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New species of metal-munching plant found in Philippines
Scientists in the Philippines have discovered a plant that can absorb large amounts of metal without itself being poisoned, a species called the Rinorea niccolifera, that can be used to clean up polluted soils and harvest commercially viable metals.

12.05.2014 21:44

Second MERS case in US confirmed in Orlando hospital
The second US case of a deadly Middle Eastern virus has been confirmed in Florida, according to federal and state health officials. Florida’s case of Middle East respiratory syndrome comes just days after the first patient was released from the hospital.

12.05.2014 16:09

Nighttime dreams may be controlled by sleeper through electrical current
A groundbreaking discovery may see sleeping people controlling their dreams, using electrical currents applied to the brain, according to a study published online in Nature Neuroscience.

12.05.2014 12:45

US govt failed to inspect ‘high risk’ oil & gas wells
The US government has neglected to inspect thousands of oil and natural gas wells that pose a potential threat to the environment, a report has revealed. An investigation has uncovered outdated technologies still in use and lax safety regulations.

12.05.2014 04:38

Girlfriend or Mars? RT interviews Mars One hopefuls
As the ambitious crowd-funded project Mars One narrowed down the candidates for the first Mars colonization to just 705, RT asked two possible trailblazers, one from Quebec and one from Moscow, why they are so determined to take a one-way space ticket.

11.05.2014 11:58

‘Sibling’ sun found 110 light yrs from Earth
The sun could have a sibling according to researchers at the University of Texas, who believe the star was born from the same cloud of gas as our sun. It is hoped this could give astronomers fresh insights into how life on earth started.

11.05.2014 10:39

Star Wars-style robotic arm approved for mass production
A “near-natural” prosthetic arm, that took eight years to develop and test, has been approved for mass production by the US Food and Drug Administration.

10.05.2014 07:26

​Goliath vs. Goliath: US court backs Monsanto against DuPont in Roundup patent war
In the creation of its mass-distributed seed unit Pioneer, DuPont illegally employed technology developed by fellow agrochemical giant Monsanto, a US federal appeals court has ruled, affirming sanctions against DuPont.

09.05.2014 23:02

Insecticides cause honeybee colony collapse, study shows
Scientists are closer to pinpointing the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the disease killing off honeybees and threatening pollination of the world’s crops. Their research is blaming two popular insecticides.

09.05.2014 19:27

Flying ‘3D printers’ could help seal nuclear waste, inventors say (VIDEO)
Flying 3D printers, as British researchers call a pair of drone copters they’ve built, could eventually become instrumental in sealing off radioactive waste and transporting it away from disaster zone.

08.05.2014 18:27

​Russia will begin Moon colonization in 2030 - draft space program
“We are going to the Moon forever,” the Russian Deputy PM said in April, and it was not just empty words. It appears Russia does plan to colonize the Moon by 2030 and the first stage of the ambitious project may start as soon as two years from now.

09.05.2014 00:03

​Genetic discovery could boost IQ, offset brain’s decline from age and disease
A variant of a common gene already associated with heightened learning and memory could be used to offset effects of cognitive decline associated with the likes of Alzheimer’s, new research suggests.

08.05.2014 20:20