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US woefully unprepared for major sun storm – report
A study by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims up to 100 million Americans could lose electrical power in the event of a magnetic space storm, which would knock out the electric grid and cause other infrastructure to fail.

13.12.2014 15:48

Navy’s 100lb robotic 'spy fish' could take to sea next year
The Navy has been testing a robotic spy fish designed to resemble a five-foot, 100lb bluefin tuna. If it is operational next year, it will be used to patrol harbors, enter enemy territory, and report back on the movements of enemy ships.

13.12.2014 02:15

Oregon GMO-labeling initiative defeated by Monsanto-sponsored groups
Supporters of an Oregon ballot initiative requiring labels on genetically-modified food acknowledged defeat on Thursday after an automatic recount failed to sway the results of November’s vote and a judge denied their plea for a count of rejected ballots.

12.12.2014 15:04

Chemical that makes you ‘feel full’ could be weight-loss wonder drug
British scientists have devised a chemical that can induce the feeling of fullness if consumed in food. It is already being tipped as a solution for weight loss.

11.12.2014 15:20

Internet should be a 'human right' – Web’s inventor
Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist credited with inventing the worldwide web has said that the internet should be seen as a basic human right, as a report showed that billions of people still have no internet access.

11.12.2014 16:22

Superbugs could kill 10mn per year by 2050, more than cancer – study
Superbugs with a high resistance to antibiotics could kill 10 million people worldwide each year by 2050 unless more action is taken, a study has warned. The figure is higher than the global impact of cancer, which currently kills 8.2 million.

11.12.2014 09:21

‘Like Walmart afloat’: Over 260,000 tons of plastic waste in oceans, study shows
Over a quarter of a million tons of plastic waste are bobbing around the world’s oceans, a new study suggests. This challenges previous much lower estimates. To obtain the data, scientists from four continents basically fished for plastic for six years.

11.12.2014 06:15

Asteroids brought water to Earth - Rosetta space probe finds
Data from the Rosetta spacecraft says asteroids and not comets are likely to have formed the Earth’s oceans. The probe found the water vapor it’s been studying on Comet 67P is significantly different to that found on our planet.

11.12.2014 06:08

Amazing details of Saturn & its moons captured by NASA
The hydrocarbon seas and potential for life on Saturn’s moon Titan get so much attention that it’s easy to forget the 61 others that surround the planet. NASA shifted that focus this week, producing the most detailed images of Saturn’s icy moons to date.

11.12.2014 01:11

#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)
As an area of low pressure, dubbed the ‘weather bomb’, makes landfall in Scotland and northern England, Brits have taken to social media to share their experiences of battling high winds and traversing snow. Others, predictably, are more flippant.

10.12.2014 10:25

Russian billionaire buys Nobel medal of ostracized DNA scientist… to hand it back
Russia’s richest man Alisher Usmanov has bought the auctioned Nobel Prize medal of publicly-shunned American geneticist James Watson. He says he plans to return the medal to its owner.

10.12.2014 03:28

Magic pill for obesity? Harvard scientists working on drug to ‘replace treadmill’
Dieters are constantly told that there is no ‘magic pill’ to make them skinny, that they need to watch what they eat and exercise. But researchers at Harvard University think they have found a way to turn bad fat into good, helping people lose weight.

09.12.2014 20:53