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​Glass of red wine a day is good for people with diabetes - study
Finishing each dinner with a glass of red wine might to be a good idea for people with diabetes, Israeli researchers claim. The drink appears to boost levels of “good cholesterol,” thus helping to contain the disease.

07.05.2015 12:45

​‘Cosmic barbeque’: Dying stars could give birth to DNA, study claims
American scientists have discovered that cosmic hotspots near dying stars are prime locations for forming molecular precursors to DNA. They claim life originated not just in space but also near the incredibly hot dying stars.

07.05.2015 15:15

Peek into solar system’s past: Image of dusty disk around young star shows forming planets
Scientists say they are witnessing a planetary system being formed for the first time. The team from the University of Toronto found that gaps in a disk of dust and gas around a young star were actually made by forming planets.

07.05.2015 09:00

New stem cell may eventually generate human organs in animals, save millions of lives
Scientists have discovered a novel kind of stem cell that could one day generate cells and tissues for any kind of organ in the human body – a development that may potentially help the 30 Americans who die every day due to a shortage of organ donors.

06.05.2015 23:47

Watch out Peter Parker! Spiders spin graphene ‘super silk’ in Italian lab
It’s no secret that spider’s silk is incredibly strong, despite its delicate appearance. But the material becomes even tougher when infused with graphene or carbon nanotubes, creating silk which could have superior characteristics.

06.05.2015 16:05

Mankind’s missing microbe-link found in deep sea – study
The bed of the northern Atlantic Ocean is home to a previously unknown group of microorganisms that scientists suppose to be a link between the first simple cells and complex creatures, including human beings.

06.05.2015 17:42

Aquatic Facebook junkees: Dolphins have complex social networks & communities
If there were computers under the sea, then perhaps dolphins would have their own versions of Facebook and Twitter. The animals, long known to be extremely sociable creatures, have highly complex and dynamic friends networks, a new study found.

06.05.2015 19:28

Can chocolate & cakes steal your memory? High blood sugar increases risk of Alzheimer's, new study claims
Got a sweet tooth? Think twice before eating too much cake or chocolate. A new study shows that high levels of blood sugar may be the cause of the killer Alzheimer's disease.

06.05.2015 15:42

Carat clue? African plant points to diamonds beneath ground, scientist says
Diamond prospectors in West Africa finally have a clue where to look for the ‘girl’s best friend’. A US researcher believes that one particular plant could be “an unusual botanical indicator” which grows where there may be diamonds beneath the soil.

06.05.2015 11:11

How do you shower on ISS? Astronaut's guide to bathing in orbit (VIDEO)
How do you take a shower in space? In case you were planning a stay on the International Space Station, an Italian astronaut has released a video showing exactly that, step by step.

05.05.2015 15:47

Revamped Large Hadron Collider smashes first photons after 2-yr break
The world’s largest particle smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHR), has finally smashed photons together after a two year repair and maintenance program, the European physics lab CERN said.

05.05.2015 20:45

​'Obesity paradox': Overweight type-2 diabetes patients outlive thinner ones, study says
Doctors have warned about the risks of being overweight for decades, but a new study has revealed that a few extra pounds may be beneficial to those with type-2 diabetes. It found that patients who are overweight, but not obese, outlive slimmer ones.

05.05.2015 10:14