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Creationism being taught in private schools thanks to $1 billion in taxpayer funds
​An investigative report published Monday by Politico reveals that taxpayers in the United States will give nearly $1 billion this year to private schools that teach children creationism and discredit the theory of evolution.

24.03.2014 19:00

Radiation leaks force transfer of nuclear waste from New Mexico to Texas
The cause of the radiation leaks at the United States’ first nuclear waste repository are still under investigation, but in the meantime government officials have decided to move a stalled shipment of waste to a private dump in Texas.

21.03.2014 15:35

Water-energy crisis threatens earth’s future - UN
Craving for water and energy will swell in the near future, amid surging populations and economies. This increase could badly strain earth's limited resources, says the UN.

21.03.2014 05:10

‘Wake up and smell a trillion things!’ Noses detect billions more smells than previously thought
Our noses apparently can distinguish billions more smells than previously believed – about a trillion – according to a new study. But our own evolution has prevented us from 'smelling' it all clearly.

21.03.2014 05:38

Pentagon developing combat chewing gum
Maintaining good dental health may not seem like it’d be a top priority for soldiers, but the US military is hard at work developing a new kind of chewing gum that can battle cavities.

20.03.2014 20:16

Investigation launched into British waste plant explosion that sent 20 to hospital
Investigations are being conducted into the reasons behind an explosion that took place at a waste plant in the north of England on Tuesday. Around 20 people were hospitalized as a result of the blast, according to local press.

20.03.2014 13:46

Near miss: Enormous solar blast could have devastated Earth in 2012
Citizens of Earth had no idea how close the planet was to getting slammed with a devastating solar flare back in July 2012, but scientists claim we only missed the damaging event by nine days.

20.03.2014 18:54

‘Scary & absurd Chicken from Hell’ roamed US millions of years ago
Scientists have unveiled an unknown species of predatory, bird-like dinosaur with sharp claws, a beak and over 3 meters tall. The freakish animal, which roamed the US 66 million years ago, has been aptly dubbed the ‘Chicken from Hell.’

20.03.2014 08:38

American pests develop resistance to ‘deadly’ toxins in GM maize – research
Genetically modified corn, which produces anti-pest toxin, is no longer as efficient at killing the bugs. The resistance arose quickly, due to some extent, to farmers avoiding the simple, but profit-cutting precaution of crop rotation.

18.03.2014 16:52

Scientists urge UK govt to ditch ‘dysfunctional’ GMO regulations
There is no evidence that GM crops are more dangerous than conventionally farmed food, a group of scientists allegedly linked to the biotech industry have advised UK PM David Cameron. Critics say the group is funded by the GM lobby.

15.03.2014 04:56

Facial scanner aims to recognize drivers’ anger in attempt to stop road rage
Swiss scientists have announced that they have devised a new dashboard emotion detector that is able to search a driver’s face for signs of emotion, aiming to predict and prevent a road rage incident before it happens.

14.03.2014 22:32

1,300 times bigger than Sun: Largest yellow ‘hyper-giant’ star identified
Astronomers have identified the largest ‘yellow’ star ever observed in our galaxy and one of the 10 largest ever discovered in total. The star is more than 1,300 times the diameter of the sun and 1,000,000 times brighter.

13.03.2014 15:04

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