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16% of Earth’s species at risk of extinction due to climate change – report
Two new reports argue that human activity is contributing to the increasing threat facing the planet’s animals. In fact, one in six species may go extinct due to unchecked carbon emissions and our activity in Earth’s airspace.

01.05.2015 02:43

Bill reforming NSA collection of phone data advances in US House
After falling two votes shy of earning a floor vote in the US Senate last year, lawmakers are once again trying to pass a bill that reforms the way the National Security Agency gathers the phone records of American citizens.

30.04.2015 23:37

Zombie howl: Newly discovered X-ray glow could be from matter-hungry stars
“Howls” of dead stars feeding on their stellar neighbors – that’s one of the ways baffled scientists described a haze of high-energy X-rays at the core of our galaxy spotted by NASA's cutting-edge Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR).

30.04.2015 15:23

Robotic telescope discovers 3 super-Earths ‘very close’ to us
Three new super-Earths “unlike anything in our solar system” have been observed close to us, just 54 light years away. The scientists were aided by an advanced automated robotic telescope – a technology expected to yield much more in the coming years.

30.04.2015 11:48

'You can Google it': Security experts raise alarm over online drone-hacking instructions
Manuals on hacking military drones have been available online for quite some time, apparently. Research spotting weaknesses is alarmingly commonplace, an Israeli defense specialist warns, citing its possible use in the 2011 downing of a CIA drone by Iran.

30.04.2015 06:26

Chernobyl donor conference raises extra $200 million for New Safe Confinement project
As forest fires near the Chernobyl nuclear plant threaten a major re-release of radiation, international donors have secured €180mn for the construction of a new sarcophagus, thus narrowing the funding gap for the project set to be completed in 2017.

29.04.2015 18:24

Iron Man mass-production? Russian army may get combat exoskeletons by 2020
A Russian defense contractor says it will be able to mass produce mind-controlled combat exoskeletons for Russian soldiers in five years. The devices would allow the troops to run faster, jump higher and lift weights beyond human capacity.

29.04.2015 16:08

Stuck in a tight spot? Tiny robots can move cars weighing up to 2 tons
Tiny robots the size of an A4 sheet of paper could soon be disposing of suspicious vehicles and moving cars stuck in a tight spot. The machines, called Avert, can silently and gracefully lift and transport cars weighing up to two tons.

29.04.2015 12:41

​Unforgettable password: Smartphones could soon be unlocked with ears
If you think typing in a four-digit pin number to unlock your smartphone is simply too burdensome, you may soon have other options. Yahoo has developed a way to use your ear, palm, fingers, or knuckles to access your device.

29.04.2015 10:12

DARPA’s guided bullets hit their targets, even when they're moving (VIDEO)
They’re not quite magical, but self-steering bullets designed by the Pentagon’s advanced research agency actually adjust their trajectories to hit moving targets in difficult environments and from long distances.

29.04.2015 03:05

TaxiBots: Self-driving cars could cut city traffic by 90%
Automated cars may be the next revolutionary step in transport, and could appear within the next decade, according to new research.

28.04.2015 06:36

Russian Progress spacecraft flies too high, docking delayed
The Russian cargo space ship Progress is making extra turns around the Earth after going to a higher orbit than planned. Its planned docking to the International Space Station may now have to wait up to 2 days.

28.04.2015 08:13