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Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics
Scientists have simulated time travel by using particles of light acting as quantum particles sent away and then brought back to their original space-time location. This is a huge step toward marrying two of the most irreconcilable theories in physics.

23.06.2014 06:11

‘Mystery island’ on Saturn moon’s methane sea puzzles scientists
A strange object, dubbed a “mystery island,” has appeared briefly on images of a methane sea on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Studying the images, taken by the spacecraft Cassini, astronomers came up with four possible explanations.

23.06.2014 10:37

Magnetizing: ESA sats grab Earth’s ever-changing magnetic field (VIDEO)
The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Swarm space mission has begun mapping one of the most mysterious aspects of our planet: Earth’s magnetic field.

22.06.2014 14:21

‘Take it to the Moon’: NASA plans to grab asteroid that just whizzed past Earth
NASA is set to capture an asteroid, haul it near the moon and have astronauts visit. The prime candidate is now in sight: a small asteroid “the size of a delivery truck” that whizzed about 7,600 miles above Earth in 2011.

21.06.2014 07:38

Ebola outbreak in W.Africa ‘totally out of control’ – MSF
West Africa is going through the second wave of Ebola outbreak and the deadly virus is now “totally out of control,” a senior official at Médecins Sans Frontières said.

20.06.2014 19:27

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Crashed Google balloon mistaken for aircraft
Panic gripped New Zealand’s emergency services as a helicopter, police cars, ambulance crew and lifeboat were sent to rescue what was reported to be a crashed plane, local media said. Luckily, they discovered only a non-operating Google Wi-Fi balloon.

20.06.2014 19:26

​Russian-Ukrainian ‘Satan’ rocket blasts into orbit with 33-satellite load
Dnepr rocket also dubbed ‘Satan’ has blast off into earth’s orbit carrying over 30 satellites from 17 countries, including the US. The rocket itself is of Russia-Ukraine make.

19.06.2014 19:58

Dozens of US government employees potentially exposed to live anthrax
As many as 84 scientists working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta may have been exposed to the anthrax bacteria after failing to follow safety procedures, the US government said.

19.06.2014 20:37

HAARP's future uncertain as Air Force plans to dismantle program
The US Air Force has given Congress official notice that it plans to start dismantling its Alaska-based High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ahead of the site’s shutdown later this summer.

19.06.2014 20:19

NASA considers sending quadcopter drone to look for life on Titan
While one NASA probe whizzes by Saturn’s moon Titan on Thursday to analyze its atmosphere, the American space agency is also considering a plan to send a quadcopter drone capable of searching for life.

19.06.2014 16:09

UK bans teaching of creationism theory in free schools
UK free schools are now banned from teaching creationism as an alternative to evolution. The theory faces rising opposition in the UK, unlike in the US where private schools championing creationism receive millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

19.06.2014 10:41

Scientists work on ‘quantum superclock’ to reveal mysteries of time itself
Physicists say they believe they’re on track to creating a “quantum superclock” that would revolutionize the way the world tells time.

18.06.2014 19:38