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Porn prepares for the apocalypse
The population of Van Nuys, California is barely 150,000, yet the Los Angeles neighborhood is a host to all the hallmarks you’ll find along the booming Hollywood Hills.

13.09.2011 18:07

Mom fired for saving son's life
Claudia Rendon figured it would be worthwhile to take some time off of work. After all, it was to save her kid’s life. Her son Alex needed a kidney and she was an unlikely match.

13.09.2011 15:32

‘Russia is a high-tech Aladdin’s cave’
With its intellectual property, the legacy of Soviet research institutes, and some help from the UK, Russia has a good chance to expand into European high-tech markets, believes Dr. Patrick Fullick of Capital Science Connections.

12.09.2011 22:41

Congress tries to keep frankenfish out of stores
The Food and Drug Administration is looking towards approving a genetically engineered salmon for consumption in the States, but lawmakers in Congress are saying something seems fishy with the supposedly-safe test-tube trout.

12.09.2011 20:29

ACLU wins settlement over wrongful wiretap arrest
The University of Pittsburgh will award the American Civil Liberties Union nearly $50,000 for the wrongful arrest of a Pennsylvania man that was put behind bars for videotaping campus police.

08.09.2011 20:28

Obama's solar panel plant gets raided by FBI
The FBI executed an early-morning raid today on the solar panel plant that President Barack Obama swung by last year and celebrated for their green-friendly products.

08.09.2011 19:02

Maryland man fights ban on filming cops
The Police Department of the city of Baltimore are the subject of a First Amendment lawsuit that alleges that officers threatened citizens while they attempted to record a brutal beating carried out by cops.

07.09.2011 19:13

Space junk threat 'critical'
A NASA-sponsored report says the amount of space junk orbiting Earth is alarmingly high and may have reached a point where it could jeopardize all future space exploration.

02.09.2011 14:36

Obama's favorite green company calls it quits
Despite support from President Obama, a solar-panel manufacturer in California is closing its doors and laying off more than a thousand employees, citing foreign competition as the impetus that has made domestic production no longer “scalable.”

01.09.2011 21:48

London Olympics to be available in 3D
Olympic organizers and the electronics giant Panasonic plan to offer live 3D television broadcasts, for the first time in history, from next year's London Games.

31.08.2011 18:19

Russia mulls semi-unmanned missions as substitute for ISS
The Russian Federal Space Agency may in future wrap up its manned space exploration programs in favor of unmanned stations that can also be operated by cosmonauts if needed. The idea was floated after a string of Russian space launches failed.

31.08.2011 11:49

Russia’s electronic ambitions allegedly used for money laundering
The federal prosecutor's office is investigating what could be a new large-scale corruption scandal in a federal ministry.

30.08.2011 17:39