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Earth is halfway to being inhospitable to life, scientist says
A Swedish scientist claims in a new theory that humanity has exceeded four of the nine limits for keeping the planet hospitable to modern life, while another professor told RT Earth may be seeing an impending human-made extinction of various species.

20.03.2015 03:00

‘You are surveillance target’ – Snowden to IT specialists
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden appeared via video link from Moscow at the CeBIT IT trade conference in Hanover, Germany. He warned IT specialists they are the target of government surveillance.

19.03.2015 15:41

Future Russian army could deploy anywhere in the world – in 7 hours
In the future, a fleet of heavy transport aircraft will reportedly be capable of moving a strategic unit of 400 Armata tanks, with ammunition, to anywhere in the world. And probably at hypersonic speed, enabling Russia to mount a global military response.

19.03.2015 05:57

50yrs after 1st spacewalk: Bond between Russian & US spacemen is still strong
Alexey Leonov became the first man to walk in space, and later went on to take another historic step: the famous US-Russian handshake in space. Leonov made friends with a US astronaut on that mission, and the close bond has continued through the years.

19.03.2015 09:47

Judge orders Sheriff’s Office in New York to disclose StingRay secret surveillance documents
Police in western New York state have been ordered to reveal secret documents containing information on the purchase and use of surveillance technology that collects data from cellphones.

18.03.2015 14:25

‘Silence struck me’: Pioneer spacewalker Leonov, 50 years after historic feat
Fifty years ago pioneer Soviet spacewalker Alexey Leonov made his famous jump into the silence of outer space, overcoming his own biggest personal challenge and marking a significant step in the history of space exploration.

18.03.2015 03:06

​Mars One not going anywhere, says finalist
Millions have been enthralled by Bas Lansdorp's dream of going on a privately funded, one-way mission to Mars, but a former NASA scientist and one Australian reporter say Mars One is not exactly what it appears to be.

18.03.2015 00:49

25-100 times faster: Revolutionary 3D-printing technology announced
A new 3D-printing system is forecast to change the industry forever. The revolutionary liquid method has been found to be 25 to 100 times faster than its rivals - and it looks like something straight out of Terminator 2.

17.03.2015 11:12

'We’ll out-Siri Siri, until we have consciousness': Futurist touts mind clones at SXSW
In the near future, cyber-consciousness will mean constitutional rights for increasingly humanoid robots, while humans will download their thoughts and memories to their mind clones, a futurist told the SXSW Interactive festival.

16.03.2015 14:44

Deactivated Russian missile defense facility caught on drone camera (VIDEO)
Abandoned and still futuristic, with a touch of a Mars colony in its looks – this is how a deactivated radar component that used to be a part of Moscow’s anti-missile shield appeared on drone footage, shot exclusively by RT’s Ruptly video agency.

16.03.2015 14:02

Eyes on the road! Rush-hour solar eclipse warnings issued
A rare rush-hour solar eclipse will throw Briton into darkness this week as the moon’s orbit will roam across the face of the sun. Experts have issued warnings about the “serious risks” of staring directly at the spectacle.

16.03.2015 13:48

Goodbye gridlock! ‘Fifth Element’ flying cars to hit skies by 2017
Slovak company AeroMobil has been developing a futuristic vision of real flying cars. Now, for the first time, its CEO put a proper timeline on the idea: the expensive toys are to hit the super-rich market by 2017, but quickly improve on specs and price.

16.03.2015 08:19