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All in a roe - black caviar could become cheaper
It is a luxurious delicacy for the most exquisite tastes. And yet black caviar could soon become more affordable after Russian scientists discovered a technique to harvest the eggs without killing the sturgeon.

28.02.2011 08:38

Moscow Metro to get flashier fleet of trains
Catching the metro in Moscow will soon no longer be the trip into the past that it currently is.

24.02.2011 19:06

Art and science behind the perfect kiss
It can be a peck on the cheek or a hot Hollywood-style embrace, but of all kisses, a kiss in a museum hardly seems your classic idea of romance. Yet, one Moscow museum is the perfect place to lock lips.

24.02.2011 19:01

Top Gun: Russia smashes weapon export record
Military officials reported on Thursday that Russian armament industries exported more than US$10 billion dollars of weapons last year, surpassing original estimates.

24.02.2011 08:51

Last days on the Red Planet
The final space walk of a simulated voyage to Mars will soon be underway in Moscow, before the crew pack their bags and “head back” to Earth.

22.02.2011 08:02

Russian space freighter leaves ISS
A Russian cargo spacecraft, Progress, has undocked from the International Space Station six months after its arrival.

20.02.2011 14:13

Big Brother USA is watching
From the FBI’s push to pre-wiretap new technology, to the battle over online media and WikiLeaks, the US is getting dangerously closer 24/7 spying on its people.

18.02.2011 22:33

Revolutionary railroad: atomic train being developed in Russia
Russian Railways (RZhD) and the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom) intend to create a nuclear-powered train, reports Interfax.

18.02.2011 16:06

Spacemen walk on “Mars” as mock mission reaches midpoint
Two space travelers are walking on a mock-up version of the surface of Mars – as part of a unique project simulating a trip to the Red Planet. It is the 260th day of the 520-day experiment.

18.02.2011 11:16

Strongest sun storm in years set to strike
Our planet is gearing up for its largest magnetic storm in years, which is due to arrive later on Friday. A number of scientists have warned of a possible technological disaster.

18.02.2011 06:37

A toast to my family with enemy’s skull! Or other way around?
Three skulls made into cups by Cro-Magnons, who lived in England some 14,700 years ago, have become the earliest-known such find.

17.02.2011 13:14

Russian cosmonauts imitate landing on Mars
Almost nine months of isolation, training and preparation have finally paid off, as cosmonauts have “set foot” on the Red Planet for the first time.

17.02.2011 04:49