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Chinese icebreaker stuck after Antarctic rescue?
The Chinese icebreaker Xue Long, which helped rescue 52 passengers from the stranded Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy, is feared to be stuck in the Antarctic sea ice. An Australian icebreaker is now on standby for a potential second rescue mission.

03.01.2014 18:35

Sound wave 3Dvolution: Japanese scientists move objects using acoustic levitation
Japanese scientists have been successful in moving an object in a three-dimensional space through a complex system of acoustic levitation, surpassing previous research endeavors that lifted the objects in two dimensions.

02.01.2014 23:45

Crawling gecko robot may help tend spacecraft one day (VIDEO)
Canadian researchers have built a gecko-like robot, which is able to stick to vertical surfaces by means of dry microscopic toe hair. European scientists say it could one day be deployed in space to help tend the hulls of spacecraft.

02.01.2014 18:49

​Two amazing cloudy 'super-worlds' spotted by Hubble telescope
Two teams of scientists using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have discovered thick cloud layers in the atmospheres of two nearby exoplanets: a "warm Neptune" and a super-Earth. The study could help to identify potentially habitable Earth-like planets.

02.01.2014 01:16

Passengers of ice-bound Russian ship in Antarctic rescued
All the passengers of the Russian ship Akademik Shokalsky, stuck in the Antarctic since Christmas Eve, have been rescued after a Chinese helicopter delivered them to an Australian icebreaker.

02.01.2014 06:05

Five more people infected with deadly new virus
Five more people have been infected with potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus, the World Health Organization announced, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 176, of which 74 have died.

02.01.2014 02:51

Potential Martians: Mars One selects 1,058 hopefuls among 200,000 applicants
The Mars One project has announced the selection of 1,058 hopefuls from over 200,000 applicants to become potential “human ambassadors” on the Red Planet. Eventually, no more than 40 people will be selected to go Mars to never return.

31.12.2013 19:22

Sun ‘flips upside down’ while reversing magnetic poles
The sun has undergone a “complete field reversal,” with its north and south poles changing places as it marks the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24.

30.12.2013 17:35

Twitter feed warns Australian swimmers when sharks are nearby
Beach-goers swimming on the coast of Western Australia now have less cause to scan the horizon for a dorsal fin before wading into the water, thanks to a new Twitter feed that alerts them when a shark is lurking nearby.

28.12.2013 00:10

Professor resigns after falsified AIDS vaccine study wins $19mn grant
An Iowa State University professor has resigned after admitting that he falsified AIDS research. The academic claimed he had discovered that rabbit blood could be used as a vaccine for the virus.

27.12.2013 22:32

2013 saw fewest weather disasters in recent history - but will luck hold?
The year 2013 was historically kind to the US, with tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, and other weather-related disasters occurring at near-record infrequency. Still, meteorologists say that global temperatures have continued to rise.

27.12.2013 20:08

NSA can easily find individuals hidden in metadata - study
In defending the NSA's surveillance policies, many have cited the agency's claim that it merely collects phone numbers dialed, lengths of calls, and other metadata. Yet researchers now say the NSA can identify individuals in that vast collection of data.

26.12.2013 20:02