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BP oil spill caused biggest dolphin die-off in Gulf history – study
The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused an unprecedented number of fatal diseases in roughly 1,300 dolphins over the course of five years, according to a new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

21.05.2015 03:59

Scientists use AI to predict diseases carriers
​Scientists have applied artificial intelligence (AI) to the study of rodents to find out which rats are likely to harbor diseases, known as zoonotic pathogens, dangerous to people.

20.05.2015 20:42

​Family trio: Majority of European men descended from just 3 ancestors, study finds
Two-thirds of modern-day European males trace their genetic roots to just three Bronze Age forbears, who almost literally launched the “population explosion” many centuries ago, a new DNA study suggests.

20.05.2015 15:11

Solar panels can power the world – MIT study
An MIT report has found that regular solar panels like the ones used today could supply much of the world with power. They believe terawatts of energy could be produced by 2050 and say that investment, not technology, could be the biggest hurdle.

20.05.2015 15:22

​Russian scientists drop new neutrino telescope into Lake Baikal
Russian scientists have dropped their new neutrino detector to the bottom of Lake Baikal. It is hoped the telescope, the first part of a greater project, will shed light on the nature of mysterious dark matter – as well as the origins of the universe.

19.05.2015 14:32

Supercooled liquid shines bright like lava when touched (VIDEO)
Scientists have devised an organic liquid that glows dark red under UV light, but turns into bright golden crystals when touched. Its creators say it could be used for high-precision medical sensors or for memory storage in optic computers.

19.05.2015 10:37

No need for poppies: Modified sugar yeast can brew morphine, scientists say
Scientists have developed a technique to make morphine and potentially other drugs, including antibiotics and anti-cancer meds, without using opium from poppies. But they warn the discovery may pave the way for homemade medication and wider drug abuse.

19.05.2015 08:49

French cosmetics giant to 3D-print human skin
No more testing products on real skin, cosmetics giant L’Oreal says. The French company has announced plans to 3D-print human skin for all its toxicity and irritability tests. It is the fruit of a partnership with a bio-printing startup.

19.05.2015 06:56

6,000 miles of solitude: Woman to attempt solo row from Japan to California
She has already beaten back a devastating car injury and rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with others, but brave traveler Sonya Baumstein from Florida is now taking on her biggest challenge yet: rowing from Japan to California alone.

19.05.2015 03:20

New Japanese island offers 'natural lab' for scientists studying evolution
A new island off Japan's coast offers scientists a “natural laboratory” to observe how animal and plant life begin to inhabit virgin land. Researchers say the key ingredients will be bird poo and vomit, which will contribute to nutrient-rich soil.

18.05.2015 13:49

China’s jaw-dropping progress at reducing CO2 emissions in just 4 months
Against all odds, China has made tremendous strides in the fight against CO2 emissions. In just four months, it reduced levels to the amount the UK emits in the same period. Experts have been warning China for years of an impending eco catastrophe.

17.05.2015 13:29

First views of Pluto’s tiniest moons emerge (PHOTO)
As NASA’s Pluto probe nears the planet, it managed to grab some spectacular photos of its small moons for the first time. The New Horizons spacecraft is now in position to view the entire Pluto family.

16.05.2015 10:46