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The selfie obsession: Get a real life 3D image of… yourself
The selfie mania has reached a whole new level, with a German company, offering people to buy real 3D models of themselves. Fifty-four cameras take a body scan, with the image being sent to a 3D printer. The result: A real life statue of yourself!

23.02.2015 07:35

Space cable guys: NASA completes 1st stage of re-wiring ISS for commercial flights
NASA astronauts have completed the first stage of preparations outside the ISS to install new docking ports for future US-made crew capsules. During the first of three scheduled spacewalks, Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts routed over 100 meters of cables.

21.02.2015 21:47

‘Give birth on Mars? That’d be amazing!’ Mars One shortlist candidates talk to RT
100 volunteers to venture to Mars as part of the manned mission to the Red Planet have been shortlisted this week. While the first mission is planned to include four people, one of the pioneers hopes to expand the colony by giving birth on the planet.

21.02.2015 15:56

Russia’s new Armata tank on Army 2015 shopping list
Russian troops are receiving beta versions of a future armored tracked platform that could usher in the 5th generation conventional land tank, heavy APC, artillery and missile launcher and possibly fully robotic assault armored vehicle.

21.02.2015 09:04

CIA-planted ‘evidence’ may force IAEA review of Iran’s alleged nuke arms program – report
Doctored blueprints for nuclear weapon components supplied to Iran by the CIA 15 years ago could force the IAEA to review its conclusions on Iran’s atomic program, which was potentially based on misleading intelligence, Bloomberg reports.

20.02.2015 23:04

FDA approves Google-backed home genetic test
For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved marketing of at-home DNA testing available to consumers without a health professional’s guidance. The approval is specifically for the Google-associated genetic testing firm 23andMe.

20.02.2015 18:50

​Lift off: UK govt buys world’s biggest airship
A giant airship which can stay airborne for weeks at a time could take to the skies next year after the British government handed the project a multimillion pound grant.

20.02.2015 17:01

​Under the pump: NASA races to fix suit malfunction ahead of spacewalks
With a series of tricky spacewalks scheduled to occur over the next two weeks, NASA is attempting to solve a spacesuit problem connected to a 2013 scare in which water entered an astronaut's helmet.

20.02.2015 12:08

​Boeing ‘beam control system’ to boost US navy laser accuracy
The US Navy has awarded Boeing a $29.5 million contract to design and develop a “beam control system” to increase the accuracy of high-power laser weapons to be installed aboard American military vessels.

20.02.2015 00:54

PowerOffHijack: New Android malware spies from 'shut down' smartphones
A new malware for Android devices is capable of making calls, sending out text messages to third parties and taking photos even after the user has apparently switched off their smartphone.

19.02.2015 19:54

Data black market: New free platform lets whistleblowers sell secrets for Bitcoins
Whistleblowers have got a new place to leak sensitive data anonymously and even get money for it. DarkLeaks, the free platform for sharing secrets where sellers and buyers never meet, makes it possible for users to legally avoid the long arm of the law.

19.02.2015 15:13

Apple awarded patent for virtual reality headset
Tech giant Apple has won a patent for an iPhone-compatible headset that would display virtual reality images, putting the company in competition with the likes of Google and Samsung in the virtual reality market.

18.02.2015 17:00