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Rory Suchet

Drug use may soon be outlawed
The use of drugs may soon be punishable by law and become a criminal offense. President Dmitry Medvedev has instructed the government and its administration to prepare their proposals on the issue.

28.04.2011 12:27

UN fails to agree on Syria statement
The UN Security Council has failed to agree on an EU-proposed statement to condemn Syria’s brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters. The talks are to continue on Thursday.

28.04.2011 06:07

Orbital freighter launched from Baikonur
Russian freighter spacecraft Progress M-10M with supplies for the International Space Station has been successfully launched. It has 2.6 tons of cargo onboard, including flies and seeds for scientific research.

27.04.2011 13:16

From sanctions to a Libya-style showdown in Syria
France and Italy are urging the UN to put pressure on Syria to end its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. Washington is also considering imposing sanctions, which is raising fears that Syria could be the next Libya.

27.04.2011 06:10

Bin London: city hotbed for terrorist recruitment
Britain has become a hotbed for terrorism, with extremist preachers and masterminds freely able to operate there. The news has come to light in the latest WikiLeak.

26.04.2011 13:49

Fears Fukushima crisis will worsen as world remembers Chernobyl
While TEPCO is removing contaminated water from reactor 2 of the troubled Fukushima-1 nuclear plant and after successful tests has started spraying resin to prevent the spread of radioactive dust, experts fear deterioration of the crisis.

26.04.2011 13:40

Marking 25 years since Chernobyl catastrophe
A quarter of a century ago the world awoke to the worst nuclear accident it has ever seen. Commemoration services are being held on Tuesday throughout the region.

26.04.2011 06:49

“I don’t think the end of Fukushima accident is in sight”
Philip White, from the Citizen's Nuclear Information Center, says that the situation in Fukushima is worse than the plant's owners are willing to admit.

April 26, 2011 02:27

Ukraine struggles to complete Chernobyl containment shelter
Twenty-five years on, the dangers of Chernobyl have in no way been confined to the past. On the eve of the tragic anniversary, Ukraine is desperately seeking money to complete a new containment shelter over the remains of the destroyed reactor.

25.04.2011 05:15

Top software developer’s son released, no ransom paid – police
The son of Evgeny Kaspersky, Russia’s antivirus software mogul, was released on Sunday in a bloodless operation with no ransom paid, as reported by Russian police.

24.04.2011 12:58

Russia ready to help Libyan settlement on condition of ceasefire – Russian Foreign Minister
Moscow says it is ready to assist in peace and dialogue efforts in Libya in order to prevent further civilian casualties on condition of an immediate ceasefire.

24.04.2011 12:55

Finns vote for nationalists over EU bailouts row
Parliamentary election in Finland ended up with the nationalist True Finns party making big gains by winning 19 per cent of the votes.

18.04.2011 11:56