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‘Unmanageable’ cancer crisis, NHS ‘unable to cope’ – charity
A leading charity claims there will be a record 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK in 2015, constituting a rise of 400,000 from five years ago. It warns the National Health Service (NHS) may be “unable to cope.”

06.01.2015 15:12 for sale? Farage’s website ‘unregistered’
As the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats gear up for General Election mud-slinging, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has already hit a stumbling block. Their official website,, appears to be down and unregistered.

06.01.2015 10:54

CBS journalist sues Justice Department for spying
A former CBS journalist is suing the Justice Department, the United States Postal Service and several federal employees for allegedly hacking her computers while she investigated stories critical of the Obama Administration.

06.01.2015 01:51

​4k drone video reveals Apple’s huge 'spaceship' HQ
Footage shot by a YouTube user flying a drone over Cupertino, Califronia captures the massive scale of Apple’s futuristic new headquarters.

05.01.2015 20:07

Nuclear power is ‘the greenest’ energy source – top conservation scientists
Nuclear power is one of the most environmentally safe sources of energy and should be accepted to avoid a future energy crisis, dozens of leading conservation scientists have warned.

05.01.2015 11:04

Military company to release affordable augmented reality glasses for consumers
Based on high-tech military wearables, a California-based company is unveiling consumer-oriented state-of-the-art augmented reality glasses - a competitor to Google Glass. They are expected to be released in 2015 at prices below $1000.

04.01.2015 18:09

Gigabyte gourmet: AI robot learns to cook just by watching YouTube videos
A team of American and Australian researchers claim they have created algorithms that enable robots to learn operational skills by watching human activities. They "taught" their robot to cook by showing it some YouTube videos.

04.01.2015 09:04

NASA detects enormous 'coronal hole' on Sun’s South Pole (PHOTO)
A giant dark hole has appeared on the sun’s flaming surface, a recently-taken NASA picture has revealed. So far, scientists are stumped by why this spectacular phenomenon, known as a “coronal hole,” occurs.

04.01.2015 09:48

NASA's inflatable Mars heat shield inspired by kids' toy
We kid you not: Solutions for the ambitious project to send humans to Mars have been inspired by the design of a child’s toy. NASA is testing an inflatable heat shield based on the idea of a stacking ring of donuts.

04.01.2015 07:24

‘Software disaster’: Pentagon never even planned F-35’s gun to shoot until 2019
The problem with the gun system of the Pentagon’s most advanced F-35 jet, which won’t be able to shoot until at least 2019, is just a part of the disaster of ridiculously over-complex software, an aircraft designer Pierre Sprey told RT.

04.01.2015 03:48

2014 as we saw it: Top 10 SCIENCE & NATURE videos of the year
From lightning bolts to volcano vaults, rocket implosions to missile explosions - Mother Nature had it all during 2014, all caught through camera lenses across the globe.

28.12.2014 19:23

Life Aquatic: Swiss students roll out cool, fish-like robot (VIDEO)
For those who grew up on the wonders of Jacques Cousteau’s silent world, a group of Swiss students just might revolutionize the filming of marine life with a highly maneuverable cuttlefish-inspired robot called Sepios.

03.01.2015 12:57