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The perfect storm: ‘Brown ocean effect’ threatens disaster for Texas residents
Texas is already soaked after an unprecedented amount of rainfall in May. However, things could get even worse. Tropical Storm Bill made landfall on Tuesday, but rather than weaken, it could actually gain in power due to the ‘brown ocean effect.’

16.06.2015 18:57

Battle of the sexes: Scientists prove women ARE stronger than men
Women often live longer than men. However, this is not down to males working or drinking too much, rather it’s due to DNA inherited from their mothers. Genetic experts call this the “mother’s curse” as the defective genes can cause health problems in men.

16.06.2015 16:20

UK tornado capital of the world? Britain has most twisters per square mile, scientists discover
Britain experiences more tornadoes per square mile than any other country in the world, scientists have found.

16.06.2015 14:06

​'Distant pass': Icarus asteroid to sail past Earth in closest approach for 75yrs
The asteroid Icarus will breeze past Earth on Tuesday at a “distant pass” of five million miles. It will be the asteroid's last fly-by until the year 2090.

16.06.2015 15:24

First ever time-lapse of white blood cell dying helps scientist discover new immune alert system (VIDEO)
Australian and American scientists have recorded for the first time ever the death of a human white blood cell, ascertaining that the dying cell tries to warn the immune system of a pathogen’s presence.

15.06.2015 13:42

Fracking to blame? Alabama earthquakes occurring near shale-gas developments
More than a dozen minor earthquakes have struck western Alabama’s Greene County since November. The area is near the Black Warrior Basin, where thousands of hydraulic fracturing natural gas wells have been operating in recent years.

15.06.2015 16:13

‘Ethically risky’: Switzerland votes to screen embryos for genetic defects
Almost 62 percent of Swiss voters have given their support to genetic screening of embryos. This will allow embryos conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization to be tested for genetic defects and diseases before they are implanted.

15.06.2015 12:55

'Groundbreaking' cure for deadly asbestos-related cancer could be near
A Kiwi professor has developed a new treatment that has already saved one man's life and could possibly help thousands more defeat mesothelioma – an aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. The disease results in death shortly after diagnosis.

15.06.2015 05:39

Smash & grab: ‘Hand of Man’ robot wrecks cars at Moscow Geek Picnic (VIDEO)
The Hand of Man, made from scrap metal, was a star attraction at the Geek Picnic festival in the Russian capital, where it effortlessly pulverized a bunch of automobiles.

14.06.2015 12:56

Scientists emerge from 8 months of simulated life on Mars
Six scientists, who took part in the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation project by living in secluded space modules on a Hawaii volcano for eight months, have finally emerged from their isolation.

14.06.2015 12:24

Philae comet probe wakes up, reports after 7 months without contact - ESA
The lander Philae, dropped onto the surface of Comet 67P by the Rosetta spacecraft, has reawakened and reported back, the European Space Agency says. Philae has been out of contact for the past 7 months.

14.06.2015 11:31

​‘He’s smiling big’: First penis transplant recipient impregnates girlfriend
A South African man who received the world’s first-ever successful penile transplant conceived a baby with his partner just weeks after the operation, to the surprise of his doctors.

12.06.2015 21:02