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North Korea

North Korea launches upgraded Soviet-era ballistic missile submarine - report
Pyongyang is modernizing once obtained decommissioned Soviet diesel submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles either for active service or as a test bench for constructing a similar sub of its own, South Korean government sources say.

02.11.2014 07:43

N.Korea may invite UN rights investigator after Kim Jong-un prosecution threats
For the first time in a decade, North Korean diplomats met a UN human rights investigator to discuss his possible visit to the country ahead of a UN General Assembly session, that could potentially lead to a trial by the International Criminal Court.

29.10.2014 13:14

No tours to N. Korea and all because of Ebola?
Foreign tourists with any travel history are now not welcome in North Korea - concerns about Ebola made Pyongyang bar any tours from entering the country. At least this is what North Korean specialized travel agencies tell media.

23.10.2014 14:07

Panetta reveals US nuke strike plans on N. Korea, spurs controversy
US war plans against North Korea recently included the option of a nuclear strike, former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed in his memoirs, triggering major controversy.

16.10.2014 03:32

The Kim is Back: North Korean leader makes first public appearance in a month
Kim Jong-un made his first public appearance since September 3. His absence for over a month produced numerous speculations over his health and conflicts among North Korea ruling establishment.

14.10.2014 03:54

Kim Jong-un absent from key political event, feeding health rumors
The leader of North Korea, who has been out of the media spotlight about a month ago, has not attended a major celebration, fuelling speculations ove his health and control over the country.

10.10.2014 08:08

Surprise talks: North Korea officials arrive to South for highest-level visit in years
North Korean delegates have met with the South’s top officials in an unusual and rare visit, as both countries agreed to resume high-level talks which have been strained by military tensions on the peninsula.

04.10.2014 19:55

Kim Jong-un unwell, N. Korean media reports
North Korean media has for the first time acknowledged the ill health of its young leader, 31-year-old Kim Jong-un, following a near-month-long absence from the spotlight.

26.09.2014 12:42

Wanted to be ‘second Snowden’: N. Korea accuses jailed US citizen of ‘spying ambition’
A US citizen, sentenced by North Korea to six years in a labor camp, pretended to have secret information about the US and aspired to be a whistleblower as a “second Snowden,” the North Korean state news agency said.

20.09.2014 11:12

Swim to Kim? American attempts river crossing to N. Korea, arrested by South
South Korean Marines have arrested an American citizen who was attempting to enter North Korea by swimming across a river – allegedly, all in an effort to meet the country’s ruler, Kim Jong-un.

17.09.2014 03:04

North Korea sentences American citizen to 6 yrs in labor camp
US citizen Matthew Todd Miller has received six years in a labor camp by a North Korean court. The 24-year-old was sentenced for violating his tourist status when he entered the country, authorities said.

14.09.2014 09:30

Japan may receive offensive military weapons from US amid rising tensions with China, N. Korea
The United States could provide offensively geared weapons to the Japanese military within five years, Tokyo officials say. The discussions between the two countries come as Japan’s rivalry with China intensifies and alliances shift among Pacific powers.

10.09.2014 17:14