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Earth is halfway to being inhospitable to life, scientist says
A Swedish scientist claims in a new theory that humanity has exceeded four of the nine limits for keeping the planet hospitable to modern life, while another professor told RT Earth may be seeing an impending human-made extinction of various species.

20.03.2015 03:00

Florida environment official dismissed for mentioning climate change at work
An employee from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been suspended for mentioning climate change at work.

20.03.2015 00:36

Where and how to see the full solar eclipse this Friday March 20
The “supermoon” will move between the sun and the Earth on Friday in an event that will darken the skies above Northern Europe. According to astronomers, this type of eclipse is so rare it will occur only three times more this century.

19.03.2015 18:00

​‘Get under the skin’: UK’s first public human dissection in a century planned for Edinburgh
Scientists in Edinburgh will perform the first public anatomy lectures using human bodies since the 1800s, when serial killers Burke and Hare profited from selling corpses to a medical school.

19.03.2015 15:06

Quoi?! British DNA is 40% French, Oxford study finds
Despite a robust Gallic flavor, British genes have survived intact for centuries with many still residing within the ancient kingdoms they descend from, a wide-ranging Oxford University study claims.

19.03.2015 09:26

50yrs after 1st spacewalk: Bond between Russian & US spacemen is still strong
Alexey Leonov became the first man to walk in space, and later went on to take another historic step: the famous US-Russian handshake in space. Leonov made friends with a US astronaut on that mission, and the close bond has continued through the years.

19.03.2015 09:47

IQ au lait: Breastfed babies grow up more intelligent, earn more – study
Breastfeeding affects intelligence, education and income of adults in the future, according to evidence from a long-term study in Brazil. Those who were breastfed longer grew up with higher IQs and better-paid jobs.

18.03.2015 15:39

​Mars One not going anywhere, says finalist
Millions have been enthralled by Bas Lansdorp's dream of going on a privately funded, one-way mission to Mars, but a former NASA scientist and one Australian reporter say Mars One is not exactly what it appears to be.

18.03.2015 00:49

25-100 times faster: Revolutionary 3D-printing technology announced
A new 3D-printing system is forecast to change the industry forever. The revolutionary liquid method has been found to be 25 to 100 times faster than its rivals - and it looks like something straight out of Terminator 2.

17.03.2015 11:12

16 million Americans gained health coverage under Obamacare, HHS says
The latest analysis from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows that more than 16.4 million Americans have acquired health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

17.03.2015 01:48

​Ghosts busted: Faulty Social Security records show 6.5mn Americans age 112
An error in the social insurance program’s database, which lists US citizens from as far back as 1869, has opened up a back door to fraudulent tax claims and other types of abuses, US officials warn.

16.03.2015 14:06

'We’ll out-Siri Siri, until we have consciousness': Futurist touts mind clones at SXSW
In the near future, cyber-consciousness will mean constitutional rights for increasingly humanoid robots, while humans will download their thoughts and memories to their mind clones, a futurist told the SXSW Interactive festival.

16.03.2015 14:44