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Millions-yr-old secrets: RT at Lake Vostok drilling (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)
Truly mind-blowing for modern science, the 20-million-year-old Antarctic lake drilling is a life-or-death trial for explorers believes RT’s correspondent Sean Thomas, who covered some research on the icy continent.

07.02.2012 15:12

Lake Vostok mystery: Alien life, global warming and Hitler's archive
Scientists, environmentalists and even World War II historians have reacted with a mixture of excitement and concern to news that Russian geologists have drilled through to a huge subglacial lake in Antarctica, some 20 million years old.

07.02.2012 15:03

Iranian scientists afraid to leave their homes
Iran's Foreign Minister says Tehran wants the assassinations of its scientists to receive official international recognition. Iran also wants external legal cooperation in investigating the deaths of its nuclear experts.

07.02.2012 06:43

'Lost World' reached: 20 million yr old Antarctic lake 'drilled'
After 30 years spent drilling through a four-kilometer-thick ice crust, researchers have finally broken through to a unique subglacial lake. Scientists are set to reveal its 20-million-year-old secrets, and imitate a quest to discover ET life.

06.02.2012 12:09

St. Pete movie shifts boundaries of cinema
A Russian documentary about St. Petersburg is following Peter Jackson’s Hobbit in revolutionizing film. The new production is just the second ever to be shot at 48 frames per second, offering stunningly clearer, smoother images.

06.02.2012 11:49

Persian space: Iran launches new satellite
Iran launched its third domestically-built satellite on Friday. The 50-kilo spacecraft will monitor the climate and take pictures of the Earth’s surface.

03.02.2012 10:36

Stuck in the sky: ISS crew’s return to Earth delayed
The International Space Station crew will spend some 45 extra days in orbit after a space flight schedule was shifted. The next launch had to be delayed after a Soyuz capsule failed factory tests.

03.02.2012 07:31

Russian pseudo-inventors plunder $7 billion
A Moscow-based think-tank has published a list of what it alleges are Russia's worst-offending pseudo-scientists.

30.01.2012 19:10

Cutting-edge museum wall to wall to Egypt's pyramids
The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are going to have a new addition – a state of the art Museum to house some of Egypt’s most precious artefacts.

30.01.2012 15:45

Russian Museum goes to Antarctica
Antarctica is to get its first museum thanks to Russia.

30.01.2012 15:21

Israeli superdrone crashes and explodes (VIDEO)
The Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle Heron TP, also known as the IAI Eitan, has crashed during a test flight near the Tel Nof airbase, south of Tel Aviv.

29.01.2012 12:20

US toothless against Iran rock: Pentagon seeks new superbomb
Having considered the toughness of the rock-hidden Iranian nuclear facilities, America’s Nutcracker military command has decided to save jaw and develop a new conventional superbomb, since the US still plans to do the job in Iran without nukes.

28.01.2012 11:07