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US Air Force one step closer to global strike capability as experimental aircraft exceeds Mach 5
The US Air Force completed a nearly decade-long test program this week with the successful launch of an unmanned aircraft into hypersonic velocity, flying at more than five times the speed of sound.

03.05.2013 22:33

Chinese scientists slammed for creating new ‘deadly’ influenza strains
News that a research laboratory in China is deliberately engineering new hybrid strains of bird-flu virus and human influenza which could cause a pandemic has some experts alarmed.

03.05.2013 04:25

Russia’s ruling United Russia party needs real political alternative - Surkov
Russia’s major political party United Russia needs a rival, Deputy PM Vladislav Surkov has said. United Russia "must exist in a competitive environment," added the politician.

02.05.2013 14:32

Fresh ExxonMobil pipeline spill hits Missouri
While questions over the severity of ExxonMobil’s March 29 oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas still remain, the same pipeline has now ruptured, this time to the north, in Missouri.

02.05.2013 00:14

West, Texas fertilizer plant one of thousands of potential disasters - report
Could the accident that caused a deadly explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant occur elsewhere? According to a report by the US Congressional Research Service, thousands of facilities across the country risk harming nearby populations.

01.05.2013 02:27

Hurricane Sandy dumped 11 billion gallons of sewage into New York water
Along with destroying homes on the New Jersey and New York waterfront and leaving parts of New York City powerless for weeks, Hurricane Sandy exposed the vulnerability of the region’s sewage system by dumping billions of gallons of waste into the water.

30.04.2013 23:28

Monster hurricane on Saturn captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft
NASA released spectacular new images of a hurricane swirling at Saturn’s north pole captured by Cassini spacecraft. The storm 20 times the size of Hurricane Sandy has puzzled scientists, and may give an insight into how terrestrial hurricanes are formed.

30.04.2013 12:26

Study finds 'soup of toxic chemicals' in the air near Arkansas ExxonMobil spill site
While many questions remain following ExxonMobil’s March 29 tar sands oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, a new independent study has revealed the existence of high levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the area.

30.04.2013 03:03

Boston Marathon bombing investigators find new, female DNA evidence
Authorities involved in the ongoing investigation of the Boston Marathon attacks have identified female DNA on pieces of explosives used in the incident, though investigators caution against jumping to conclusions.

30.04.2013 00:35

'Profiteering' pharmaceutical giants killing cancer patients - report
An influential group of worldwide cancer experts has warned that the astronomical prices charged by drug companies are in effect condemning some patients to death.

29.04.2013 18:43

Danish scientists 'close' to HIV cure
Researchers in Denmark believe that they are on the brink of a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV “within months”.

28.04.2013 16:34

Hornless ‘Frankencow’: Genetic engineers aim to create super-bovine
UK and US scientists are seeking to alter the genes of dairy cows in order to make them hornless. The modification is meant to make the livestock safer to deal with, and spare them the painful de-horning practice currently used by farmers.

28.04.2013 12:18

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