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North Korea

North Korean ship sinks during 'combat duties', crewmembers killed
A North Korean Navy ship sank off the east coast last month, a state media report confirmed. Many crewmembers were killed in the incident, although the exact number of casualties remains a mystery.

04.11.2013 12:23

No sunshine: Preemptive strike rationale deepens N. Korean status quo
Seoul and Washington have signed a new military pact that provides for carrying out preemptive strikes on North Korea, a move that will only deepen mutual distrust and damage inter-Korean cooperation.

07.10.2013 20:45

No country can usurp right to judge chemical weapons use – Lavrov
Only a joint UN response can be productive in addressing the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. He denounced lobbying of the use of force by a certain group of countries as ineffective and extremely dangerous.

27.09.2013 19:53

Down the ‘Iron Silk Road’: Russia, North Korea open railway link
Russia opened a cross-border freight railway with North Korea as part of the Trans-Asian Railway project aimed at accelerating trade by connecting Asia and Europe, in the event the two conflicting Koreas unite to form a train network on the peninsula.

23.09.2013 15:14

‘Inhuman sanctions’ by US fail to achieve political goals, as people suffer
Washington seems certain that exerting sanctions on countries is the safest way to achieve their foreign policy goals. In reality economic and political sanctions do little to control the governments they target, hitting ordinary citizens hard instead.

23.09.2013 08:36

N. Korea urges restart of nuclear talks ‘without preconditions’
North Korea’s chief nuclear envoy has called on six nations involved in the stalled talks on the country’s nuclear program to restart negotiations without any preconditions.

18.09.2013 03:03

Torture, starvation, infant execution in N. Korea prison camps exposed to UN panel
Horrifying accounts of human rights abuse in North Korea were described by witnesses to UN Commission of Inquiry. They claim to have survived Gulag-style camps, where public executions, torture and deaths caused by hard work are said to occur regularly.

20.08.2013 12:44

S. Korea hits Pyongyang with ‘final proposal’ on Kaesong industrial zone
Seoul is set to close all production lines in the troubled Kaesong industrial zone if negotiations with Pyongyang bring no positive fruit. Suspended production in Kaesong has left 53,000 North Koreans jobless and caused $935 million losses to business.

28.07.2013 10:09

The threat of nuclear war? North Korea or the United States
While the Western media portrays North Korea's nuclear weapons program as a threat to Global Security, it fails to acknowledge that the US has being threatening North Korea with a nuclear attack for more than half a century.

23.07.2013 11:59

Panama detains N. Korean ship with smuggled weapons on board
Panama has detained a North Korean-flagged ship from Cuba, discovering weapons hidden in brown sugar containers. Panama’s president has confirmed the finding by posting a photo of the military equipment on Twitter.

16.07.2013 17:26

N. Korea deploys improved artillery on border with South – report
North Korea has begun upgrading its artillery in frontline military units on the border with the South, deploying new guns able to engage targets deep within the neighboring state’s territory, South Korean media reports.

30.06.2013 14:25

Want a comfortable temperature on the Korean Thermostat? - Time to talk!
Despite the bellicose rhetoric emanating from Pyongyang, the situation has subsided. If outside parties are interested in seeing a more rational North Korea, it is worth using every opportunity to engage with it, especially in high-level talks.

19.06.2013 11:52

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