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North Korea

What Putin did and didn’t say in his annual address
President Putin spoke about sexual minorities, outer threats, Syria, and a range of other issues in his annual address on Thursday. Following the speech, RT spoke to MPs to dissect both the undertones and direct messages contained in the address.

12.12.2013 18:42

North Korea executes Kim Jong-un’s powerful uncle over 'treason'
The disgraced uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un - Jang Song-thaek - has been executed, the country’s state media reports. This comes after the second most powerful man in North Korea was dismissed for committing "criminal acts."

12.12.2013 21:39

​Perestroika in reverse? High-profile purge hints at N. Korea reform rift
The public sacking of Kim Jong-un’s uncle and mentor is not a sign of regime instability; it demonstrates that the young leader is firmly in control and is able to consolidate his power by purging any possible rival figures without question.

10.12.2013 08:26

Pyongyang releases 85-yo US Korean War vet after ‘confession of crimes’
North Korea has deported an 85-year-old former Korean War veteran from the United States who was detained in October during a 10-day private visit to the country. The release came after Pyongyang published a written “apology” for his “war crimes.”

07.12.2013 06:28

US refuses to recognize new Chinese air defense zone
​Nearing the tail end of his Asian tour on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden set in stone the United States’ stance on a budding conflict there regarding ownership of airspace in the East China Sea.

06.12.2013 15:22

N. Korea releases ‘written apology’ of US war veteran detained for ‘espionage’
North Korean media say that the detained US retiree and Korean War veteran is a “criminal” and “masterminded espionage and subversive activities” against Pyongyang. A video with the veteran reading out a written apology for his alleged crimes followed.

30.11.2013 10:15

Google’s Schmidt predicts encryption will end censorship in a decade
The executive chairman of internet giant Google predicted during a lecture this week that the global eradication of online censorship could come in just ten years’ time.

21.11.2013 15:24

Putin lobbies for ‘Iron Silk Road’ via N. Korea, hopes political problems solved shortly
Russia’s President has pushed for an "Iron Silk Road", a trading route to link South and North Korea with Europe, as he visited Seoul. Mr Putin expressed hope that political disputes, one of the main stumbling blocks, will be solved.

13.11.2013 18:01

North Korean ship sinks during 'combat duties', crewmembers killed
A North Korean Navy ship sank off the east coast last month, a state media report confirmed. Many crewmembers were killed in the incident, although the exact number of casualties remains a mystery.

04.11.2013 12:23

No sunshine: Preemptive strike rationale deepens N. Korean status quo
Seoul and Washington have signed a new military pact that provides for carrying out preemptive strikes on North Korea, a move that will only deepen mutual distrust and damage inter-Korean cooperation.

07.10.2013 20:45

No country can usurp right to judge chemical weapons use – Lavrov
Only a joint UN response can be productive in addressing the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. He denounced lobbying of the use of force by a certain group of countries as ineffective and extremely dangerous.

27.09.2013 19:53

Down the ‘Iron Silk Road’: Russia, North Korea open railway link
Russia opened a cross-border freight railway with North Korea as part of the Trans-Asian Railway project aimed at accelerating trade by connecting Asia and Europe, in the event the two conflicting Koreas unite to form a train network on the peninsula.

23.09.2013 15:14