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Beagle’s about: Lost UK Mars probe ‘may have been spotted’
A British-built Mars lander that vanished after a failed touchdown on the Red Planet in 2003 may have been spotted by an orbiting spacecraft.

13.01.2015 11:41

‘Significant decline’ in UK life expectancy, health officials warned
Public Health England confirms there has been a fall in life expectancy, particularly among older women. Critics blame unhealthy lifestyles, government cuts to social care budgets and worsening GP and hospital care.

13.01.2015 12:18

CDC: Heroin-linked deaths jumped by 39 percent in one year
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that 2,000 more people died from heroin-related deaths in 2013 than in 2012, as prescription painkillers became harder to obtain and led to a rise in cheaper, illicit street drugs.

13.01.2015 03:18

Scientists join Elon Musk & Stephen Hawking, warn of dangerous AI
Hundreds of leading scientists and technologists have joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the potential dangers of sophisticated artificial intelligence, signing an open letter calling for research on how to avoid harming humanity.

13.01.2015 03:11

Women cry more than men ‘because of the media’
Stereotypes suggest that men are more cold-hearted than women, and less likely to cry. Studies show this may be true.

12.01.2015 17:13

Men addicted to selfie-posting 'score high' on psychopathy scale - study
You’d better stay away from men who take too many selfies, a new study warns. Obsession with posting online photos probably points to a higher than average degree of narcissism and psychopathy.

12.01.2015 10:33

Terminator-style implant may help paralyzed people walk again
Swiss scientists have created a cyborg-style implant they hope will soon give paralyzed people a chance to walk again. So far, it has been successfully tested in labs, which means clinical trials with humans should start soon.

11.01.2015 12:11

iStress: Isolation from iPhone linked to real anxiety, poor performance
Being away from your iPhone is no different to feelings of separation anxiety, and in turn causes a “lessening of self,” as well as lowering cognitive performance and worsening of physical wellbeing, a new study has revealed.

10.01.2015 13:56

SpaceX’s Dragon blasts off with Falcon rocket, reland attempt fails
After a setback earlier this week, SpaceX has successfully launched a Falcon9 rocket bound for the International Space Station (ISS) on a restocking mission. An attempt to land the potentially reusable rocket on a barge, however, failed.

06.01.2015 11:04

New York City moves to ban plastic foam containers
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving forward on a plan to ban city food establishments from using plastic foam containers because of the harm they cause the environment. The ban will leave restaurateurs and food vendors in a bind.

10.01.2015 03:27

CES 2015: Equipping everything with internet, including guns (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Semi-automatic guns connected to the internet for your viewing pleasure? That’s the reality at CES 2015, where the now ubiquitous Internet of Things concept is taking over – with wireless functionality for anything from washing machines to picnic baskets.

09.01.2015 09:14

Nissan and NASA to work on self-driving cars
Nissan and NASA will jointly develop cars able to move without a driver. The first tests of autonomous vehicles are expected to be carried out by the end of 2015.

09.01.2015 12:07