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Secrets safe: Pirate Bay co-founder plans surveillance-free messaging app
The co-founder and former spokesperson of the file-sharing site Pirate Bay Peter Sunde is working on a new iPhone and Android messaging application that will allow the users to protect their conversations from spying.

10.07.2013 08:14

Duma backs 'movies only' anti-piracy bill
The Russian Lower House has approved an anti-piracy bill that only protects movies and does not introduce responsibility for users of the pirated content.

21.06.2013 12:08

Russian lawmakers say anti-piracy bill should protect movies, but not music
A Russian Lower House MP suggests to only protect movies and TV series in a new anti-piracy bill claiming that music is much cheaper to create.

19.06.2013 07:53

Pirate Bay co-founder faces extradition to Denmark, Swedish court rules
The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg can be extradited to Denmark, a Swedish court has ruled. There, he will face several new hacking charges for downloading a large number of files from a Danish police database.

18.06.2013 11:45

Cyber-security stalemate, N. Korea consensus at US-China summit
A major cyber-espionage policy breakthrough was not reached between US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping at an historic summit in California, although both sides agreed to cooperate over the denuclearization of North Korea.

09.06.2013 17:48

Russia considers $30,000 fines to help sap thriving web piracy
All those enjoying unrestricted music and movie downloads in Russia may have to change their old habits. The country's Ministry of Culture has threatened to punish online pirates with fines of up to $30,000.

03.06.2013 11:30

NZ cops ordered to return Dotcom materials seized in raid
New Zealand police will have to return any digital material seized during a raid on Megauploads founder Kim Dotcom’s mansion not related to his prosecution, a judge has ruled.

31.05.2013 06:38

‘Same copyright boat’: Dotcom vows not to sue Google, Facebook in exchange for legal support
Megaupload founder and Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom claimed via Twitter Wednesday that he invented Two Step Authentication, a method of online security that adds a layer of log-in protection, and called on major Internet players to respect his copyright.

23.05.2013 03:30

UK record labels launch unprecedented anti-Torrent campaign
The third and biggest wave of sanctions aimed against Torrent and music file-sharing websites is sweeping the internet, with 25 online addresses set to be blocked by the British Recorded Music Industry trade body.

16.05.2013 11:42

Defiant Pirate Bay to continue hosting banned 3D printer gun designs
File-sharing site The Pirate Bay says it has no plans to remove the blueprints for the ‘Liberator’ gun – which can be used to create a functional weapon using a 3D printer – despite the US State Department forcing the original host to take down the files.

10.05.2013 19:06

The Pirate Bay relocates to Iceland after Greenland rejection
Under pressure from international copyright enforcers, The Pirate Bay has relocated to Iceland. The world’s largest file-sharing site moved its servers to Greenland last month but now employs an Icelandic .is domain, which will be harder to take offline.

26.04.2013 00:19

Pirate Bay moves to Greenland ahead of possible Swedish domain seizure
The world’s largest file-sharing website Pirate Bay has changed its Web domain to Greenland’s ‘.gl’ after allegations that Sweden may soon seize the page’s ‘.se’ extension.

10.04.2013 05:53