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North Korea

​Space terrorism, floating debris pose threats to US
The United States is increasingly vulnerable to space terrorism, according to a new report, as it is more reliant on its satellites and other installations in space to conduct national security operations.

22.04.2014 00:46

US to boost naval presence in Asia-Pacific, citing N. Korea threat
The US will send two more missile defense system destroyers to Japan by 2017, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said, adding that the decision was related to North Korea’s recent missile launches.

06.04.2014 03:52

​Tokyo orders military to shoot down missile launches by N. Korea
Following North Korea’s launching of mid-range ballistic missiles over the sea last Saturday, Japan has promised to use one of its destroyers in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) to shoot down any further possible launches in April that may threaten Japan.

05.04.2014 09:09

​North Korea stays mum about new nuclear test, says world must ‘wait and see’
North Korea balked at offering details of a “new form” of nuclear test it threatened to launch following a United Nations Security Council condemnation of Pyongyang’s recent ballistic missile exercise.

04.04.2014 20:47

New S. Korean missile brings entire North in range
South Korea has successfully test-fired a new ballistic missile capable of delivering a payload of one ton to any part of North Korea, the country’s defense ministry said.

04.04.2014 15:30

S. Korea reveals suspected N. Korean crashed drones (PHOTOS)
This looks like a toy, but it is no child’s play. South Korea is analyzing a drone that has crashed into a border island and is believed to have come from North Korea, following an artillery exchange between the two countries.

02.04.2014 09:01

North & South Korea exchange artillery fire across sea border
North Korean shells have landed in South Korean waters, prompting Seoul to open fire across a disputed border zone. North Korea announced plans early on Monday morning to conduct military exercises along the western maritime boundary.

31.03.2014 04:31

US, UK parts in N. Korea rocket – UN report
North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket was built with components from South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, UN experts revealed.

29.03.2014 09:24

N. Korea test-fires ballistic missiles in defiance of US-South war games
North Korea test-fired two medium range ballistic missiles in a move violating a UN Security Council ban. The launches come after test-firing of short range rockets, and coincide with annual joint US-South Korea war games.

26.03.2014 10:34

N. Korea fires 30 rockets into sea amid US-S. Korea drills
North Korea has fired 30 short-range missiles into the sea, South Korean military officials said, marking the second time in under a week that the isolated nation has done so amid ongoing joint US-South Korean military drills.

22.03.2014 03:26

US maintaining Pacific fleet to ‘deter North Korean provocations’ – report
North Korea’s determination to acquire long-range missiles and nuclear weapons has rendered the Pacific country an increasing threat to the United States, according to a Pentagon report that describes the small nation as "closed and authoritarian."

05.03.2014 03:34

Art of drills: 10 NATO war games that almost started armed conflicts
The world’s largest military alliance seems annoyed about Russia’s “lack of transparency” over military drills at a very “delicate time.” NATO, however, has its own long history of war games all over the globe.

28.02.2014 02:56

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