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North Korea

N Korea capable of launching ‘mobile’ nuke missile into US – NORAD
Pyongyang is capable of launching an ICBM with a nuclear warhead from a hard-to-track mobile launcher at the US West Coast, the US aerospace defense commander has said. The capability is disputed by a study from leading North Korea-watchers, however.

08.04.2015 04:56

US SBX radar ‘white elephant, useless project’
The huge floating X-Band Radar only got funded as such projects makes it look the Defense Department is getting something for its money said senior Linley Group analyst Loring Wirbel. Aegis cruiser radars are more effective, cheaper and smaller.

06.04.2015 13:01

Clear & president danger: Poll shows Republicans more scared of Obama than Putin
A third of Republicans in the United States believe President Obama is a more imminent threat to their country than Russian President Vladimir Putin. They believe the same about Syria’s Bashar Assad, a poll has revealed.

30.03.2015 07:45

​N. Korea prepared to use nukes ‘any time’ it feels threated by US – DPRK Ambassador to UK
North Korea has nuclear weapons and is prepared to use them in retaliation to a US attack, the DPRK’s ambassador to Britain has said.

20.03.2015 12:09

Lawmaker claims North Korea internet blackout was ‘response’ to Sony hack
When North Korea’s internet went down last December, it was in retaliation for the alleged hacking of Sony Pictures, a top American lawmaker in charge of overseeing cyber-security reportedly admitted.

17.03.2015 23:47

Lavrov confirms N. Korean leadership attending May 9 celebrations in Moscow
The North Korean leadership will come to Moscow in May for the celebration of victory in World War II, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced. If Kim Jong-un pays a visit in person, this would be his first foreign trip as head of state.

17.03.2015 12:05

‘US needs to end the Korean War’
Instead of sanctioning North Korea and exercising dominance over South Korea’s political establishment by stationing troops in the country, the US should turn a page and end the Korean War once and for all, Brian Becker from Answer Coalition told RT.

05.03.2015 10:53

North Korea threatens ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ over US-South Korea drills
North Korea’s Foreign Minister said at a United Nations conference that his county would use a pre-emptive strike if necessary to stop “an ever-increasing nuclear threat” from the United States.

05.03.2015 02:19

‘N. Korea mission went from hot to cold overnight’ - US spy chief
The US director of national intelligence has revealed to a Senate committee that his secret visit to Pyongyang last year wasn’t as smooth as the media reported. The operation to rescue two Americans from a North Korean prison somehow went awry.

03.03.2015 05:32

Spy leaks: MI6 tried to recruit N. Korean asset with S. African help
MI6 tried to recruit a North Korean asset to infiltrate the secretive regime. The UK spy agency requested South Africa’s help to establish a “long term clandestine relationship in return for payment,” according to leaked spy cables.

24.02.2015 10:47

North Korea holds missile and artillery live firing drill
The North Korean leader attended battlefield gunnery training near the South Korean border on Friday. The drills took place ahead of the announced US-South Korea joint war games set for March close to North Korea’s border.

21.02.2015 05:45

​China, Russia & North Korea to create international tourist zone
The authorities in China’s northeastern Jilin Province plan to create an international visa and duty-free tourist zone in the border region with Russia and North Korea.

13.02.2015 10:16