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Green miles: Italian researchers develop road technology to collect energy from traffic
With the invention of a new paving technology, clean energy could be extracted from traffic. Italian engineers also promise an offset of CO2 emissions and better safety on roads.

07.09.2014 12:24

Army refuses to open up on capabilities of surveillance blimps over Maryland
The military surveillance aircraft set for release this year over suburban Baltimore will not be equipped with powerful video cameras capable of distinguishing humans or vehicles from over three miles away, the US Army said.

05.09.2014 16:45

Stealth wind turbines to become operational in France in 2015
A French company has begun producing stealth wind turbines that mask low-altitude airborne objects and therefore do not interfere with radars. Some elements of the renewable power generators have been borrowed from modern fighter jets.

05.09.2014 11:44

Highway in the sky: NASA building robot-controlled drone traffic network
With Google and Amazon unveiling their new drones, NASA has called for private partners to join its ambitious plan to create a low-altitude air traffic network over the US – that will be run without human traffic controllers – within 10 years.

04.09.2014 18:11

Eureka! Researchers conduct first direct brain-to-brain communication over the internet
Scientists arranged the first brain-to-brain communication online, enabling participants to converse with simple words from a distance of some 5,000 miles apart. It’s being hailed as the neuroscientific equivalent of instant messaging.

04.09.2014 11:39

Google building quantum computer processor with top university research team
Google is leaping back into the quantum computing business, partnering with scientists at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) to build cutting-edge processors. The developers hope to build a revolutionary machine, which has eluded them so far.

04.09.2014 01:02

US scientists working on mind-controlled drones for military use
University researchers in Texas say they are designing a new type of drone – one that could be controlled simply and only with a soldier’s mind.

03.09.2014 22:41

Fake cell phone ‘towers’ may be spying on Americans’ calls, texts
More than a dozen “fake cell phone towers” could be secretly hijacking Americans’ mobile devices in order to listen in on phone calls or snoop on text messages, a security-focused cell phone company claims. It is not clear who controls the devices.

03.09.2014 02:06

Russia to begin building record-setting super-heavy space rocket
Vladimir Putin has given his preliminary approval for the development of a Russian-designed rocket capable of lifting a record 150 tons of cargo into orbit, to rival similar projects from NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

02.09.2014 16:52

Drone gets peek at Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus (VIDEO)
An Apple fan managed to get round the cordons preventing photos and flew a drone over Apple’s new site in Cupertino, California, revealing the massive scale and scope of the innovative and ambitious project.

01.09.2014 17:51

First Ebola case in Senegal, five more states at risk of outbreak spread
West African state of Senegal has become the region's fifth country to confirm a case of the deadly Ebola virus that has killed more than 1,500 people with the WHO warning that five more states are at risk for spread of the outbreak.

29.08.2014 22:37

​Seek and destroy: New ‘nanorobots’ may revolutionize cancer treatment
Miniscule robots are set to start hunting down cancerous cells in the human body and destroy them with their nanoweapons, new research suggests. The nanorobots to be used have had a tumor-recognition module installed for the purpose.

29.08.2014 23:24

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