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US and Russia help Vietnam become uranium-free
Russia and the US have facilitated shipping 16 kilograms of highly enriched uranium out of Vietnam in an effort to secure hazardous fuel that could be deployed in nukes.

03.07.2013 01:13

Rescue roaches: Scientists make cyber-critters blaze trails in disaster zones
US researchers have used video game technology to create new species of ‘cyborg cockroaches’: remote-controlled insects that could be sent over to disasters sites and used in rescue operations to track down survivors.

29.06.2013 06:37

Iran adamant on pursuing nuclear goals as Bushehr nuke plant operational again
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant was put into operation three days ago, revealed the country’s nuclear energy chief, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, adding that Tehran has no plans to curb its uranium enrichment program.

28.06.2013 15:33

Voyager-1 hits mystery zone on road to intergalactic space
Launched in 1977, the NASA Voyager spacecraft recently entered a mysterious zone located between our solar system and the great frontier of space beyond. Physicists are puzzled since their theories didn’t predict anything like it.

28.06.2013 07:21

Nuke monitors show Russian meteorite shockwave circled Earth twice in 3 days
The shockwave generated by the explosion of an asteroid over Russia’s Chelyabinsk was so powerful that it traveled some 85,000km, circling the globe twice over the course of three days, a new study says.

28.06.2013 10:41

UK ready to approve 3-person fertilization method
The UK is set to approve an artificial fertility treatment that will allow the creation of human embryos using genetic material from three parents in a bid to prevent specific birth defects. Opponents say it could lead to a “designer baby” market.

28.06.2013 00:56

Study links fracking with methane-contaminated drinking water
Household drinking water that comes from wells near known fracking sites contains levels of methane six times greater than what’s common elsewhere, a new study has found.

26.06.2013 16:50

Three super-Earths discovered in habitable zone of same star ‘for the first time’
Astronomers have found a record number of super-Earths orbiting in the habitable zone of a known star, 22 light years away from Earth. The planets, which have three suns, have one side illuminated at all times while the other is submerged in darkness.

25.06.2013 19:03

Bigger, brighter: ‘Supermoon’ graces skies (PHOTOS)
People around the globe have witnessed the biggest and brightest full moon of the year on the night of June 22-23 as the moon reached its closest point to Earth.

22.06.2013 14:39

Thousands of bees die at start of National Pollinator Week
Days before National Pollinator Week, an estimated 25,000 bees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot. Some scientists attribute the mass die-off to pesticides, and worry that local crops may be affected.

21.06.2013 20:13

EPA refuses to finalize study blaming fracking for water pollution
The US Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its plans to further investigate whether or not fracking led to the contamination of a Wyoming aquifer, and the agency no longer plans to write a report on the matter.

21.06.2013 16:14

Genetic chains: Alarming new study of Monsanto feed on pigs
UK Environment officials praise GMO crops as ‘safer than conventional’ ones, but a recent study reveals more sobering evidence that the world urgently needs to ask fundamental safety questions about genetic engineering of the human food chain.

21.06.2013 12:11

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