotcom claims US spied on him through Echelon
In the latest episode of the ongoing saga of accused criminal mastermind Kim Dotcom, the Megaupload founder says he suspects that the illegal intelligence New Zealand authorities collected on him was shared in real-time with American authorities.

09.10.2012 21:33

Dotcom attorney attacks Hollywood and the ‘draconian’ downing of Megaupload
The attorney for Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has lashed out at the US and New Zealand authorities involved in his client’s case, calling their witch-hunt the work of Hollywood’s “copyright militia” and a nail in the coffin for online innovation.

08.10.2012 18:32

Under a Hobbit spell: Wellington to lose name in favor of a movie
New Zealand's capital will be renamed after the fictional setting of Middle-earth to celebrate the world premiere of the Hobbit saga film. "The Middle of Middle-earth" is Wellington’s new unofficial name for three weeks before and after the premiere.

08.10.2012 15:35

Justice department calls Megaupload case a success despite catastrophic flaws
Even as the US government's case against Kim Dotcom and the vast copyright infringement conspiracy they allege he orchestrated crumbles in their hands, the Justice Department has only nice things to say about their take-down of Megaupload.

05.10.2012 17:13

New Zealand PM was aware of illegal Kim Dotcom surveillance
The New Zealand prime minister who authorized the raid the netted founder Kim Dotcom in January now admits he was briefed on the possible illegality of the case less than a month after it went down.

03.10.2012 21:17

Mike Tyson banned from New Zealand
Mike Tyson can say he’s a lot of things: a world boxing champ; a Broadway star; even an accomplished actor. One thing Iron Mike isn’t, however, is welcome in New Zealand, where authorities decided this week to cancel the sports star’s entry visa.

03.10.2012 19:32

NZ Prime Minister to Megaupload’s Dotcom: Sorry for spying on you illegally
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key apologized to Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, saying the file-sharing tycoon was spied on illegally, since he was an NZ resident at the time of the surveillance.

27.09.2012 12:27

New Zealand orders FBI release evidence against Kim Dotcom
A New Zealand judge dealt a blow Thursday to US prosecution efforts against Megaupload co-founder Kim Dotcom, upholding his right to view evidence against him in order to prepare a defense against his extradition hearing.

16.08.2012 11:09

Belgium-sized rocky mass adrift off New Zealand (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A gigantic raft of volcanic pumice pebbles has been spotted floating off the coast of New Zealand. The brilliant white rock mass is made of thousands of golf-ball-sized stones, believed to have been belched forth from an underwater volcano.

10.08.2012 09:51

Kim Dotcom speaks out on secret anti-piracy report to RT
A major music industry organization’s anti-piracy report has been leaked to the Web, and its content suggests that charges waged at Megaupload have been exaggerated by its critics. In an exclusive interview with RT, Kim Dotcom weighs in.

25.07.2012 19:34

Kim Dotcom judge quits after calling US 'the enemy'
New Zealand Judge David Harvey has stepped down from the Kim Dotcom trial after making remarks that could cast doubt on his impartiality. Harvey was to oversee the extradition case against the internet entrepreneur, who is wanted by the US.

18.07.2012 14:38

Raid on Megaupload's Kim Dotcom illegal, search warrants unlawful - NZ Judge
New Zealand's High Court has ruled that the police raid on Kim Dotcom’s house was unlawful along with seizure of the hard drives that were later cloned and illegally taken from New Zealand to the US by the FBI.

28.06.2012 06:15

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