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Rory Suchet

Ireland to outpace all other EU economies in 2014
Ireland is poised to become the fastest-growing EU economy in 2014, and is predicted to reach 4.6 percent growth, just a year after its exit from the Troika bailout plan.

05.11.2014 08:41

Chinese general slams US over Asia-Pacific ‘hegemony’
As US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel used a security forum in Singapore to criticize Chinese “intimidation” tactics in the South China Sea disputes, Beijing rebuked the US for its “completely non-constructive” comments “full of hegemony and threats.”

31.05.2014 05:21

Kingdom divided: Scottish independence campaign kicks off
The 16-week campaign ahead of the September referendum on Scotland’s independence has started. A pro-unity mood so far prevails, but the vote may swing with roughly a third of voters still undecided.

30.05.2014 10:38

80 Ukrainian soldiers surrender to self-defense forces in Lugansk
All of the 80 Ukrainian troops holed up at a Lugansk military base have surrendered to self-defense forces who stormed the military installation hosting the Ukrainian National Guard.

29.05.2014 00:06

Gazprom to sign monumental gas deal with China
Russia and China are due to sign a long-awaited gas contract on Tuesday, in which Beijing could pay up to $456 billion for Russian gas over the next 30 years.

19.05.2014 07:43

‘I am not a terrorist’: British mayor detained in Russia for taking pics ‘not offended’
A British man briefly detained in Samara after police thought he was a possible terrorist says he is “not offended” by what happened. John Scraggs, who is the Mayor of Chippenham, went to the city on the Volga River to take photos of trains and trams.

19.05.2014 07:11

'It’s a dead end': German FM joins chorus of discontent over Russia sanctions rhetoric
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for restraint in imposing new sanctions on Russia, as politicians, businesses and the general public in Germany grow ever more skeptical of putting more pressure on Moscow.

18.05.2014 08:06

Lugansk and Donetsk regions vote for self-determination
Polling stations have closed in Ukraine's self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk after a referendum on independence from the Kiev government. The turnout reached over 70 percent, according to organizers of the poll.

11.05.2014 03:12

Portugal poised to exit bailout program, austerity battle scars remain
Europe’s western-most country is poised to exit its 78 billion euro ($108 billion) international bailout program, which officially ends May 17. While politicians remain positive, the economy still exhibits deep wounds left from austerity policies.

23.04.2014 12:53

Donetsk protesters prepare for Kiev military attack, referendum
As the armed storming of the Donetsk administration building seized by the protesters seems imminent, the anti-government movement is preparing for the referendum set to form their new way of life and the country they’re going to live in.

10.04.2014 11:01

Coups for export: US has history of supporting anti-govt upheavals
The US has been selective in supporting the self-determination of nations. It continues to dismiss Crimea's choice to reunite with Russia, while at the same time backs the coup in Kiev. And the idea is hardly new for Washington.

22.03.2014 05:09

101 injured, 29 arrested in Madrid as anti-austerity march turns violent
Protesters clashed with police in Madrid as thousands of people trekked across Spain to protest austerity which they claim is destroying their country. Under the banner "no more cuts!" the protesters called for an end to the government’s "empty promises."

22.03.2014 05:01