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Rory Suchet

‘Displaced by militarized thinking’: Forum focuses on easing tensions between Russia & US
Part of the annual World Russia Forum has taken place in Washington, DC, and despite tensions running high between the US and Russia, many speakers were voicing their calls for change.

27.03.2015 08:25

Freewheeling: Solitary skateboard journey across America’s wilderness (PHOTO, VIDEO)
A skateboarder’s journey from California to Mexico has taken him across 700 miles (1,127km) of serene, spiritual landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty, with a documentary on the way. RT caught up with Clay Shank to get a glimpse into the experience.

17.03.2015 07:54

4 suspects in Nemtsov murder detained
Four suspects in the high-profile murder case of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov have been detained, according to the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian republic of Ingushetia’s Security Council.

07.03.2015 09:17

US boosting ‘anti-propaganda’ budget, mulling ‘increase of lethality’ for Ukraine support – Nuland
Washington and its NATO allies have already spent over $110 million on “security assistance” to Ukraine and are considering increasing the “lethality” of the aid, a top US diplomat told a Congressional committee in an accusatory anti-Russia speech.

05.03.2015 01:37

Greeks elect new parliament amid EU withdrawal concerns
Greeks are going to polling stations on Sunday to elect a new parliament. The populist radical-leftist party Syriza has won the hearts of many austerity-ridden people with its message of reverting wages cuts and renegotiating debt obligations.

24.01.2015 14:36

RT equated to ISIS for ‘daring to advocate a point of view’
Following comments from the US overseas broadcasting chief listing RT as a challenge alongside the Islamic State and Boko Haram, critics said the outlet was singled out for “daring to advocate a point of view,” as well as for “competing for viewership.”

24.01.2015 04:53

US, UK want to tackle ‘technical issues’ of accessing encrypted private information
Western intelligence agencies must be able to intercept any communications in order to thwart potential terror attacks being hatched by extremist groups, and this must be done without violating citizens' rights, US and British leaders said.

17.01.2015 01:54

​Lithuania prints ‘Russian invasion’ survival manual
As NATO increases its presence in the Baltic region amid worries of “Russian aggression,” Lithuania has published a manual which advises its citizens how to survive a war on its soil.

15.01.2015 14:28

​German double agent stole list with 3,500 spy identities - report
Investigators have found a list reportedly compiled by a BND agent accused of working for the US, containing the names and aliases of 3,500 German intelligences employees, Bild newspaper reports.

14.01.2015 14:07

Gazans freeze amid rubble as post-war reconstruction stalls, int’l aid runs out
Many thousands of Gazans face a freezing winter living in tents pitched amid the rubble of their ruined homes – as the UN is urging half a billion dollars in emergency aid for shelter to the war-battered region.

14.01.2015 06:22

3mn copies of Prophet Muhammad in tears: Charlie Hebdo new edition
The front cover of Charlie Hebdo's Wednesday edition is a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad shedding a tear while holding a "Je Suis Charlie" sign. The first issue since the Paris shooting has the headline "All is forgiven" and a record 3 million print run.

13.01.2015 11:17

Obama: Putin ‘scares heck out of neighbors’ with ‘nationalist, backward-looking’ policy
The US president has lashed out at his Russian counterpart for pursuing what he called a “nationalist, backward-looking” policy. Obama has vowed to maintain sanctions against Russia, but added he doubts they could actually change Putin’s “mindset.”

04.12.2014 07:42