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DARPA developing faster, more agile armored vehicles
The United States military’s research arm is developing plans for tactical ground vehicles that come with less armor and more agility in order to counter advances in weapon technology.

19.08.2014 17:57

Lost app-etite? One-third of smartphone users don’t download new applications
Approximately 31 percent of smartphone users in the UK do not download any apps in a typical month, according to a report. The figures have called into question the future of the app industry.

19.08.2014 11:34

Teens launch phone app to keep tabs on police brutality
Police brutality may seem like a subject best handled by lawmakers and political advocates, but three teenagers from Georgia are hoping to shed light on the problem and promote good behavior with a new app they’ve developed.

19.08.2014 03:28

Reddit, Imgur and Twitch launch ‘DERP’ data research study
Prominent social networks including Imgur, Reddit, and Twitch are joining forces to create a research partnership that will look into the “social dynamics” of the internet.

18.08.2014 17:32

First Russian medical exoskeleton goes on trial (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A Russian start-up has begun to recruit volunteers with musculoskeletal disabilities to test the first Russian-designed exoskeleton, which costs a fraction of its Western equivalents and could transform the lives of thousands.

18.08.2014 01:38

Masters of the Internet: GCHQ scanned entire countries for vulnerabilities
GCHQ is scanning servers in multiple foreign countries for vulnerable ports, according to German newspaper Heise. Using a tool called Hacienda, the intelligence agency seeks to ‘master the internet’ for sources of espionage.

18.08.2014 14:07

New Facebook ‘satire’ tag to help users understand Onion-style articles aren’t real
Facebook is to introduce a new “satire” tag to mark articles written by parody news sites, such as The Onion, to help unaware users understand that they are not a reflection of reality.

18.08.2014 12:45

'Don’t trust Wikipedia!' - Free Encyclopedia grilled on editorial flaws (VIDEO)
As global conflicts lurch into the second half of 2014, the nature of their online documentation is of great importance, and the Wikimedia Foundation bears great responsibility. Satirist Nimrod Kamer put their staffers to the test in a report for RT.

17.08.2014 12:42

New app reveals how your smartphone can spy on you without permission (VIDEO)
Your Android phone can be turned into a microphone without your permission or knowledge. All that’s needed are the gyros in your phone that measure orientation. Stanford researchers have shown how to rewire them to pick up sound waves.

17.08.2014 09:52

No power to the people? UK govt watchdog blocks new grassroots energy co-ops
The British government’s financial watchdog has been accused of blocking new community projects aimed at challenging the dominance of big energy corporations.

15.08.2014 11:25

​Ebola outbreak scale ‘vastly underestimated’ – WHO
The official death toll from the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa is currently standing at 1,145 deaths out of 2,127 cases, but the numbers could be vastly underestimated, the World Health Organization has warned.

14.08.2014 23:50

Google 'street view' maps coral reefs off Florida
US government researchers will apply “street view” mapping tools to underwater ecosystems in the Florida Keys this week in an effort to document coral reef health. The project is sponsored by the likes of insurance company Catlin and Google.

14.08.2014 14:44

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