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Offices, kids’ bedrooms: Hackers access 500 UK webcams, thousands worldwide
The British public has been warned about an obscure website that streams live feeds from thousands of private webcams worldwide.

20.11.2014 09:28

New biomarker detects & treats cancer tumors at same time
Scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University have created a new biological marker for cancer patients that lights up tumor cells and treats disease with drugs at the same time.

20.11.2014 04:05

Pentagon needs Russian rocket engines to guarantee access to space till alternative is found
​Until a viable alternative is available to bring “sensitive” US satellites into orbit, the US military does not envisage a speedy abandonment of the Russian RD-180 rocket engines as sought by politicians motivated by US national interests.

20.11.2014 02:09

Uber investigating NYC executive for spying on journalist
Popular ride-sharing service Uber announced it is now investigating allegations that one of its most senior New York executives spied on a reporter by tracking her movements without her permission.

20.11.2014 00:01

Mysterious Russian satellite sparks ‘orbital weapon’ speculations
A mysterious Russian satellite orbiting Earth has global media in a bit of a spin after the object, thought to be space debris, conducted suspicious manoeuvres in space sparking rumors of little less than a revival of old Soviet satellite-killer program.

19.11.2014 09:24

​Solution for the absentminded? Swede gets microchip key implanted in hand
After getting a rice grain sized microchip inserted into her hand for unlocking her office door, a Swedish woman can stop worrying about losing her work keys.

19.11.2014 17:42

WhatsApp starts encrypting user messages on Android devices
WhatsApp, the world’s most popular mobile messaging application, is adding a default encryption service for messages sent on its platform, what is said to be the largest encryption service of its kind.

19.11.2014 19:22

Fastest train ride: Japanese whooshed at 500kph on maglev test ride (VIDEO)
In one of the fastest train rides ever, 100 Japanese passengers have whizzed along the route in Yamanashi Prefecture on the lightning quick floating maglev train going 500 kilometers per hour.

19.11.2014 18:21

Satellite sex-cess: Experiment confirms meteorite may have brought life to Earth
Russian scientists experimentally confirmed a possibility that life might have been brought to Earth from space, traveling 'on board' a meteorite. Using a satellite, scientists proved bacteria can survive landing through our planet's dense atmosphere.

19.11.2014 16:06

#1 skateboarder Tony Hawk test-rides first real hoverboard (VIDEO)
Millions of Back to the Future fans are hovering in excitement as number one skateboarder Tony Hawk has ditched his traditional set of wheels for a magnetic field to get a chance to test ride the world’s first real hoverboard.

19.11.2014 04:19

Philae lander ‘sniffed’ organic molecules on comet before hibernation
The Philae lander has managed to discover carbon-based organic molecules on a Comet 67P some 500 million kilometers from Earth before going into hibernation mode to preserve remaining power after extensive drilling on the surface and a rough landing.

19.11.2014 01:59

Katana-wielding robots battle each other with deadly precision (VIDEO)
A Swiss robotics company has created a viral video of a ballet-like battle between katana-wielding machines. The demonstration shows the precision of the robots at a time the company is investing in artificial intelligence.

18.11.2014 19:34