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North Korea

​‘Human rights’ attacks on DPRK will not bring peace
The latest act of hostility and aggression against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea came in the form of the Human Rights Report issued by the United Nations.

26.02.2014 10:45

State Dept. contractor to go to jail under Espionage Act for tipping off journalist
A former contractor for the United States government will plead guilty to leaking secret information to a Fox News reporter, his attorney said Friday, and will likely serve 13 months in prison as a result.

07.02.2014 19:18

Kim Jong Jobs: New North Korean OS goes all Mac - report
The club of Mac OS X lovers has gained an unlikely member: North Korea. The country's new operating system has been stylized to look like Apple’s software, leaked screenshots have revealed.

05.02.2014 16:58

‘Behaving like Hitler’: N. Korea lashes out at Japanese PM to ‘wake up from militarist fever’
North Korea has slammed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, likening him to “the fascist maniac Hitler.” The statement was made over the PM’s plan to increase armaments and amend the country’s constitution, which limits Japan’s military to self defense.

04.02.2014 19:11

Entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle executed in N. Korea – reports
All blood relatives of North Korea’s erstwhile number two, who was executed a month ago, have apparently suffered the same fate, says the S. Korean Yonhap news agency.

26.01.2014 09:29

N. Korea urges dialogue in open letter to South
The North Korean National Defense Commission has written an open letter to the people of South Korea, claiming it hopes “to create an atmosphere of reconciliation and unity,” South Korean media reported.

24.01.2014 02:18

​Day of reckoning for ‘Kickcanistan’?
The West risks disaster, having persistently kicked the fiscal can down the road: strangely the Davos meeting barely mentions the folly of QE ‘funny money’.

23.01.2014 08:14

​US, S. Korea special forces train for guerrilla warfare in N. Korea - report
Amid an annual joint military exercise between the US and South Korea that involves thousands of troops and numerous aircraft and warships, American Special Forces groups run trainings to prepare for potential guerrilla warfare across the DMZ.

22.01.2014 21:48

​N. Korea demands halt to South-US military drills, threatens with 'unimaginable holocaust'
North Korea has demanded South Korea and the US halt their annual military drill, calling it “a serious provocation.” If not, north-south relations “will plunge into a deadlock and unimaginable holocaust,” says Pyongyang.

16.01.2014 04:59

First-hand experience at N Korean luxury ski resort filmed on GoPro (VIDEO)
An amateur GoPro video has been released online showing first-hand experience at North Korea’s first ever luxury ski resort built at the personal initiative of Kim Jong-un.

15.01.2014 19:30

Does God work for the CIA?
The arrest and imprisonment in North Korea of US citizen Kenneth Bae raises once again the issue of the use of religion and humanitarianism as covert vehicles for furthering US hegemony.

15.01.2014 11:17

World leaders shouldn’t let Rodman monopolize N. Korea engagement
As tension mounts on the Korean Peninsula ahead of annual joint US-South Korea military exercises that routinely generate condemnation from Pyongyang, it’s clear that high-level engagement from someone other than Dennis Rodman is sorely needed.

14.01.2014 10:55