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NASA taking Microsoft’s virtual reality HoloLens into space
NASA astronauts will subject Microsoft’s HoloLens to a different kind of road-test when they take the virtual reality holographic headset on a space mission to the International Space Station.

27.06.2015 03:18

New police tech has cops scanning license plates to trace criminals
A little-noticed surveillance technology equips police vehicles with infrared cameras that can record car license plate numbers then log the data for tracking outstanding warrants, suspended licenses and stolen vehicles.

27.06.2015 00:26

Britain a magnet for cyber-attacks, intl espionage, says MoD chief
Britain’s military must grapple with “hundreds if not thousands” of attempted cyber-attacks each day and is a magnet for international espionage, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) chief says.

26.06.2015 11:10

Model in glowing wingsuit lights up night skies over Panama City (VIDEO)
A sky diver could have been confused with an alien plunging from a UFO, but it was actually an Italian model with huge experience in sky diving. She dropped out of the sky over Panama’s capital as she was trying out a new illuminated wing suit.

26.06.2015 06:41

​Black hole wakes up after 26yr sleep to feast on star companion
The “extraordinary behavior” of a massive black hole in our galaxy, has got astronomers thrilled: After staying dormant for over a quarter of a century, it has suddenly awakened and began actively devouring material from its stellar companion.

25.06.2015 22:37

GM wheat crop fails to repel bugs, £3m trial branded ‘a waste’
A controversial trial of genetically modified (GM) wheat has failed to repel pests any more effectively than ordinary crops, scientists have found.

25.06.2015 13:24

Avatar looks around: Mind controlled robot lets disabled people virtually travel
Paralyzed people could now be provided with a special robot equipped with Skype and controlled remotely with their thoughts that will allow them to move around and meet people.

24.06.2015 16:03

American Jedi: DoD develops hoverbikes to replace choppers
Soon American pilots could be riding Star Wars-style hoverbikes, as an engineering contractor for the US Department of Defense has started developing the cutting edge technology that could easily replace helicopters.

24.06.2015 13:28

​Not OK, Google! Covert installations of ‘eavesdropping tool’ raise alarm
Open source developers and privacy campaigners are raising concerns over the automatic installation of a shady “eavesdropping tool” designed to enable ‘OK Google’ functionality but potentially capable of snooping on any conversation near the computer.

23.06.2015 17:25

800 mysterious ‘ultra dark’ galaxies may pave way for understanding dark matter
More than 800 weird galaxies have been detected in the so-called Coma cluster, the Berenice’s Hair constellation. These almost-invisible old galaxies are big, but contain few stars, which means something unknown holds them together, scientists say.

23.06.2015 17:58

‘NSA & GCHQ are two biggest hackers in the world’
America’s NSA and the British GCHQ have been hyping up the threat from hackers, however a new report based on Edward Snowden’s leaks shows the spy agencies are the two biggest hacking organizations in the world, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT.

23.06.2015 15:59

​Robots to replace border police? To speed up lines at airports, French firm to scan your irises
In an effort to speed up travelers’ passage through airports, a French electrical systems company has come up with robots that could soon replace border police.

20.06.2015 07:58