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Rory Suchet

Marking 25 years since Chernobyl catastrophe
A quarter of a century ago the world awoke to the worst nuclear accident it has ever seen. Commemoration services are being held on Tuesday throughout the region.

26.04.2011 06:49

“I don’t think the end of Fukushima accident is in sight”
Philip White, from the Citizen's Nuclear Information Center, says that the situation in Fukushima is worse than the plant's owners are willing to admit.

April 26, 2011 02:27

Ukraine struggles to complete Chernobyl containment shelter
Twenty-five years on, the dangers of Chernobyl have in no way been confined to the past. On the eve of the tragic anniversary, Ukraine is desperately seeking money to complete a new containment shelter over the remains of the destroyed reactor.

25.04.2011 05:15

Top software developer’s son released, no ransom paid – police
The son of Evgeny Kaspersky, Russia’s antivirus software mogul, was released on Sunday in a bloodless operation with no ransom paid, as reported by Russian police.

24.04.2011 12:58

Russia ready to help Libyan settlement on condition of ceasefire – Russian Foreign Minister
Moscow says it is ready to assist in peace and dialogue efforts in Libya in order to prevent further civilian casualties on condition of an immediate ceasefire.

24.04.2011 12:55

Finns vote for nationalists over EU bailouts row
Parliamentary election in Finland ended up with the nationalist True Finns party making big gains by winning 19 per cent of the votes.

18.04.2011 11:56

Militant leader among four killed in Dagestan
A major militant leader has been killed by security forces in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, says Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

18.04.2011 06:28

Kremlin guards signal spring
The Presidential Regiment has held this year’s first Changing of the Guard ceremony in the Kremlin - a sure sign that spring finally coming to Moscow.

16.04.2011 11:18

Heat and forest fires hit Siberia
While Muscovites are shivering from the cold, Siberia has been hit by a wave of forest fires and unprecedented hot weather.

15.04.2011 14:01

CCTV images of Minsk Metro bomber published
Belarusian prosecutors have released several shots from a metro surveillance camera showing the man they suspect of planting and detonating Monday’s deadly bomb.

14.04.2011 13:03

Rare disease and lack of money – death sentence for kids
Many Russian children suffering from rare forms of hereditary illnesses die because their treatment is too expensive for their families. But it seems there is now hope of free treatment for such seriously ill kids.

14.04.2011 04:27

BRICS build on economic and political ambitions
Mutual trade ties, reform of the international currency system and fluctuations in commodity prices have topped the talks of the BRICS group as the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gathered in the Chinese resort of Sanya.

14.04.2011 04:26