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Rory Suchet

​Sochi Supertrack: Record-length bobsleigh track awaits Olympic sportsmen
The nearly 2-kilometer-long Sochi track can become the longest ever in the world for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. The track is going through “polishing” and soon it will become a place where all ice and speed skaters will be chasing their dreams.

31.01.2014 13:01

90 years after his death, Russians care more about Lenin’s corpse than his vision
Another Vladimir Lenin anniversary approaches, but the figure responsible for one of history’s prime turning point has lost his resonance with most of those inside the country.

21.01.2014 07:47

EU, US suspend certain sanctions as Iran halts 20% uranium enrichment
Washington and Brussels have announced suspension of certain sanctions against Iran as it halts its 20 percent enrichment of uranium. This marks the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers coming into force.

20.01.2014 05:00

Teargas, fire, smoke as clashes erupt between police and protesters in Kiev
Ukrainian protesters clashed with police in Kiev after at least 10,000 people took to Independence Square for an anti-government demonstration. Police retaliation with tear gas and water cannons was prompted by an attempt to storm the government quarter.

19.01.2014 13:57

Syrian Kurds ask for own delegation at Geneva peace talks
Syrian Kurds are insisting on having their own delegation at next month's peace talks in Geneva. The Kurds say their demands must be heard, as they differ from the government’s and the opposition’s.

20.12.2013 04:45

Amnesty Int'l: Al-Qaeda in Syria kidnaps, tortures, executes prisoners in secret jails
Abductions, torture, killing, sharia courts, secret prisons with “inhuman” conditions – that’s what an Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group in Syria is accused of in the latest report by Amnesty International. Victims included children as young as eight.

19.12.2013 05:44

‘Taking food from the hungry’: UK govt rejects EU food bank subsidy
Britain’s Conservative government is facing a wave of criticism for refusing up to $36 million in EU food aid. The decision has prompted accusations the government is sacrificing the needs of the poor in favor of championing an “anti-EU ideology.”

19.12.2013 04:44

Thousands of protesters keep vigil at barricades in central Kiev
Ukrainian opposition activists have entrenched themselves in the center of the Ukrainian capital, taking night watch on barricades ready to repel any possible police attack.

02.12.2013 04:47

Iran agreement could be reached for the first time in many years – Lavrov
Following a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, the Russian Foreign Minister pledged to urge all sides to strike a deal latest round of talks in Geneva. Chinese diplomats also believe that nuclear talks with Iran have come into the closing phase.

23.11.2013 04:30

EU-US historic trade deal: ‘Putting the corporation above the nation’
The successful adoption of the EU-US trade agreement promises both parties massive gains of up to $159 billion, but the profits could come at the expense of the everyday consumer, who could see the quality of their products diminish as a result.

11.11.2013 07:31

Best served with olive oil: Gitmo staffer describes force feeding to RT
A Guantanamo employee in charge of force feeding at the facility told RT correspondent how exactly the inmates ‘like’ the procedure to be performed. 15 of the detainees are reportedly still being force fed at the detention center.

31.10.2013 05:29

RT pierces Gitmo censorship: ‘Transparency’ is subjective at Guantanamo Bay (VIDEO)
Despite constant repetition of the word “transparency” by US military officials at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, RT went to the base to see first-hand the trademark obfuscation that guides the world’s view of the secretive prison.

24.10.2013 02:17