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‘Paris-sized’ landslide may have sparked 2011 Japan tsunami
Flying in the face of the dominant narrative regarding the 2011 Fukushima disaster, a new study claims that a massive underwater landslide, and not an earthquake, was predominantly responsible for the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

27.09.2014 10:04

Unique organic molecule discovered in deep space
​A new kind of organic molecule has been discovered in a giant gas cloud in interstellar space, indicating that more complex molecules – the very core building blocks of life – can potentially form outside of the Earth and even be widespread in space.

26.09.2014 15:43

Antibiotics 'fail 15%' of patients due to superbugs and ‘reckless’ prescription
One in seven patients can no longer be helped by antibiotics because they are increasingly ineffective after being handed out too freely by GPs. Experts warn that common infections could become potentially life-threatening for Britons.

26.09.2014 09:03

Water on Earth predates Sun, meaning our life originated elsewhere – study
Science relies on signs of water to tell a story of how a celestial body or its region came to be. Now it appears our own solar system holds water older than itself, which could have dramatic consequences for our search for alien life.

26.09.2014 06:24

​Magnetic fire: Wireless charger powers up devices at distance
The wireless charging technology race is in full swing – a new device developed by MIT is said to charge phones distantly, while you’re sitting at your desk with the phone in your pocket. And no, there are no pads.

25.09.2014 18:30

Soyuz brings new crew to ISS
A Soyuz spacecraft has successfully docked at the ISS just 6 hours after the lift-off, bringing up a new Space Station crew, including the first female Russian cosmonaut after a nearly two-decade break.

25.09.2014 20:12

​Switch off! Using more than one electronic device could make your brain smaller
If you’re watching TV or on your phone while reading this, your brain might be shrinking, according to a new study published on Thursday.

25.09.2014 16:38

No black holes? Scientist claims mathematical proof
An American physicist claims she has mathematically refuted the existence of black holes in our universe. The new theory combines Steve Hawking's radiation theory with quantum theory’s fundamental law that no information ever disappears from the universe.

25.09.2014 08:28

Water discovered on smaller-than-ever distant exoplanet
Water vapor has been discovered on an exoplanet the size of Neptune – smaller than any previous discovery – paving the way for astronomers to use similar methods to identify Earth-like planets far beyond our solar system.

25.09.2014 02:51

Grape expectations: Wine-tasting sensor offers a vintage guide to quality
Wine-tasting could be revolutionized by a new invention from Denmark – a nano-sensor that evaluates a vintage’s quality by measuring its astringency, a characteristic of the dry sensation produced by tannins in a wine taster’s mouth.

24.09.2014 06:28

Juice Rap News: The Singularity (ft. Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones)
​Today we travel into the pure world of sci-fi to investigate the much vaunted, mysterious potential future event known as 'The Singularity'.

24.09.2014 06:42

India's low-cost space mission reaches Mars orbit
India has become the first nation to reach Mars on its maiden attempt after its Mars Orbiter Mission completed its 10-month journey and successfully entered the Red Planet’s orbit. bit.

24.09.2014 01:10

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