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'Genetic firewall' discovery to make GMOs containable, scientists say
Scientists believe they have created a breakthrough in genetic engineering. They have come up with bacteria, which can’t survive without a manmade chemical, so genetically modified organisms wouldn’t be able to live outside their intended area.

24.01.2015 13:36

‘123456’ still most popular password but users waking up to cyber dangers – study
Slowly but surely, it seems as though the public are beginning to take a little more care about the passwords they use. A study shows that the ‘imaginative’ “123456” is still the most popular, but people are moving away from using such common passwords.

24.01.2015 07:40

Russia readies hybrid amphibious drone for test flight
A first of a kind aircraft combining the qualities of an amphibious hovercraft and an aerial drone is being finalized for test flights in Russia. The dual-use drone could deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas and have military uses.

23.01.2015 12:07

Light communication: ESA laser tags ISS from Earth (PHOTOS)
The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully completed an experiment using a laser beam to communicate with the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the earth.

23.01.2015 07:38

Dotcom wants ‘to kill Skype’ with MegaChat, his encrypted video calling service
Kim Dotcom has launched a public beta version of his latest project, with which he aims to wipe out Skype. The video calling service called MegaChat is to be encrypted to ensure secure communications for all its users.

22.01.2015 14:33

Congress alarmed by plans to use Russian system to route 911 calls
Plans to route 911 location calls via Russia’s GLONASS satellite system have sparked national security concerns among some members of Congress, despite assurances that its use will be limited and it will help save lives in emergencies.

22.01.2015 13:27

New laser technique turns metals totally water-repellent
US scientists have developed a way to create super water-resistant metals. Lasers will create self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-corrosion and anti-microbial surfaces, which could be used in solar panels and sanitation products.

22.01.2015 05:36

High crimes: Meth-carrying drone crashes near US-Mexican border
Nearly three kilograms of crystal meth fell from the sky in the Mexican city of Tijuana near the US border, when a drone used to smuggle the drugs ditched in a supermarket parking lot.

22.01.2015 09:11

New views of dwarf planet Ceres released by NASA
Impressive new images of the dwarf planet Ceres, captured by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, have revealed crater-like structures on the frozen, icy surface. The images arrived as the probe became due to enter Ceres’ orbit.

22.01.2015 02:02

Russian avatar cyborg, crack shot & quad bike rider, meets Putin (VIDEO)
An android combat avatar robot presented to the Russian president shoots a handgun accurately and can ride a quad bike, while its operator stands at a safe distance. “It looks more like a sci-fi movie,” Putin said.

21.01.2015 10:53

Russian spy ship in Havana ahead of US delegation’s historic visit
The Russian Navy’s intelligence collection ship, the Viktor Leonov, has docked in Havana just a day before the arrival of an American delegation. The Russian warship is moored in open view of a pier usually used for cruise ships.

21.01.2015 06:06

US police employ radar to ‘look’ through walls - report
Dozens of US law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have used radar devices that allow them to “see” through walls of buildings to monitor human activity, a new report states. This has led to questions regarding how legal these tactics are.

20.01.2015 16:27