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New Zealand

New Zealand considers Cyprus-style banking failure solution
New Zealand depositors could face a Cyprus-style tax on their bank accounts, as the government is planning to impose a similar strategy on its banks warns the country's Green Party.

19.03.2013 09:12

Dotcom can sue NZ’s intelligence agency, court rules
A New Zealand court has sided with IT tycoon Kim Dotcom, confirming his right to sue the national spy agency for damages over illegally gathering intelligence on him.

07.03.2013 09:00

Kim Dotcom loses court battle in US extradition case
The US has won a court appeal in its battle to extradite embattled Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom: A New Zealand court overturned a ruling forcing the US to grant Dotcom access to key evidence against him before his extradition hearing in August.

01.03.2013 06:30

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)
In an in-depth interview, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom discusses the investigation against his now-defunct file-storage site, his possible extradition to the US, the future of Internet freedoms and his latest project Mega with RT’s Andrew Blake.

25.01.2013 00:10

Maori statue unveiled in snow-stricken Antarctica (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Despite being over 2,000 miles from New Zealand’s capital Wellington, the country has decided to unveil a bizarrely placed Maori statue in the depths of Antarctica, celebrating with a present of whisky from a 100-year-old frozen hoard.

20.01.2013 14:55

Kim Dotcom: 'Nothing will stop Mega'
A defiant Kim Dotcom vowed to win his upcoming extradition hearing during the Sunday night launch party for his new project, Mega.

20.01.2013 11:11

Mega launch: Kim Dotcom's new file storage project kicks off
Kim Dotcom, founder of the file-storage website Megaupload outlawed by the US, has launched his new project, Mega. It comes exactly one year after the US authorities shut down Megaupload and Dotcom's New Zealand mansion was raided.

19.01.2013 17:55

Mediaworks pulls plug on Kim Dotcom’s Mega ad campaign
Mediaworks, a New Zealand media company, has cancelled an ad campaign for Kim Dotcom’s new business Mega, a file-locker service. The enfant terrible of web media still faces extradition to the US for breaking copyright laws.

16.01.2013 19:44

­New Zealand calls on Hobbit makers to pay back $56 million subsidy
Following the tremendous box office success of The Hobbit film a New Zealand official has called on the moviemakers to repay the $56 million (NZ$67 million) subsidy they received from the country's taxpayers to fund shooting in New Zealand.

15.01.2013 17:35

Tornado kills 3 in Auckland, New Zealand (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A tornado, along with thunderstorms and heavy rain, wreaked havoc in Auckland, New Zealand, killing three people. The storm flooded streets and some 150 houses, and authorities called for an evacuation of the hardest-hit areas.

06.12.2012 08:42

­Hobbit fever sweeps New Zealand; PETA protest on red carpet (PHOTOS)
The animal rights organization PETA protested at the most anticipated film premiere of the year – the opening of “Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey” in Wellington in New Zealand.

28.11.2012 09:45

Megaupload collaborated with Justice Department before FBI raid
The US-based attorney for Megaupload says the American government‘s arguments against his client are more outrageous than ever now as news breaks that the Justice Department practically set up the file-storage site for their current legal nightmare.

21.11.2012 21:49