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Curiosity rover marks its first Martian year with selfie
The Curiosity rover has taken a selfie to commemorate the completion of its first Martian year. NASA’s research robot landed on the Red Planet 687 Earth days ago.

24.06.2014 17:00

Climate change could cost US $700 billion by year 2100 – report
If the United States and the world fail to adequately respond to climate change, a new report estimates Americans could be staring down tens of billions of dollars in damages annually, in addition to other negative economic consequences.

24.06.2014 14:41

Key to ultra-rare genetic disorders? Scientists create face recognition software for better diagnosis
New breakthrough face recognition software by Oxford University researchers may soon help diagnose rare genetic conditions and even give hints about ultra-rare genetic disorders.

24.06.2014 14:52

Upside-down drive: NASA tests under-ice space rover
A NASA space rover to be sent to Jupiter's moon Europa has had its first run in Alaska. The tiny machine is designed to travel on underwater ice.

24.06.2014 12:33

'God particle' teaches that Universe should have ceased to exist
A refitted Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being readied to delve deeper into the secrets of the Universe’s structure, a new British scientists’ model considering Higgs boson data claims the Universe should have collapsed immediately after the Big Bang.

24.06.2014 05:09

Dinosaur skeleton as old as 120mn years discovered in Siberia
A well-preserved dinosaur’s skeleton, presumably between 100 and 120 million years old, has been dug up in Russia’s Kemerovo Region in Western Siberia. Paleontologists believe they have found Psittacosaurus sibiricus.

24.06.2014 04:14

Autism, developmental delays linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy - study
Exposure to several common agricultural pesticides during pregnancy increases the risk of developmental delays and autism in children by two-thirds, a new study found. While researchers did not say pesticides cause autism, a direct link is plausible.

23.06.2014 22:20

US military acquires X-ray guns
The company behind the backscatter imaging technology rampant in American airports is back with a new invention: a handheld X-ray “gun” capable of seeing through various types of material.

23.06.2014 18:05

NASA plans to colonize Mars
NASA may not be planning to put a human on Mars until the 2030s, but the agency’s top scientist said colonizing the planet is a key part of its agenda – as well as its search for extraterrestrial life.

23.06.2014 17:12

Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics
Scientists have simulated time travel by using particles of light acting as quantum particles sent away and then brought back to their original space-time location. This is a huge step toward marrying two of the most irreconcilable theories in physics.

23.06.2014 06:11

‘Mystery island’ on Saturn moon’s methane sea puzzles scientists
A strange object, dubbed a “mystery island,” has appeared briefly on images of a methane sea on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Studying the images, taken by the spacecraft Cassini, astronomers came up with four possible explanations.

23.06.2014 10:37

Magnetizing: ESA sats grab Earth’s ever-changing magnetic field (VIDEO)
The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Swarm space mission has begun mapping one of the most mysterious aspects of our planet: Earth’s magnetic field.

22.06.2014 14:21

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