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Air Force gets super bombs to attack Iran?
The Air Force has needs, baby. Operational needs. That’s what Lieutenant Colonel Jack Miller is saying, and among the things that the military is just begging for are eight 30,000-pound bombs.

16.11.2011 19:21

Soyuz rocket docks with the ISS
A Soyuz rocket with three crew members on board has docked with the ISS, two days after a successful launched from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome. This is the first manned flight since a rocket full of supplies crashed during liftoff in August.

16.11.2011 05:35

Google X: Secret CIA-like lab of the future?
The search giant’s vision of the future is being put to the test in a top-secret lab somewhere in the US Bay Area. The facility is giving shareholders the jitters by drawing resources into far out projects, which could pay out tenfold in the future.

15.11.2011 09:54

‘Fly-by-photo’ Iskander missile test-fired
Russian rocket artillery troops have equipped Iskander missiles with a terminal guidance system using photos of the target to greatly improve precision. The tactical ballistic missiles are Russia’s answer to NATO’s controversial European ABM shield.

15.11.2011 09:47

Smallpox scandal plagues White House
Move over, Solyndra. The Obama White House has immersed itself in a new scandal with a major Democratic donor. A deal worth half-a-billion dollars has raised questions about the relationship between Washington and the makers of an experimental drug.

14.11.2011 23:12

Back on track: Russia’s manned Soyuz heads to ISS
A Russian Soyuz rocket has successfully launched, taking a three-person crew to man the International Space Station after a two-month delay caused by technical problems.

14.11.2011 06:12

Martian curse on Russian space exploration
Russian space experts are battling to fix a technical failure on board an interplanetary craft that was heading to the Martian moon Phobos, amid fears the ship could crash back to Earth without ever reaching its goal.

13.11.2011 07:14

CCTV approach to catching crooks
Moscow's mayor says more CCTV is being rolled out in the capital's streets and squares.

11.11.2011 18:42

Silicon Valley incubator fosters Russian tech talents
With an incredible engineering talent and a vast local market, Russia’s innovative startups are deemed to success, believes the founder and CEO of Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play tech center, Saeed Amidi.

11.11.2011 18:25

Mission to Mars impossible?
Almost no hope left to save Russia’s Phobos-Grunt interplanetary mission to Mars, as attempts to re-establish contact with it failed. Some say, in theory it may be destroyed by a rocket to prevent it falling back to Earth.

11.11.2011 17:43

Martian curse: Russian probe may crash in populated area
Russian scientists are struggling to get the country's first interplanetary mission in 15 years back on track. Should they fail, the probe that was due to head to the Martian moon Phobos may well turn into the “most toxic falling satellite ever.”

10.11.2011 16:42

Three days to save Martian moon probe
Russia launched an unmanned probe to one of Mars’ moons – Phobos – in the early hours of Wednesday, but it has hit technical trouble. Federal Space Agency officials say they have three days to sort the problem out.

09.11.2011 07:42