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Activists crash G4S conference, accuse security giant of profiting from Israeli human rights abuses
Security giant G4S’ annual general meeting (AGM) was interrupted by human rights activists on Thursday protesting against the firm’s controversial links to Israeli jails, where Palestinians are tortured.

05.06.2015 15:35

Abuse, harassment, death threats: Social media crimes soaring – police
More than 16,000 criminal incidents on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, have been reported to police over the last year, according to new figures.

05.06.2015 14:11

Russia, China plan to develop joint transport navigation platform
​Russia and China plan to develop a joint transport navigation platform that bundles the advantages of Russia’s GLONASS and China’s BeiDou navigation satellite systems. The platform will be developed for commercial trucks this year.

05.06.2015 08:58

New car prototype won't start for drunk drivers, officials say
Advanced alcohol detection technology has been unveiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that will prevent cars from being operated by intoxicated drivers.

04.06.2015 23:55

Fastest way to kilo a candidacy: Chafee calls for switch to metric in presidential bid
The Democratic presidential race got more crowded when Lincoln Chafee threw his hat in the ring... by calling for the US to go metric. The switch would be part of his plan for the US to become more of an international player, rather than a global bully.

04.06.2015 19:08

Red-faced Google apologizes for Indian PM being on ‘top 10 criminals’ search
Google had to apologize their image search listing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in search results for “top 10 criminals” with the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Al Capone.

04.06.2015 18:01

Google’s Ray Kurzweil says humans will have 'hybrid' cloud-powered brains by 2030
Within 15 years, humans will be implanted with nanobots that will connect their brains to the internet, allowing for vastly accelerated cognition. Ten years after that, most of our thinking “will be done online,” according to futurologist Ray Kurzweil.

04.06.2015 16:23

NSA begs courts for 6-month reboot of phone-snooping programs
The Obama administration will ask federal courts to restart the spy programs which were shut down when controversial sections of the Patriot Act expired on Sunday. The USA Freedom Act allows the surveillance to continue for six more months, officials say.

04.06.2015 00:51

Hedge-fund manager gives $400 million to Harvard – its largest donation ever
Harvard University announced it has received the largest gift in its 379-year history from New York hedge-fund manager John A. Paulson, who donated $400 million. The donation is one of the biggest gifts to a US university ever made.

03.06.2015 22:12

Low altitude parachuting, new APCs: Russian paratroopers to impress at Army-2015 expo
Russian Airborne Troops, known as the Blue Berets, have prepared a spectacular program for the upcoming Russia Arms Expo 2015, which will include dynamic displays of the newest hardware and live demonstrations of high and low altitude landing types.

02.06.2015 15:38

Supersonic entry: NASA’s ‘flying saucer’ to get second test drive
NASA is expecting to get closer to landing the first humans on Mars on Tuesday by launching the second test flight of its peculiar “Low Density Supersonic Decelerator” (LDSD) technology, known simply as a ‘flying saucer.’

02.06.2015 01:28

Musk defends receiving $4.9 billion in government support for Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX
Tesla CEO Elon Musk defended the backing his companies get from state and federal sources as legitimate business practices, blasting a newspaper report about government subsidies as “inexcusable” and inaccurate.

01.06.2015 19:27