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North Korea

“N Korea poses no threat” – political consultant
North Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister is in New York for talks with US officials on the possible resumption of long-stalled international negotiations on ending Pyongyang's nuclear programs.

27.07.2011 14:32

Still no end to Korean War after 6 decades
The Korean Peninsula is the site of one of world’s longest-running armed conflicts. While the war there ended in an armistice, both the North and the South have been preparing to renew hostilities at any moment for 58 years now.

27.07.2011 05:15

Hopes for new Korean thaw
A senior North Korean diplomat has arrived in New York in an attempt to revive long-stalled talks over his country's controversial nuclear program. This follows the first meeting between top diplomats from the North and South in two years.

July 26, 2011 10:33

“Captain America” and Hollywood Propaganda
The new “Captain America” film is hitting America’s screens this Friday. If you thought he was another friendly comic book hero - think again.

22.07.2011 21:35

Russia catches diplomatic wave in Bali
With the Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting in full swing, Moscow is reaching out to the governments of Southeast Asia in a bid to strengthen economic, cultural and political ties.

22.07.2011 11:59

Lavrov in Bali for Russia-ASEAN meetings
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is in Bali, Indonesia where he will attend annual ASEAN events.

21.07.2011 13:34

North Korean diplomats moonlight as smugglers
With the cost of cigarettes soaring in the EU, even diplomats appear to be resorting to smuggling their smokes.

25.05.2011 17:37

Russian General Staff convinced Iran and N. Korea have no intercontinental missiles
Iran and North Korea do not have ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US and other NATO countries, according to Russia’s General Staff.

20.05.2011 10:13

North Korea and Iran trade missile technology – UN report
North Korea and Iran appear to have violated UN sanctions by regularly exchanging ballistic missile technology with each other.

15.05.2011 13:11

Russia urges North Korea to resume six-party talks
Pyongyang is ready to start discussing de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula “without any preconditions,” announced Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Borodavkin.

15.03.2011 08:15

Russia expecting year of “intensive contacts” with North Korea
Moscow wants more intensive contacts with its communist neighbor North Korea in order to ensure peace in Northeast Asia, yet the situation between North and South Korea continues to deteriorate.

10.02.2011 12:55

Koreas try to diffuse tension
Military officers of North and South Korea have come to the negotiating table on Tuesday for the first time since the escalation of tensions in the region last year.

08.02.2011 08:50