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New hotspot: TEPCO detects high groundwater radiation at Fukushima plant
A new hotspot of radiation has been detected in groundwater from an observation well next to one of the leaking tanks at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator of the facility announced.

10.09.2013 01:30

‘Syria chemical footage’ revealed as pressure mounts within US ahead of vote
As the day draws near for the US Congress to review President Obama’s request to back a Syria military strike, CNN reveals video shown to Congress to sponsor the strike, while opponents of the aggression rally on the internet and take to the streets.

08.09.2013 13:40

NASA’s laser-linked spacecraft hunts for moon dust
NASA has launched a new robotic mission to the moon. LADEE is to study exosphere, the thin volume of gas and dust particles surrounding the satellite. It is also equipped with an experimental high-bandwidth laser communication device to deliver the data.

07.09.2013 11:49

320,000 new viruses found in mammals could trigger pandemics
At least 320,000 undiscovered viruses can be found in mammals, according to a study. Unless scientists discover more about these viruses now, humanity will be threatened with pandemics.

05.09.2013 09:25

Monsanto took over regulatory bodies all over the world to lobby GMO
Monsanto is trying to take full control of the world’s seed supply for a greater profit, hiding any report of damage GMO does to the ecosystem and human health, Jeffrey M. Smith, GMO researcher from the Institute for Responsible Technology, told RT.

04.09.2013 14:46

Detailing origin of the universe: Russian astrophysicists grab $500k Gruber Cosmology Prize
Two Russian astrophysicists have received a prestigious scientific award for their work in understanding the evolution and structure of the universe. Besides joining the scientific elite, the great minds will share a half a million-dollar prize.

02.09.2013 00:45

Politicians enraged that Britain gave export licenses to sell Syria 'nerve gas chemicals'
MPs demanded an explanation from government ministers Monday after finding out that the UK granted licenses to export chemicals to Syria that could have been used to produce nerve gas. The licenses were granted on the eve of the Syrian civil war.

01.09.2013 18:37

Nearly 20 percent of US scientists considering work abroad due to poor funding
An overwhelming majority of US scientists are receiving less federal funding than they were three years ago and, consequently, many are considering continuing their research abroad, according to a new study by a group of top researchers.

30.08.2013 02:03

Life on Mars? It could be on Earth
Perhaps the greatest irony in the search for alien life was that seekers needed look no further than the mirror. That’s according to a new hypothesis, which posits life actually originated on the Red Planet and was later ferried to Earth by a meteorite.

29.08.2013 15:13

Wrecking the Earth: Fracking has grave radiation risks few talk about
Environmentalists point to various dangerous consequences of using fracking technology, but none can be compared to the issue of radiation exposure and radioactive contamination of the development areas it poses.

28.08.2013 13:42

StarLink resurfaces: GM corn banned decade ago found in Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Arabian food chain has been widely contaminated with GM ingredients, according to a new study. The findings include controversial StarLink maize banned for human consumption in the US over ten years ago.

27.08.2013 19:55

Mind reading: Scientists reconstruct letters from brain scan data
Dutch scientists have made another step towards reading people’s minds by creating a computer program, which uses brain scans to decode what a person is looking at.

23.08.2013 18:18

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