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​Twitter or chat with granny? For Britons, internet tops essentials
The internet has come out as a top daily essential in a UK poll, outdoing shower and TV. Moreover, almost half the respondents said that they’d rather do some web surfing than see their family.

05.11.2014 19:24

Czech nuclear plant shuts down 2 reactors after cooling system leak
The Dukovany nuclear power plant in the southern Czech Republic has halted operations of two of its reactors after a pipe in the facility’s cooling system started to leak.

05.11.2014 17:58

Branding terror! Tesco flogs off 'ISIS' TVs, while Downton Abbey kills off poorly-named pooch
Supermarket giant Tesco has slashed the price of ISIS-brand television sets, it has been revealed. The retailer denies the price cuts are linked to negative connotations with terrorist group Islamic State (also known by the acronym ISIS).

05.11.2014 13:16

‘Learning on the fly’: Brain-inspired neuromorphic chip tested in prototype drone
Scientists, backed by the Pentagon’s research agency DARPA, have tested a smart chip mimicking human brain functions in robots. For the trial, the chip designed to learn new skills and one day replace acquire human reasoning was installed on a tiny drone.

05.11.2014 01:07

World's first 3D-bioprinted transplant-ready organ to be unveiled in early 2015
The first living organ, created with the use of 3D-bioprinter, will be released next year, Russian scientists announced. The experiment will start with a transplant-ready thyroid, with further work on a functional printed kidney scheduled for 2018.

04.11.2014 14:38

Could hackers cyber-hijack a plane? UK scientists develop tech to fight malware
UK scientists are developing ground-breaking technology to stop hackers from remotely hijacking airliners, following fears from global intelligence agencies that advanced technology could be used to conduct terrorist attacks.

04.11.2014 15:35

Anonymous Now: Million Mask March descends on London
The Million Mask March will course through London on Wednesday November 5. The march, in which all demonstrators obscure their faces to protect their identity, is in protest against austerity, mass surveillance and attacks on human rights.

04.11.2014 12:41

Shift work responsible for ‘dementia-like’ brain damage – report
Working in shift patterns has a damaging effect on the cognitive ability of workers, a study has shown.

04.11.2014 10:22

Spying for ads: Verizon’s undeletable ‘supercookies’ track users’ web activities
The profits made by Google and Facebook from trading users’ choices and habits to ad companies are prompting other communication giants such as Verizon, to collect data on their customers, mostly without their knowledge.

04.11.2014 06:15

Facebook boosted US election turnout via psychology experiment, company reveals
Facebook manipulated the news feeds of almost 2 million American users during the 2012 presidential election without telling them. The manipulation led to a 3 percent increase in voter turnout, according to the company’s own data scientist.

04.11.2014 04:16

‘Landmark event’: F-35C successfully lands aboard aircraft carrier (VIDEO)
The US Navy’s most expensive plane, the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, has finally made its first ever recorded landing on an aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz in San Diego, the military has announced.

04.11.2014 04:29

$1mn per card: Major flaw detected in new credit, debit cards
Scientists testing for card fraud on new contactless microchip debit and credit cards have found a critical flaw that could allow a criminal to steal up to $1 million just by coming into close contact with a person.

04.11.2014 04:35