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Japan to begin removal of fuel rods from Fukushima plant
TEPCO is preparing to begin the dangerous task of extracting over 1,500 nuclear fuel rods from the Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The risky operation is an essential step in to stabilize the site, in a process that could take decades.

07.11.2013 08:25

BP to pay $19.5 million settlement in mine pollution case
Nevada residents have been awarded up to a $19.5 million settlement in a class action case that accused a parent company of BP America of leaking toxic chemicals into the soil for decades and covering up the extent of contamination from an abandoned mine.

06.11.2013 22:36

'Godzilla platypus' used to roam Australia waters, new fossil reveals
Huge toothed platypuses inhabited Australia millions of years ago. So proves the stunning new fossil find of a ‘Godzilla’-like relative of the cute, duck-billed creature. The discovery also breaks down a couple of theories.

05.11.2013 09:33

‘Goldilocks’ Galaxy: Scientists estimate 8.8 billion planets ‘just right’ for life
Spinning in the vast, spiraling Milky Way are billions of planets similar in size and temperature to Earth in what astronomers have dubbed the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – not too hot, not too cold, but just the right size for life to evolve.

05.11.2013 10:13

A must-see: Rare solar eclipse sweeps across the world
A rare "hybrid" solar eclipse, hailed as "the most interesting eclipse of the year", has swept across parts of Africa, America and Europe on Sunday.

03.11.2013 11:10

Pentagon's DARPA works on reading brains in real time
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing $70 million to develop a new implant that can track, and respond to, brain signals in real time.

28.10.2013 15:37

Australia's 'lost world' dazzles with new species
A remote mountain range in northern Australia just gave the world three new species after sitting in isolation for millions of years – including a ‘primitive-looking’ gecko. The scientists are excited for a return, hopeful of uncovering more new species.

28.10.2013 10:14

Rock, paper, surveillance: US Army investing in smarter ‘spy rocks’
Hi-tech weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin presented its latest effort in surveillance technology this week – a web of self-organising sensors with the ability to trigger any kind of device from a distance and have it operating autonomously.

26.10.2013 08:56

Fukushima whistleblower exposes yakuza connections, exploitation of cleanup workers
Revelations from a Fukushima cleanup worker-turned-whistleblower have exposed the plant’s chaotic system of subcontractors, their alleged mafia connections and the super-exploitation of indigent workers doing this dangerous work.

25.10.2013 12:47

Another hazardous asteroid to dart close to Earth in 2065
Russian astronomers have discovered another potentially dangerous asteroid that is estimated to dart past Earth in 2065 at a distance of only 7,000km.

24.10.2013 22:04

Cured? HIV baby 'in long-term remission' after early, powerful treatment
An infant girl who was treated for HIV right after being born in Mississippi still shows no sign of infection at the age of three. US researchers say her healthy reaction to treatment is no fluke, and they say she is in “sustained remission.”

24.10.2013 16:07

NASA hails new era of laser-fast interplanetary internet
NASA has just set a new record for communication speeds in space by firing lasers at the moon and achieving download speeds five times faster than via the radio signals we currently employ for the task.

24.10.2013 07:30

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