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Ben & Jerry’s joins Vermont’s fight for GMO labeling
As Vermont gears up to defend its first-in-the-nation labeling law concerning food that contains genetically modified organisms, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s is teaming up with the state to help raise money for the cause.

17.06.2014 16:36

Freak anomaly: Low-seismic Alaska area shaken by mysterious series of quakes
A swarm of identical earthquakes has hit Alaska – taking place in the same low-seismicity area in the northwest, all at the same 5.7 magnitude. The fifth and latest event took place on Monday, leaving scientists puzzled.

17.06.2014 08:56

Canadians invent weed breathalyzer to catch drivers
Smoking marijuana and driving will now make you just as visible to the police as a drunk-driver, thanks to a former Canadian cop’s idea – the weed breathalyzer. He believes only fear of punishment will get Canadians to readjust their attitude.

17.06.2014 05:57

Astronomers discover sister to Earth’s sun
As part of a search into the origins of our galaxy, astronomers at the University of Texas have identified what they believe to be a sister to the Earth’s sun.

16.06.2014 18:40

Genetically modified ‘super banana’ to be tested on Americans
A vitamin-enhanced ‘super-banana’ developed by scientists is to be tested on humans. The trials are to take place in the US over a six-week period. Researchers aim to start growing the fruit in Uganda by 2020.

16.06.2014 15:05

Incurable chikungunya virus spreads in US, at least 6 states affected
US health officials are on high alert as a mosquito-borne virus that yet has no cure has struck six of the US states. The virus called chikungunya causes severe joint pain which can last for years.

15.06.2014 08:52

NASA ‘smells’ Saturn’s moon Titan, finds it ‘aromatic’
The US space agency has come up with a recipe that captures key flavors of Saturn’s moon Titan – out of a need to understand a previously unidentified chemical composition hidden beyond its orange haze.

14.06.2014 11:24

​NASA’s ‘aquanauts’ to live underwater to test new tech
NASA will test out new space exploration technology – including some used for asteroid landings – by having its teams live on the ocean floor off Florida coast for extended periods of time in two upcoming summer missions.

14.06.2014 07:24

​3D printer cleared for lift-off to ISS in August
NASA has cleared a 3D printer for launch to the International Space Station in August. The decision follows trials at Marshall Space Flight Center in the state of Alabama. The printer was developed by California start-up Made in Space.

13.06.2014 19:51

​‘Underground oceans’ potentially have 3 times more water than surface - study
A scientific study has revealed an enormous reservoir with three times the volume of all the oceans combined in Earth’s mantle. The discovery could shed light on the origin of the planet’s oceans and seas.

13.06.2014 12:43

​Scientists recreate extinct Spanish flu virus that killed over 50 million
The extinct influenza virus that caused over 50 million deaths a century ago has been replicated from avian flu present in wild ducks. Scientists are seeking to study how such a virus could lead to a new pandemic.

13.06.2014 01:47

Stunning Hubble time-lapse of stellar explosion (VIDEO)
For the third time this month, the team operating the Hubble Space Telescope is dropping jaws across the world, this time with a time-lapse video of an exploding star that spans four years.

12.06.2014 18:43