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Antibiotic-resistant superbug has spread to majority of US states – CDC
The intestinal bug shigella sonnei has spread via international travelers to 32 states and Puerto Rico, US health officials say. The bacteria has largely resisted the main drugs used to combat it.

03.04.2015 18:17

‘Blood Moon’ rises: Total lunar eclipse over the US
The moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow and turn blood-red in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, in a brief total eclipse best visible from the western part of the US.

03.04.2015 17:32

Mars in 39 days? US company wins NASA grant to try & reach Red Planet
A US company may have the solution to get humans to Mars in just over a month. They have been given a grant by NASA to try and achieve this. The space agency is pinning its hopes on the Vasimr rocket, which aims to reach the Red Planet in a mere 39 days.

03.04.2015 14:30

Israel will mobilize all ‘friends and assets’ to try and derail Iran nuclear deal
Although Israel will mobilize all resources to try and derail Iran’s nuclear deal, Washington’s allies in the Middle East will eventually have to adjust to a new reality, Daoud Khairallah, Professor of International Law at Georgetown University, told RT.

03.04.2015 01:44

Iran deal threatens ‘survival of Israel’, increases risk of ‘horrific war’ – Netanyahu
A nuclear deal with Iran based on current framework will “threaten the survival of Israel”, said PM Benjamin Netanyahu, warning it would increase the risk of a “horrific war.”

02.04.2015 23:14

‘Polio-like’ enterovirus could be behind paralysis of over 100 children – study
More than 100 children in 34 states developed polio-like paralysis in an arm or a leg since a respiratory outbreak last August. A study published in The Lancet medical journal said a strain of enterovirus D68 is probably the leading culprit.

02.04.2015 02:29

‘Second-hand smog’ from Asia found in California
Severe drought is not the only culprit in California’s air quality woes. At least ten percent of ozone pollution in San Joaquin Valley originated outside the state, including particles from as far as Asia, researchers have found.

01.04.2015 19:09

‘Robohand’: 7yo girl gets 3D-printed prosthesis
A young girl has acquired a fresh perspective about wearing a prosthetic limb since she was able to help design the device through 3D technology - and for just $50 dollars.

01.04.2015 08:34

DARPA to test 'submarine' drone that takes off from the ocean
This year, the Pentagon’s advanced research projects department will start testing their new “submarine” drone, which can lie in wait on the ocean floor for years before ever being launched into the skies.

01.04.2015 03:04

‘Flying gas stations’ could enable super long-haul flights of the future, say scientists
Flying gas stations could enable long haul flights to cover much greater distances and improve energy efficiency, a European research project has suggested.

31.03.2015 15:09

Pesticides on fruits and vegetables could account for 49 percent loss in sperm
A major study of men’s sperm found that those who ate regular quantities of fruit and vegetables that had pesticide residue on them had half the sperm count of men who ate less, a new study showed.

31.03.2015 03:48

Insects, lizard tongue inspire robots of the future
Seeking inspiration in nature and using 3D printing, one automation company has created ants, flying butterflies and a lizard-inspired gripper arm that may be the future of robotics.

30.03.2015 20:52