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Any port in a storm: Pirate Bay relocates to N. Korea?
The Pirate Bay’s announcement that it has laid down anchor in North Korea may just be a hoax as Europe forces the mutinous bit torrent tracker into choppy waters over the legality of its operations.

04.03.2013 23:49

US and China accuse each other of cyber warfare
US security experts claim a 12-story office building outside of Shanghai is the headquarters of a hacking unit in China established to attack international computer networks. Beijing has rejected the allegations, calling the reports “unreliable”.

19.02.2013 19:23

Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat
The Navy is sending one if its newest combat ships overseas, even though the Pentagon knows the ship's guns don’t properly function and is unsure whether the ship can even survive combat.

16.01.2013 21:49

Money note: Music sales only account for 6 percent of average artist’s earnings
A new online survey asking over 5,000 US musicians detailed questions about the sources of their revenue has revealed that music sales only account for 6 percent of their income.

15.01.2013 19:51

Dad’s navy: Retired sea dogs to protect shipping from Somali pirates
The UK's first private navy in almost 200 years has been set up by a group of pioneering businessmen, former marines and retired captains and soldiers to defend shipping off the coast of east Africa from the threat of pirates.

06.01.2013 18:33

Leader of Web piracy group sentenced to 5 years in prison for criminal copyright conspiracy
The US leader of Internet piracy group IMAGiNE, which for two years distributed unauthorized versions of theatrical films online, has been sentenced to five years in jail.

04.01.2013 13:10

Google, Yahoo among top advertisers at pirate sites – study
Google and Yahoo, companies known for their anti-piracy stance, are among the top 10 organizations advertising on websites that receive the most complaints for copyright infringement, a study has revealed.

03.01.2013 13:01

Hollywood studios employees caught pirating films
The US movie industry claims online piracy is costing it billions of dollars in lost revenues. However, data released by TorrentFreak shows “BitTorrent piracy is rampant in Hollywood” where studios employees are busy pirating films.

26.12.2012 10:39

UK music industry threatens suit against Pirate Party
BPI, a UK music industry association, has threatened court action against six members of the UK Pirate Party over copyright violations following their refusal to take down a Pirate Bay proxy website. The website has been banned in Britain.

17.12.2012 10:55

­US report slams Russia’s biggest social network VKontakte over copyright infringement
The US has accused the Russian VKontakte social network of copyright infringement by allowing users to access copyright-protected content without right-holders’ permission. The accusations refer to the illegal sharing of music and video though the website

14.12.2012 14:39

iRussia: iTunes store comes to Russia hoping for fair play
Apple fans in Russia have something to celebrate. The company has finally launched an iTunes Store for local users. On top of this, the price for downloading tunes by local and international singers is half that in America.

04.12.2012 15:24

Flying into trouble? Drones to use US airspace as safety record questioned
A newly-released internal investigation by the US Air Force has shown a plague of non-mission-related accidents involving drones in its foreign operations. Meanwhile, Washington is pushing ahead with plans to allow drones into US civil airspace.

01.12.2012 22:20

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