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Big Bang in HD: Astronomers map universe origin
The most detailed map yet of the afterglow of the Big Bang has been revealed by the European Space Agency (ESA). The cosmological chart has shed further light on when exactly the universe began, what it is made of and where it is going.

21.03.2013 14:56

Placebo effective: UK doctors admit to prescribing inactive substances
An overwhelming majority of British doctors admitted to having prescribed placebo treatments to their patients, new research reveals. They count on a psychological benefit or seek to reassure their clients on their state of heath.

21.03.2013 09:24

Russian-American physicist gets $3mn prize
Physicist Alexander Polyakov has been awarded $3 million as recognition for his scientific achievements. The Fundamental Physics Prize is the most lucrative scientific award, with three times the Nobel Prize-money.

21.03.2013 07:36

NASA brings stargazers down to earth, disputing Voyager 1 success
The long-awaited and recently announced departure of NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft from our solar system may have hit a significant roadblock, after NASA urged people not to pop the champagne just yet, on the back of conflicting evidence.

20.03.2013 18:51

Soda kills 180,000 people a year
Your sweet tooth could be deadly: researchers have found that 25,000 people died from drinking sugary beverages in the US in 2010 – and 180,000 have died worldwide. The data presents new evidence on the public health hazard triggered by artificial drinks.

20.03.2013 18:41

Thing and a prayer: NASA chief says Earth defenseless in asteroid strike
If an unknown large meteor or asteroid were on a collision course with Earth, NASA chief Charles Bolden told a US House of Representatives Science Committee hearing Tuesday, then praying is all America or anyone else could do.

20.03.2013 14:45

Mars mishap: Technical glitch halts NASA rover
A computer systems hiccup has left the Mars rover Curiosity out of action after the probe detected the first chemical evidence of possible alien life. The rover was sidelined earlier this month following a first bout of technical troubles.

19.03.2013 08:46

UK smallpox terror threat downgraded after nearly £80mn ‘wasted’ on vaccine
One of the UK’s preeminent scientists has denounced the wasting of some £80 million on smallpox vaccines. The terrorist threat of the disease – now confined to laboratories – has been changed following repeated studies showing low infection risks.

17.03.2013 06:23

HIV treatment ‘functionally cures’ 14 early diagnosed patients
Fourteen people were “functionally cured” of HIV through rapid treatment after early diagnosis, giving hope to those infected. The French study results come less than two weeks after a baby was effectively cured after early treatment in the US.

15.03.2013 13:45

‘God particle’ confirmed: CERN says data ‘strongly indicates’ Higgs boson found
It is now almost certain the subatomic particle that brings together everything in the universe has been found, CERN scientists announced on Thursday. Latest analysis of data from the Large Hadron Collider proves that the Higgs boson actually exists.

14.03.2013 17:12

Space watch: Joint asteroid guard to be set up in Russia
The days of asteroids blasting Russia are numbered. In less than a decade, the country is expected to have a functioning space threats defense that would be able track incoming menaces – and even prevent a large-scale disaster.

13.03.2013 10:59

Window into Big Bang: World’s largest ground-based telescope can see the birth of stars (PHOTOS)
Detailed visions of star and planet formation, hidden from the eyes of modern optics, will be soon shown by the ground breaking ALMA radio telescope unveiled on Wednesday. Scientists say it will be a game changer in studying the origins of our universe.

13.03.2013 13:23

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