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Starving hives: Pesticides cause bees to collect 57% less pollen, study says
​Bees exposed to "field-realistic" doses of insecticides gather less than a half the pollen that they normally do, dooming their young to starvation, UK researches have said. While some scientists hailed the findings, pesticide makers remained unimpressed

02.02.2014 18:13

Star Wars’ planet Tatooine would have formed far from parent stars, scientists say
Astronomers have reported a discovery that the majority of circumbinary planets – planets that orbit two stars, like Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine in the fictitious Star Wars universe – form away from their hosts and then migrate into orbit.

02.02.2014 17:46

Mississippi town evacuated after train derailment spills flammable chemicals
Dozens of families were forced from their southeastern Mississippi homes Friday after a train derailed, tipping over cars carrying fuel oil and methanol and causing officials to grow concerned about another potentially deadly chemical spill.

31.01.2014 20:13

Great Barrier Reef to get backyard mud dump after coal port expansion
Vast quantities dredged sand and mud will be dumped right by Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef to create a multi-billion-dollar coal port – the world’s biggest. The authority watching over the UNESCO World Heritage site just gave the green light.

31.01.2014 06:36

​Alien life on Mars? NASA lawsuit seeks more information on Red Planet rock
Is it proof of life on Mars, or just a simple rock? An astrobiologist has sued NASA in an effort to compel the space-exploration agency to offer more information on a mysterious stone that appeared on images taken by the Opportunity rover on Jan. 8.

31.01.2014 03:25

​First custom monkeys created through precision genetic manipulation
The world’s first monkeys with genes modified through a DNA engineering method known as Crispr/Cas9 were born in a lab. The scientific breakthrough by Chinese researchers could become a cornerstone for research and prevention of human genetic disorders.

30.01.2014 22:19

Simple and cheap: Scientists find new way to grow stem cells without embryos
In a significant breakthrough, scientists have found a cheap and easy way to produce highly sought-after embryonic-like stem cells without terminating any embryos. The ground-breaking discovery could usher in a new era in stem cell biology.

29.01.2014 19:04

Silicon Valley on ice: Russia wants to turn Far East island into research hub
A Russky Island off the city of Vladivostok, known as Russia's "San Francisco of the east", could become a replica of Silicon Valley. The local university wants to turn it into a high-tech business hub according to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev.

29.01.2014 09:34

Scientists find DNA of first-ever bubonic plague, warn of new outbreaks
Scientists have reconstructed the genome of the first recorded bubonic plague and compared it to two later pandemics. New sophisticated strains of the disease that killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages could break out in future, they warn.

28.01.2014 05:25

​Simple amoeba can help fight Alzheimer's – research
Scientists have discovered a way to study the causes of Alzheimer's disease by using a simple single-celled amoeba which leads to a better understanding of how human proteins mutate. The new method circumvents the need for animal testing.

26.01.2014 10:50

China’s moon rover suffers ‘abnormality’, lunar surface blamed
The Chinese moon rover, Yutu (Jade Rabbit), has experienced a mechanical control abnormality, and scientists are organizing repairs. The difficult environment was blamed for the malfunction.

25.01.2014 11:18

Steve Jobs, Google CEO plotted ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ to keep wages down – report
Two of the most powerful people in the technology world secretly and perhaps illegally coordinated business strategies in which they agreed not to poach each other’s employees, thereby keeping salaries low, according to emails unveiled in federal court.

24.01.2014 22:06

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