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Rory Suchet

New report reveals how ‘American neocons’ stage attacks against alternative media
​The recent on-air resignation by former RT news anchor Liz Wahl was just the latest stunt orchestrated by a neo-conservative think tank, according to a new investigative report shedding light on the group’s role in an ongoing Cold War revival campaign.

20.03.2014 02:16

Witnesses at Crimea base: 'No fighting or shooting like reported on TV'
Recent reports from Western media say Russian troops have allegedly seized control of the naval base near the Crimean city of Bakhchisaray on Monday, with “shots being fired in the air.” However, the sailors at the base deny all these reports.

11.03.2014 05:59

​Why referendum? Crimeans speak out on Ukraine
A referendum in Crimea will say in a week if the region wants more autonomy from Kiev, or if it sees itself a part of Russia. RT’s Paula Slier asked residents of Crimea’s capital whether they want to have the region’s status changed and, if so, why.

09.03.2014 05:58

'Let's go!' 80th birthday of Yury Gagarin, first man in space
On March 9, legendary Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin, the first man in space, would have turned 80. His 108-minute epic orbital flight on April 12, 1961 ushered in the era of space exploration – and his charming smile became its symbol.

08.03.2014 15:02

​Rule by oligarchs: Kiev appoints billionaires to govern east
The self-proclaimed government in Kiev has appointed two of Ukraine’s richest men to govern large industrial regions in the defiant east. One of the reasons for the Maidan protest was the influence the rich have on politics in the country.

03.03.2014 05:54

Calls in Kiev to ‘regain nuclear status in six months’
Unable to resolve tensions with the largely pro-Russian autonomous region of Crimea, Kiev is bombarding Moscow with accusations and warnings. Some politicians have even threatened to restock Ukraine’s nuclear arsenal.

01.03.2014 05:14

‘Critical juncture’: Battles, attacks on convoys delay Syrian chemical weapons destruction
Syrian convoys transporting chemical weapons under the international agreement were attacked twice late last month, according to a UN report, causing a delay in chemical shipments out to sea.

01.03.2014 03:18

Russia starts giving out passports to Ukraine’s ex-Berkut officers pelted with ‘threats’
The Russian Foreign Ministry has answered SOS signals coming from the disbanded Ukrainian riot police “Berkut.” The ministry ordered the prompt issue of Russian passports for the officers, who have been threatened by lynch mobs.

28.02.2014 20:03

‘Shut the f**k up, b*tch!’ Notorious far-right Ukraine leader attacks prosecutor (VIDEO)
Ukrainian radical nationalist leader Aleksandr Muzychko went on with the rampage against regional authorities, lashing out at a local prosecutor with obscene language, punches and threats. The radical claimed the prosecutors were “sabotaging” their job.

27.02.2014 19:22

Canceled language law in Ukraine sparks concern among Russian and EU diplomats
Ukraine’s swift abolition of the law allowing the country’s regions to make Russian a second official language has worried European MPs and officials, and has been condemned outright as a “violation of ethnic minority rights” by Russian diplomats.

27.02.2014 12:44

Moscow issues demarche to US over jailed Russian pilot’s critical health
Russia has issued a demarche to the US over the critical health condition of jailed Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who was found guilty of drug trafficking. His lawyer says his client has symptoms of a heart attack, but is not getting help.

14.02.2014 19:53

​Sochi Supertrack: Record-length bobsleigh track awaits Olympic sportsmen
The nearly 2-kilometer-long Sochi track can become the longest ever in the world for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. The track is going through “polishing” and soon it will become a place where all ice and speed skaters will be chasing their dreams.

31.01.2014 13:01