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Curvy, hot & pink: NASA shows smallest-yet imaged exoplanet
Meet GJ 504b, a cute-looking Jupiter-sized planet, currently the lowest-mass celestial body outside of solar system, which astronomers managed to image directly.

09.08.2013 12:27

Scientists say Jupiter moon landing best shot at finding habitable world
New research indicates Jupiter’s moon Europa is the most likely spot in our solar system to support life outside of the Earth, and NASA is currently developing a mission to explore the planet's icy shell and a subsurface ocean that may resemble our own.

09.08.2013 00:08

Pentagon doctors claim military suicides not related to combat
Deployments to war zones and combat exposure have no effect on military suicides and fail to explain the increase in self-inflicted deaths that occurred from 2001 to 2008, according to a new medical study which contradicts previous research.

07.08.2013 18:27

‘Talks not threats’: Iran to watch US actions rather than words on nuclear negotiations
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that while he is determined to resolve the spat with the West over the country’s disputed nuclear program, he will judge the US on its actions – not its words - as it introduces a new set of sanctions.

06.08.2013 19:08

Sun dial-down: Looming weak solar max may herald frosty times
The current solar activity cycle, possibly the weakest in 100 years, is approaching its maximum. This may signal a future low period for the sun, probably not unlike the one that caused the so-called Little Ice Age from the mid-16th to mid-19th centuries.

06.08.2013 13:33

Moon wars: Muslim scholars clash with space observatory over lunar calendar
Muslim scholars in the Caucasus are locked in a heated dispute with scientists at Azerbaijan’s Shamakhi Observatory – over the lunar cycle. They say an opinion of the faithful wasn’t taken into account when “setting the date” for the next new moon.

06.08.2013 12:30

Chelyabinsk meteorite may have gang of siblings – study
The Chelyabinsk meteorite that hit Russia in February, injuring over a thousand, may have stemmed from a massive cluster of rocks which broke off from a disintegrating asteroid thousands of years ago, a new study claims.

05.08.2013 12:44

‘Robohope’: Talking robot sent to ISS to ‘get along’ with humans (VIDEO)
A small Japanese robot, Kirobo, that boasts the abilities to talk, recognize voice and emotions, as well as to learn, has been sent to the International Space Station. Kirobo says his mission is a historic attempt to befriend robots and humans.

04.08.2013 11:42

Astronomers discover comets in asteroid belt that can revive after millions of years
Astronomers have discovered a ‘comet graveyard’ within the Solar system’s asteroid belt, consisting of ‘Lazarus comets’ that could jump back to life after having been inactive for millions of years.

03.08.2013 12:17

Spill-over threat: Fukushima radioactive groundwater rises above barrier level
Radioactive groundwater at the Japanese crippled nuclear plant has risen to levels above a barrier built to try and contain it – with risks of spilling over and reaching the ocean, Japanese media report.

03.08.2013 15:51

FDA ban on gay blood donors outdated, discriminatory - US lawmakers
US lawmakers are calling on the Department of Health and Human Services to end the ban on blood donations from homosexual men, a prohibition enacted thirty years ago during the height of the HIV/AIDS scare in America.

03.08.2013 03:03

Illinois becomes 20th state to legalize medicinal marijuana as reform continues
Marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use in Illinois, making it the twentieth state in the US that permits individuals with serious diseases, including HIV and multiple sclerosis, to buy the drug in limited quantities.

02.08.2013 21:09

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