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First signs of Internet censorship in Europe?
A fierce debate is raging in Germany after the Bundestag passed a bill imposing censorship of certain pornographic websites.

September 22, 2009 18:30

ISS crew appeal against drug addiction
The International Space Station crew address the people of Earth on the International Anti-Drug Day.

June 26, 2009 09:32

Russian man behind world-famous Tetris game
Russian researcher Alexey Pajitnov is the man who created the addictive puzzle game Tetris in Soviet times, but it wasn’t until 1996 that the rights to the world-famous video game were returned to him.

June 25, 2009 12:57

Ukranian genius memorizes Pi to 30-millionth decimal place
A Ukranian neurosurgeon, Dr. Andriy Slyusarchuk, has set a world record in memorizing large volumes of data, reciting the value of Pi to its 30-millionth decimal place.

June 24, 2009 22:39

Longest day of the year has come
Today is the longest day of the year everywhere north of the Equator – the day when astronomical summer comes to Northern Hemisphere.

June 21, 2009 19:37

Expert: nuclear facilities are vulnerable to intelligent intentional attacks
Technical expert John Large, who has often been commissioned by Greenpeace to provide technical analysis about nuclear issues, says a nuclear holocaust can come from any country that possesses nuclear technology.

June 21, 2009 11:18

Following Neil Armstrong’s giant leaps
A joint Russo-American rocket has lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida and is going to the moon. It is carrying probes to study the moon, some of which were built in Russia.

June 19, 2009 02:07

“Hamas and Hezbollah don’t need help from Russian hackers”
There’s no proof of reports of Hamas and Hezbollah hiring Russians to attack the Israeli government's websites, says Israeli journalist Yaakov Lappin.

June 18, 2009 18:16

Watch out – Russia steps into tech competition
Development of technology in Russia is set to get a new boost after President Medvedev’s visit to the headquarters of one of the world’s most popular anti-virus software – Kaspersky Lab in Moscow.

June 18, 2009 16:13

Russia’s new airliner steals the Paris Air Show
The Superjet 100's made its debut flight as its manufacturer, Sukhoi, has been busy signing up customers. It eventually hopes to build 70 planes a year in its factories.

June 17, 2009 03:31

Russia plans bigger presence on helicopter market
Russia wants a bigger slice of the helicopter market and has been rolling out its latest models for the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget.

June 16, 2009 09:54

Operation Phoenix: science fiction or science fact?
With the rapid progress of biotechnology and with more genomes being deciphered in full, scientists begin to speculate that someday we may be able to help bring extinct species back into existence.

June 16, 2009 08:03

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