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Man-made climate change to cause more English heat waves – scientists
Record hot years in England are expected to increase further over coming years because of man-made climate change, scientists say.

01.05.2015 12:52

Wave of future: 3D printing industry to quadruple by 2020
3D printing can produce almost everything from human stem cells to a car,and is at its most popular in the industry's 29–year history. It has grown by 35.2 percent in 2014 and is expected to become a $20.2 billion global industry by the end of the decade.

28.04.2015 12:40

16% of Earth’s species at risk of extinction due to climate change – report
Two new reports argue that human activity is contributing to the increasing threat facing the planet’s animals. In fact, one in six species may go extinct due to unchecked carbon emissions and our activity in Earth’s airspace.

01.05.2015 02:43

Study accuses psychologists group of complicity in CIA torture program
The American Psychologists Association, the largest professional scientific organization of its kind, was secretly complicit in the adoption of torturous interrogation tactics used by the United States against detainees, a new report suggests.

30.04.2015 16:40

​'Cynical generation': Harvard poll shows Millennials lack faith in Congress
Young Americans have little faith in the US government, with a whopping 83 percent saying they have no faith in Congress. They also distrust the nation's media establishment, according to a new Harvard poll.

30.04.2015 16:48

Robotic telescope discovers 3 super-Earths ‘very close’ to us
Three new super-Earths “unlike anything in our solar system” have been observed close to us, just 54 light years away. The scientists were aided by an advanced automated robotic telescope – a technology expected to yield much more in the coming years.

30.04.2015 11:48

​End of era: NASA's Messenger probe to meet explosive fate as it crashes into Mercury
NASA's Messenger probe has been making discoveries about Mercury since 2011, sharing that knowledge with the world. But its mission will come to an end on Thursday, with the ship expected to crash into the same planet it has so faithfully observed.

30.04.2015 11:11

Dazzling photomicrography revealed in Nikon’s annual contest (VIDEO)
Nikon has posted the scary and awesome photomicrography works that won the judges’ hearts at the 2014 Small World in Motion competition. If you too have a flair for the arts, hurry up – there’s still time to submit your 2015 entries before today finishes.

30.04.2015 06:18

‘Real breakthrough’: Discovery of nanoflares solves sun’s coronal heat mystery
What has long remained a major question for astronomers – the significant jump in the temperature of the sun’s corona in comparison to its visible surface – may have been solved by NASA scientists. A new theory suggests the heat source may be nanoflares.

29.04.2015 12:31

Space duo: Russia invites China to create joint lunar station
Moscow may team up with Beijing to create a scientific station on the Moon. The challenge for Russia is to build its own space station by 2024 to achieve its lunar exploration goals.

29.04.2015 13:06

​Pentagon insists on extension of Russian rocket engine use till 2022
The Department of Defense has asked Congress to allow Russian rocket engines to be used until 2022, in order to keep the country’s space program going. The US is partly dependent on the Russian technology for launching its satellites into orbit.

29.04.2015 15:02

Western diet causes colon cancer risk to skyrocket – new study
A new study has revealed that eating a western diet, rich in animal proteins and fats, greatly increases the risk of colon cancer, but the issue can be resolved by switching to a high-fiber African diet.

29.04.2015 13:03