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TEPCO must focus on long-term radioactive Fukushima waste management – watchdog
An international nuclear watchdog has urged TEPCO to focus on “long-term” radioactive waste management while acknowledging the “progress” in TEPCO’s efforts to deal with contamination at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

15.05.2015 00:40

​Baidu AI 'supercomputer' breaks Google's image recognition record
Chinese search company Baidu says it has created a 'supercomputer' which raises the bar for artificial intelligence. The machine identified all but 4.58 percent of pictures in a set of one million images, beating Microsoft software, Google and humans.

14.05.2015 16:37

New app lets you create & share videos with life-size holograms of celebrities
Want a video where you’re chatting with Obama? Or a selfie with a Bengal tiger? A new app, which creates the illusion of life-size holograms via a mobile device you can share on social media, has been launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding website.

14.05.2015 16:59

Sailing through space: Tiny satellite to use solar wind for propulsion
A small satellite powered by solar sails will be launched on May 20. If it works, the technology could lead to cheaper space travel, as it uses particles and radiation from the sun to propel itself.

14.05.2015 14:06

'No tissue charring': New Russian laser could revolutionize medicine, smartphones
Scientists at a Russian university have developed a unique metal-vapor laser, which can cut through bones, tissue or glass without burning or damaging them. They say the technology could be used in a wide range of fields – from medicine to smartphones.

14.05.2015 09:58

'Meter of armor': Armata’s next supreme 152mm gun to sport super-piercing shell
Russia’s new T-14 Armata tank is going to get an even more powerful armament, as the next version of the main battle tank will be armed with previously rumored 152mm gun, revealed the official in charge of the defense industry.

14.05.2015 08:03

Japan launches smartphone with iris recognition security
The first mobile smartphone with iris-scanning security technology is about to offer an entirely new security experience for online users, allowing its owner to unlock the phone and authorize payments with a mere glance.

13.05.2015 21:06

No Drone Zone: FAA reminds tourists skies over DC are restricted
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a campaign to remind tourists and residents of Washington, DC that the US capital is a “no drone zone.” Washington airspace has been restricted for years, since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

13.05.2015 22:57

Google's 'accidental' evil robot army worries Elon Musk - book
Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk is worried that internet giant Google could create an evil robot army bent on annihilating the human race - by accident.

13.05.2015 14:18

Re-commissioned? Soviet nuke-capable sub-killing copter comeback slated
The Russian Navy has reportedly expressed interest in resurrecting the once-feared nuclear-capable Mi-14 anti-submarine helicopter. In the 1990s, Washington insisted on their decommissioning, along with strategic bombers and ballistic missiles.

13.05.2015 06:11

Nearly 200 scientists warn of cellphone health risks
Biological and health scientists from Russia and Iran to the USA are calling on the UN, the World Health Organization and national governments to develop strict regulations concerning devices and cellphones that create electromagnetic fields.

13.05.2015 01:43

One step closer to artificial intelligence: Scientists create cells replicating human brain processes
Australian scientists have for the first time developed an electronic long-term memory cell that mimics the work of a human brain. Researchers say the discovery is a step towards creating a bionic brain.

12.05.2015 19:43