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​Cosmic fireworks: Colorful pyrotechnics on display in a galaxy near ours
Some 23 million light years away, a nearby spiral galaxy is spinning like a pinwheel in space, putting on a fireworks display of truly galactic proportions.

03.07.2014 13:25

Overfishing and pollution: Caribbean coral reefs may disappear in 20 years
Caribbean coral reefs are on course to disappear “in the next 20 years” because overfishing and pollution is killing off grazers such as parrot fish and sea urchins which are vital for their survival, a new environmental report claims.

02.07.2014 16:37

‘Mysterious’ meteorite may shed light on explosion of life on Earth
Researchers have discovered a fossilized space rock that stands out against anything seen before. It may advance the understanding of the asteroid clash that triggered off the diversity boom of life on early Earth.

02.07.2014 15:58

‘Humdinger’: Swine flu virus which killed half-million modified to 'incurable'
A controversial flu researcher has modified the flu virus responsible for the 2009 pandemic to allow it evade the human immune system. His lab’s previous works include recreating the Spanish flu and making a deadly bird flu strain highly transmittable.

02.07.2014 08:54

You ain’t seen nothin’ Yeti! Scientists search for Bigfoot DNA
It’s a Yeti! It’s Bigfoot! No, it’s just your run-of-the-mill animal. So say the dozens of DNA samples linked to sightings of the mythical monsters, which were tested by an Oxford geneticist hopeful to find legends lurking in the mist.

02.07.2014 00:03

​GM blood cells to protect tomorrow’s soldiers from bioweapons?
Blood transfusions containing genetically engineered cells could be the future of countering germ warfare, according to new research sponsored by DARPA, which hopes modified blood cells could help neutralize biological toxins deployed against soldiers.

02.07.2014 02:05

Fracking industry fumes as researchers reveal high levels of leaking methane
The latest drilling techniques for obtaining gas, which drill horizontally as opposed to the more traditional vertical drilling, shows a higher rate of leaking methane, according to a study that could spell problems for fracking across the nation.

01.07.2014 08:29

​US spy agency trying to develop computers that think like humans
A little-known US intelligence research agency hopes to revolutionize the machine mind by finding firms capable of writing computer algorithms nearly identical to those implemented by the human brain.

30.06.2014 12:14

‘Supercool’ organs preserved 3 times longer for transplants
A new "supercooling" system found to preserve rat livers for up to four days – three times longer than before – could revolutionize the system of organ donation and save hundreds of lives each year.

30.06.2014 07:41

'Bad chute' sours NASA 'flying saucer' test launch (VIDEO)
NASA has tested its saucer-shaped device for a Mars landing. The vehicle soared above the Pacific and splashed down after several hours. A malfunctioning parachute marred the last stages of the largely successful mission.

29.06.2014 08:48

It drives and opens doors: Google to sell humanoid robot (VIDEO)
Internet giant Google is gearing up to sell a humanoid robot that can run, climb and even drive a car. The cutting edge machine had been competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge before being sold off to commercial enterprise.

29.06.2014 08:44

Facebook manipulated users' emotions as part of psychological experiment – study
Facebook conducted a psychological experiment on its users by manipulating their emotions without their knowledge, a new study reveals.

28.06.2014 17:45

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