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Highly powerful new biofuel could change rocket engines forever
Scientists have scored a breakthrough in high-energy biofuels by producing a bacterium that synthesizes highly-efficient pinene, a hydrocarbon made by trees. It could soon replace existing alternatives and usher in a new era of rocket engines.

27.03.2014 06:01

Dwarf planet ‘Biden’ identified in an unlikely region of our solar system
Astronomers believe they have discovered a dwarf planet beyond Pluto, 7 billion miles from Earth. The new discovery is already causing scientists to reconsider everything they know about our solar system.

27.03.2014 01:45

First-of-its-kind medical marijuana law signed in Utah
​The Republican governor of Utah has signed a bill that will allow children suffering from severe epileptic seizures to be legally prescribed a marijuana extract for medicinal purposes.

26.03.2014 14:33

‘Fracking is good for us’: Cameron seeks to steer EU away from Russian gas
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has used the Hague talks on the Crimea crisis to stress that fracking is “good” for his country, in an apparent attempt to use fears about EU dependence on Russian gas to promote his government’s pro-fracking agenda.

26.03.2014 08:28

​‘Living materials’ could revolutionize solar panels and biosensors
Researchers are working to create “living materials” that are a combination of bacterial cells and nonliving materials that conduct electricity, which could create more efficient solar panels or biosensors.

25.03.2014 21:24

Breakthrough: Physicists calculate mass of heaviest elementary particle
Scientists participating in four different particle collider experiments joined forces, combined their data, and did together what would've been much harder to do alone: Calculate the mass of the top quark, the heaviest elementary particle.

25.03.2014 15:49

Fracking ‘n’ leaking: UK scientists cite pollution fears due to insecure well barriers
A report on fracking has warned it is “likely” that planned wells may leak and damage the surrounding environment in the UK. Scientists also noted there was not enough information in the public sphere to accurately predict the effects of mass fracking.

25.03.2014 09:10

American astronomer discovers Earth-like Red Dwarf planet
A new, Earth-like, inhabitable planet has been discovered outside our solar system by American astronomer Thomas Barclay. The planet is almost the same size as Earth – just one-tenth bigger – and is orbiting a Red Dwarf star.

25.03.2014 14:04

Deepwater Horizon oil spill cause fatal heart defects in tuna - study
The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill have likely inflicted serious heart defects and possibly premature death in tuna and other large marine fish, according to a study initiated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

25.03.2014 08:19

Two huge pharaoh statues unveiled in Egypt
Archaeologists have revealed two massive statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the famous Egyptian city of Luxor, at their original sites in the funerary temple of the king, on the west bank of the Nile.

24.03.2014 12:29

TSA spent $1 bln on 'body language' program
After investing $1 billion in behavior detection techniques and training since 2007, the Transportation Security Administration has little to show for its efforts, the New York Times stated in a new report.

24.03.2014 18:19

Creationism being taught in private schools thanks to $1 billion in taxpayer funds
​An investigative report published Monday by Politico reveals that taxpayers in the United States will give nearly $1 billion this year to private schools that teach children creationism and discredit the theory of evolution.

24.03.2014 19:00

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