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Dying stars’ exodus: Hubble captures 1st ever images of migrating white dwarfs
For the first time ever NASA astronomers have captured snapshots of white dwarf stars embarking on their 40-million-year epic migration from the "star-studded" center of an ancient star cluster to less populated environs.

15.05.2015 05:53

10,000yo Antarctic ice shelf will disintegrate in just ‘few years’ – NASA study
One of Antarctica’s ice shelves, or rather its remaining section, is showing unprecedented levels of meltdown and will inescapably collapse in just a few years, further impacting the ocean levels on the planet, a new NASA study has warned.

15.05.2015 04:11

New app lets you create & share videos with life-size holograms of celebrities
Want a video where you’re chatting with Obama? Or a selfie with a Bengal tiger? A new app, which creates the illusion of life-size holograms via a mobile device you can share on social media, has been launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding website.

14.05.2015 16:59

Genetic test can predict if you survive radiation poisoning
A team of scientists have found an accurate way to immediately identify long term radiation damage by examining blood-bound genes, allowing more accurate predictions of who can survive radiation exposure after a nuclear catastrophe or a dirty bomb.

14.05.2015 16:10

Scientists find way to deliver drugs straight into people’s brains
A team of Canadian scientists has found a way to break the barrier of the human body that keeps the nervous and circulatory systems apart, and inject the drugs directly into the brain using “carrier” antibodies.

14.05.2015 15:51

Sailing through space: Tiny satellite to use solar wind for propulsion
A small satellite powered by solar sails will be launched on May 20. If it works, the technology could lead to cheaper space travel, as it uses particles and radiation from the sun to propel itself.

14.05.2015 14:06

​Watch out: Chinese Army bans wearable gadgets citing security concerns
Smart watches, glasses and other of the latest wearable internet gadgets have been banned among China’s armed forces over concerns of security breaches, state media reports.

14.05.2015 14:19

​Never too late: Nazi-discriminated 102yo becomes world’s oldest doctorate recipient
A woman aged 102 qualified for a doctorate on Wednesday – 77 years after her first attempt. She was forced out of the university in Nazi Germany because of her Jewish background.

14.05.2015 13:18

Get a grip! Study finds weak handshakes linked to higher chance of heart attack, stroke
A strong handshake has always been seen as a sign of strength and power, but it now seems there's a more significant advantage to a firm grip – longer life. According to a new study, a weak squeeze is linked to a greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

14.05.2015 12:32

​20% of overweight Britons think they’re a healthy weight – study
A fifth of overweight British people don’t think that they have a weight problem according to a new study, which shows Brits have ‘little understanding’ of the associated health risks.

14.05.2015 11:20

'No tissue charring': New Russian laser could revolutionize medicine, smartphones
Scientists at a Russian university have developed a unique metal-vapor laser, which can cut through bones, tissue or glass without burning or damaging them. They say the technology could be used in a wide range of fields – from medicine to smartphones.

14.05.2015 09:58

Cutting-edge method breathes life into complex 3D-printed objects
A technique for physically decorating 3D surfaces with user-customized color textures has been generated by a team of researchers from China and the US. The new method is cost-effective and can be used on a range of materials, from plastic to porcelain.

14.05.2015 06:50