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New Zealand

NZ journalist spied on after ‘inconvenient, embarrassing’ Afghanistan report
New Zealand faces allegations of spying on a journalist in Afghanistan with the help of US agencies over his coverage of NZ’s treatment of prisoners. Defense denies the allegations, while the PM says reporters can get caught in surveillance nets.

29.07.2013 09:31

Kiwis on the march: Thousands turn out against new spy powers in New Zealand
Thousands of people have protested across New Zealand against the new surveillance bill that would enable the country’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to spy on its citizens.

27.07.2013 14:17

Expansive New Zealand surveillance bill expected to pass through Parliament
New Zealand lawmakers say they now have enough votes to pass a controversial bill that will expand the government’s power, authorizing the interception of private communications in the name of national security.

24.07.2013 01:57

6.5M quake off NZ coast shatters windows, cuts power in capital (VIDEO)
There has been a 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the Pacific coast of New Zealand. The tremor, which caused some damage to buildings and power outages, is the latest in a series of quakes shaking central New Zealand since Friday.

21.07.2013 05:34

'United Stasi of America': Kim Dotcom 'defaces' US embassy in Berlin
The words “United Stasi of America” were projected onto the US embassy in Berlin on Sunday – a comparison made by an artist to draw attention to the extensive spy tactics practiced by the US government.

09.07.2013 16:31

‘Dark ages of spying’: Kim Dotcom lashes out at NZealand surveillance bill
Tensions between Kim Dotcom and Prime Minister John Key were raised as the pair sparred at a parliamentary committee hearing on the government’s proposed surveillance law, with Dotcom voicing his opposition to the controversial legislation.

03.07.2013 16:29

Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted Russian boy for years
An American pedophile has been convicted to 40 years in prison for years of sexual abuse of adopted Russian boy. His boyfriend from New Zealand who allegedly assisted in meticulously recording acts of sexual offence is going on trial at home.

01.07.2013 12:29

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom mulls legal action over Leaseweb ‘data massacre’
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom may be suing server hosting company Leaseweb over a “data massacre." The Dutch company says it deleted files from 630 servers due to lack of interest in them, but Dotcom has revealed letters proving otherwise.

27.06.2013 19:17

Dotcom to get ‘involved in politics’ as NZ govt proposes new surveillance bill
Tech mogul Kim Dotcom announced that he plans to be involved in next New Zealand general election while lobbying against a new legislation which would give spy agencies more powers to retrieve internet users’ personal information.

26.06.2013 19:03

Kim Dotcom: All Megaupload servers 'wiped out without warning in data massacre'
Kim Dotcom has accused the US government and Leaseweb, one of the hosting providers of former file-sharing site Megaupload, of deleting millions of personal files "without warning."

19.06.2013 13:31

‘Same copyright boat’: Dotcom vows not to sue Google, Facebook in exchange for legal support
Megaupload founder and Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom claimed via Twitter Wednesday that he invented Two Step Authentication, a method of online security that adds a layer of log-in protection, and called on major Internet players to respect his copyright.

23.05.2013 03:30

Kim Dotcom spying row prompts NZ to propose domestic snooping law
New Zealand unveiled a raft of proposals which would allow the country’s foreign intelligence agency to participate in domestic spying after the bureau found itself in hot water for illegally monitoring internet tycoon Kim Dotcom.

06.05.2013 13:34