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​Nanoparticle-coated-mesh could clean up oil spills
Scientists in Ohio say that they’ve developed a specialized type of mesh that might be able to clean up oil spills at a fraction of the current cost thanks to a breakthrough in nanotechnology.

15.04.2015 18:55

Environmentalists abandon EU shale gas panel citing fracking-advocate infestation
An influential EU shale gas group is losing environmentalists, as it’s taken over by executives, who use it to lobby for fracking. Opponents allege a clear conflict of interest when a majority holds a patent in hydraulic fracturing.

15.04.2015 08:41

​Alzheimer’s disease may be linked to misfiring immune system, study reveals
Researchers have found that some immune cells designed to protect the brain from infection start consuming an amino acid called arginine, triggering the onset of classical hallmarks of the disease, including brain plaques and memory loss.

15.04.2015 09:52

Majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana – polls
Results from two new polls found the majority of Americans support making cannabis legal, with the large majority of young adults crossing party lines and states to support the idea.

15.04.2015 03:53

Pentagon drafting thousands of ‘cyber forces’ in prep for cyber emergency
A week after US officials said a Russian group hacked the White House, Pentagon officials told the Senate that they are creating cyber “surge forces” trained to defend America’s energy, telecommunication and critical infrastructure.

14.04.2015 22:18

IEDs severely impact humanitarian ops in warzones – UK report
Humanitarian operations in conflict zones such as Afghanistan are blighted by deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs), an international affairs NGO says. The crisis is heightened by increasingly militarized and politicized international aid programs.

14.04.2015 15:37

Robo-chef: British tech firm unveils the future of cooking
A British tech firm has co-developed a prototype ‘Robo-chef’ that is capable of cooking a meal from scratch.

14.04.2015 14:07

Thermal anomaly: 2 bright spots on ‘dwarf planet’ Ceres puzzle scientists
Ceres is puzzling astronomers with giant bright-white spots behaving very differently from each other in infrared light. As the enigma around the anomaly grows, NASA now says their origins and properties are very different.

14.04.2015 11:05

​Radioactive Fukushima food could be hitting UK shops through safety loopholes
Food produced near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan could be heading to British supermarkets due to loopholes in safety laws, an investigation has revealed.

14.04.2015 08:48

Argentine tango has therapeutic effects on Parkinson’s disease sufferers – study
Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease may have found a potential and unexpected remedy – dancing the Argentine tango. Researchers insist dancing could have therapeutic and physical value for those suffering from rigidity as well as depression and fatigue.

13.04.2015 20:27

NASA’s Curiosity finds liquid water below Mars’ surface
New measurements of Martian weather and soil conditions suggest the soil is damp with liquid brine, which can remain liquid when temperatures drop below freezing. The finding contradicts theories that it’s too arid and cold for water on the Red Planet.

13.04.2015 22:53

Human Satnav to guide people by zapping electrodes in their leg muscles
A human Satnav, using electrodes to send people in the right direction, has been developed by German scientists. It works by sending a signal from a mobile phone, which stimulates a muscle in the leg, showing them the direction they need to go in.

13.04.2015 12:43