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Breathtaking: New crystal steals oxygen from air, paves way for long, long plunge
Danish scientists have invented a revolutionary crystalline material that can absorb and store oxygen in high concentrations. A bucket of such material can suck the oxygen out of a room, which could potentially wave goodbye to heavy oxygen masks.

05.10.2014 09:12

WHO issues manual on using Ebola survivors' blood
This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a guidance document on the use of convalescent blood for transfusions in patients, admitting that such treatment is “biologically plausible.”

04.10.2014 10:23

Finally! Sub-atomic particle observed, both matter & antimatter
After 80 years of painstaking experimentation, scientists have directly observed a sub-atomic particle that is its own antiparticle. The breakthrough promises a leap forward in quantum computing and potentially shows the path to finding dark matter.

04.10.2014 12:57

NASA astronaut shares stunning time-lapse videos of polar aurora
NASA flight engineer Reid Wiseman has published jaw-dropping time-lapse videos of the polar aurora, as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).

03.10.2014 19:11

MI6 appoints new secret service chief
The UK government appointed a new head of its Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) MI6 on Friday, replacing its outgoing chief, Sir John Sawers.

03.10.2014 13:38

​HIV/Aids: Origins of killer disease rooted in colonial-era Congo
The prevalence of HIV and Aids, a disease that has infected millions across the globe, has a direct link to Western colonialism in Africa during the 20th century, a new study has found.

03.10.2014 08:40

US cameraman tests positive for Ebola in Liberia
An NBC cameraman has tested positive for Ebola in Liberia, and is being flown home to the US for treatment. It marks the fourth time a US citizen has been diagnosed with the virus in the West African country.

03.10.2014 02:25

Rash of New Jersey suicides blamed on poor bridge design
Hundreds of New Jersey families rallied over the weekend to protest multiple suicides on a bridge they say is so poorly designed it is making suicide easy.

02.10.2014 23:49

Zap out of it! Wristband gives shocks to break bad habits
A startup called Pavlok has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a wristband that electroshocks its owner to encourage him or her to exercise, eat healthily, wake up on time and stop procrastinating.

02.10.2014 10:52

‘Devastating epidemic’: MPs say UK aid cuts helped Ebola spread
UK aid cuts to West Africa’s two worst Ebola-blighted nations may have contributed to the rapid spread of the deadly virus, MPs have said. This comes as London hosts an international summit to discuss the crisis.

02.10.2014 08:06

‘Octorobot’ can swim in ocean, carry objects (VIDEO)
Not content with developing artificial crabs and jellyfish, scientists have now welcomed another sea creature to the world of aquatic robots: the octopus.

02.10.2014 03:10

US stores old fight off asteroid threats
The US is delaying the process of dismantling its old nuclear weapons over the possibility that they might be needed to defend Earth against potentially devastating asteroids, states a government report obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

02.10.2014 03:07

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