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Curiosity finds life-forming nitrogen on Mars
Mars has given us new clues about the possibilities of past life on the planet after NASA’s Curiosity rover found nitrates embedded in its rock. The elements are known on Earth as one of the key precursors to life.

24.03.2015 10:44

Jupiter destroyed solar system’s young planets, scientists say
Jupiter’s large orbital journey across the early solar system may have cleared the way for the oddball arrangement of our planetary system, scientists say – even to the point of destroying burgeoning young planets.

24.03.2015 02:57

US Navy’s new futuristic diving suit conserves helium for missions, recoveries
The US Navy’s new futuristic diving suit – billed a prototype for “a new life support system for divers” – is a semi-enclosed system developed to accelerate deployment, conserve helium gas and increase safety.

24.03.2015 01:14

Feces to fortune: US sewage may contain billions in precious metals
Scientists are perusing poop at America’s wastewater treatment facilities for gold, silver, copper and other useful metals. The sewage from one million people could net $13 million in metals each year, all while making fertilizer more efficient.

23.03.2015 20:35

UK experts fear climate change could usher in disease-carrying mosquitoes
Rising temperatures caused by climate change could see mosquitoes carrying diseases like malaria and dengue fever arrive in Britain within the next few decades, according to a report by Public Health England.

23.03.2015 13:42

Smog-beater: First hydrogen powered tram developed in China
Trams fueled by hydrogen could soon be appearing on the streets of China. The country has mastered the technique of using this clean energy source, which has been widely used elsewhere for cars and other forms of mass transport.

22.03.2015 09:29

'Dark side of the moon': Faroese Rockers play live during solar eclipse (VIDEO)
A Faroese music band came up a great idea of how to celebrate the solar eclipse last Friday - they shot a live music video. For nearly six minutes, viewers saw the world around them darkening and then returning to normal.

23.03.2015 09:28

Mammoth step forward? Scientists splice Woolly DNA into elephant cells
Scientists at Harvard University are one step closer to bringing Woolly mammoths back to life, after successfully inserting some sequences of mammoth DNA into an elephant genome. The study is yet to be published, though, as there is still work to do.

23.03.2015 04:15

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli to RT: ‘A Spacewalk is a brutal activity; you are always in danger’
Fifty years after the first ever spacewalk by Soviet cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov, despite huge progress it’s still dangerous and difficult work, astronaut Paolo Nespoli told RT. He recalls his mission to the ISS and explains why even a small step matters.

22.03.2015 21:04

Great Wall of Japan? Hot debate over Tokyo’s 400-km anti-tsunami barrier
Japan plans to build a 400-kilometer chain of sea walls to fend off any future natural disasters. Some parts of the $6.8 billion project will reach a height of five stories, but critics say it could damage marine life and won’t guarantee residents safety.

22.03.2015 15:32

​Brain-friendly electrodes can pump drugs to neurons
MIT researchers have developed a technology to create flexible biocompatible electrodes for implanting into the brain or spinal column. These can carry drugs and send optical signals to stimulate neurons.

22.03.2015 12:54

‘Tide of century’: Thousands flock to ancient French abbey for rare supertide
Thousands of people, both locals and tourists, have gathered on the French island of Mont Saint-Michel off the coast of Normandy, to witness what is being called the “tide of the century” or the “supertide.”

21.03.2015 17:59