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First mind-controlled prosthetic arm can hold egg without smashing it (VIDEO)
The world’s first amputee to receive a prosthetic arm directly connected to his bone, nerves and muscles has managed to perform highly complicated tasks, all with the power of his mind, a recent study has revealed.

12.10.2014 14:36

Scientists in Russia developing three Ebola vaccines – Health Ministry
Russian scientists are working on three potential Ebola vaccines which they expect to introduce as soon as in the next six months. One of the vaccines is “already ready for clinical trials,” Russia’s health minister Veronika Skvortsova has announced.

12.10.2014 13:50

'Steel-melting temperature, wind speed of sound': Extreme exoplanet awes astronomers
Despite temperatures that can melt steel and winds the speed of sound, an extreme exoplanet located 260 light years from Earth has vaporized water in its atmosphere, according to the most detailed-ever weather map created by the Hubble Telescope.

10.10.2014 22:23

Super-hungry black hole gobbles star at rate previously thought impossible
An “ultraluminous” black hole P13 in a remote galaxy is consuming a gas cloud belonging to a neighboring star about ten times faster than scientists previously believed was possible.

10.10.2014 15:55

Oxygen before life: Experiment creates O2 without plants
A new experiment has shown that atmospheric oxygen can be created without plant life, possibly explaining the presence of small amounts of O2 on Mars.

10.10.2014 00:39

‘Personal roller coaster’: Tesla Motors unveils electric Model S that drives itself
Elon Musk unveiled the new zero-emission Tesla Model S sedan that can drive on “autopilot”. The car has a dual motor, the option of smart technology that guides through inclement weather and prevent accidents.

10.10.2014 06:06

Diabetes breakthrough: Human stem cells altered to make insulin
In what could be a major breakthrough for diabetes treatment, scientists have discovered a way to drastically alter human embryonic stem cells, transforming them into cells that produce and release insulin.

10.10.2014 01:38

Worst Ebola epidemic in history
The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in history is threatening to spread out of West Africa and affect countries further afield. The first case was reported in Guinea on March 22.

08.10.2014 14:54

‘Blood Moon’ eclipse wows Pacific sky-gazers (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A blood-red moon has dazzled stargazers for the second time this year, presenting a spectacular view in the skies over the eastern hemisphere. The rare optical phenomenon has been best seen from Asia, Australia, North America and Russia’s Pacific region.

08.10.2014 11:08

Solar threat: Space weather center seeks to defend UK against extreme storms
A £4.6 million Space Weather Operations Centre opened in the UK on Wednesday. It was founded to protect Britain’s economy and infrastructure from severe space weather sparked by violent solar activity.

08.10.2014 08:15

NASA tests hibernation tech for future Mars mission
To dramatically cut the cost of its future manned missions to Mars, NASA is testing a sci-fi sounding technique of placing the crew in stasis. The deep sleep conditions would also reduce psychological challenges for the astronauts during the 180-day trip.

08.10.2014 00:18

VIDEO: Polyphonic German soprano does the impossible – sings 2 notes at once!
A German singer has wowed the Internet by sharing a video of her incredible alien-like talent – singing multiple notes at once, changing the fundamental note and overtones and moving them in opposite directions.

07.10.2014 10:06

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