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Out of ISS: Russia going solo with space station?
The Russian space agency is reportedly considering construction of a high-altitude orbital station starting from 2017. This means that Moscow may walk away from the ISS after 2020, when its obligations under the current project are fulfilled.

17.11.2014 05:46

‘Play Angry Birds hands-free’: Startup develops head-controlled phone for disabled
An Israeli tech startup has opened a campaign on crowdfunding site Indigogo asking to help launch a voice-activated, head-controlled smartphone set. The invention will allow those who have no use of hands to control touchscreen devices.

16.11.2014 21:15

Argentine student invents 'smart shoe' to replace cane for the blind
An Argentine student has invented shoes with ultrasound sensors which allow people with visual impairments to walk without a cane. The shoes vibrate when the wearer approaches an object.

16.11.2014 16:23

Cannabis combined with radiotherapy can make brain cancer ‘disappear,’ study claims
Two cannabis components can have a significant effect on the size of cancerous tumors in the brain, especially when combined with radiotherapy, according to new research. The study says the growths can virtually “disappear.”

15.11.2014 18:21

'Game-changer info': Philae lander sends back key data before battery burnout
The little lander that could has done it again! Surfing on the distant comet 67P, Philae managed to dispatch one more stream of key scientific data before its depleted battery put it on standby.

15.11.2014 10:55

Black hole at Milky Way center may be emitting mysterious neutrinos, NASA says
The massive black hole at the heart of our milky galaxy may be churning out peculiar particles called neutrinos, NASA satellites have revealed. If verified, it would be the first time neutrinos have been traced to the darkest regions of spacetime.

15.11.2014 08:46

Perfecting the mind: ‘Smart pill’ unlocks childlike state of learning in adults
Scientists from Stanford University say they have discovered a way to unlock a part of the brain that is responsible for assisting humans in learning new skills with the ease and wonderment that is identifiable in children.

14.11.2014 14:15

Colorado fracking accident kills Halliburton employee, injures 2 others
Halliburton workers trying to thaw a frozen high-pressure water line at a Colorado fracking site found themselves in an extremely dangerous situation when it ruptured, killing one of them and injuring two others.

14.11.2014 22:50

Human bloodlust learned over time by mosquitoes – study
Apparently, mosquitoes didn’t always love the taste of human blood: it was a clever evolutionary adaptation, American researchers have found. To arrive at their conclusion, they dressed people and guinea pigs pantyhose.

13.11.2014 12:31

First photo! Rosetta’s historic Philae lander sends pic of new comet home
The Philae lander from the Rosetta space mission is safely on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, says the European Space Agency (ESA), releasing the first image taken by the robotic module.

13.11.2014 11:07

‘Rosetta mission could unlock key to alien life,’ says lead Philae lander scientist
The Rosetta mission’s historic landing of a robotic spacecraft on a comet has brought to a head one of humankind’s timeless questions: are we alone in the universe? For the project’s leading land scientist, that answer may soon be on the horizon.

13.11.2014 08:48

Monsanto to pay $2.4mn to farmers over 2013 GMO-wheat scare
GMO giant Monsanto will have to fork out $2.4 million to settle a lawsuit with US wheat farmers after its genetically engineered strain, supposedly banned and scrapped a decade ago, was found alive and well in Oregon in 2013.

13.11.2014 08:36