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​NHS to test ‘synthetic blood’ within 2 years
Long-awaited clinical trials for a new kind of synthetic blood will begin within two years, according to the National Health Service (NHS).

25.06.2015 08:15

Shark attacks 8-year-old boy at North Carolina beach
Swimming in only knee-deep waters, an eight-year-old boy was bitten on the lower leg, heel, and ankle and suffered minor injuries from a shark attack. It is the fourth shark attack in the shallow waters off North Carolina’s beaches in the past two weeks.

25.06.2015 02:31

Avatar looks around: Mind controlled robot lets disabled people virtually travel
Paralyzed people could now be provided with a special robot equipped with Skype and controlled remotely with their thoughts that will allow them to move around and meet people.

24.06.2015 16:03

​Cosmic colors: Astronomers use 'interstellar rainbow' to map distance to star system
NASA has released an image of a breathtaking 'interstellar rainbow,' made possible by X-ray light echoes reflecting off clouds of dust. The beautiful rings have allowed astronomers to determine how far the double star system Circinus X-1 is from Earth.

24.06.2015 15:30

800 mysterious ‘ultra dark’ galaxies may pave way for understanding dark matter
More than 800 weird galaxies have been detected in the so-called Coma cluster, the Berenice’s Hair constellation. These almost-invisible old galaxies are big, but contain few stars, which means something unknown holds them together, scientists say.

23.06.2015 17:58

3-mile high ‘pyramid peak’ spotted on mysterious Ceres dwarf planet
The mystery surrounding the dwarf planet Ceres continues to thicken: New images taken by the Dawn probe have revealed a three-mile high pyramid shaped peak, while also giving updated photographs of the planet’s puzzling bright spots.

23.06.2015 16:13

Rare triple crescent moons orbiting Saturn caught by Cassini probe
The Cassini spacecraft captured a stunning image of three crescent moons orbiting the planet Saturn. It managed to photograph Titan, Mimas and Rhea all in the same shot.

23.06.2015 09:19

White House lifts restriction on marijuana research
The Obama Administration will update the government’s marijuana research policy to allow scientists to have access to the plant and better understand its medicinal purposes and properties.

23.06.2015 00:00

Survival genes: Scientists find DNA mutations that helped Russians during Leningrad siege
Analysis of the genome structure of Leningrad siege survivors and their contemporaries has allowed Russian scientists to spot specific DNA mutations that helped people to live through one of the most tragic chapters of the WWII.

22.06.2015 13:15

​Fountain of youth? Starfish age slower when they reproduce by cloning, research says
Humans' search for the fountain of youth is nothing new – but now we may be one step closer to finding it. Swedish scientists say that starfish age at a slower rate if they reproduce through cloning, rather than sexually.

22.06.2015 13:29

Watch more cat videos on internet to be happy – study
Enjoy watching clips with Grumpy cat or Colonel Meow? Or do you feel “positive” just looking at Snoopy the Cat? Then don’t stop browsing YouTube for more adorable felines, as a recent study shows these videos are a form of low-cost pet therapy.

21.06.2015 19:48

NASA's New Horizon captures 'near-true color' images of Pluto (VIDEO)
The US space agency has published the first 'near-true color' images of the remote dwarf planet Pluto and its largest satellite taken by the New Horizons telescope. The picture quality leaves much to be desired, but NASA promises the best is yet to come.

21.06.2015 12:18