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Man who knows how to control universe has no need for $1mln
Grigory Perelman, the mathematician who rejected a US$1 million prize for proving the Poincaré conjecture, has allegedly given a rare interview for a documentary about the present state of his chosen field of science.

28.04.2011 08:58

Apple: iPhones not tracking user location
Apple denied its iPhones track and store user locations, arguing the file on the phone is a list of nearby towers and WiFi connections in a user’s general area – not their specific location.

27.04.2011 16:23

Orbital freighter launched from Baikonur
Russian freighter spacecraft Progress M-10M with supplies for the International Space Station has been successfully launched. It has 2.6 tons of cargo onboard, including flies and seeds for scientific research.

27.04.2011 13:16

Chernobyl anniversary sparks renewed US energy debate
In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the lessons of Chernobyl are more relevant than ever and both events have reignited a debate in America over US nuclear and general energy policies.

26.04.2011 20:23

Skolkovo should become “ideology” of Russian society - Medvedev
Russia's Silicon Valley, Skolkovo, should help to promote innovative developments in the rest of the country rather than remain an “innovation paradise” on a separate territory, President Dmitry Medvedev has said.

25.04.2011 10:50

Germany lashes out at Apple over user privacy issues
Germany is requesting Apple Inc clear up a number of issues raised in regards to user data stored by its portable devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

24.04.2011 09:25

Historama, April 21
Russia's greatest 18th-century engineer and a 19th-century philanthropist are remembered in tonight’s Historama.

21.04.2011 18:54

Researchers study link between fracking, earthquakes
Two natural gas companies in Arkansas have agreed to shut down two wells as researchers study whether the fracking operations caused recently unexplained earthquakes in the area.

21.04.2011 16:54

Can’t resist drunken texts to your ex? Your phone can censor you!
A woman from Florida has created an iPhone application that keeps a close watch on its owner should he or she want to send drunken messages that would be regretted later.

21.04.2011 10:45

iPhone tracks your every movement
As rumors of a possible September release of the iPhone5 spread privacy activists are outraged with Apple following the discovery of a file on the iPhone which tracks and records the users’ location.

20.04.2011 15:46

Sukhoi Superjet systems can make up for any pilot mistake – UAC chief
With the first Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 jet delivered, RT caught up with the man charged with leading the project, United Aircraft Corporation company chief Mikhail Pogosyan.

20.04.2011 08:28

Young engineers ditch robots for money
Russia's transition to an innovation-based economy could be in jeopardy, as 90% of graduates from Moscow's leading technological universities are leaving the industry for better-paid jobs.

18.04.2011 15:01