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12 likely causes of the Apocalypse, as seen by scientists
Filmmakers, authors, and media have widely speculated about how human life on Earth will end. Now scientists have come up with the first serious assessment, presenting 12 possible causes of the Apocalypse.

15.02.2015 20:49

Contact lens with… inbuilt telescope to increase peripheral vision 3-fold in a wink
A revolutionary new contact lens with a built in telescope could help millions to regain their full sight. Just a wink of one’s eye is enough to zoom in or turn the telescope off, which increases peripheral vision three fold.

15.02.2015 10:43

‘Despeckle it!’ NASA gets clearest views of Titan yet (PHOTOS)
Researchers have developed a new method for viewing images of the Earth-like landscape of Titan, by despeckling dark and grainy images from the Cassini spacecraft. River channels and shorelines are seen in the pictures of Saturn's biggest moon.

14.02.2015 20:23

At least 1 in 5 suicides globally associated with unemployment, scientists find
Around a one fifth of all suicide deaths are down to unemployment concerns research has shown, Swiss scientists have found. This is far higher than other causes such of ending ones life such as economic downturns.

14.02.2015 14:31

​Aggressive HIV strain leading to AIDS in 3 years discovered in Cuba
A “much more aggressive than others” strain of HIV have been discovered by an international team of researchers in patients in Cuba. It can progress to AIDS in just three years, sometimes even before patients realize they were infected.

14.02.2015 13:06

GM apples that resist browning approved by US govt
GMO apples that resist browning have been approved as safe to eat, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), rebuffing efforts by the anti-GMO lobby to reject the fruit.

13.02.2015 20:28

Jupiter's 'Great Red Spot' shows true colors, glows white in new infrared image
The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter, is known for its giant red storm, the “Great Red Spot” twice the size of the Earth. In a new infrared image by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan the massive storm appears surprisingly white.

13.02.2015 08:53

Mega drought: US southwest set for worst water shortage in 1,000 years
Southwestern USA could be set for its worst drought in 1,000 years because of climate change. Numerous states have experienced severe water shortages, with 64 million people affected. Researchers say things could get worse.

13.02.2015 07:09

Sea shame: 155mn tons of plastic trash in world oceans by 2025, study finds
Up to 8 million tons of trash - plastic bags, bottles and toys, just to name a few items - ends up in the world’s oceans each year. The astounding figure, much higher than previous estimates, could increase tenfold in the next decade, researchers warn.

13.02.2015 05:43

Job stress ‘behind 120,000 American deaths a year’
Job stress can be fatal and contribute to the deaths 120,000 Americans a year. It can also lead to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and decreased mental health, a new study argues. It also costs tens of billions of dollars in healthcare.

13.02.2015 00:18

​Losing faith: Atheism rising in Britain, poll suggests
Religiosity in Britain is dying as almost one in five British people now identifies themselves as atheist, a poll for The Times has found.

12.02.2015 17:00

Drone captures Soviet-era ‘Tesla Tower’ lightning machine (VIDEO)
Normally hidden from prying eyes in the Moscow region’s forests, the mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’ has been captured from above by an RT Ruptly drone. The research site is home to a massive impulse generator, one of the most powerful in the world.

12.02.2015 02:03