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Hand-held device detects liquid bombs in 5 seconds
A Japanese research team has developed a bomb-detection device that can quickly determine if liquid inside a container is explosive or flammable. Once the device is manufactured, it could rapidly speed up baggage inspections at busy airports.

28.10.2014 03:28

​E-wallet wars? Apple Pay blocked by CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart
The rollout of Apple Pay has quickly become tougher than expected for the trendy iPhone manufacturer, as retail outlets CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart joined various other stores in rejecting the new mobile payment system.

28.10.2014 02:53

​Watch your attachments: Microsoft Office bug lets hackers take over computers
A dangerous new security vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft’s Office software, threatening to hijack users of virtually every existing version of Windows.

27.10.2014 23:15

Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes
US scientists have invented a paper-based test for Ebola which takes just 30 minutes. The test-papers can be freeze-dried and stored at room temperature for up to a year and rehydrated with water whenever they are needed.

27.10.2014 17:40

‘Summoning the devil’: Elon Musk warns against artificial intelligence
Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, has warned of the danger of artificial intelligence, saying that it is the biggest existential threat facing humanity.

27.10.2014 18:07

New windowless plane lets you have your head in the clouds (VIDEO)
An emerging UK aerospace firm has released images of its windowless plane concept. Instead of windows passengers will see display screens, which can show the environment outside the plane as well as films and video conferencing.

26.10.2014 20:44

'Rotten eggs & horse pee': Rosetta probe sniffs comet 67P…and it stinks!
A mix of rotten eggs, alcohol and a horse stable, with a note of bitter almonds – that’s the smell of comet 67P, caught by sensor devices of the Rosetta spacecraft, which is orbiting it, European scientists say.

26.10.2014 11:26

New device tracks when cop pulls trigger (VIDEO)
Amid wide concerns over US police brutality, militarization and indiscriminate use of force against suspects, a new technology has emerged that will enable law enforcement to track down when a bullet was fired from a police gun.

26.10.2014 03:09

US Dragon spacecraft brings NASA’s cargo, ‘critical’ research results back to Earth
SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft has splashed down in the Pacific after successfully concluding a mission to the International Space Station, bringing back to Earth hundreds of pounds of NASA cargo and the results of “critical” long-term research.

26.10.2014 02:04

Roscosmos to test its Moon base on Earth
Russian space agency Roscosmos will build a prototype of the base it plans to build on the Moon beyond 2030 on Earth, TASS news agency reports citing a source in the space industry.

25.10.2014 19:44

​Insulated undies: Radiation-proof, sperm-friendly boxers launched
While harm from cell-phone rays has so far been lacking sufficient scientific proof, a US firm wants men to take no chances with radiation - at least when it comes to the most precious of male body parts.

25.10.2014 10:59

‘Facebook a gift to intelligence agencies’ - Laura Poitras
Investigative journalist Laura Poitras says she is worried about intelligence agencies using the all-too-easily-accessible data gathered from social networks - as people share their personal information voluntarily and governments only need to ask.

25.10.2014 14:50

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