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Rory Suchet

Fukushima operator pours radioactive water into sea
The operator of Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co., has started to release 11,500 tons of water containing radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean, Kyodo news agency reports.

04.04.2011 10:04

Final countdown before jubilee Soyuz launch
Final preparations are underway for the next crew to depart for the International Space Station, marking 50 years since the first man went into space. It is now only a matter of hours before three spacemen blast off into orbit.

04.04.2011 09:48

Final suspect of Moscow Metro blasts identified
Russia’s Investigation Committee has established the name of another person suspected of organizing the Moscow Metro terror attack that took place on March 29, 2010, Itar-Tass news agency reports.

29.03.2011 05:38

Russians remain fearless a year on from Moscow Metro bombing
A year after the deadly bombings on the Moscow Metro, Russia honors those who were killed when two female suicide bombers targeted two stations in the morning rush hour.

29.03.2011 03:11

Syria locked into a deadly spiral of protest
In the flashpoint coastal town of Latakia, troops have been deployed after twelve people were killed and over 200 wounded there over the weekend in the latest domino effect of Arab world protesting.

28.03.2011 06:07

Vengeance of the West on Gaddafi
Coalition forces claim they are just enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya, but they have been engaged in widespread and heavy attacks on Colonel Gaddafi’s ground forces, as well as buildings and other targets linked to his regime.

28.03.2011 03:20

Japanese pay last respects to earthquake victims
The destructive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami which struck the country three weeks ago and ravaged whole regions is now estimated to have killed over 11,000.

28.03.2011 03:17

Radiation in the water inside Fukushima reactor hits record level
Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. now says the level of radioactive contamination in the leaked water from the No. 2 reactor was 100,000 (100 thousand) times higher than normal in the reactor's cooling system.

27.03.2011 07:28

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in UK protesting budget cuts
Hundreds of thousands sick of hearing the government say it has no money particularly as it is now involved in yet another expensive war are due to take part in what is set to be the UK's biggest political demonstration in a decade.

26.03.2011 08:39

Libyan operation continues as hundreds die and thousands flee
Coalition forces leave Colonel Gaddafi's air defense in tatters, but on the ground tensions remain high; according to reports, at least 114 people have been killed in the first four days of the operation while 300,000 have already fled the country.

26.03.2011 06:02

Another endless war? Ask US taxpayers...
The US has a whopping national debt of 14 trillion dollars. Considering Iraq and Afghanistan, one might expect there to be war fatigue among the taxpayers. Yet, the US government has chosen to drag them into another financial hole. This time in Libya.

25.03.2011 17:18

Progress at Fukushima-1: too little, but not yet too late
Japan is making some progress in its efforts to restore power to the quake and tsunami-damaged Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. Police warn the disaster death toll may reach 15,000 in a single prefecture.

20.03.2011 11:43

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