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‘Pack-mule’ bot follows marines into combat training (VIDEO)
A Google-owned robot designed to carry soldiers’ equipment is being put through its paces at a military training ground in Hawaii. The one-of-a-kind bot can carry up to 400lbs of military gear and travel over 20 miles on rough terrain.

15.07.2014 13:23

Data privacy watchdog reports 10% workload increase
From Google Street View to nuisance calls, Britain’s chief data protection agency is reporting a record number of cases involving the unlawful use of personal data.

15.07.2014 12:07

Dope hope: Marijuana may combat cancer spread, study shows
Cannabis could be used to prevent cancer spreading, according to groundbreaking research conducted by British scientists.

15.07.2014 12:55

iPads and other electronic devices could trigger allergic reactions, rashes
Seasonal allergies can already be uncomfortable enough for some people, but a new medical report suggests that iPads and other electronic devices that contain nickel could cause rashes and require the use of antibiotics.

14.07.2014 23:04

National spaceports for UK 'by 2018,' Scotland dominates locations list
Space tourism is on the mind of the British government, as it has announced plans to build at least eight spaceports on its soil. Scotland is so far the centerpoint of Britain's space ambitions, and may home up to six potential sites.

14.07.2014 16:09

Take off & land anywhere: Russia unveils hybrid amphibious drone vehicle (PHOTOS)
A drone hybridized with an amphibious hovercraft has been presented at the Innoprom-2014 technology exhibition in Russia's Yekaterinburg. This unique UAV doesn’t need an airfield to launch, so the only alternative is a helicopter.

12.07.2014 07:19

US Navy unveils electromagnetic railgun prototypes
Prototypes of the US Navy’s much vaunted electromagnetic railguns were unveiled this week. The new technology, capable of firing projectiles at up to 5,600 miles per hour, is set to revolutionize naval warfare.

11.07.2014 22:59

​Tesla Motors magnate Elon Musk donates $1 mn to Nikola Tesla museum
Billionaire carmaker and space pioneer Elon Musk has donated $1 million to a cartoonist who plans to turn the former lab of great Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla into a state-of-the-art museum.

11.07.2014 21:58

Fire and Forget: DARPA successfully tests revolutionary self-guiding bullet (VIDEO)
US military research agency DARPA says it is homing in on its long-term ambition of producing self-guided bullets, after staging a test in which a sniper was able to shoot at a target at a radically wrong angle, and yet still hit it perfectly.

11.07.2014 16:03

Five men suing Obama administration after falling into ‘suspicious activity’ file
From photographing public works of art to bulk-buying computers, five Americans now have a record on file with US intelligence agencies for carrying out everyday activities. Thousands of unsuspecting Americans are also tagged in the database.

11.07.2014 10:33

​US knew about Snowden file destruction at UK newspaper
​The White House were given the heads up that UK authorities were to force The Guardian newspaper to destroy hard drives containing top secret NSA documents.

11.07.2014 09:33

Marine Corps tests massive new amphibious assault vehicle
​The Marine Corps is testing a new amphibious landing vehicle which dwarfs its current hydrofoil lander and will be able to land multiple battle tanks at once.

11.07.2014 01:19

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