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GMO labeling bill to face stiff agribusiness opposition after reintroduction in Congress
A federal bill that would mandate the accurate labeling of genetically-engineered ingredients in food or beverages sold in the US has been revived in Congress, the latest for the popular “right to know” movement that faces formidable corporate opposition.

13.02.2015 15:17

Obama’s Cybersecurity Summit to feature big names, anti-hacker order
President Obama will give the keynote address at the White House Cybersecurity Summit at Stanford University on Friday, where he’ll also sign an executive order intended to increase threat sharing between the government and private sector.

13.02.2015 03:39

Tesla batteries to power entire homes out soon – Elon Musk
Tesla Motors says its ambitious plan to produce battery packs strong enough to power houses will be reality within six months. The promise comes as the company revealed lower-than-expected sales figures for Model S vehicles.

13.02.2015 04:24

Lawmakers bring bill to fight overseas govt data searches, boost privacy
​Congress is once again attempting to tackle data rights with a bipartisan bill that would increase email privacy protections and limit government access to data content stored overseas, even when it comes calling with a search warrant.

13.02.2015 02:42

Free at last: Deal allowing US customers to unlock cell phones comes into force
Cell phone owners can now unlock their mobile devices to switch to another, compatible wireless provider ‒ as long as the consumer meets a specific set of criteria. The ability is the result of an agreement between the industry and the US government.

12.02.2015 17:08

UK begins testing driverless cars with ambitions for world leadership in industry
Britain has begun testing its own driverless cars, as the government has agreed to a “light touch, non-regulatory approach” to testing the vehicles on public roads, following a six-month review of the country’s technical adaptability to driverless tech.

12.02.2015 06:02

Drone captures Soviet-era ‘Tesla Tower’ lightning machine (VIDEO)
Normally hidden from prying eyes in the Moscow region’s forests, the mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’ has been captured from above by an RT Ruptly drone. The research site is home to a massive impulse generator, one of the most powerful in the world.

12.02.2015 02:03

Google’s new robo-dog stalks premises, withstands hard kicks (VIDEO)
Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics has showcased its latest creation in a family of four-legged robots. The trimmed down electric version of BigDog, called Spot, is capable of operating indoors and withstanding hard kicks.

11.02.2015 04:09

DARPA wants to develop prosthetic arms that let vets ‘play catch’ with their kids again
The Pentagon’s research arm hopes to revolutionize the way prosthetics are designed, allowing them to replace the tactile sensations of hands. Currently, those with missing limbs can use the tools to grasp objects, walk, and play sports ‒ but not to feel.

10.02.2015 21:51

Robots rising: Automated workforce rapidly gaining on humans, will push labor costs down – report
Robots will become cheaper and more efficient in the coming years, replacing human workers at a faster clip than expected while driving labor costs down by 16 percent, according to a new report.

10.02.2015 17:02

FDA fails to report fraud in clinical trials – study
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely fails to report evidence of fraud or misconduct when it inspects the way researchers conduct clinical trials, leaving the public unaware of which research is credible and which isn’t.

10.02.2015 03:52

Apple set to battle Tesla with California mystery van?
A camera-mounted van seen driving around San Francisco – and registered to Apple – has raised speculation that the iPhone maker is preparing to take on electric car producer Tesla with a mysterious new product.

10.02.2015 02:29