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Mini-me missiles? N Korea claims it has made miniaturized nuclear warheads
Pyongyang says it has developed miniaturized nuclear warheads making it possible to fit them into missiles. The report comes just weeks after North Korea claimed its first submarine-based missile test.

20.05.2015 06:59

Amtrak seeks fast-track approval for speed-control system at site of May 12 crash
Amtrak has asked for special authority to install an automated braking feature at the site of last week's derailment in Philadelphia. The "positive train control" system has long been discussed, but implementation has stalled.

19.05.2015 14:46

Google uses public images to create stunning time-lapses of iconic landmarks
Every day, hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded online, eventually settling into their own little corner of the web. But Google has now awakened millions of those images, using them to stitch together incredible time-lapses of famous landmarks.

19.05.2015 11:58

​Russian scientists drop new neutrino telescope into Lake Baikal
Russian scientists have dropped their new neutrino detector to the bottom of Lake Baikal. It is hoped the telescope, the first part of a greater project, will shed light on the nature of mysterious dark matter – as well as the origins of the universe.

19.05.2015 14:32

No need for poppies: Modified sugar yeast can brew morphine, scientists say
Scientists have developed a technique to make morphine and potentially other drugs, including antibiotics and anti-cancer meds, without using opium from poppies. But they warn the discovery may pave the way for homemade medication and wider drug abuse.

19.05.2015 08:49

Robot revolution by 2020? Japan launches pro-robot campaign
Even in an age when serious talk of killer robots is reaching as high as the United Nations, there are counter arguments and enthusiasts: Japan has just set up an organization promoting robots, and it promises to transform the world.

17.05.2015 07:40

SpaceX Falcon 9 certified for NASA’s ‘medium-risk’ science missions
After years of delay, NASA has finally certified SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, designating it suitable for Category 2 space mission launches which carry “medium-risk” such as satellites and some of the less costly space probes.

16.05.2015 04:14

​‘Fly wherever you want:’ Jetmen behind death-defying Dubai stunt speak out (VIDEO)
Some Dubai residents may have noticed something rather unusual in the sky. No, it wasn’t Superman – it was ‘Jetman.’ Yves Rossy and his partner soared into the skies above the desert cranking up to 300kph, with just a jet pack for propulsion.

15.05.2015 15:53

Google’s self-driving cars to begin testing… with drivers
Google will start test drives of 25 prototype self-driving cars on California public roads this summer. Contrary to last year’s company statements, they will have steering wheels, brakes and accelerators as well as drivers in case the software goes wrong.

15.05.2015 20:37

FBI now says StingRay surveillance can be disclosed
Local law enforcement is not prohibited by the FBI from disclosing use of StingRay surveillance technology that can mimic the behavior of mobile phone towers, the agency says in contradiction with previous interpretations.

15.05.2015 17:39

​‘Underhand, undemocratic’: GCHQ continues controversial hacking after covert law change
The British government has quietly re-written the law to permit its electronic intelligence agency to continue with controversial surveillance practices, according to campaigners.

15.05.2015 14:02

10,000yo Antarctic ice shelf will disintegrate in just ‘few years’ – NASA study
One of Antarctica’s ice shelves, or rather its remaining section, is showing unprecedented levels of meltdown and will inescapably collapse in just a few years, further impacting the ocean levels on the planet, a new NASA study has warned.

15.05.2015 04:11