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​Ancient alcohol: Primates first consumed booze 10mn years ago – study
Civilization has been enjoying a good tipple for much longer than we previously thought, according to a new study. In fact, it seems that our primate ancestors began getting tipsy 10 million years ago, by eating and metabolizing fermented fruit.

02.12.2014 00:54

Russian scientists to test three HIV vaccines
Three different vaccines against HIV – all developed in Russia – are ready for trial, an HIV specialist for the Russian Health Ministry announced at a press conference held on World AIDS Day.

01.12.2014 21:28

60,000 killed annually: UK’s misjudged air pollution highlighted in upcoming report
A disturbing new analysis says that traffic pollution in Britain is to blame for as many as 60,000 premature deaths each year, double what was thought until now. Scientists are to present their critical report to the government in 2015.

01.12.2014 09:42

November 2014 in pictures: Comets, riots and marches...oh my!
Remember, remember, this mad month of November! 'Twas not a single day one could miss...from Al-Aqsa rage to Ferguson flames; volcanoes, monsters, and more. ‘Twas a month of comet landings! The pics are outstanding! So sit back and see what’s in store!

29.11.2014 10:55

Anastasia’s dream: One-way ticket to Mars (VIDEO)
For those behind Mars One, hopes of setting up a human colony on the Red planet by 2025 represent the next ‘great leap’ for mankind. For a young Muscovite named Anastasia who’s always felt lost on Earth, it’s her own life that she hopes to find on Mars.

30.11.2014 13:08

Brown bears, other wildlife back in radiation-exposed Chernobyl zone
Brown bears and other critters have returned to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for the first time since they were recorded there 100 years ago. The researchers hope this can help to find a link between field radiation exposure and radiation effects.

30.11.2014 12:55

‘Turn off the lights during sex’: German govt on web crusade to save climate
Out with boring public information leaflets and in with flashy TV ads. The German Ministry of Environment has come up with a series of commercials on the problems of climate change, featuring sex and zombies in the message.

30.11.2014 10:46

Pleasure at other’s misfortunes starts as early as 2 yrs old, study finds
Schadenfreude – a feeling of pleasure about another person’s bad luck – develops in people deep in their childhood, researchers have found. It has actually been registered in toddler as young as two years old.

28.11.2014 13:28

‘Star Trek-like shields’: New radiation belt protects Earth from ‘killer electrons’
Surrounded by radiation belts, Earth is being protected by an invisible shield that stops high-speed “killer electrons,” scientists have found after taking a closer look at the Van Allen belt 7,200 miles above our planet.

29.11.2014 13:59

November caught on cam: Top 10 stunning videos from the last 30 days
From Ferguson to Siberian craters, from violence in Israel to mysterious lights in Russia's sky - November has been raging, protesting, and dazzling. And luckily, there were cameras on hand to capture it all.

28.11.2014 15:33

Fuel from thin air? Graphene breakthrough may lead to green car revolution
​Scientists believe they can use the same material found in pencil lead to revolutionize the green car industry. They discovered that graphene may serve as a fuel cell membrane and even allow the harvesting of hydrogen from air.

27.11.2014 20:15

​E-cigarettes contain 10 times the carcinogens of regular tobacco – study
Electronic cigarettes contain up to 10 times more cancer-causing substances than regular tobacco, according to the latest study by Japanese scientists.

28.11.2014 07:51