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Homeland Security gets 400 useless body scanners
Well, at least the lines should get a little shorter.

15.07.2011 20:31

Rapist gets to watch child porn from prison
A prisoner in Pierce County Washington on trial for a whole slew of sex crimes against children is being allowed to watch his homemade porno videos from behind bars.

14.07.2011 16:28

Cyber-crime precedes cyber-wars – Kaspersky
In future military conflicts there will be cyber military attacks, making the introduction of IT military units and standards a necessity, predicts security software mogul Eugene Kaspersky.

14.07.2011 08:21

Senator says News Corp. hacked 9/11 victims
A US Senator said on Tuesday that he expects to “find some criminal stuff” if the United States investigates phone hacks he alleges Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. carried out in the States.

13.07.2011 16:33

New Soyuz puts six US satellites in orbit
It was third time lucky for Russia's space agency which finally launched six US Globalstar-2 communication satellites into orbit on a modernized Soyuz-2 carrier.

13.07.2011 05:02

Google Maps causes a nightmare for New Jersey couple
Oh, Google Maps! There is so much to praise you for!

12.07.2011 17:21

Republicans trash telescope project
Republican lawmakers are looking to flush billions of dollars down the drain by pulling the plug on a NASA project that one space scholar says would be an “unmitigated disaster for cosmology.”

11.07.2011 18:36

Santorum signs anti-gay, anti-porn pledge
Cutting back on governmental spending, fighting terrorism and lowering taxes have all been key components of Rick Santorum’s presidential platform. What are the latest initiatives that the former senator is including on his campaign, though?

11.07.2011 16:18

End of shuttles signals increase in unemployment
As Americans waved bye-bye to the last space shuttle lifting off from Florida this morning, the country also bid farewell to much more.

08.07.2011 21:44

Bones and confidence grow with Soviet orthopedic technique
Russia has been renowned for its world-leading scientists and inventors over the years. In the 1950s, the Kurgan region became the center of Soviet orthopedics, when a surgeon there invented a revolutionary method of bone-restructuring.

08.07.2011 06:06

Google shuts down millions of websites
Over 11 million websites have been blacklisted and banned by Google. A massive block of websites registered for free through the subdomain have been silenced after the Internet giants have determined many of them to be unfit for the Web.

07.07.2011 16:36

“ET life inevitably exists due to universal laws, and we’ll soon discover it”
RT spoke with Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans.

07.07.2011 06:04