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Crawling robo-crab seeks to revolutionize underwater exploration (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Crabster, designed to scuttle across the ocean floor and survive strong ocean currents and tides just like a real crustacean, has all the chances to be the world’s largest and most agile underwater walking robot, its project team boasts.

01.04.2014 17:36

Following more than 100 aftershocks, Californians fear ‘The quake from Hell’
Experts now fear that the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked Southern California on Friday evening could be a mere sampling of what’s to come if more seismic activity occurs along the Puente Hills thrust fault.

01.04.2014 14:12

Diet soda consumption associated to heart disease - study
Americans have developed a taste for diet soda, which can provide them with an extra kick without the extra calories but, according to new research, if they consume more than two drinks a day it could put them at higher risk of heart disease.

01.04.2014 03:38

China eyes ‘global monitoring network’ of surveillance satellites
To compensate the frustration over the endless search for missing the Malaysian airliner, Chinese scientists have doubled efforts to promote their project of a huge satellites network, which will enable Beijing to monitor the whole world.

01.04.2014 00:40

Smart psychoanalysis: What your metadata can tell the NSA about you
Although the NSA is expected to cut down metadata collection, the telecom groups will still keep all the records. It seems like nothing personal, but the technical character of phone calls could surprise with the abundance of hidden material.

30.03.2014 16:52

​Google Flu Trends: Grossly misleading or misunderstood science?
Google’s revolutionary Flu Trends system, which purports to predict outbreaks with startling precision, has been slowly derailing over the years, giving faulty information because of its flawed algorithms, scientists have found.

29.03.2014 13:52

Breakthrough: First chromosome designed from scratch
For the first time ever, scientists have constructed a complex chromosome from scratch, a breakthrough they hope will lead to further progress in the development of new medicine and biofuels.

28.03.2014 20:01

Deadly Ebola now ‘a regional threat’, as virus spreads to Guinea capital
The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus said to have already claimed 63 lives in rural Guinea has now spread to the West African nation’s capital, Conakry, with the Health Ministry ringing the alarm and officials calling it a “threat to regional security.”

28.03.2014 05:13

States unite to fight fracking-linked earthquakes
As concerns over fracking-induced earthquakes mount, regulators from four US states met for the first time in March to discuss limiting the risk posed by the controversial practice.

27.03.2014 17:02

Highly powerful new biofuel could change rocket engines forever
Scientists have scored a breakthrough in high-energy biofuels by producing a bacterium that synthesizes highly-efficient pinene, a hydrocarbon made by trees. It could soon replace existing alternatives and usher in a new era of rocket engines.

27.03.2014 06:01

Dwarf planet ‘Biden’ identified in an unlikely region of our solar system
Astronomers believe they have discovered a dwarf planet beyond Pluto, 7 billion miles from Earth. The new discovery is already causing scientists to reconsider everything they know about our solar system.

27.03.2014 01:45

First-of-its-kind medical marijuana law signed in Utah
​The Republican governor of Utah has signed a bill that will allow children suffering from severe epileptic seizures to be legally prescribed a marijuana extract for medicinal purposes.

26.03.2014 14:33