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Ebola crisis: Oxfam calls for multimillion dollar ‘Marshall Plan’
Oxfam GB has called for a multimillion dollar post-Ebola “Marshall Plan” to aid the recovery of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, which have been worst affected by the Ebola outbreak.

27.01.2015 11:48

Lake Vostok breakthrough: Russian scientists drill ‘clean’ hole into Antarctic subglacial basin
Russian scientists have made a new borehole into Lake Vostok, the prehistoric Antarctic water mass, which has been sealed for millions of years – three years after a previous mission was prematurely ended by an accident resulting in sample contamination.

25.01.2015 19:12

New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine
Coffee contains a protein that has an effect similar to morphine, specialists at the University of Brasilia and Brazilian agriculture research company Embrapa have discovered. Moreover, the new substance’s effect lasts longer.

25.01.2015 14:25

As big as 5 football fields: Massive asteroid to be visible from Earth Monday
An asteroid the size of five football fields is approaching Earth and is expected to pass by on Monday. It will be visible through strong binoculars – definitely worth a look. The next time such an asteroid comes this close again will be in 2027.

24.01.2015 19:08

'Genetic firewall' discovery to make GMOs containable, scientists say
Scientists believe they have created a breakthrough in genetic engineering. They have come up with bacteria, which can’t survive without a manmade chemical, so genetically modified organisms wouldn’t be able to live outside their intended area.

24.01.2015 13:36

Physicists manage to slow down light inside vacuum
Scientists have slowed down light inside a vacuum for the first time. By changing the shape of the individual particles in a light beam, they have now proved that light speed in free space is not a constant.

24.01.2015 08:38

Twitter may map hot spots for… coronary heart disease
An international team of researchers has found out that words used on social media may provide medics with a basis for predicting the rate of heart disease, as well as potentially indicating a community’s overall psychological well-being.

22.01.2015 12:45

Awesome CGI footage shows view from Earth if planets replaced moon
What if our sun was some other star? Say, Sirius or Polaris? And more than that: What if Jupiter and Saturn were at the same distance as the moon? Roscosmos, Russia’s Federal Space Agency, gave these fantasies a go in two amazing videos.

23.01.2015 17:39

Gene causing stillbirth in late pregnancy identified
Scientists in Sweden have identified the gene that causes a syndrome affecting the muscles in a fetus. It lessens the movement of a baby in the uterus, reduces growth, deforms limbs and underdevelops lungs, which eventually causes late fetal death.

23.01.2015 15:18

​Minute machines dive inside a living creature for first time
Researchers at the University of California have managed to implant acid-powered, self-destructing micromotors inside a living animal for the first time. It's hoped the tiny devices could help tackle maladies such as peptic ulcers in the future.

23.01.2015 12:21

Scientists blame climate change for world’s biggest trees dying
New research carried out over 90 years has found that up to half of California’s iconic big trees have disappeared, with scientists suspecting climate change as the prime reason.

23.01.2015 14:18

Mapping new world: Rosetta reveals first results of host comet probe (PHOTOS)
The ESA has released an unprecedented close-up view of comet 67P and a description of its surface features. An intricate picture, delivered by the Rosetta space mission, raises new questions about the origins of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet.

23.01.2015 09:45