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Breathtaking: NASA astronauts take you on a spacewalk with GoPro camera (VIDEO)
NASA has released two hours of a head-spinning GoPro video featuring two spacewalking astronauts on a maintenance mission at the International Space Station, as well as some stunning views of Earth floating by.

12.04.2015 06:26

Protesters in Spain stage first ever 'hologram march' against gag law (VIDEO)
People across the world took part in a unique protest against the Spanish law that limits the rights of the public to rally. No one attended the virtual march, but holograms of protesters were projected outside parliament in Madrid instead.

11.04.2015 06:19

‘Go to Mars’ and drop the asteroid mission, NASA advisors say
The NASA Advisory Council is advising the space agency that its Solar Electric Propulsion project will be best demonstrated collecting geological samples from one of Mars’ moons instead of landing on an asteroid.

11.04.2015 00:20

Smartphones could be used as earthquake early-warning systems
Smartphone sensors could be used in the future to give officials a five-second warning if a major earthquake is set to strike. It may not seem much, but it would allow enough time to sound alarms and shut off gas lines, potentially saving numerous lives.

10.04.2015 22:42

World lit up: Stunning European night sky as seen from ISS (VIDEO)
A recently released time-lapse clip filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) shows European and North African cities lighting up the sky, in contrast to the dark expanses of the Mediterranean Sea at night.

10.04.2015 22:45

Amazon can test drones, but with restrictions – FAA
Federal authorities have finally agreed to allow Amazon to test delivery drones in the US. The e-tail giant hopes to revolutionize local delivery services, but restrictions on drone use, mean it could be a while before it becomes commercially viable.

10.04.2015 21:26

​US bans Intel from sending computer chips to China amid nuclear research fears
A Chinese supercomputer ranked fastest in the world four years running could soon slip from that top spot: Intel, the US-based microprocessor maker, says it’s been blocked by the US government from selling chips to China.

10.04.2015 14:19

Robot sent to crippled Fukushima to research reactor vessel
The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has sent a transforming robot to conduct an unprecedented mission inside the primary containment vessel of Reactor 1. This is the first time a robot has entered the damaged interior of the reactor.

10.04.2015 11:38

Pentagon kick-starts program to maintain superiority of US technology
When it comes to the Pentagon’s technology-buying strategy, the Defense Department wants to focus more on research and development that will spur innovation. Its updated acquisition plan will also streamline how those purchases are made.

09.04.2015 22:29

‘Killer robots’ to provide ‘accountability gap’ for military, must be banned – HRW
Future use of fully autonomous weapons or ‘killer robots’ may provide a loophole for the military to escape responsibility for unlawfully killing or injuring civilians, a report by Human Rights Watch says.

09.04.2015 20:35

Fact: Facebook tracks non-users - says 'fix already underway'
Facebook says it’s begun fixing a bug that tracks web users even when they’re not registered on the social network. However, it rejected other accusations presented in a report by Belgian scholars questioning the legality of the revised privacy policy.

09.04.2015 20:27

72% of Brits concerned about online privacy since Snowden leaks
New research suggests nearly three quarters of British adults are worried about the distribution of their personal information online, with concerns including hackers and unauthorized access to data.

09.04.2015 09:54