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Rory Suchet

Turkey and Syria: From friends to foes
As Turkey and Syria trade blame for the twin bombings that killed 46 people in a Turkish border town, RT’s Maria Finoshina travels to the Turkey-Syria border to investigate how the former allies have become bitter enemies.

13.05.2013 05:07

Russia open to talks with all Syrian opposition members – Lavrov
In an effort to broker a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict, Moscow says unlike the West it’s committed to negotiating with all sides. Russia strongly opposes arming the rebels, with the foreign minister calling for ‘direct talks’.

04.05.2013 08:03

‘FBI incompetent to ignore Russia's warning over Chechen brothers’
Russia flagged up the suspects of the Boston bombing back in 2011, but US authorities did not take the threat seriously due to their ‘incompetence’ and ‘have something to answer for’, journalist Assed Baig told RT.

22.04.2013 17:48

German ‘anti-euro’ political party calls for ‘orderly dissolution’
A new political party has been formed in Germany with the sole aim to get the country out of the Euro amid the rising economic burden that Germans share to keep the currency afloat in wake of the ongoing financial crisis in the bloc.

15.04.2013 03:38

BBC plays 10 seconds of anti-Thatcher song in ‘fudge’ of free speech, explains why
A BBC radio show that plays out the weekly hit list has only played two 5 second clips of the song ‘Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ for fear of offending people in what is being seen as a compromise to free speech.

14.04.2013 15:17

Embassies remain in N. Korea after warnings to evacuate
Foreign embassies seem to have no immediate intentions to withdraw their staff from Pyongyang, despite the North Korean government warning they could not guarantee safety and suggesting they evacuate.

06.04.2013 10:38

New bird flu strain: Genuine threat or fear mongering?
China, Japan and Vietnam are on alert not to let the deadly new bird flu strain spread. The last decade has however shown the information about a virus has always spread much faster than the virus itself.

04.04.2013 13:16

‘Drones fly, children die’: US activists launch massive anti-drone campaign
A month-long nationwide anti-drone campaign has kicked off in New York. Numerous activist groups are planning to take part in ‘April Days of Action’ demonstrations, attempting to draw public attention to the use of drones.

04.04.2013 11:40

Obama administration ‘cut off all negotiations over North Korea’
The US leader follows a policy, which strangles N. Korea “through sanctions and economic measures in the hope that it’ll collapse at some point,” a member of think tank for the advisory board at the Korea Policy Institute, Gregory Elich, told RT.

03.04.2013 15:12

US military admits three Gitmo hunger-strikers hospitalized, at least 10 force-fed
Three Guantanamo detainees were hospitalized as a result of the hunger strike, which has entered its 49th day. At least 10 of the strikers are being force-fed, military officials admitted. Human rights advocates said the numbers were being under-reported.

26.03.2013 11:44

IDF crackdown on soldiers’ social media activity a ‘problem of free speech’
Social media crazes in the Israeli military have seen a number of soldiers behaving in ways “unbecoming of the spirit of the IDF" – videos of soldiers dancing to Internet fads like the Harlem Shake could damage the IDF's image, officials said.

26.03.2013 05:25

‘Nobody else talking about this’: Gitmo inmate hunger strike goes on
The mass hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay has gathered momentum, entering Day 48 with reportedly over 100 inmates refusing food. While human rights groups worry about their failing health, the US mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye.

25.03.2013 08:43

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