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Three super-Earths discovered in habitable zone of same star ‘for the first time’
Astronomers have found a record number of super-Earths orbiting in the habitable zone of a known star, 22 light years away from Earth. The planets, which have three suns, have one side illuminated at all times while the other is submerged in darkness.

25.06.2013 19:03

Bigger, brighter: ‘Supermoon’ graces skies (PHOTOS)
People around the globe have witnessed the biggest and brightest full moon of the year on the night of June 22-23 as the moon reached its closest point to Earth.

22.06.2013 14:39

Thousands of bees die at start of National Pollinator Week
Days before National Pollinator Week, an estimated 25,000 bees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot. Some scientists attribute the mass die-off to pesticides, and worry that local crops may be affected.

21.06.2013 20:13

EPA refuses to finalize study blaming fracking for water pollution
The US Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its plans to further investigate whether or not fracking led to the contamination of a Wyoming aquifer, and the agency no longer plans to write a report on the matter.

21.06.2013 16:14

Genetic chains: Alarming new study of Monsanto feed on pigs
UK Environment officials praise GMO crops as ‘safer than conventional’ ones, but a recent study reveals more sobering evidence that the world urgently needs to ask fundamental safety questions about genetic engineering of the human food chain.

21.06.2013 12:11

Google’s chief engineer: People will soon upload their entire brains to computers
There are around 377 million results on for the query “Can I live forever?” Ask that question to company’s top engineer, though, and you’re likely to hear an answer that’s much more concise.

20.06.2013 14:37

'Nobel of agriculture' goes to Monsanto executive
Though not nearly as high profile, the annual World Food Prize award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” for agriculture, and this year’s winners - scientists with key roles in developing genetically engineered crops - may bring unwanted attention.

20.06.2013 03:45

Americans fatter than ever, obesity officially called a 'disease'
US obesity rates have reached a record high, and physicians have officially classified it as a “disease”, which will likely change the way doctors and health insurance providers treat the 28.9 percent of American adults who are severely overweight.

19.06.2013 18:42

Catbot: Swiss ‘cheetah-cub’ robot gets feline biomechanics
Swiss scientists are challenging nature, constructing a ‘cheetah-cub’ robot that imitates a cat’s movements. Though it still lacks a head for guidance and its electricity-supplying tail is way too long, it could be used for exploration and rescue.

17.06.2013 09:43

Canadian scientists use math to kill cancer
Researchers in Canada are pinning their hopes on advanced mathematics in the fight against cancer, using sophisticated models to enhance engineered viruses that home in on and destroy cancerous cells.

15.06.2013 03:27

Chemical, used by Monsanto, found in urine of Europeans - study
Residents of 18 European states have been tested positively to traces of glyphosate, a globally used weed killer, the study says. It remains unclear how the chemical used on Monsanto GMO crops got in people’s bodies.

14.06.2013 17:20

Monsanto hit with class action lawsuits in mystery GMO wheat case
American Farmers have launched two class action lawsuits against biotech giant Monsanto following the discovery of unapproved genetically modified wheat growing in the Pacific Northwest. According to farmers, the company’s negligence has ruined sales.

12.06.2013 22:03

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