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Polly Boiko

What can UK voters expect from Tory majority govt?
The Conservatives’ general election victory has shifted Britain’s political landscape further to the right. As the Tories enter government, critics are calling on them to prioritize the common good over blind austerity.

08.05.2015 23:18

Battle dress: Kiev lashes out at Elle mag over ‘Putin’s hand’ in cover photo
A Louis Vuitton dress featured on an Elle magazine cover has caused a scandal in Ukraine, accused of being sponsored by Russian President Putin. Activists say it’s no coincidence that the dress’s colors are those of Russia’s symbol of Victory Day.

22.04.2015 16:56

Hostage drama northeast of Paris as police reportedly corner shooting suspects
After a dramatic car chase, casualties, and gun fire, police in Paris have reportedly closed in on the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo magazine, who have taken one or several hostages, with injuries also reported.

09.01.2015 08:27

Police comb area in N. France after Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects spotted
Two people suspected in the Charlie Hebdo shooting have been spotted 70km north of Paris. Police have extended their security threat level to a northern French region, where special forces are searching for the alleged assailants.

08.01.2015 13:49

Victims of Diego Garcia base: Islanders forcibly evicted by UK plead to return home
Residents of the Chagos Islands who were kicked out of their homes in the 1960s by the British government to make way for a US military base fear they may never return home, despite politicians’ promises, RT’s Polly Boiko reports.

21.12.2014 10:54

Teetotal Muslims ‘to blame’ for pub closures – Tory peer
A former brewery boss and Tory peer has blamed the closure of “many” British pubs on the rise of non-drinking Muslims communities. Lord Hodgson also said cut-price alcohol in supermarkets was a problem for the industry.

05.12.2014 11:55

Charity builds ‘Lego houses’ to tackle UK rent crisis
One of the UK’s leading housing charities has come up with a novel way to beat London’s housing crisis, in the form of ‘Lego-style’ housing.

14.11.2014 10:13

'Unforgivable': Cameron vows justice for slain hostage Alan Henning
Prime Minister David Cameron says members of the so-called Islamic State (IS) responsible for the murder of British hostage Alan Henning "will be hunted down and face justice." The PM’s warning comes as militants threatened to murder a fifth hostage.

04.10.2014 08:33

​‘What’s left is us’: Final-day push before historic Scottish independence vote
Campaigners on both sides of Scotland's independence referendum are trying to sway over 4 million registered voters in a last-day push before the historic vote gets underway.

17.09.2014 09:23

‘Brand suicide’: Companies sharing name with ISIS forced to rebrand
ISIS has become an uncomfortable term for both companies and people sharing their name with the terrorist group operating in Iraq and Syria. The situation has left many with no choice but to change their brand or get the media to stop using the word ISIS.

09.09.2014 03:27

EU backs plans by member states to arm Kurds in Iraq
The EU’s foreign affairs council has said after a meeting in Brussels that some of the bloc's members will respond to the Iraqi Kurds' call for military aid, given they have Baghdad’s consent. The EU also reiterated its commitment to Iraqi unity.

15.08.2014 19:28

EU to present extended Russian sanctions on Thursday – Ashton
The EU Council did not agree to new Russian sanctions on Tuesday. However, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said an extended ‘black list’ will be published on Thursday. It will include the energy, and defense sectors, and financial markets.

22.07.2014 12:37