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​UK to rewrite road laws to pave way for driverless cars
The British government is rehashing its road laws in preparation for a new generation of driverless cars. Google unveiled plans to construct a fleet of self-driving vehicles in May, and hopes to have them on the road as early as September.

10.06.2014 08:09

Chicago welcomes cannabis convention
​As Illinois prepares to get its medical marijuana program up and running, the pot industry converged on Chicago this past weekend to push the drug’s health benefits and increase awareness.

09.06.2014 17:07

Human-like? Chatterbot successfully forges 13yo’s behavior in Turing Test
A computer program has managed to convince programmers it was a thirteen year old boy, making it the first algorithm ever to pass the Turing Test – devised to assess artificial intelligence and determine if it is distinguishable from a human being.

08.06.2014 13:21

Sleep on it: Scientists reveal exactly how good sleep boosts memory
A good night’s sleep is crucial for better memory and studying. While this has been long known, scientists lacked exact evidence of what happened inside the brain. But now US and Chinese researchers have revealed precisely how sleep boosts memory.

08.06.2014 16:02

​‘Plastic stones’ found at remote Hawaii beach
When humanity is extinct, alien researchers studying Earth may find evidence of our presence here in the form of plastic rocks buried underground. This is what a new study of “plastiglomerates” suggests in Hawaii.

08.06.2014 11:14

What's next for NASA – a Saturn moon submarine? 12 ambitious space concepts blast off
NASA has unveiled 12 futuristic concepts it has selected for study under its NIAC program, which seeks breakthrough technologies that will change space exploration in the future. Among them: a submarine which will explore Saturn’s Moon Titan.

07.06.2014 16:04

‘Laser milestone’: Polariton beam, using 250 times less power, could revolutionize electronics
Scientists at the University of Michigan have demonstrated a new way of making high-powered laser-like beams which require very little energy. The new beam could revolutionize popular electronics.

07.06.2014 13:08

Kepler space telescope ready to start new hunt for exoplanets
NASA’s Kepler spacecraft is now fully operational for its new “Second Light” K2 mission. The telescope specializing in seeking planets outside of the solar system suffered a major malfunction last year, but scientists adapted it for use in another way.

07.06.2014 12:12

SpaceX sues US Air Force, citing unfair contractor monopoly
Elon Musk, the inventor and technology billionaire who recently debuted a rocket that he hopes will travel to Mars, has filed suit against the US Air Force claiming the military currently relies on an unfair billing process that costs taxpayers millions.

07.06.2014 00:59

Spider venom, protein pesticide could stave off 'beemageddon'
Researchers in the United Kingdom hope that a new pesticide they have developed using spider venom and plant protein will help curb the demise of the honeybee population, thereby staving off catastrophe for global agriculture and food production.

06.06.2014 22:32

Genetically modified pigs survive human stem cells transplantation
American scientists in stem cell therapies research have overcome one of its major challenges – the rejection of transplanted cells by the hosts. Pigs with a compromised immune system, created within the project, could aid in human life-saving treatments.

06.06.2014 15:05

Moon formed after Earth collided with another world, study says
For the first time, scientists have discovered evidence backing up the theory that the moon was created when a separate planet crashed into the Earth.

06.06.2014 16:19