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‘Get Me Off Your F*cking Mailing List’: Sham paper accepted by science journal
A dummy research paper worth an honorary Ig Nobel and titled ‘Get Me Off Your F*cking Mailing List’ has been accepted for publication by an open-access science journal.

26.11.2014 09:46

Fighting deadly flab: Half a million cancers a year caused by obesity – WHO
Obesity and being overweight are to blame for at least half a million cases of cancer a year, says the World Health Organization's cancer research agency. Women are especially at risk, and the problem is most serious in North America.

26.11.2014 08:00

Old analogue TV frequencies should turned into free ‘super WiFi’, scientists say
Old television frequencies should be used to create new bandwidths for a super-frequency WiFi to prevent overloading of the mobile networks and boost the economy, instead of being auctioned off to the highest bidder, say German scientists.

25.11.2014 14:23

Grey matter: Scientists find link between Alzheimer's and schizophrenia
British scientists have identified a weak spot in the human brain for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, revealing a connection between the two diseases.

25.11.2014 09:52

Cup of ISSpresso & other space novelties
The first female Italian astronaut has taken the first coffee machine to space, so now the ISS crew can start their morning with a cup of espresso. Take a look at other devices that make life in Earth's orbit more fun.

24.11.2014 12:18

Finding Nemo monster is real: Rare black seadevil caught on video
A nightmare-inducing sea creature made famous in ‘Finding Nemo’ was caught on video in the depths of the ocean for the first time. Scientists believe global warming is affecting its environment, bringing the rare anglerfish species to shallower waters.

24.11.2014 21:40

Homegrown: Chile's marijuana moms break law, desperate to rid epileptic kids of pain
Some 100 frantic Chilean parents are knowingly breaking the law by growing marijuana as an absolute last resort to keep their epileptic children from enduring excruciating pain. It’s not legal, but they don’t see another way, as the government is no help.

24.11.2014 09:17

Plant-based gel can seal bleeding wounds instantaneously (VIDEO)
A New York based startup has developed a gel capable of sealing even the most severe bleeding wounds in mere seconds. The plant-based polymer is on the course to save human lives after already being tested in veterinarian use on animals.

23.11.2014 01:45

James Bond-inspired laser watch burns plastic and lights matches (VIDEO)
One man’s invention might have just eclipsed the smart watch: behold the James-Bond-inspired laser watch! It blows stuff up from meters away. Its German creator is already renowned for recreating Spiderman’s web shooter and Iron Man’s rocket glove.

22.11.2014 14:44

Supermassive black holes could be part of an interstellar cosmic web
Astronomers have discovered that the black holes at the center of some galaxies are strangely aligned with other black holes across billions of light years in distance. The remarkable discovery implies the makings of an interstellar cosmic web.

22.11.2014 04:15

Car-hacked: Cyber-criminals could target driverless vehicles, cause chaos – expert
Driverless vehicles will require tough protection from hackers attempting to hijack them and create chaos on Britain’s roads, cyber security experts warn.

21.11.2014 14:22

NASA rover to probe mysterious 'pink cliffs' to grasp Mars formation
NASA’s Mars rover appears to have struck gold. A strange ledge at the base of Mt. Sharp exposes sediment layers that could hold clues to how the entire planet was formed. They are said to be the original reason for the agency’s choice for survey location.

21.11.2014 11:50