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​Fukushima radiation detected 100 miles off California coast
Scientists have found traces of leaked radiation from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident off the coast of California. Radiation experts, though, say the levels are harmless.

11.11.2014 06:25

Algae virus infects humans, makes ‘more stupid’ - study
A virus, previously thought to live only in algae in rivers and lakes, has been found in the throats of healthy people. The infected showed specific brain activities to be slower than of those without the virus.

10.11.2014 19:57

Mexican meth replacing American supplies as US labs disappear
Lab busts of domestic methamphetamine manufacturing have dropped by 40 percent, but use remains high - and Narcotics experts say that is because users are increasingly relying on cheaper, meth from Mexico.

11.11.2014 03:56

Cockroaches to the rescue: 'Cyborg' insects can help save people trapped in earthquakes
There may be a time when the sight of a cockroach crawling toward you brings joy and relief, rather than disgust. US university researchers have developed 'cyborg cockroaches' to help save human lives in search-and-rescue missions.

10.11.2014 13:28

China mulls using human-like fish to test for water quality
In its efforts to tackle water pollution the Chinese government may soon use a tiny tropical fish to test water quality. The zebra fish, which has a genetic code similar to humans, could well be the most “stringent” test for all possible water pollutants.

10.11.2014 13:56

Scientists use web-powered telepathy to link human thoughts (VIDEO)
Brain signals transmitted via the internet from one person to another have enabled two people to play a computer game by telepathy – with only one person seeing it and controlling the other’s hand movements in an experiment by US researchers.

10.11.2014 06:14

ISS crew lands, brings space-born flies to Earth
Three crew members of the International Space Station have safely returned to Earth aboard a Soyuz-13M spacecraft, bringing back good memories and results of their 165-day shift in orbit – including a space-born generation of experimental fruit flies.

10.11.2014 01:39

Minuscule mistake? Discovered Higgs boson may appear to be a techni-higgs, scientists say
The discovered elusive Higgs boson, first predicted theoretically, turns out to may have been a different particle after all. A team of international researchers have claimed that it could be an even more mysterious techni-higgs.

09.11.2014 13:38

SpaceX’s Elon Musk mulls 100s of ‘lighter, cheaper’ internet satellites
Billionaire business magnate and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has reportedly expressed hopes to start developing space satellites that could provide global internet access through hundreds of small, inexpensive models.

09.11.2014 08:23

3D-printed moonbase? No problem for our robots, says European Space Agency (VIDEO)
The European Space Agency (ESA) has proven that its project to 3D-print a base on the Moon is possible. In a latest video the agency shows how 3D-printing robots may be used to build the base using lunar material.

09.11.2014 08:02

'Revolutionary' planet formation around star captured by astronomers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
To the Greeks, planets were wandering stars rightly named after the pantheon of gods. Now, scientists have captured amazingly clear images showing the birth of these amazing heavenly bodies around a star some 450 light years away.

07.11.2014 14:22

Solar eclipse next March threatens Europe solar grid, temp ‘may drop 6C in 30 minutes’
When an almost total solar eclipse starts on March 20, 2015 and casts an umbra on northern Europe, it may face an unprecedented test of its electricity grid due to the massive development of solar power production.

07.11.2014 16:39