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North Korea

Pyongyang poser: Nix nukes for fast food?
A tentative agreement between Washington and Pyongyang is in the works, under which the US will supply food aid to North Korea in exchange for a ban on its controversial nuclear program, according to news reports.

18.12.2011 18:46

Christmas Trees on North Korean border are ‘psychological warfare’
‘Tis the season for psychological warfare? While Christmas trees around the world symbolize peace on earth and good will toward men, Seoul’s plan to hang lights near the most militarized border in the world has North Korea vowing to retaliate.

11.12.2011 15:17

Air Force gets super bombs to attack Iran?
The Air Force has needs, baby. Operational needs. That’s what Lieutenant Colonel Jack Miller is saying, and among the things that the military is just begging for are eight 30,000-pound bombs.

16.11.2011 19:21

North Korea and Iran: ‘Evil’ nuclear fusion?
Two members of the ‘axis of evil’ conspiring to make nuclear weapons? Such a nightmare scenario would be dreadful indeed. But with unnamed sources claiming North Korea is helping Iran go nuclear, something about the plot seems dreamt up.

16.11.2011 04:12

Become prisoner by choice
Not for the fainthearted, one of Stalin’s notorious labor camps in Siberia has once more opened its doors.

31.10.2011 10:32

‘South Korean naval base to trigger arms race’
Washington's plan to use a new South Korean base for the American Navy has raised harsh criticism in both the USA and South Korea. Policy analyst Christine Ahn fears this could spark Cold War-like tensions in the area.

14.10.2011 03:36

Seaworthy: Ka-52 helicopter OK'd for Mistral carrier
Russia’s state-of-the-art Kamov Ka-52 combat helicopter has passed all tests to be approved for deployment on Navy vessels. The aircraft will be used with Mistral-class carriers, which Russia buys from France.

14.09.2011 14:03

N. Korea in usual ‘nuclear co-operation dance’
Despite North Korea stating it is ready to restart the talks on nuclear problem with no conditions from its side, there may be conditions from the US and South Korea, a professor on East-Asian economics and society told RT.

25.08.2011 10:07

North Korea ready for unconditional nuclear talks
In a meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev, North Korean leader Kim il-Jong said he is ready to resume the six-party talks on the settlement of the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula without preconditions.

24.08.2011 07:42

N. Korea pledges return to nuke talks
North Korea is ready to return to the Six-Party negotiation table unconditionally and to do so, Kim Jong-il promised his country will impose moratorium on nuclear testing and nuclear weapons production.

24.08.2011 06:31

Elusive Kim Jong Il in Russia: footage
North Korean leader has been greeted with Russian traditional bread and salt in Russia’s Far Eastern Amur Region as he came off his armored train. Kim Jong Il’s security was guarded heavily by dozens of police.

21.08.2011 15:10

Kim Jong Il’s train crosses Russian border for first time in nine years
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il arrived in Russia on Saturday at the start of a rare official visit to the country. In the course of his trip he will hold high-level talks with President Dmitry Medvedev.

20.08.2011 05:26