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Pirate Bay moves to Ascension Island following domain name seizure
Under pressure once again from the entertainment industry, The Pirate Bay has upped sticks and moved to a new .AC domain, based on the isolated volcanic Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

10.12.2013 21:21

Intl tribunal urges Russia to release Arctic activists on $5mn bond
The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has requested a provisional release of Greenpeace’s Dutch registered ship the Artic Sunrise and its crew for a bond of €3.6 million ($5 million). Moscow says the issue is beyond the tribunal’s competency.

22.11.2013 19:06

WTO approves Pirate Party observers at Bali conference
Pirate Parties International delegates have received observer status for the World Trade Organization’s ninth conference in Bali.

21.11.2013 15:12

Court requires ISPs to ‘police the entire internet’ to combat Pirate Bay proxies
The Supreme Court of Belgium has ordered internet service providers throughout the nation to begin proactive efforts to search and censor proxy services for the Pirate Bay, the most popular file-sharing site in the world.

20.11.2013 22:11

‘Winter is coming’: Dutch tell UN court Russia breached international law, must free Greenpeace activists
The Netherlands has demanded that Russia free all 30 Arctic Sunrise activists detained in Murmansk at an international tribunal in Hamburg. Greenpeace protested Russia’s boycott of the hearings by sailing along the Moscow River in boats.

06.11.2013 11:18

RIAA warns against bitcoin, The Pirate Bay in latest ‘notorious websites’ list
Hoping to convince the US federal government to block websites it deems harmful to business, the RIAA has submitted its list of “notorious websites” with an especially notable version which includes a dig at the digital currency bitcoin.

30.10.2013 22:33

Torrent onslaught: Russian couple gets 4yr suspended sentence for sharing movies via tracker
A Moscow court has handed down a four year suspended sentence to a married couple for sharing about 30 films and cartoons on a torrent tracker. The case sets a precedent in Russia, sparking fears that torrent users could now be prosecuted as pirates.

16.10.2013 15:21

No stardom, but arrest: Belgium tricks Somali chief pirate with documentary promise
Belgium has arrested a notorious Somali pirate after luring him to Brussels with a promise to shoot a documentary about his life on the high seas. Mohamed Abdi Hassan, known as Big Mouth, was detained after he stepped of a flight from Nairobi.

14.10.2013 19:10

Despite lobbyist claims, piracy not killing media industry, study shows
Online piracy is not the scourge of the media industry, as proponents of a crackdown on copyright infringement claim, says a new study. Creative business is doing well, with those embracing the new realities of digital sharing even flourishing.

04.10.2013 09:01

Greenpeace activists ‘posed real threat’ to Arctic oil rig staff – investigators
Russian investigators say Greenpeace activists who attempted to board an Arctic oil platform in the Barents Sea “posed a real threat” to employees on the rig. The environmental organization says the action was non-violent and demands the crew be released.

30.09.2013 11:50

Russia launches piracy case over Greenpeace oil rig ‘attack’, to prosecute ‘regardless of nationality’
Russia has launched a criminal case into suspected piracy on the high seas over Greenpeace activists scaling an Arctic offshore oil rig before being arrested by border guards. The organization dismissed the allegations as 'absurd'.

24.09.2013 09:57

Anti-piracy curriculum for elementary schools decried as ‘propaganda'
Content-industry giants and internet service providers are teaming up to produce multi-grade elementary school curriculum which will denounce copyright infringement.

24.09.2013 02:02

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