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Two earlier discovered Earth-like planets do not exist, new study shows
A new study, focused on finding a sharper tool for discovering new – and maybe even potentially habitable planets – has apparently proved two of most probable candidates do not exist, even though the researcher says it was unintentional.

05.07.2014 15:24

Russian scientists raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower, satisfy world energy hunger
Two Russian physicists are fundraising to realize their project for wireless energy transmission once proposed by brilliant 20th-century scientist Nikola Tesla. Solar panels and an upgraded Tesla Tower could solve global energy hunger, they say.

04.07.2014 10:27

No humans necessary: Computers to take on writing duties at news wire
Quarterly earnings reports already read like they’ve been written by robots, but the next step will make that a reality: Going forward, the Associated Press will be using automated technology to write the majority of articles on company returns.

03.07.2014 21:50

Hacking revenge: Argentinian music industry website turned into Pirate Bay proxy
An anti-piracy music website was hacked and turned into a Pirate Bay proxy, allowing users to illegally stream music. Earlier, the site owner sought a blocking injunction against the torrent platform.

02.07.2014 11:57

​GM blood cells to protect tomorrow’s soldiers from bioweapons?
Blood transfusions containing genetically engineered cells could be the future of countering germ warfare, according to new research sponsored by DARPA, which hopes modified blood cells could help neutralize biological toxins deployed against soldiers.

02.07.2014 02:05

US drone flights hit technical & military turbulence
Government efforts to get civilian and commercial drones off the ground in the US suffer setbacks due to technical issues and coordination with defense officials. Thus a September 2015 deadline set by lawmakers will not be met.

01.07.2014 11:14

Real-life 'Call of Duty' camps recruit Chinese internet-addicted teens (PHOTOS)
Military style boot-camps are flourishing in China in order to break teenagers of their internet addiction. Some 250 camps are now functioning in the country alone – and the idea may spread.

01.07.2014 11:50

Potentially habitable ‘super-Earth’ discovered ‘just’ 16 light years away
Scientists have added a new planet to their Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, Gliese 832c, which orbits a nearby red dwarf star, receives the same average energy from its sun as Earth does – potentially making it the most Earth-like planet yet.

30.06.2014 22:26

​Google Glass to be banned in UK cinemas amid fears of film theft
Google Glass headsets are to be banned in UK cinemas. Piracy fears have erupted since the gadgets became commercially available, and the crackdown will alleviate fears that Hollywood blockbusters will be illegally copied.

30.06.2014 18:36

​US spy agency trying to develop computers that think like humans
A little-known US intelligence research agency hopes to revolutionize the machine mind by finding firms capable of writing computer algorithms nearly identical to those implemented by the human brain.

30.06.2014 12:14

It drives and opens doors: Google to sell humanoid robot (VIDEO)
Internet giant Google is gearing up to sell a humanoid robot that can run, climb and even drive a car. The cutting edge machine had been competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge before being sold off to commercial enterprise.

29.06.2014 08:44

​Anti-rape jeans and bra: Indian college girls invent range of security gear
College girls in India have unveiled anti-rape jeans, footwear and underwear to protect women from the growing menace of rape, which occurs every 22 minutes in the country. Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving.

28.06.2014 12:37

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