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UK to claim over 2,900kg of foreign waste plutonium
Britain is going to take ownership of 2,950 kg of waste plutonium that it has been storing at Sellafield nuclear facility for European companies and may reprocess it into fuel for a new generation of nuclear plants yet to be built, officials said.

23.04.2013 19:10

Dutch reality show seeks volunteers for a getaway to the first human colony on Mars
Dutch company ‘Mars One’ has launched an official selection program for volunteers from all nations for a reality show to fly, live and die on Mars.

23.04.2013 13:51

NASA finds three super-earths in stars’ habitable zones
NASA’s Kepler space telescope has discovered three planets that may be able to support life, while one of them is the most earth-like world spotted to date, scientists say.

20.04.2013 19:37

ExxonMobil keeping quiet as Mayflower residents report increasing health problems
As the cleanup of the March 29 ExxonMobil spill in Arkansas continues, eyewitness reports of environmental and public health consequences are beginning to emerge - despite notable near-silence from the oil giant and local authorities on the matter.

17.04.2013 22:46

US medical system lets hospitals profit from botched surgeries, extra care
American hospitals are financially discouraged from properly caring for their patients because, as a new study reveals, surgical complications and extra medical care result in higher profits generated from insurance companies.

17.04.2013 03:24

Russians to simulate Mars colonization in US desert
Team Russia is arriving in the US on Tuesday to join an international simulated Mars colonization project. Starting on April 20, a Russian crew of six will spend two weeks in conditions similar to those they can expect to experience on the Red Planet.

15.04.2013 13:54

British ‘Pig 26’ in drive to create disease-resistant GM animals
Scientists at the Roslin Institute, the birthplace of Dolly the cloned sheep, have announced a milestone in a project to produce animals resistant to infections - they created the first genetically modified pig using a new technique of "gene editing".

15.04.2013 19:16

Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic
A leaked study examining genetically-modified corn reveals that the lab-made alternative to organic crops contains a startling level of toxic chemicals.

15.04.2013 16:19

Bioengineering breakthrough? US researchers successfully implant lab-grown rat kidney
US researchers have grown a working rat kidney in a lab, and successfully transplanted it into a living animal. The discovery may herald a scientific breakthrough, bringing scientists closer to being able to grow kidneys for humans.

15.04.2013 07:40

Nuclear waste barrels remain strewn across floor of English Channel - report
German journalists have found barrels of radioactive waste in an underwater valley in the English Channel, which were dumped there half a century ago. Politicians in Germany have called for the potentially harmful containers to be removed.

12.04.2013 19:03

Saturn’s rings ‘showering’ on its atmosphere
Saturn's magnetic field is causing ‘rain’ of ionized water particles to shower from the planet’s rings into its atmosphere causing their destruction, a study shows.

April 12, 2013 21:18

Pentagon’s DARPA preparing to equip robots with ‘real’ brains
Is the Pentagon trying to freaks us all out, or do they just want to give zombies something to eat? The Department of Defense is reportedly almost finished building robots with “real” brains.

12.04.2013 17:28

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