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Russian sperm bank for bears: Surrogate grizzly to carry polar cubs
A grizzly bear may become a surrogate mother to polar bear cubs on the endangered species list, thanks to scientists from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, who have developed a unique program to conserve the country’s polar population.

21.11.2013 11:45

24,000-year-old Siberian boy links Western Europeans to Native Americans
The anthropological world was stunned when the recent genome study of the 24,000-year-old remains of a small Siberian boy revealed that the child was both part-Western European and modern Native American.

21.11.2013 08:43

Euro-UAVs: Europe opens ‘drone club’ to compete with US, Israel
France, Germany and other European countries on Tuesday announced the creation of a "drone users club" to go head-to-head against US- and Israeli-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that now dominate the skies.

20.11.2013 07:55

Syrian chemical weapons likely to be destroyed at sea – report
The chemical weapons arsenal Syria agreed to surrender to the international community could be destroyed at sea, according to a new report citing officials familiar with the on-going negotiations.

20.11.2013 01:10

Chinese supercomputer twice as fast as closest US rival
China’s showpiece Tianhe-2 computer is almost twice as fast as its nearest rival, according to a new ranking. But the simple benchmark used to rate the powerful “research and education tool” may not effectively measure the supercomputer’s true usefulness.

18.11.2013 21:23

NASA launches Maven to reveal Mars’ biggest secret (VIDEO)
NASA successfully launched its Maven orbiter into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Monday as part of the agency’s latest operation aimed at exploring the vast mysteries of Earth’s neighbor, Mars.

18.11.2013 18:02

Volcanоes active under Antarctica ice, may erupt - new study
Deep under the ice sheet covering Antarctica, volcanic fire still rages, a new study shows. The movement of magma, which may signal an upcoming eruption, was spotted by tell-tale signs of ‘tremor swarms’ in the west of the frigid continent.

18.11.2013 07:56

Mars Mysteries: MAVEN orbiter set for launch to uncover Red Planet's secrets
NASA is set to launch the latest Mars orbiter to learn more about the Red Planet’s atmosphere – and probably to discover what happened to Mars billions of years ago that rendered the planet uninhabitable.

17.11.2013 07:23

Asteroids should be colonized or used as transport to planets, Russian scientists say
The potential colonization of asteroids is one of the most promising areas of space exploration - even more so than mining them for resources, Russian scientists say. The creation of closed-cycle ecosystems could possibly turn asteroids into space bases.

15.11.2013 23:31

San Francisco families could be at risk of radiation poisoning - report
A small island in the heart of San Francisco Bay could be a major source of radiation and the young families that live there may be at risk of poisoning, a new report from the California Department of Health has concluded.

14.11.2013 23:01

Unintended consequences: US ethanol revolution causes 'ecological disaster'
A new investigation has revealed that the United States’ ethanol mandate is severely harming the environment without producing enough tangible benefits.

12.11.2013 17:35

Olympic touchdown! ISS crew and Sochi torch back on Earth
Three ISS crew members have safely returned back to Earth carrying the Olympic symbol after making history with the first ever torch handover in open space.

11.11.2013 01:33

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