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North Korea

North Korea fires two missiles off eastern coast
North Korea has fired two missiles off its eastern coast, according to the South Korean military. It comes just days after Pyongyang tested what it says were new precision-guided missiles.

29.06.2014 02:56

‘Merciless response’: N. Korea vows revenge over Seth Rogen film plotting Kim Jong-un assassination
Serial bromance actor Seth Rogen might never have imagined he’d end up sparking an international incident. But his latest flick, which depicts an assassination bid on Dear Leader Kim Jong-un, has been decried by Pyongyang as "a wanton act of terror."

25.06.2014 07:18

US missile defense system proves to be useless after $40 bln spent
Despite a decade of testing and tens of billions of dollars’ worth of research, a major missile defense program in the United States has proven to be anything but successful, a new investigation suggests.

17.06.2014 16:43

'Story of North Korean gold shows real world's interdependence'
It is too premature to make any accusations on the basis that the North Korean gold was found in US products, but shows the level of globalization, economist Мах Fraad Wolff told RT.

06.06.2014 11:51

Russia to extend Trans-Eurasian rail project to Korea
Russia will team up with North and South Korea in a railroad construction project that could restore peace between the two neighbors. The link will extend the world’s longest railroad, so goods can be shipped between Europe and Korea 3x faster.

06.06.2014 07:26

Russia and N. Korea switching to trade in rubles
Russia and North Korea have agreed to settlements in rubles in all trade between the two countries. North Korea has also agreed to ease the visa regime and activate mobile and internet services for Russian business executives.

05.06.2014 14:08

Traces of illegal North Korean gold discovered in US products
A startling ingredient has been found in IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Ralph Lauren products: gold from North Korea, illegal under the current US sanctions against the pariah state.

05.06.2014 07:24

Back from the dead: ‘Executed’ N. Korean singer makes live appearance on State TV
A North Korean singer, believed to be a former girlfriend of leader Kim Jong-un, has made a surprise comeback on state television. Earlier blood-chilling reports claimed she had been executed by firing squad in 2013.

20.05.2014 12:32

Truth flushed out: ‘Crashed drone’ near Seoul is portable toilet door
On finding blue debris on the outskirts of Seoul, a local reported a 'crashed drone' to authorities. But what was first believed to be an aerial vehicle launched by the North was in fact part of a broken door from a mobile lavatory, police concluded.

14.05.2014 18:15

Glorious Leader! Kim Jong-un takes on US army in new video game
Reducing the world’s most enigmatic ruler down to 16 bits of 90s retro shoot em’ up bliss, indie game developer Moneyhorse allows gamers to go into battle against the wicked cohorts of the West as dear leader Kim Jong-un.

14.05.2014 13:10

N. Korea threatens to conduct ‘counter-measure’ nuke test
North Korea’s official media has said that Pyongyang may carry out its fourth nuclear test as a “counter-measure” against the politics of the US and its ally, South Korea. Seoul has estimated that preparations for a test are “near completion.”

10.05.2014 19:18

N. Korea's ‘self-defense’ nuclear, missile tests will become annual – deputy envoy to UN
North Korea has threatened to conduct its nuclear and missile tests annually as a measure of self-defense, as South Korea urged vigilance against its neighbor's ambitions in the United Nations Security Council.

08.05.2014 01:26