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​‘Strong correlation’ between quakes and fracking in Kansas – official
​Geologists in the state of Kansas now say that a recent string of mysterious earthquakes may have been caused by pumping chemicals into the ground as part of the controversial gas and oil extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

19.01.2015 19:25

Shale revolution on a limb, only 11 fracking projects active in UK
The UK’s shale gas ‘revolution’ doesn’t seem to have lived up to its hype, after it was revealed only 11 new exploratory wells are due to be drilled this year, despite the continued fall of oil prices.

19.01.2015 14:50

UK robot 3D-maps Fukushima radiation
A UK startup company has developed a robot that could map hazardous radiation sources at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. The plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area in March 2011.

19.01.2015 12:21

Most people easy to convince they committed a crime that never happened – study
With enough personal background information about someone’s past, an interviewer can quite easily manipulate that person into confessing to a crime that he or she did not commit – or which never even happened, alleges a new study.

18.01.2015 02:55

NASA telescope spies 3 new potentially habitable (and close) planets
NASA’s Kepler telescope has its eye on three new potentially habitable planets. At a distance of 150 light years, the three “lukewarm” bodies are among the closest candidates for habitable life.

17.01.2015 14:11

Mass extinction for Earth’s oceans probable, comprehensive study says
The first comprehensive study of its kind has determined that ocean life is facing mass extinction from human activity. But the record damage is still reversible – unlike our impact on land. American scientists say the effects can be mitigated.

17.01.2015 08:28

‘Rapid unscheduled disassembly’: SpaceX releases video of Falcon 9 crash-landing
After a failed attempt by SpaceX to make history by landing its potentially reusable Falcon 9 rocket on a floating platform, the public was eager to learn how “hard” the actual landing was. Now the company has finally released video of the impact.

16.01.2015 22:14

​2014 officially hottest year on record
Two leading US climate research bodies have declared that 2014 was the warmest year since records began in 1880, with surface temperatures about 0.68 Celsius (33 °F) higher than the historic average.

16.01.2015 22:47

Monsanto gets approval for new GMO corn, soybeans designed for potent new biocide
Monsanto has won final approval from the US for its new genetically-modified soybeans and cotton, designed to withstand a dominant biocide that fights weed resistance built up as a result of the company’s glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide already in use.

16.01.2015 16:23

UK ‘likely to survive’ catastrophic climate change – experts
A solar panels company has published maps suggesting the UK is “most likely” to survive the environmental consequences of climate change.

16.01.2015 15:38

Record numbers of French turn to tranquilizers after Charlie Hebdo attack
People in France have reportedly consumed a record number of tranquilizers over the week that followed the deadly Charlie Hebdo attack, with the intake increasing by 20 percent in just a few days.

16.01.2015 14:04

Billion-dollar deal: Russia to sell space rocket engines to US company
Russia’s design bureau NPO Energomash is to deliver 60 RD 181 engines for the Antares rocket first stage to American space technology manufacturer Orbital Sciences Corporation. The total cost of the deal is about $1 billion.

16.01.2015 13:54