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EPA criticizes State Dept’s Keystone XL pipeline conclusions
The Environmental Protection Agency said that despite the State Department’s evaluation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, it does present a “risk of spills,” pollution, and could contribute to global warming.

04.02.2015 03:04

Man fakes clinical trial, drugs & rapes over 100 women in Japan
A Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly drugging and raping over 100 women by pretending to be running a clinical trial, local police and media reported on Tuesday. The suspect reportedly filmed the assaults and sold the footage as porn online.

04.02.2015 02:45

Austerity to blame for 35% suicide surge in Greece – research
The harsh austerity measures imposed on Greece by its EU creditors led to the major spike in suicides in the country during the peak of its crisis in 2011 and 2012, a survey by the UK’s leading medical magazine said.

03.02.2015 20:06

Nearly 300 manatees invade Florida wildlife park, shut it down (VIDEO)
Hundreds of manatees took over a wildlife park on Florida’s gulf coast on Tuesday, forcing officials to close the area to swimmers and kayakers alike.

03.02.2015 23:23

Viral debate: Is measles-vaccination America’s new political issue?
The measles outbreak in the US is being blamed on anti-vaccination sentiment, and now the debate has entered the political arena. Major officials have begun to weigh in on vaccine policy and how to balance individual choice with public health concerns.

03.02.2015 16:44

‘GM is safe, green groups are not being honest’ – ex-EU scientist
Environmental campaigners are not being “honest” in their arguments against genetically modified (GM) crops, the former chief scientific adviser to the European Commission has said.

03.02.2015 14:59

Mercury levels on the rise in Hawaiian yellowfin tuna
Mercury concentrations in tuna are increasing by nearly four percent a year, according to a new University of Michigan-led study, which suggests rising atmospheric levels of toxin are to blame.

03.02.2015 03:58

Russia halts cooperation with Ukraine on nukes conversion project
Russia’s Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, has announced the suspension of project ‘Dnepr’ – a joint venture between Russia and Ukraine aimed at converting Soviet-era nuclear missiles into mechanisms for launching satellites.

03.02.2015 00:25

New technique fights aging, extends life of cultured human cells
The high vulnerability of cultured adult stem cells has posed a big problem for microbiological research. But a new technique, developed by Stanford scientists, can extend the life of cultured cells and offer clues to solving diseases and prolonging life.

03.02.2015 00:20

​Seeing stars: Traverse Solar System at speed of light (VIDEO)
Ever imagined what it would be like to traverse the Solar System at the speed of light? A newly-released animated video attempts to recreate the out-of-this-world experience.

02.02.2015 08:59

Japan launches new spy satellite (VIDEO)
Japan has placed a new spy satellite into orbit, successfully conducting this year’s first launch of the H-IIA carrier rocket. The Joho Shushu Eisei (JSE) series satellite became the fifth in Tokyo’s radar and surveillance orbit group.

01.02.2015 03:24

Spanish hospital uses stem cells to fix heart attack damage
For the first time in medical history, a hospital in Madrid has successfully treated seven patients who recently suffered heart attacks by using stem cells from donors, according to the hospital’s statement.

31.01.2015 21:06