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14 arrested in Istanbul as police use tear gas against protesting football fans (PHOTOS)
Police in Istanbul used tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of football fans protesting the recent switch to the e-ticket system, which they say allows police to snoop on their private data. At least 14 people were arrested in the clashes.

20.04.2014 22:41

Six Strikes plan to eliminate piracy finally operating at ‘full capacity’
The highly-touted Six Strikes anti-piracy policy involving major US internet providers has been fully enacted nearly two years after Hollywood copyright enforcers dreamt up the scheme, according to a new announcement from the group behind the plan.

11.04.2014 22:23

Rolls-Royce believes time of drone cargo ships has come
​Marine innovation engineering department at Rolls-Royce has presented a draft design of an ocean-going robo-vessel that could enter service within a decade. Experts remain highly skeptical that computers could replace human instincts anytime soon.

26.02.2014 05:00

One year after high profile debut, questions remain about Six-Strike policy’s effectiveness
This month marks the one-year anniversary of the so-called six-strike program that internet service providers launched in an attempt to curb online piracy. Observers now wonder, though, if the scheme has even had a chance to be successful.

26.02.2014 00:18

​Nearly 70% of Europeans download, stream films ‘without paying’ – EC study
Over two-thirds of Europeans either download or stream files for free – regardless of legality, according to a new European Commission report. The survey found that high prices and a lack of legal alternatives are to blame, as well as delays in releases.

15.02.2014 18:53

Aaron Swartz inspired people ‘to become heroes of their own story’
Since Aaron Swartz’s death a lot of activists realize they’re facing huge battles, but everybody can be doing something to fight back in a way to address that, Parker Higgins from the Electronic Frontier Foundation told RT.

11.02.2014 10:48

NZ spy agency in illegal Kim Dotcom wiretap 'deletes key evidence' ahead of hearing
Megaupload founder and web tycoon Kim Dotcom has accused the New Zealand spy agency of getting rid of the information necessary for his $6.9 million damages hearing.

04.02.2014 06:06

​Walk the plank, copyright middlemen: Long live The Pirate Bay!
This week, a Dutch court in The Hague ordered the censorship of The Pirate Bay to be lifted, calling it ineffective.

31.01.2014 07:53

Dutch court rules in favor of unblocking Pirate Bay as ban ‘ineffective’
People in the Netherlands will soon have access to The Pirate Bay, one of the world’s most censored file-sharing websites, as a court in The Hague ruled that Dutch ISPs need to stop blocking the site after the ban proved ineffective against piracy.

28.01.2014 17:01

Duma mulls prison sentences for breaching shelf rigs
Following a recent scandal involving Greenpeace activists and a Russian Arctic offshore platform, parliamentarians suggested punishing unauthorized entry to oil and gas installations on the continental shelf with up to five years in prison.

09.01.2014 07:46

Pirate Bay continues to expand despite mounting anti-piracy movement
The Pirate Bay inarguably proved its resilience in 2013, making no less than six domain changes and evading international copyright enforcers. It increased its uploads by 50 percent while maintaining its position as the world’s most popular torrent site.

31.12.2013 00:14

Torrent temptation: EU Parliament, Vatican, Hollywood download pirated content
Despite global efforts to curb copyright infringement, the temptation to use BitTorrent sites to download free movies and TV shows is too strong for employees in the EU Parliament, the Vatican, the US House of Representatives, and some Hollywood studios.

27.12.2013 00:20