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Bitcoin under your skin: Dutch man embeds chips in hands to store cryptocurrency
The founder the bitcoin ATM firm, Mr Bitcoin, has embedded a tiny chip in his hands to keep his digital currency safe, which also gives him an in-body set of keys and an alarm clock.

11.11.2014 09:14

NSA Firefoxed: Mozilla team-up with Tor to improve internet privacy
The internet browser Mozilla is teaming up with Tor to give internet users greater security online. The new Polaris project is designed to combat internet censorship and make NSA like intrusion’s a thing of the past.

11.11.2014 12:46

Google leases NASA's airfield for $1 bn to develop space exploration
Google is taking over an historic Navy air base, NASA's Moffett Field Naval Air Station on the San Francisco Peninsula. It will pay $1.16 billion in rent over 60 years for the 1,000-acre property, which also boasts a working airfield and golf course.

11.11.2014 06:24

​Iran test-flies 1st US drone replica
An Iranian copy of a US reconnaissance drone captured in 2011 has carried out its first flight, and the Revolutionary Guards have declared the test a success.

10.11.2014 13:40

China’s 5G fighter to fly Russian jet engines
An exportable Chinese fifth-generation fighter jet will be equipped with gas-turbine jet engines developed and assembled by Russian companies, confirmed the head of Russian delegation at the Airshow China exhibition.

10.11.2014 08:21

Scientists use web-powered telepathy to link human thoughts (VIDEO)
Brain signals transmitted via the internet from one person to another have enabled two people to play a computer game by telepathy – with only one person seeing it and controlling the other’s hand movements in an experiment by US researchers.

10.11.2014 06:14

Sky eyes: Spy balloons give Israel intelligence edge in West Bank
Israel has deployed surveillance balloons in the West Bank to give security forces greater intelligence capabilities. They can transmit information in real time, meaning soldiers can be deployed in minutes if a situation arises.

10.11.2014 08:26

ISS crew lands, brings space-born flies to Earth
Three crew members of the International Space Station have safely returned to Earth aboard a Soyuz-13M spacecraft, bringing back good memories and results of their 165-day shift in orbit – including a space-born generation of experimental fruit flies.

10.11.2014 01:39

Smart-gift: Putin presents Chinese leader with dual-screen YotaPhone
'Made in China' can be seen on many world's products, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has given his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping something that he certainly does not have - a Russian-developed world-first dual-screen smartphone.

09.11.2014 17:55

New aviation age: Commercial electric aircraft nearing reality
Fuel-thirsty and noisy modern aviation has been pushing for more efficient and quieter engines, and electric aircraft may provide the answer. XXI century technology has made them possible, and commercial electric planes are in the pipeline.

09.11.2014 12:24

US nuke atrophy: Mismanagement stripping nation of nuclear superpower status?
The US nuclear weapons program has become costly to sustain and Washington has neither a clear plan to turn the tide to save the industry nor money to develop and replace decades-old equipment, weaponry and nuclear delivery vehicles.

09.11.2014 06:17

SpaceX’s Elon Musk mulls 100s of ‘lighter, cheaper’ internet satellites
Billionaire business magnate and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has reportedly expressed hopes to start developing space satellites that could provide global internet access through hundreds of small, inexpensive models.

09.11.2014 08:23