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North Korea

N. Korea in usual ‘nuclear co-operation dance’
Despite North Korea stating it is ready to restart the talks on nuclear problem with no conditions from its side, there may be conditions from the US and South Korea, a professor on East-Asian economics and society told RT.

25.08.2011 10:07

North Korea ready for unconditional nuclear talks
In a meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev, North Korean leader Kim il-Jong said he is ready to resume the six-party talks on the settlement of the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula without preconditions.

24.08.2011 07:42

N. Korea pledges return to nuke talks
North Korea is ready to return to the Six-Party negotiation table unconditionally and to do so, Kim Jong-il promised his country will impose moratorium on nuclear testing and nuclear weapons production.

24.08.2011 06:31

Elusive Kim Jong Il in Russia: footage
North Korean leader has been greeted with Russian traditional bread and salt in Russia’s Far Eastern Amur Region as he came off his armored train. Kim Jong Il’s security was guarded heavily by dozens of police.

21.08.2011 15:10

Kim Jong Il’s train crosses Russian border for first time in nine years
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il arrived in Russia on Saturday at the start of a rare official visit to the country. In the course of his trip he will hold high-level talks with President Dmitry Medvedev.

20.08.2011 05:26

‘Dramatic changes due in North and South Korea relations’
The already strained relations between North and South Korea came under increased pressure on Wednesday, but John Feffer, a co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, believes that 2012 might bring some dramatic changes in the countries’ relations.

11.08.2011 00:44

Pyongyang calling: Koreas exchange artillery fire
North Korea has again shelled waters near the maritime border with South Korea. Local residents say three shells have been fired in the Yellow Sea area on Wednesday following the earlier exchange of fire between the two countries.

10.08.2011 11:14

“N Korea poses no threat” – political consultant
North Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister is in New York for talks with US officials on the possible resumption of long-stalled international negotiations on ending Pyongyang's nuclear programs.

27.07.2011 14:32

Still no end to Korean War after 6 decades
The Korean Peninsula is the site of one of world’s longest-running armed conflicts. While the war there ended in an armistice, both the North and the South have been preparing to renew hostilities at any moment for 58 years now.

27.07.2011 05:15

Hopes for new Korean thaw
A senior North Korean diplomat has arrived in New York in an attempt to revive long-stalled talks over his country's controversial nuclear program. This follows the first meeting between top diplomats from the North and South in two years.

July 26, 2011 10:33

“Captain America” and Hollywood Propaganda
The new “Captain America” film is hitting America’s screens this Friday. If you thought he was another friendly comic book hero - think again.

22.07.2011 21:35

Russia catches diplomatic wave in Bali
With the Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting in full swing, Moscow is reaching out to the governments of Southeast Asia in a bid to strengthen economic, cultural and political ties.

22.07.2011 11:59